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Wrath of the Villains: Into the Woods Recap

Bruce and Selina run across the rooftops, and a man is chasing them yelling at them to drop the bag of money they're carrying. Selina drops the bag but Bruce goes back and grabs it. He then leaps between buildings after Selina, and the man chasing them is unable to follow. The man promises that they're dead if he catches them, and Bruce says that he doesn't deserve the money and tosses it into the street. Selina stops him, and Bruce insists that he's not a thief. He's only doing research on criminals. Selina tells him that he threw away his half of the money and warns that his "research" is getting on her nerves before walking off.

The news is running stories about Jim's escape from prison. At the station, Edward asks Harvey what he thinks Jim will do, and Harvey figures that Jim won't rest until he finds the person who framed him for murder. Barnes tells Harvey to tell him where Jim is, and doesn't believe Harvey's claim he has no idea where Jim is. Harvey insists that they both know that Jim was framed, but Barnes says that the public has to see that they're impartial. He figures that Harvey knows something, and warns that he'll bust him if he ever catches him helping Jim.

Harvey goes to the apartment where Jim is hiding out and says that it's time to go to work. Jim figures that the museum robbery, the bombing at the train station, and Pinkney's murder is all tied together. They figure that it's an active cop, maybe one loyal to Loeb, and Harvey suggests that Jim can still run. He warns his friend that Barnes is hunting for him. Jim figures that he has to clear his name if he wants any chance at a normal life with Leslie, and suggests that they get the tape from IA with the voice of the anonymous caller who tipped them off to Pinkney's murder. Harvey says that he has a connection that can get it and calls a woman, Ginny.

Later, Harvey and Ginny meet at his apartment and she calls him into the bedroom. Harvey hangs back and tosses Ginny's IA keys to Jim, who is waiting in the hallway. Jim breaks into the IA office and uses the keys to enter the evidence lockup. He hides as two officers go by, and then pulls the tape. As he leaves, he goes past a mugging and punches out the two muggers. Jim takes their knife and they run off, and the woman runs away. An officer spots Jim and draws his gun, and Jim is forced to knock him out when the officer calls for backup. He runs off and the officer, Barkley, goes after him.

Oswald and the Van Dahl's attend Elijah's funeral, and Oswald thanks his father for giving him a family. Afterward, grace complains that the funeral was a bore while her children discuss their inheritance. A crying Oswald hugs Grace and says that Elijah loved them all so much. She says that he's not returning to the house with them, and points out that Elijah left the estate to her. Grace doesn't want to sleep in the same house as a mass murderer. Oswald insists that Elijah is all that he had, and begs Grace to let him stay. She figures that they can employ Oswald as a servant and save money. Once Oswald leaves, Grace tells Charles and Sasha that Oswald could make things difficult if he found the right lawyer. Eventually Oswald will apparently kill himself, and until then they have a free servant.

At Arkham, Barbara confesses in group therapy that she murdered her parents and joined a gang of psychopathic killer. She says that the demons in her head drove her to it all, and she just feels sad. Hugo and Ethel are both watching, and Hugo thanks her for her courage in confessing. Afterward, Ethel tells Hugo that it's an act. He admits that he doesn't know, and either way Barbara intrigues him. Hugo says that he doesn't want to apply "extreme therapy" and a subtler approach is required.

Harvey goes to his car with a tape recorder and finds Jim sleeping in the back. Jim explains about the mugging, and Harvey says that the governor has offered a $10,000 reward for any information on Jim. They play the tape and realize that the caller electronically scrambled his voice. They hear a warbling sound in the background but can't make out what it is. Jim figures that they need someone who can clean up the tape, and thanks Harvey for his help. He tells Harvey to stay away from him, and he's going to ask some friends for help.

Edward enters his apartment and finds Jim waiting for him. He asks Edward to clean up the tape so he can find out who framed him. Edward is glad to help and tells him to have a seat while he works.

Oswald is serving the Van Dahls at dinner. Grace calls Gertrude Oswald's "slut mother" and tells him to get a nice pot roast from the butcher. Sasha drops her food on the floor, and then she and Charles throw food at Oswald.

Edward confirms that the warbling is a bird, but tells Jim that he can't clean up the voice. Jim asks him to clean the tape, and Edward sets the machine to work and then makes some tea. He asks Jim if he has any leads, and Jim figures that it's a psychopathic corpse. Edward says that "psychopath" is a strong word, and points out that Jim has killed a lot of people. Jim says that it was in the line of duty, and Edward says that the rumors weren't true. He figures that Jim didn't kill Theo because it would make him like the criminals he arrests. Jim asks if Oswald told him anything about the night Theo dead, and Edward insists that he didn't say anything.

The tape machine finishes and Jim insists that they both listen. Edward plays the tape back, and Jim realizes that the bird in the background is a cuckoo clock. He draws a gun on Edward and says that he knows it was him... just as the cuckoo clock on the wall goes off. Edward chuckles and says that he knew that Jim knew, and triggers the main wires to Jim's chair, shocking him unconscious.

