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A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen Recap

In the Hand lair, a woman named Tyler informs Nobu that the sarcophagus is ready. She hands Nobu a file of twenty targets in the city, Nobu says that after years of searching, the fate of Black Sky is in their hands. He wants the Hand to hit all twenty targets.

At his apartment, Matt tends to Stick's injuries. He has tied Stick up, and says that he can't take chances with him. Stick warns that the Hand will come for Elektra, and warns that Black Sky must be extinguished at all costs. He asks Matt if he has a plan, and Matt says that he's working on it. Matt says that Black Sky is a myth, but Stick warns that every Hand assassin believes in it. He asks Matt what he's going to do about it, and Matt asks about what he believes.

Elektra is up on the roof when Matt joins her. She tells him to leave her alone, and Matt tells her to consider the possibility that there's no such thing as Black Sky. He dismisses it as mysticism and figures that they can scatter them by exposing them. Matt says that they find Nobu and remove him, imprisoning the head of the Hand. Once they show that Nobu is just a man, the Hand will fold. Matt proposes that they go back to the Hand's lair immediately and catch them by surprise, and tells Elektra that they have to do it together.

The next day, Foggy meets with lawyer Jeri Hogarth for lunch. She says that her firm represent Hell's Kitchen's top clients, and Foggy can build his own clientele base. Jeri offers him a competitive starting salary along with a full partnership. Foggy is impressed, and Jeri says that they need someone like Foggy who is good at handling vigilante cases. She asks him to tell her what she knows about them.

At the Telegraph, Karen is trying to come up with a story on Frank. She draws a blank and goes out.

Daredevil takes Elektra to Melvin to make a reinforced costume for her. He has a reinforced billy club for Daredevil, and explains that some of the Hell's Kitchen residents know that Daredevil is looking out for them. Melvin gives the club to Daredevil as a gift.

Frank goes to his old home and hears children playing down the street. The table is still set for dinner, and Frank sits down to the table and reads a newspaper about his supposed death. He then goes to his workshop and turns on the police scanner, and spray-paints Schoonover's Kevlar black.

Elektra returns to Matt's apartment and asks Stick how it feels that the children he trained are fighting his war. Stick warns that it'll be the biggest mistake of her life, and Elektra insists that it will be her mistake. As Matt comes in, Foggy calls from the police station and explains that Brett needs legal representation. Somebody roughed him up demanding classified police files. Matt says that he doesn't have time to deal with it, but Foggy warns him that they were asking about Daredevil and they owe Brett for his help in the past.

A short time later, Brett is in his office and hears an exit door banging. He investigates and finds Daredevil waiting in the stairwell. Brett explains that someone with powers roughed him up and threatened his mother. He wanted everything Brett had on everyone Daredevil ever saved. Daredevil realizes who they're after and runs off.

The Hand ninja abduct twenty of the people Daredevil has saved, including Karen, and transport them across the city in a bus. Turk is among the prisoners.

Using his new billy club, Daredevil swings across the city to Karen's apartment. He discovers that the Hand has already taken her

Tyler puts a gun to Karen's head, but one of the other prisoners, Jerry tries to put up a fight. When Tyler goes to investigate, Karen asks Turk who he is. Turk says that he has a monitor bracelet on it, but he tampered with it. She tells him to turn it back on so that they can track him, just as Tyler comes back over and tells them to be quiet. Tyler slaps Karen and Jerry tries to intervene, and the ninja restrain him. Karen tries to intervene, but Tyler shoots Jerry dead and says that the next prisoner who makes a sound dies. Realizing their situation, Turk turns on the monitor bracelet.

Daredevil perches on a rooftop and tries to hear Karen or her abductors. Elektra joins him and Daredevil explains that it's a trap for him, She says that the Hand want her and Daredevil is in their way, and Daredevil refuses to abandon the prisoners. Elektra tells him to focus and assures him that he'll find Karen. She takes Daredevil's hand, and he finally filters out everything except men talking in Japanese and the bus stopping.

