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St. Lucifer Recap

The next morning at Lux, Chloe wakes up in Lucifer's bed and realizes that she's naked. She figures that the worst has happened, and Lucifer is seated nearby waiting for her to wake up. Chloe asks if they did it, and Lucifer jokingly says that they did. She quickly moves away from him, and he finally says that he turned her down cold. When Chloe wonders why she's naked, Lucifer tells her that she thought it was too hot, tore her clothes off, and hogged the bed. She says that she was upset because Dan dumped her by text. Lucifer admits that refusing to have sex with her gave him a rush, and Chloe says that they should both forget that it ever happened as she puts on her clothes and leaves.

Later, Lucifer goes down to the floor and Maze wonders where he's going. He asks if she's still reporting to Amenadiel, and tells Maze to leave him alone. Maze says that he can't be mad at her forever, and Lucifer assures the demon that he can. He then meets Chloe at the Dunlear Foundation and suggests that the pair of panties he found belongs to her. Chloe angrily denies it and points out the murder victim. He has no wallet, his ring and watch were lifted, and was shot in the chest. She explains that the Foundation helps the homeless and the underprivileged, and the victim is Tim Dunlear, the head of the foundation. Tim was a NBA star and a notorious playboy, but then he turned it all around and dedicated himself to philanthropy.

The police are taking out Emmet Toussaint, a volunteer for the foundation's outreach program to Haiti. Chloe questions him and Emmet says that he came there to meet Tim and found his body there. He saw a guy outside who ran, and thinks that the man was homeless. Lucifer asks if Tim ever said anything about a rush after refusing to have sex with a drunken woman. Chloe offers her condolences and says that Lucifer has nothing in common with Tim.

Malcolm takes Dan to an abandoned warehouse and plastic-ties him to a support pole. Dan refuses to let Malcolm kill Lucifer, and Malcolm says that Dan clearly would want Lucifer dead. Dan's fingerprints are all over the murder weapon, and Malcolm walks out.

Tim's wife Vanessa talks with Chloe and Lucifer, and can't imagine anyone wanting to kill her husband. Kyle Erikson, Tim's assistant, is worried that they have to cancel the fundraising gala. Lucifer offers Lux for the benefit, pledging that he will carry on Tim's good work. Vanessa thanks him and Kyle escorts her out, and Chloe figures that the robber will want to cash in. As she prepares to call the local pawn shops, Lucifer admits that he's not feeling the same rush because of his benevolency. He figures that he has to up his game, but Chloe isn't impressed.

In therapy, Lucifer tells Linda that it feels good to do good. She points out that Lucifer has identified strongly with Tim, and says that true good needs to come from a place of selflessness. Linda warns that goodness isn't a toy, and Lucifer says that it will when he's done with it.

Later, Chloe and Lucifer are checking out pawnshops. They meet with a customer, an actor between gigs named Louis Delgado. Louis was caught pawning Tim's championship ring, and Louis insists that Tim was dead when he found him and had been for some time. He tells them that Tim didn't care about stuff and would have wanted Louis to have the ring. Louis says that he was going to return Tim's wallet. Chloe finds a key card in Tim's wallet, and Louis says that he has an alibi for the time of the murder. Chloe goes to check out the alibi, and Lucifer tells Louis that he knows what it's like to be homeless. He gives Louis his shirt and then his pants to go with them. Chloe comes back, looks irritably at the naked Lucifer, and says that Louis' alibi checks out. Lucifer complains that still he isn't feeling the rush for doing good, and Chloe refuses to let him to get into her car naked.

Later, Lucifer and Chloe visit Vanessa to ask her if she can think of anyone with a grudge against Tim. The Dunlears' lawyer Will Flemming comes in and says that Vanessa is done asking questions. Lucifer says that he's there to talk about the gala. While he and Vanessa talk, Will tells Chloe that any further questions should go through him. Chloe asks if Vanessa and Will have alibis, and Will suggests that she talk to Emmett. When she does, Emmet admits that he had a fight with Tim. He said that Emmet might not receive the scholarship memory he promised, and Chloe warns that she'll have him tested for gunshot residue. She then asks about Tim's relationship with Vanessa, and he says that it was good when the cameras were on.

When Lucifer meets back up with Chloe at a foundation luncheon, she tells him that they're holding Emmet until the ballistics report comes back. She says that Emmet told her that Tim hadn't slept at home in months, and figures that Tim was back to his old ways. The key card she found belonged to a hotel, and Chloe figures that Vanessa learned Tim was having an affair so she killed him. Alternately, the mistress may have killed Tim. Lucifer explains that Vanessa invited him to a lunch with the members of the foundation. As they eat, Lucifer talks with a woman named Gayle and charms her. Chloe talks with another woman, who points out a woman named Donna Gray and says that she threw himself at Tim. She says that Tim turned Donna down and takes offense when Chloe suggests otherwise.

Chloe suggests that Lucifer use his power to bring out the desire in the women, and Lucifer stands up and thanks the women for donating their money to the Foundation. He performs a musical number to thank them, and the woman swoon over him. Kyle looks on, irritated, as Lucifer works the room. Chloe spots him as Kyle finally gets up and wonders why they're enjoying themselves when Ted is dead. He storms out and Chloe and Lucifer go after him.

Out in the hallway, Kyle admits that he and Tim were in love. Tim was in denial about his sexuality for years, and then they met. Kyle says that they only met at his apartment. Tim and Vanessa had an arrangement, and she agreed to keep his secret in return for the Dunlear brand. Kyle doesn't know of anyone that would want to blackmail Tim, but Tim sent him a photo for safekeeping. It's a photo of a barren field.

