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Keep the Home Fires Burning Recap

Wynonna goes to a bar looking for a revenant, and remembers earlier.

Xavier tells Wynonna that as a member of Black Badge Division, she has to be discrete. He shows her a photo of one of the revenants, Red, and Wynonna assures him that he’s one of the ones that took her father Ward. Xavier gives her a gun and insists that she use it rather than the Peacemaker. Wynonna insists that only the Peacemaker can send revenants back to Hell, but Xavier refuses to risk her life on the chance.

Red is hitting on a woman at the bar, and spots Wynonna. He bites the girl’s finger off and Wynonna fires a gun into the air to get everyone’s attention. Another revenant jumps her and realizes she isn’t using the Peacemaker, and Wynonna knocks him off and shoots him in the head. Outside, Xavier watches people running out of the club and goes inside.

Wynonna moves in on Red and shoots Red, and Xavier arrives and complains that Wynonna isn’t being discrete. They realize that Red has run off and the agents go after him. By the time they get outside, the revenant has slipped away.

The next day at a Quonset hut outside of Purgatory, a security guard comes inside and looks around. He cuts his hand on a piece of metal, and a shadowy figure comes in behind him and asks who the target is. The guard stares at the shadow in horror, and it says that the guard is the target. The doors close behind it and the man screams.

At the compound, Doc emerges from his trailer and discovers that someone has written “bitch” on the door. He goes to where the revenants are drinking and playing cards. Red and Levi are discussing Red’s bullet holes, and Red is explaining that the new Heir is a woman and nothing to worry about. Levi points out that she has the Peacemaker and wonders when the Boss will take them out. Doc sits down and asks to join in. When Red points out that they know who Doc used to ride with, Doc says that he can make amends by letting them take his money and they invite him to play.

At their base camp, Xavier tells Wynonna that the revenants are mostly at Purgatory. He explains that the Teddy Roosevelt founded the Black Badges in the 1900s to eradicate U.S. paranormal forces. They worked with Wynonna’s grandfather, Eddie, and he almost sent all 77 of the revenants back to Hell. Xavier wonders how many revenants Warp sent back to Hell, and Wynonna merely says not enough. He tells Wynonna that their number one priority is to keep the public from learning that Revenants exist, and shows her a crater where the U.S. government bombed a town out of existence to contain the story. Waverly and Champ drive past, waving, and Wynonna wonders what her sister sees in the local. Xavier says that he doesn’t do relationships and scores a bullseye.

At the compound, Doc is entertaining the revenants with tales of his past. Levi comes back over and says that the Boss wants to see Doc. Doc collects his winnings and goes over to see the boss, Bobo Del Rey, who beats him. Doc draws a gun on him and says that he’s there to make some money from his particular skill set. Unimpressed, Bobo reminds Doc that he’s not one of them. Doc gets up and says that he’d rather follow the revenants who go by the old codes, than modern people who don’t follow any codes. As for the Earps, Doc figures that eventually they’ll figure out who he is and what he did to Wyatt. Bobo tells Doc to bring them something that’ll let him know what the Earps are up to, and in return he’ll give Doc revenge.

At Shorty’s, Gus, Waverly, and Wynonna are sitting down for dinner. Wynonna has found a picture Waverly made of her imaginary friend, Bobo. Waverly confirms that she didn’t recognize any of the revenants that took her from her research, and still wants to join the Black Badges. Red comes in and offers to kill Waverly quick if Wynonna hands over the Peacemaker. As Wynonna refuses, Gus comes back with a carving knife and tells the revenant to move on. The Peacemaker is on the counter, and Red goes for it. He grabs it and aims it at Wynonna, but it burns his hand and he can’t let go. After a moment, Red collapses and as he convulses, Wynonna picks up the gun. He says that they’ll get her, and Wynonna points out that he won’t be one of the ones doing the getting. She shoots him and sends Red back to Hell... while Levi secretly watches from the window.

Later, Waverly is trying to fix the beer tap when Deputy Nicole Haught comes in to introduce herself. Waverly tries to change out of her wet shirt but gets stuck, and Nicole helps her. She suggests that they get coffee that night but Waverly says that she has plans and she’s in a relationship with a man. Nicole shrugs it off and leaves her card before going.

Xavier goes to the sheriff’s station and tells Neadley that he’s commandeering the place for his cross-border task force. Neadley has checked on Xavier but the government isn’t giving him anything, and Xavier says that it’s need-to-know.

Doc goes to Shorty’s and tries to buy for a drink with 19th century coins. Waverly comes down and figures that he’s an Old West groupie there to see Wyatt’s home. She mentions that she has an apartment upstairs, and Doc flirts with her. Waverly takes pity on him and gives him some money out of her tips, and says that she has a good feeling about him.

At the station, Wynonna explains about the Peacemaker’s powers, and how it’s the only gun that will stop the revenants for good. However, Xavier is still skeptical. Nicole comes in with a delivery for Xavier, who half-jokingly threatens to have her arrested for treason.

At the compound, Levi tells Bobo what happened to Red. He beats Levi and says to leave the thinking to him if they want to escape the Triangle. Bobo figures that they need professional help, and Levi reminds his boss that if they want to hire “him” then they need a mortal’s blood, willingly given. Bobo says he knows just the person, who wants to impress him.

Doc searches Waverly’s room and finds her files on the outlaws that Wyatt killed. Among her files is a photo of Doc. Doc pockets her files just as Wynonna comes in. Doc pulls a bandanna over his face, shoots the Peacemaker out of Wynonna’s hand, and runs.

