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The One That Got Away Recap

Quincy goes to a police bar, Dano's, and the bartender Kate greets him by name. She's heard that Quincy was shot, and Quincy refuses to discuss the details. He says that he's there to meet Helen Mulaney, and Kate says that Mulaney hasn't mellowed since her retirement. Quincy calls Mulaney's number but gets no answer. The phone is next to Mulaney's corpse.

Kirsten is asleep when Camille comes in. Someone is breaking in, and the two women go after him. Camille kicks the intruder in the groin, and discovers that it's her brother Theo. She tells her brother not to get very comfortable, and demands to know why he's there. Theo insists that he has business, just as they get a call summoning them to the lab. Camille's brother says that she can't put him out in the middle of the night, and Kirsten agrees. After a moment, Camille reluctantly agrees to one night.

Camille and Kirsten arrive at the lab, and Linus is surprised to learn that Camille has a brother. He's surprised that Camille isn't happy to see Theo, and she says that she knows when Theo shows up, trouble follows. Cameron talks to Kirsten privately about if she's tracked down Daniel, and she explains that Ellie told her to play her strength in math to find him. Kirsten asks Cameron about buying the motorcycle, and says that he's not but is still down for adventure. He then shows Kirsten the new corpse: Mulaney, Quincy's mentor. Quincy is in with Maggie trying to convince her to Stitch the dead woman.

The team soon begins the Stitch and Kirsten experiences Mulaney's memories of talking to a cable guy named Joseph Furillo. Mulaney is asking Furillo about a man, and Kirsten notices a boy listening to the conversation. She jumps to a different memory of Mulaney going over a murder board about a case. Quincy figures that Mulaney was working on a case after she retired. Maggie gets a text from Mitchell saying that they need to meet, and she tells Cameron to move on. Kirsten sees a photo marked RFI: Removed From Investigation. There's a reference to Detective Daniel Powell, and Quincy explains that Daniel was Mulaney's junior and she always thought he was incompetent. Kirsten finds references to the Ripper case, which had eight victims all posed on their backs with their hands folded on their chests. The Ripper killer terrorized LA for years and was never found. Mulaney was lead on the case but never found him. Someone chloroforms Mulaney from behind, and Kirsten bounces out and explains what she saw. The murder board wasn't at the apartment when they searched it, and Quincy figures that the Ripper abducted Mulaney and killed her, and took the murder board with him.

In the conference room, Quincy tells the team that the Ripper killed men and women in their own homes. The MO was always the same: chloroformed, strangled, and posed. Quincy figures that the Ripper didn't follow the same MO with Mulaney so that no one would tie him to her murder. Kirsten wonders why the Ripper stopped killing for the last seven years, and Cameron suggests that he controlled himself until Mulaney picked up his trail. Quincy explains that Mulaney suspected Furillo, the first victim's roommate. Furillo was paroled recently after six and a half years, and Kirsten remembers who Furillo worked for from what she saw in the Stitch. As Quincy, Kirsten, and Cameron go to see Furillo, Camille gets a text from Theo and Linus offers to go with her. Camille reluctantly agrees and they head out.

Maggie meets Mitchell at a taco card in the park, and he warns that she doesn't get to select cases. Maggie points out that as acting director she needs to understand the mechanics of the cases. Mitchell warns that there's a purity to their cases, but Maggie warns that they'll lose Quincy if they don't continue. Irritated, Mitchell says that the decision has been made for him and hopes that Maggie hasn't ruined everything.

Camille and Linus go to Camille's home and discover that he's in the kitchen washing dishes. Linus introduces himself and says that he and Camille are friends from work. She refuses to go into details, and tells Leo to get out. Leo says that it's cold, and Camille reluctantly agrees to let him stay before Linus goes with Leo to watch the Clippers game.