The bus arrives at the Hand lair and the ninja escort the prisoners out. They take an elevator down and make the prisoners kneel on the floor of a large room. A police car pulls up outside and Tyler goes to greet it. The ninja open fire, killing one officer with arrows, and the other one manages to call for backup before he takes an arrow to the throat. Daredevil hears them and heads off, and Elektra follows him. They get to a building overlooking the Hand warehouse, and Daredevil is unable to pick out Nobu. Elektra warns him that it's a trap and she's there to take down Nobu. Daredevil refuses to abandon the prisoners He tells Elektra to stay there while he goes in.

One of the ninja sees Turk's monitor bracelet and starts cutting through his ankle to remove it. Daredevil bursts in through the window and attacks the ninja. Once they're down, he gets the prisoners to the stairwell and cuts Karen free. They look at each other and then Karen runs after the others. Meanwhile, more ninja attack Daredevil. Elektra arrives and dispatches the remainder, and another wave attacks. Two of the ninja pull Elektra through an old wall, and Daredevil goes through and takes them out. He hears more ninja coming up the stairs and tells Elektra that they have to head for the roof.

Tyler brings Nobu his kusarigama and he says that Black Sky will soon be theirs.

The ninja chase Daredevil and Elektra up the stairs

Brett arrives with the police reinforcements and the officers already there warn that there are snipers. The prisoners run out and Brett calls in the EMS. Karen tells Brett that the prisoners were used as bait and the "weird cult" wants Daredevil. Foggy arrives and Karen warns that it may be the end of vigilantes in New York.

Daredevil warns Elektra that there are too many ninja to win against. They get to the roof as dozens of ninja move in. Daredevil figures that they have a couple of minutes until they arrive, and suggests that if they survive then they go on the run together. He says that he needs the fighting and the violence, and Elektra is the only one who understands. Daredevil tells her that she's the only thing that makes him feel alive than fighting crime. Smiling, Elektra says that they should get out of there and they go out on the roof.

The ninja open fire and the two heroes deflect the first wave of arrows. Nobu yells at his men to stop, and then tells Elektra that she belongs to them. He attacks and Daredevil fights him while the ninja attack Elektra. She takes down her attackers and joins Daredevil, and together they bring Nobu down. Daredevil tells him to leave his city, and Nobu says that the city belongs to no one... and Elektra belongs to the Hand. He renews his attack and takes Elektra down, and then hits Daredevil hard enough to knock his helmet off. Nobu prepares to kill him with his blade, and Elektra leaps in the way, taking the blow in the chest. She knocks Nobu away and Matt cradles her in his arms. Elektra says that the Hand has nothing because she took it all away, and says that she knows what it feels like to be good. With her dying breath, Elektra says that it isn't the end.

Nobu tells the ninja to finish Matt and walks off. Punisher opens fire from a rooftop, picking off the ninja, and Matt goes after Nobu. He knocks Nobu off the rooftop.

On the street below, everyone panics. Karen looks up and sees Punisher. Punisher turns and walks away, and Matt goes to Elektra's body.

In the alleyway below, Nobu comes back to life and stands up. Stick runs him through with his katana, cuts off Nobu's head, and tells him to stay down.

Later, Matt and Stick attend Elektra's burial. Stick asks if loving Elektra was worth it, and Matt says that it was and they go home.

At Josie's on Christmas Eve, Karen and Foggy are drinking. She says that she used to love coming there, but it's not a home now that Matt is gone. Foggy assures her that he's still her friend, and Karen promises him that he's stuck with her. She figures that Foggy has it all now as a hotshot lawyer, and he tells Josie to close the firm's tab because they're done.

Later at the Telegraph, Karen tries to write her story without success. Mitchell comes in and tells her to write her truth, and prove to people that they haven't seen anything. The editor gives her a bottle of Scotch for Christmas and tells her to deliver 2,000 words to his box by morning. Once he leaves, Karen writes about heroism and surviving in Hell's Kitchen. She writes that anyone who survived in Hell's Kitchen isn't a survivor: they're a New Yorker.

Matt walks down the street while people celebrate the holiday.

Frank goes home and looks at the photo of his platoon, including Schoonover. He smashes the glass, takes a CD marked "Micro" out, and then sets his house on fire.

Daredevil meets Karen at the law office and she wonders why he called her there. She wonders why she's there, and Matt tells her that he's Daredevil.

In the cemetery, a dead gravedigger lies next to Elektra's empty grave.

The remaining Hand ninja gather around the sarcophagus... which holds Elektra. They bow and close the lid.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 12, 2016

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