Back at the compound, Doc finds Bobo waiting for him. Bobo tells him that he’s going to enlist someone who can take care of the Heir, and then bring him the Peacemaker. Later, Doc talks to Levi, who explains that they plan to summon Jim “Killer” Miller. Miller used to move like a shadow, and now he’s a shadow assassin who can only be activated by a blood sacrifice. Disgusted, Levi wonders what Wyatt would say if he knew Doc was working with revenants, and Doc says that the dead don’t get a vote.

Wynonna calls Waverly to their homestead and says that someone broke into Waverly’s apartment. She warns her sister that it isn’t safe for her anywhere else. Xavier is there and figures that the soil around the homestead is made of ammolite. He figures that it protects the homestead against revenant. Once Waverly goes out to her car, Xavier figures that it’s tough for the youngest. Wynonna irritably admits that the thief she caught was faster than she expected, and Xavier tells her to look around the place and see if there’s something occult around the place.

Levi takes Doc to the Quonset hut, and Levi insists that the Shadow needs mortal blood and Doc fits the bill. They find the hole leading down and Doc cuts his hand and smears the blood on the sill. Miller starts to pour him in, and Levi tells him to toss it something belonging to the Heir. Desperate, Doc tosses it one of Waverly’s files, and Miller walks out and past them. Levi figures that the Heir won’t survive, and Doc admits that he tossed it something belonging to Waverly.

At the homestead, Wynonna and Waverly search the place and discuss their relationships. They find the marks where they noted their heights as kids, and Waverly points out that hers aren’t there. The lights go out, and Xavier calls to say that the Blackfoot prized ammolite for its ability to ward off evil. The homestead’s built on a bedrock of the stuff. The old books show a talisman made out of vertebrae and bonded with iron twine, and it’d be buried in the ground to counteract the ammolite.

As Wynonna looks out the window, she realizes that the sun is fading. It’s still daylight at the sheriff’s station, and Xavier says he’ll be there in 30 minutes, soon as he can. Until then, he tells Wynonna to stay near a light source. She finds Waverly and they start a fire. Wynonna describes the talisman and how it’s buried, and Wynona remembers her “imaginary friend” having her burying the talisman at the pet cemetery. She figures that Bobo wasn’t imaginary... just as the fire and the outside lights go out. Wynonna tells Waverly to go inside while she checks the generator. It goes out and Wynonna comes face to face with Miller.

Wynonna runs to the house and tells Waverly to hide. Waverly points out that hiding didn’t help her the last time, and Wynonna remembers that Miller was one of the revenants that took Ward and Willa. Waverly grabs a gun and refuses to run, and Wynonna goes outside to get the Peacemaker. As she comes back, she sees Miller behind Waverly and yells a warning. The sisters run for their truck but it won’t start because Miller is draining the battery.

Waverly tells Wynonna that she buried the talisman at the pet cemetery, and they run to dig it up. Xavier arrives and he tells Wynonna to end it because she’s the only one who can. Miller arrives and Wynonna shoots him, but it bounces off the metal plate that he’s wearing on his chest. Waverly remembers that Miller wore an old-time bulletproof vest, and Wynonna grabs a lighter from Xavier. She gets a flare from his truck and lures Miller to him, but he says that she’s not the target and advances on Waverly. When he turns, Wynonna shoots him in the back. He staggers, and Wynonna moves over and shoots him in the head, sending him back to Hell.

The sunlight comes back and Waverly starts digging. Levi has watched the whole thing and advances on Waverly with an axe. Xavier goes after him and takes him down, but Wynonna says that she needs Levi alive to send a message. She tells Levi to tell his boss that she’s coming for all seven of the revenants that attacked the homestead and took Willa. When Levi says that the Seven have three dead heirs under their belt, Wynonna points out that she’s the one with the gun and will blow them all back to Hell. Waverly finds the talisman and tosses it over the fence line, and Waverly is pulled over with it.

Later back in Purgatory, Xavier tells Wynonna that he’s been fighting demons for a while. She wonders how he ended up in Purgatory, and Xavier says that he was recruited out of the military because he’s good at killing bad guys. Wynonna wonders if the government will bomb Purgatory like they did the other town, and Xavier says that he did everything that he could to stop him. He tells Wynonna to go home and make it a home.

That night, Waverly is eager to work with the Black Badges with a consultant. In return, she moves into the homestead with Wynonna. Doc, using his middle name “Henry,” is working on the mailbox. Waverly figures that he isn’t a revenant because of the ammolite, and Wynonna realizes that Doc was the thief she encountered earlier. Her sister says that he returned everything he took, and dismisses him as another Wyatt fan. Wynonna isn’t convinced, and Doc tips his hat to her before walking away. Waverly figures that it’s her fault that Willa was abducted because she buried the talisman, but Wynonna figures that it’s Bobo’s fault and promises to make him pay.

Doc goes back to the compound and tells Bobo that he heard that the Heir defeated Miller. Bobo isn’t convinced he can trust Doc, but he’s sure that Levi failed him. The leader tells Doc that he’s going to chain Levi up to a wheel across the line: the line that keeps them there. To prove his loyalty, Doc agrees and drags Levi across the line. Levi scream sin pain and starts smoking, and Bobo removes hic coat to reveal the scars burning on his back. He tells the gathered revenants to stick to their plan: the dig. The Seven will deal with the Heir while they continue with the dig as they have for 15 years. When they’re done, they’ll have their freedom. Meanwhile, Doc looks at Levi as he screams in agony. Bobo comes over and says that he can give Doc the woman who changed him. Satisfied, Doc says that they’re in business and they shake.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 10, 2016

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