Kirsten and the others find Furillo working and he runs for it when Quincy flashes his badge. Cameron catches him as Furillo goes for a knife and Quincy draws a gun on it. Kirsten wonders what Cameron was thinking, and he's happy to tell her that he wasn't. Meanwhile, Furillo insists that he didn't kill anyone. He confirms that he had dinner with his parole officer, and Quincy points out that carrying a knife is in violation of his parole. Quincy wants to know why Mulaney talked to him, and Furillo explains that Mulaney wanted to know what he remembered about the murder of his roommate Chad. Furillo says that he doesn't remember anything, and they send him back to work. Kirsten figures that he's hiding something and Quincy agrees.

That night, Quincy takes Kirsten and Cameron to Dano's to talk with Danny. They ask why Danny's photo was on Mulaney's murder board, and they ask where he was the previous night. Danny says that Mulaney came to her a few days ago asking about prescription pills in the first victim's apartment. He insists that Mulaney was retired, and says that she got herself killed. Danny says that Quincy would know that if he was a real cop instead of a NSA puppet, and Quincy grabs him. A psychologist, Andrew Blake, tells them to calm down. Once Danny steps away, Quincy introduces Andrew as a profiler that works with the police. Andrew says that Mulaney came to her the other day for a fresh set of eyes on the Ripper case.

Theo tells Linus stories of Camille's younger wilder days. She points out that she was only running around naked in a trailer park because Theo set their trailer on fire. He goes to the kitchen to make bacon, and Camille tells Linus to stop being friendly with her brother. Two men arrive at the door and ask if Theo is there, and in the kitchen Theo draws a hidden gun. Camille says that Theo isn't there, and they say that if he does show up, Camille should tell him that Duke wants his money. Once they leave, Theo hides his gun and comes out. Camille is furious that he brought his crap to her house, and Theo says that as soon as a guy who owes him money pays off, he'll settle things with duke. She tells her brother to get out, and he reluctantly leaves via the back.

At Dano's, Andrew realizes that Kirsten and Cameron have a lot of unresolved tension. They insist that they don't, and Andrew says that Mulaney died before he could give her a formal report. He figures that the killer is single, uneducated, and now in his 50s. The victim's pose suggests that the killer comes from a religious background. Andrew figures that the Ripper channeled his rage in some other way, and he hopes that Kiersten and Cameron resolve things. Cameron warns Quincy that they can't Stitch Mulaney again until the next morning.

Theo goes to Linus' apartment and asks if he can crash there. Linus figures that his staying there isn't a good idea, but Theo says that things get crazy between family sometime. He guilts Linus into letting him stay there, and realizes that Linus and Camille are together.

Camille is punching with a bag at Quincy's place when he comes back. She admits that she had a bad day because of Theo. Across the street, Danny watches Quincy help Camille.

Later at the lab, Camille points out that all of the victims were responsible for other people's lives. Linus has mapped Mulaney's memories back 15 years but warns that the quality is poor. As they prepare for the Stitch, Linus tells Camille that he took Theo in. She warns that her brother is trouble, but Linus says that Theo said he's trying to make things right with Camille. Camille doesn't believe him, and Linus invites her to dinner with him and Theo that night. She tells Linus to stay out of it, but he suggests that she give Theo another chance.

The team begins the second Stitch and Kirsten sees Mulaney at her murder board. Mulaney has a crime scene log, and circles a pill bottle in one of the photos. The pills weren't recorded into evidence, and Cameron takes her back to the memory of the first crime scene. Mulaney is talking to Furillo, who says that he slept on the street in Laurel Cancer. Quincy is there as a patrolman, looking queasy at the sight of the dead body, and Danny rides him about it. Furillo moves over to the counter and Mulaney tells him to move away. Kirsten bounces out and tells the team that Furillo stole the pills.

Quincy and Kirsten question Furillo abut the stolen pills, and Furillo realizes that Quincy was the rookie on the scene. He admits that Mulaney asked him about Chad's meds but he didn't tell her anything. Furillo took the pills because he thought they were oxy and could sell them. The pills were Zoloft, prescribed by Dr. Nick Kukra. Kukra was a hack shrink who would dispense pills in quality to anyone with a prescription and money.