Edward ties Jim up and drags him to his car. When he turns from opening his trunk, he sees Jim climbing into a nearby window. Edward shoots and hits him in the leg, and then runs inside the warehouse. As he follows the blood trail, Edward boasts that he's doing it because of Kristin. Jim slips out the side and Edward goes after him, only to discover that Jim has slipped into the crowd.

Bruce is making supper when Selina comes back. She looks for her jacket, and Bruce admits that he was sewing up the torn sleeve. Selina thanks him, just as someone comes in. It's Jim, who limps in and says that he found the man who framed him. He asks for a phone and then passes out.

Oswald is cooking when Grace calls for cherries for her martini. Going through the drawers, Oswald finds a decanter like the one Elijah was drinking from when he died. He quickly hides it when Grace comes in. Once she leaves, Oswald takes out the decanter and decides to test the liquid on the dog. The dog laps it up as Charles and Sasha come in to remind Oswald about dinner, and he glares at them. Once they leave, the dog dies and Oswald laughs hysterically.

Bruce calls Alfred and helps him bring Jim to the manor. Once Bruce makes Jim comfortable on the couch in his study, he goes to the kitchen and thanks Alfred for coming. Alfred says that there are things to discuss, just as Jim comes in. The butler sends Bruce to get Jim's clothing, and Alfred says that Bruce has been living with Selina since he failed to kill Matches. Jim blames himself for Bruce being there, and Alfred agrees. He summarizes what has happened to Jim, and asks how he's going to get out of the frame. Jim says that he does.

Hugo and Ethel escort Barbara to the gate, and Hugo tells her that it would be unethical to keep her there. As Barbara gets into her car, Ethel warns Hugo that releasing lunatics will give him a bad reputation. Hugo says that they're releasing Barbara to observe her behavior, and admits that while he doesn't know what she's going to do... it will be interesting.

Jim figures that he needs hard proof against Edward, and remembers that Edward said he met Oswald in the woods at the same time that Kristin went missing. He figures that Edward was burying Kristin's body, and plans to get Edward to tell him. However, he needs someone that Barnes thinks will betray him. Everyone looks at Selina.

Later, Selina enters the station and loudly announces where she can get the reward for Jim. Harvey tries to cut her off, but Barnes comes over and Selina says that Jim came to her place and was shot. She says that he took off, but first he said that Oswald knew where a body was hidden and he was going to talk to Oswald. Edward overhears the entire conversation and goes back to his lab. He imagines Nygma telling him that Jim will find Oswald, and figures that there's a 60^chance of Jim finding Kristin's body.

Edward goes out into the woods to where he buried Kristin. He digs up her body to move her, and Jim steps out of hiding. Edward hears him and draws a gun, and realizes that Jim set the whole thing up with Selina. Jim wonders how Edward became a killer, and Edward says that he always was a killer and he finally admitted the truth to himself. When Jim says that he was his friend, Edward wonders if he just pitied him. He prepares to shoot Jim... and Barnes and Harvey step out of hiding with several other officers. Barnes orders him to surrender, and Edward runs off. He trips and the officers easily capture him.

At the manor, Oswald serves Grace pot roast. She complains that it's overcooked, and wonders where her children are. Oswald says that they're not coming, and Grace notices that Oswald is doing his hair the way it used to be. He says that he found the sherry decanter with the poison she used to kill Elijah. Grace tries to run and Oswald grabs a knife. He says that Charles and Sasha aren't coming, and boasts that he fed her children to her. With that, Oswald drives the knife into Grace's chest.

At Barnes' office, Barnes apologizes to Jim. Jim assures him that he did his job, and asks Barnes to go easy on Harvey. The captain agrees and asks when Jim is coming back to work, and Jim says that he isn't yet. There's something that he has to do first. Barnes gives him Leslie's number and says that she's working for an ME department south. Jim tells Barnes that first he has to solve the murder of the Waynes like he promised Jim, and then he's free. Barnes warns that the Wayne case is closed, and Jim asks him for the files. The captain agrees if Jim takes Leslie's number. Jim takes it and Barnes tells him to call her before going to get the file.

Alfred goes to see Bruce in the study, and Bruce says that his leaving had nothing to with anything Alfred did. He's going back to the city once Selina is ready, and Alfred tells him that Lucius finally fixed Thomas' computer. He warns that Thomas protected his secrets to protect the people he loved, and notes that Selina has been a good friend to Bruce. Alfred sys that he won't let Bruce put Selina in danger, and Bruce can't have both. Selina comes in and Alfred says that he'll be in the kitchen. Once they're alone, Bruce tells Selina that he's not going back. He thanks Selina for what she's taught him but his place is at the manor. Disgusted, Selina starts to go, figuring that Bruce thinks that she's beneath him. She tells him to have a good life and goes.

A guard escorts Edward to his cell at Arkham.

At the Van Dahl estate, Oswald offers a toast to Grace's corpse.

Selina returns to her crib and tosses away the coat that Bruce repaired.

Bruce and Alfred turn on Thomas' computer.

Jim sits in his apartment and after a moment, dials Leslie's number. She answers the phone but Jim hangs up without saying anything. There's a knock at the door, and Jim opens it to find Barbara there.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2016

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