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Spacetime Recap

A homeless man, Charlie Hinton, is sitting in an alleyway in Dyker Heights, New York, carving a robin, when the grocery store owner, Edwin Abbott, comes out with some garbage. Charlie assures him that he's not trying to hurt anyone. Edwin tells Charlie that he can't sleep back there anymore because it's bad for business. Charlie offers to help, and Edwin tells him to head out and points out a nearby shelter. He gives Charlie some money for breakfast, and when their hands touch, Edwin begs Daisy for help and says that they're running out of time and this is where he dies.

The team intercepts an emergency dispatch about Edwin calling 911 and asking for Daisy, and says that Hydra is after him. They head for the location and Coulson identifies Edwin. He has no affiliation with any intelligence organization, and Dorothy doesn't recognize Edwin. Coulson insists on going with them since Mack is recovering from the injuries sustained against the watchdogs. They arrive and Edwin recognizes Daisy when she arrives. Edwin explains that when he touched Charles, he had a vision of the moment in the present where they meet. He knows that Hydra attacked him because that's when she'll yell when they come out of the sky. A Hydra flyer lands nearby and Melinda yells "Hydra!", and the flyer opens fire. Edwin warns Daisy that's where he dies... just as the Hydra agents gun him down.

Daisy realizes that Charlie is an Inhuman and runs into the alley. The flyer lowers a grabber and snatches Charlie, and Daisy manages to grab his hand as he's pulled up. She has a vision of a wounded Lincoln, and fighting her way into a security office. She sees Fitz and Jemma holding hands in the snow, Coulson shooting her, and a dying Charlie saying that he hoped that she could help, and then the vision ends. The others arrive and Daisy picks up the carved robin and realizes that what she saw hasn't happened yet.

At the Hydra base, Hive goes to Gideon's quarters. Gideon congratulates Hive on his recovery, and Hive takes a seat at the director's table. He thanks Gideon for bringing him back and asks why. Gideon explains that his ancestors believed that if they returned Hive then they would be rewarded. Together they're supposed to take over the world, and Hive points out that Gideon already has $9.2 billion and wonders what he can give Gideon that he doesn't have already. Gideon says that he's dedicated his life to a higher power, and Hive figures that Gideon seeks true power. Gideon admits that it's intriguing, and Hive says that it's time to go above-ground and show Gideon what true power feels like. As Hive speaks, Hydra agents bring Charlie in.

The team returns to base and Daisy explains her vision. Coulson asks Fitz and Jemma if it's even possible, and they agree that it is. Daisy suggests that they reverse-engineer the visions and change the vision, but Fitz warns that the future can't be changed. She refuses to believe it and insists that she has to save Charlie. Fitz insists that they can't change the future because it's already happened, Coulson figures that they have to try and stop Hydra, and he has a strategy. He says that they have to keep Daisy in the base because she's in the vision and Melinda isn't, so he's going to have Melinda go instead. Daisy insists on going, but Coulson says that it's the only way to save Charlie. Until then, he won't pick up a gun.

As the agents run a database search for Charlie, Lincoln and Coulson discuss the temporal possibilities. Lincoln suggests that the Inhumans' powers were designed to fulfill a plan. Everything Raina said was true, so Daisy was able to change the outcome. Lincoln and Coulson both hope that she can do it again. The search comes up positive on Charlie, and they discover that he has a family. As they prepare to secure them, Lincoln says that he'll kill Coulson if he shoots Daisy.

Daisy describes her vision to Fitz and Jemma, and explains that they were on a rooftop near a flashing billboard. She's sure that whatever happens, happens that night.

Gideon, Hive, and Giyera arrive at the building, Transia, with a flashing sign on the roof.

Melinda arrives in the lab, and Fitz explains that he's tasked all servers to search for the keywords from Daisy's mission. Daisy says that she's going to do everything possible to find Charlie, but Melinda insists that they can't. Jemma explains that some of the servers are searching for Andrew, and Fitz assures them that he'll leave those servers alone. Once he does, Jemma asks Melinda if she thinks that they can change the future. Melinda says that the real feat would be changing the past. Daisy sees agents bring in a woman, Polly Hinton, and recognizes her from her vision. Polly realizes that Daisy touched her husband.

Later, Coulson briefs the team and explains that Polly is Charlie's wife. Charlie was a teacher and walked out on Polly and their 18-month daughter. Daisy is questioning Polly, who explains that one day she found Charlie going through Terragenesis. When she touched his hand, she saw a vision of a car crash. They both saw a vision of Polly's mother in a hospital bed, code blue, and they had to stop physical contact. Any time that Charlie touched someone, they would both see someone's death. The visions all came true and Charlie was never able to stop the visions from happening. When Daisy mentions the carved robin, Polly says that their daughter's name is Robin and Charlie knew he could never hold Robin again.

Gideon and Hive meet with Rowan Hamilton and his lawyers. The Hydra director shows Rowan Coulson's artificial hand and points out that Transia manufactured some of the nerve-wire interface hardware. Gideon also knows that Transia has been working on an exoskeletal-assist prototype for the Defense Department, and wants to buy the company. Giyera presents the papers, but Rowan refuses to consider it. Hive says that it would be in Rowan's best interest, and Gideon says that Hive has his full authority to negotiate the deal. When Rowan refuses to negotiate, the Hydra agents bring in Charlie and he touches Rowan's hand. Rowan sees a future where Hive kills all of Rowan's lawyers, and Rowan immediately signs the papers. He begs them to leave, but Hive kills Rowan's lawyers.

Once Hive is done, agents bring in the prototype and Giyera reports that their men are taking control of the building. Hive tells Gideon to put on the prototype so that he can feel true power.