At the lab, Camille confirms that Kukra lost his medical license two years ago and is driving a cab. She has a GPS location on Kukra and Kirsten mentions Cameron chasing Furillo. Maggie tells him that she's benching him because she can't take any more risks with Mitchell on her case. Camille tries to cheer Cameron up, and Cameron says that Andrew's profile doesn't match the Ripper's. He leaves to talk to Andrew, and Camille goes to d Linus'.

At the apartment, Linus serves authentic Indian cooking. Theo would rather have mac n' cheese, and Linus goes to get some leftover pasta. He says that Linus is a lot more chilled than the guys that Camille used to date. Camille says that she's changed everything since they grew up together in Bakersfield, and Theo tells Linus that Camille ripped off a church collection plate. Linus objects, but Theo continues until Camille takes offense. She says that she did everything for Theo after their parents left, but he kept screwing up. Theo says that she's a big deal now, and Camille leaves. When Theo calls her a stuck-up bitch, Linus angrily tells him to treat Camille with respect. Theo gets in his face, and Linus tells him to be out by the time he gets back.

Quincy and Kirsten track down Kukra's taxi at a storage unit. One door's lock is missing, and Quincy draws his gun and goes in. The unit is filled with Kukra's medical records... and Kukra's corpse in the Ripper's pose.

Cameron finds Andrew at Dano's, sitting near Danny. When Cameron says that the profile Andrew gave them earlier doesn't line up with the MO. Andrew apologizes, saying that he was working from memory, and Cameron invites Andrew to his nearby place so he can check his notes. They leave together as Danny watches them.

After Quincy calls in the medics, Kirsten figures that Kukra was lured there. There's no sign of Kukra's phone, and Kirsten gets Kukra's number from his taxi permit. She calls it and the phone rings inside the taxi. The incoming call log shows Dano's number. He calls it and talks to Kate, and she doesn't remember who used the phone. Danny overhears her and takes the phone, and tells Quincy that he saw Andrew make a call. He says that Andrew left with Cameron.

Cameron lets Andrew in, and Andrew confirms that he lives there alone. He asks if Cameron has made progress with Kirsten, and says that if Cameron had told her how he feels then he could have found a door to something wonderful. Cameron points out that he's talking like it's too late, and Andrew helps him to feel at peace. As Quincy calls, Andrew draws a gun and Cameron realizes that he's the Ripper. Andrew insists that he killed his victims out of kindness because they were tortured souls who came to him for help. He sent Chad to Kukra to proscribe medication, and insists that he protected the potential victims of the suicidal people that he killed. For seven years, Andrew worked with the police. However, when Mulaney picked up his trail, he had to find peace for her. Cameron says that he recently died and was revived, and tells Andrew that he's not afraid to die again. Whatever happens between him and Kirsten, Cameron says that he's at peace at it. He tells Andrew that he's not at peace and never will be, and Andrew says that once he kills Cameron, he'll kill himself. Cameron promises that he'll never find peace on the other side, and jumps him. Quincy and Kirsten arrive and Quincy arrests Andrew while Kirsten hugs Cameron.

At home, Camille calls Linus and thanks him for his support. She admits that she doesn't know how to handle her brother, and Linus confirms that Theo cleared out. He doesn't mention that Theo took all of Linus' things with him.

At Cameron's place, Kirsten wonders if Cameron is overcompensating or trying to impress her. He says that he wants to live his life unafraid, and wonders if she feels the same way. Cameron figures that she's not ready, and assures her that it's all right. Kirsten says that she's just been so flooded with all of her new feelings, and she doesn't know what she feels. He says that it's okay for now, and if there comes a time when she does know what she feels, he asks her to tell him. They say their good nights and Cameron says that he feels at peace.

At Dano's, everyone applauds Quincy for solving the case. Danny congratulates him as well, and he says that he wanted to help from the beginning. He drove out to Quincy's to offer to help, but didn't know how. Danny figures that Mulaney was right about him, and Quincy says that it's never too late to be the cop she hoped Danny could be. They share a toast to Mulaney.

At home, Kirsten works out an algorithm to track down Daniel.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 6, 2016

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