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.380 Recap

The Hand ninjas climb the hospital walls and cut their way in through the windows.

Claire and the staff meet with two security guards, and Claire warns then guard that one of the infected patients killed his father with a scalpel. As they reach the patients' room, ninja advance down the corridor from both sides. The ninja takes out the guards and kill the nurse with Claire. As he prepares to cut down Claire, Daredevil attacks the ninja and takes him out. The others come at the vigilante, while the infected patients run out. Another ninja comes in through the window, and Claire knocks him back out with an IV stand. A ninja throws her out the window after her victim, and Daredevil leaps out the window, grabs a line, falls down, and grabs Claire before she can hit the concrete. They swing in through a lower window and lay stunned.

The remaining ninja get the infected out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Daredevil recovers and runs up to the roof. He hears two ninja running with an infected and goes after them, and they cut a steam line to cover their escape. By the time Daredevil catches up, he discovers that they've disappeared without a trace.

Later, Matt visits Claire and explains about the Hand. He doesn't know why they wanted the prisoners, and warns that Nobu is a Hand member. Claire warns that Matt is in over his head, just as he gets a call. He apologizes to Claire and excuses himself.

At the station, Brett questions Karen about the attack at her apartment. She claims that she didn't recognize Frank and doesn't know if he attacked the two officers protecting her. Once the officer on guard leaves, Brett admits that they haven't had any luck tracking down Frank. He's assigned two more officers, Powell and Reed, to protect Karen. As the officers escort Karen out, she sees Matt waiting. They talk privately and Karen insists that she can take care of herself. When Matt warns that Frank is too much for her, Karen says that Frank saved her life. She figures that whoever killed Samantha is setting Frank up, and he asked her to give him time to find the Blacksmith who is responsible for the deaths. Karen explains that she' been working with Mitchell concerning the Central Park massacre, and ignores Matt's warning to back off. Matt insists on going with her, but Karen refuses his offer, saying she's not his to protect.

The officers take Karen to a hotel and make sure that her room is clear. Once they go downstairs, Karen goes to the parking garage where Frank is waiting in her car for her. She warns that she's not a lawyer and she lied to the cops about Frank, but worries that Blacksmith will come after her again. Frank says that Blacksmith won't get the chance and they drive away.

Marci visits Foggy at the hospital and brings him some booze. He asks about Matt, and Marci admits that she didn't see him when she came in. Foggy admits that he's depressed because the law firm is kaput and he was wounded, and Marci says that he has a reputation as a winning lawyer after his opening statement in Frank's case. She suggests that Nelson & Murdock folding could lead to a new beginning for Foggy. Marci wants to float his name and asks Foggy's permission, but is vague about who she wants to set up a meeting with.

The hospital administrators check in with Claire, and one of them points out that she unilaterally brought the infected in without permission. Once he steps away, Shirley assures Claire that it wasn't her fault. An examiner coroner is checking the body of a dead ninja, and discovers that he has an autopsy incision on his chest. The administrator comes over and, seeing the scar, says that he's shutting the whole thing down and orders Claire and Shirley out. Claire points out that someone attacked the hospital and people are dead, but the administrator refuses to jeopardize the hospital's financial future and orders her to go back to her job.

Blake is heading for his car when Daredevil drags him out of sight and demands everything he has on the Blacksmith. The ADA admits that they don't have anything but Blacksmith's codename, and the location of Blacksmith's nearest rival... in Chinatown. Satisfied, Daredevil tells Blake to get out of town and stay there.

Frank and Karen stop at a diner and Frank asks if Samantha had anything in Blacksmith. She doesn't know how Blacksmith is moving drugs into the U.S., and wonders why Frank wasn't surprised that she had a gun. Frank is impressed that she bought a .380 rather than something shiny, and figures that Karen meant business. He figures that she's experienced with guns, and Karen doesn't provide any more details. She admits that she almost shot Frank, but she didn't because she believes him. Karen is sure that Frank doesn't lie to her, and he wonders if Matt ever lies to him. He figures that Karen is in love with Matt, and she admits that she has feelings but it's all a swirl. When Karen says that Matt hurts people, Frank says those are the kind of people close enough to hurt someone, and he'd give anything if his wife was alive so he could feel that one more time. He tells Karen that if Matt is close enough that he's hurting her, she should grab onto him and never let go.

Once he finishes giving Karen his advice, Frank tells Karen to go in the back and get everyone under cover. He tells Karen that a Buick has gone around the block three times, and the men driving it will soon come in. Karen realizes that Frank used her as bait, and he tells her to go. Karen goes to the waitress and they head to the back.