Daisy contemplates the carved robin, and Melinda sees her. She figures that Daisy still wants to go on the mission, and Daisy insists that she can do it because she knows what's coming. Melinda tells her to show her what's coming and they set up a mockup of the room Daisy saw in her vision.

Coulson tells his agents to set up a watch on the Hinton house, and hears the team working through the mockup. He watches as they play out the vision with Melinda filling in for Daisy. They're not fast enough, and Daisy has them go through it again.

At Transia, Gideon puts on the prototype and crushes a metal vase. He casually overturns the conference table and admits that it feels good, and Hive says that if he wants to feel true power then crush Rowan. When Rowan tries to run, Gideon easily grabs him. Hive says that he knows Gideon has killed people, but true power is feeling the life go out in his hands, just like Coulson killed him. He asks if Gideon feels anything, and Gideon crushes Rowan's skull.

As Daisy runs another simulation, Fitz wonders what is going to stop Melinda from going. Jemma doesn't believe it. The next time through the simulation, Melinda manages to beat the clock. An agent comes in and says that they've found the building that Daisy described: Transia. The only way in is through the security office on the ground floor. Fitz points out that Transia created Coulson's hand that he lost on the alien planet. As they head for the Zephyr, the alarms go off and Coulson says that they have an intruder. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents bring in Andrew and explain that he surrendered himself, and he tells the team that Lash is taking over and he's about to turn for the last time. Andrew came to say goodbye.

Coulson tells Melinda that she can't go, but Melinda insists that Andrew is a killer and she has no loyalty for him. Despite that, Coulson warns that she'll regret it for the rest of her life if she isn't there for Andrew. Daisy says that she'll go, but Coulson and Lincoln will stay back to avoid what she saw in the vision. Coulson reluctantly agrees and they head for the Zephyr. As they go, Coulson tells Daisy to watch her back and come home safe.

Melinda sits with Andrew in the containment module and says that she'll get out when she needs to. They've hooked Andrew up to an IV with the vaccine that Jemma has been working on, and Melinda explains that it may work since Andrew is still transitioning. Andrew says that he can't fix anything, and he wanted to tell Melinda that he knows becoming Inhuman changed him. He knows that a little bit of Lash is in him all the time, and there was a bit of him in Lash. However, this time when Andrew turns, he's afraid that he'll be gone forever. Melinda asks if Andrew would change the past if he could, and Andrew says that he would. However, he still feels that Lash is fighting for a cause that they don't understand yet. He wants Lash in S.H.I.E.L.D.'s hands because they may need him.

Fitz taps into Transia's security systems and they see Giyera inside. Before the signal goes out, they catch a glimpse of Hive and Fitz warns that it's no longer Grant.

Daisy arrives outside of Transia and goes inside.

Melinda asks if Andrew would change anything between the two of them. If he had never met her then he wouldn't have been transformed into Lash. Andrew turns off the IV and says that he wouldn't change a thing, and Melinda says that she would. He insists that Melinda is still the center of the best things in his life, and he's exactly where he's supposed to be.

Daisy fights her way into the security office. She takes out the guards and uses her powers to knock out a guard before she can sound the alarm. It goes off anyway and Daisy sees a one-way mirror. The guar don the other side prepares to shoot her... and Daisy sees a reflection of Coulson coming up behind her. He fires... and kills the guard on the other side of the mirror. Coulson says that she's going up to the roof because Hydra is taking Charles there. As Daisy heads off, Coulson says that he's going to find Grant.

Giyera and Hive head for the roof, and Giyera explains that Gideon has already left. When he asks if they should kill any S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Hive says to only kill the human ones.

Lincoln, Fitz, and Jemma arrive at Transia with a team of agents. Lincoln goes inside with the team while Fitz tells Jemma that they're staying outside and points out that there isn't a cloud in the sky.

Daisy heads for the roof.

Lincoln meets Coulson in the security office, and they split up to search the building for Grant.

Andrew apologizes for dragging Melinda away from a mission, and then convulses.

Daisy arrives on the roof and sees the Hydra agents taking Charlie to the helicopter. Gideon hits her with his enhanced strength, and Daisy fires a blast that misses him and hits the sign overhead, setting it on fire.

Lincoln finds Giyera, who telekinetically knocks him out with a metal fire extinguisher.

Andrew runs into the adjoining table and locks himself in, and Melinda goes to the window. They both put their hands on the glass.

Gideon beats Daisy repeatedly, while Charlie watches.

Fitz tries to raise Coulson on the comm, and Jemma wonders if Daisy saw her own death.

Coulson tells the teams not to engage. A wounded Lincoln says that he has eyes on Grant, and Coulson tells him to pull out because they don't know what they're dealing with.

Andrew collapses and transforms into Lash.

Gideon prepares to finish Daisy off, but Charlie touches him. The Hydra director has a vision and then chokes Charlie to death. Daisy manages to fire a seismic blast, slamming Gideon across the roof. Charlie collapses next to her and Daisy realizes that he was meant to save her. He says that he was meant to make a difference, as the Hydra helicopter flies away.

The ashes from the burning sign drift down on Jemma and Fitz, and Jemma points out that they're supposed to hold hands now. As they take each other's hands, Jemma says that somethings are inevitable,

Daisy gives Charlie the carved bird, and he says that he had to protect his daughter from his visions. She assures him that he did, and Charlie hopes that Daisy can protect his daughter. Daisy promises to do it and takes Charlie's hand, and she has a vision of a derelict ship in space exploding with her in it. Charlie apologizes for the vision and dies.

Back at the Hydra base, Hive tells Giyera to go to the place that is manufacturing the technology he's interested in. Gideon calls Giyera and reminds him that he should be at his side at all times. Giyera says that he's where he's supposed to be and hangs up, and then tells Hive that Gideon is fine. The Inhuman says that Gideon sounded afraid.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2016

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