Malcolm comes back to the warehouse with takeout, and tells Dan that he went to Hell. He was only there for a couple of seconds in the real world, but it seemed like years. Hell used what he loved against him, and he loved life. They deprived him of food, people, and TV. Dan kicks the food out of Malcolm's hands, and Malcolm says that he made a deal so he'd never go back. All he has to do is kill Lucifer and let Dan take the fall. As Malcolm picks up his food, Dan secretly covers the knife Malcolm was using with his foot. Once Malcolm leaves, Dan slides down to get the knife.

At home, Chloe watches a video that Tim made for the foundation. Will comes by and warns that she's asking invasive questions. He says that all of Tim's money goes back into the foundation so Vanessa had nothing to gain, and Chloe points out that Will now controls the money. The lawyer says that she's messing with good people and tells her to back off.

Later at Lux, Chloe tells Lucifer about Will's threat. She wonders if he's protecting himself or Vanessa, and Lucifer suggests that they're just good people. Chloe wants Lucifer to get them to talk, but he refuses to use his power during the party. She says that she misses the old Lucifer because at least he had her back, and walks off.

That night, Maze tracks Amenadiel down to a restaurant and complains that he ruined her life. The angel says that it's not his fault that she betrayed Lucifer, and figures that she came to him because she has nowhere else to go and no one else to talk to. Maze points out that Amenadiel is there alone and boring, and she says that her idea of fun is sex, danger, and spontaneity. She points out that Amenadiel is none of those things, and Amendiel insists that he is. He takes credit for setting Lucifer with a goat, and admits that he's waited a thousand years to tell someone. The waiter pours more wine, and Maze tells him to leave the bottle.

Chloe meets with Kyle and has him go through Tim's texts. The last one is from Port au Prince and it wasn't on Tim's calendar. Kyle admits that Tim could have gotten there on a private jet, and Chloe figures that the key card belonged to a hotel there. The photo was from a few days ago, and the school would be almost finished. However, Chloe suggests that the school was never built because the money the foundation raised went to someone else.

Later, Chloe visits Will and says that she knows what he desires. She's checked and discovered that Will doesn't charge the foundation for his services. However, Chloe has looked into the school and discovered that it doesn't exist. She figures that Vanessa had an expensive lifestyle to keep up, and the foundation records are complicated enough to hide a few outgoing wire transfers. When Tim figured it out, he flew to Port au Prince to find out. He confronted Vanessa and she killed him. Will warns that it's speculation, and Chloe asks him to check Vanessa's personal financial records. When Will hesitates, Chloe reminds him that he joined the foundation to make a difference and he still can if he helps her.

Dan loses his grip on the knife but manages to pull the partially-cut plastic ties apart. He breaks through the door and runs out.

At Lux, Lucifer is dressing for the party when Malcolm comes in and says that he's there to murder him. Lucifer points out that shooting him will earn him a one-way ticket to hell, and Malcolm insists that he made a deal with an angel so he'll never go to Hell again. The Devil realizes that Amenadiel is responsible and advances on Malcolm revealing his true face. Unimpressed, Malcolm says that he's been to Hell and back, and knows that Lucifer isn't immortal anymore. Lucifer asks what he gets, and Malcolm says that he loves life and Amenadiel won't kill him. Chuckling, Lucifer says that an angel can't take a mortal's life. And when Malcolm eventually dies, he'll go to Hell. Lucifer takes out his Pentecostal coin and says that it can be used to go to Hell... or get out. He offers it to Malcolm if he doesn't shoot him, and Malcolm takes it and leaves.

Amenadiel and Maze have sex in a parked car, breaking the rear window.

Vanessa arrives at Lux and finds Lucifer sitting in the dark. She says that she's flying out the next day to a small ranch she owns in Buenos Aires. Lucifer offers her a drink and realizes that she did kill Tim, Vanessa insists that she loved Tim, and then draws a gun on Lucifer and shoots him in the chest.

Dan runs into the club and goes upstairs to check on Lucifer. He finds Lucifer lying on the floor, and Lucifer comes back to life. He wonders why Dan is there, and Dan says that he came to stop Malcolm. Lucifer says that it wasn't Malcolm and made him an offer he couldn't refuse. He goes down to attend the charity and punish Vanessa, and offers Dan a drink.

In the club, Vanessa is giving a speech thanking everyone for attending. Lucifer takes the podium and uses his power on Vanessa to make her reveal her desires. However, Chloe speaks up and says that they already have everything they need on Vanessa. Will steps out and says that they have proof of the embezzlement. Under Lucifer's influence, Vanessa says that she earned the money because she supported Tim when he left the NBA. She insists that she had to kill Tim, and Chloe takes her away. As she goes, Lucifer feels the rush of doing good again.

Later, Maze returns to Lux and pours herself a drink. Lucifer sees her and figures that she had a good night, and says that life is too short to hold grudges. He warns her that she'll have to do something extraordinary to earn his forgiveness, and Maze says that she had sex with Amenadiel. Now she's Lucifer's inside woman with Amenadiel, and he admits that it could come in handy. Lucifer says that Amenadiel tried to kill him, and they both wonder how Lucifer can still be alive. He cuts his hand with a knife and nothing happens, and wonders why sometimes he's human and sometimes he isn't. Thinking it over, Lucifer has an idea and says that he needs to test a theory. As he goes, Lucifer tells Maze to tread carefully.

Lucifer goes to Chloe's home and assures her that "St. Lucifer" is retired. She says that Kyle just told her that someone anonymously donated Emmet's full scholarship fund. Lucifer doesn't confirm or deny, and Chloe says that their thing goes beyond work. She tells Lucifer that she can let her guard down with him, and maybe it's okay. As they talk, Lucifer cuts his hand behind his back with the knife, and discovers that he's bleeding. He tells Chloe that apparently she makes him vulnerable as well.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2016

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