Daredevil watches a man enter a Chinatown dry-cleaning business, and then jumps him. He takes out the man, and another gangster comes to investigate. Daredevil takes him and the other reinforcements from the basement out. He questions the last man, who refuses to talk, and goes to the basement where Madame Gao is waiting for him. Gao wonders how long he'll continue his fight, and at what price. He tells her to call her men off, and Gao sends her assistant to do so.

Two men enter the diner and Frank opens fire on them. He shoots one and takes the other one down after a vicious fight. The first man tries to get to his gun, and Frank steps on his hand and demands to know where he can find Blacksmith. When the killer refuses to talk, Frank shoots the second man dead and repeats his question. The killer still refuses to talk, and Frank beats him until he gives up an address. He offers to take Frank, and Frank shoots him dead. Karen hears the gunshot and comes out, and Frank tells her to call the police and get into protective custody, and stay far away from him. Once he leaves, Karen calls Brett.

Daredevil admits that he's surprised Gao is still in Hell's Kitchen, She thought that he understood the real threat to the city, and Daredevil says that he wants her competition. Gao is unimpressed by his threats, but figures that they have a mutual interest in taking down Blacksmith. She says that Blacksmith is bring in his drugs by ship, and admits that it's the purest that she's ever seen. Gao doesn't know where the specific pier is, and warns that Blacksmith will have professionals more competent than hers guarding his goods. As Daredevil goes, Gao warns that the path he's chosen won't be an easy one.

At the hospital, Shirley comes out from the board meeting and tells Claire that she isn't fired. If Claire keeps her mouth shut then she'll keep her job. As for the dead nurse, Louisa, they'll claim that a junkie killed her. Shirley warns that the hospital received a large anonymous donation, and she needs her job. Furious, Claire goes into the conference room and tenders her resignation.

Daredevil goes to the piers and listens until he hears crates being moved.

Punisher down the guards at the pier, putting a bullet in the head of the last one. He finds the drugs and pour gasoline on them and then the ship. A man shoots at him and misses, and then ducks back inside. Punisher goes after him and finds more heroin inside. The man fires and misses, and tells Punisher that he can take the money and the drugs as long as he lets him live. Punisher shoots him in the shoulder and figures that he's Blacksmith, shooting him in the knee. He tells the man to admit that he's Blacksmith and killed his family.

Daredevil hears the gunshots and heads for the ship.

The man says what Punisher wants him to say, and tells him to finish it. Daredevil runs in and tells Punisher not to shoot, and explains that he can tell that the man is lying and he's not Blacksmith. Furious, Punisher realizes that Blacksmith is telling the truth and shoves him out on the deck. Meanwhile, the fake Blacksmith calls over the radio that Punisher is on-board.

Punisher beats Daredevil, yelling at him to mind his own business. Daredevil manages to take him down, and Punisher is furious that Daredevil couldn't let him have one minute of peace by killing the man he thought killed his family. Daredevil asks him to help him take down the real Blacksmith. When Punisher warns that it won't work and Blacksmith will just skate clear, Daredevil admits that he might be right and just once, he might have to kill someone. Surprised, Punisher says that there's no coming back from just once, Once Daredevil cross over that line, he won't come back.

Ten men pull up and Daredevil warns that there's gunpowder stored below-decks. If the killers open fire, the ship will blow. When Daredevil says that they have to get off the ship before then, Punisher says that Daredevil does and shoves him over the side. He tells his family that he's coming for them as the killers open fire, and the ship explodes when the gunpowder goes up.

Stick receives word from two of his men that Elektra killed Jacques and is working her way up the organization, looking for Stick. He goes to a weapons cabinet and gets an ancient dagger, gives it to them, and tells the men to get out. Stick orders them to stick to the plan no matter what happens to him and get him what he needs. Elektra kills the two men as they get into their car, and then goes inside.

Daredevil climbs up to the pier and checks the wreckage, but there's no sign of Punisher. Brett and his men arrive, after receiving a tip from Punisher. Karen is with them, and Daredevil hears her mutter Frank's name.

At the hospital, Foggy is checking out as Claire leaves. She explains that she quit and that the next time Daredevil needs medical help, she won't be there.

In a warehouse, Daniel tells Hirochi that he's ready. Hirochi cuts Daniel's wrist with a sword, and Daniel kneels next to the other infected who are also in metal tubs, bleeding out. Nobu is nearby, standing next to the stone sarcophagus, and says that now it's ready.

Matt is at his apartment sitting in the darkness. He hears a car approaching and goes outside, and the car slams into another car and crashes. Matt confirms that Stick's two men are inside, and one of them--dying--says that Elektra found Stick and is going to kill him.

Elektra enters the warehouse and finds Stick waiting for her, holding his sword. She says that they need to talk, and Stick says that he's all ears.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 11, 2016

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