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Dead Beat Recap

Liv goes to Major and Ravi's home and lets herself in with the hideaway key so that she can sort his DVD collection by genre. Once she hangs up, Liv hears a knock at the door. It's the FBI, who says that they have a warrant to search the property. Clive is with them and wonders why Liv is there, and tells her that Dale arrested Major for the Chaos Killer murders. He tells her to stay out of the way, and the FBI agents soon find the safe. There are body bags beneath the mattress, and Ravi's sock drawer is filled with horse tranquilizer. Liv insists that Major isn't a murderer, but Clive points out that they found a list of names in Major's save. All of Chaos Killer victims are on the list, crossed out, and says that one of the names is Drake. Ravi comes home and he's put under arrest as an accessory to murder.

At the station, Dale and Clive question Ravi about the horse tranquilizer and the body bags. He claims that he has no idea how they got there, and Clive asks him about Minor. Ravi says that Major had the dog but it was returned to its owner, but Dale points out that Ravi points out the flaws in his story. Clive warns that Ravi will be charged as an accessory if he doesn't cooperate, and they question him again.

Dale and Clive later ask Major where the bodies are, and Major insists that he's no killer. He points out that they have no bodies and no motive, and Dale shows him a photo of Drake. She points out that he was Liv's boyfriend, and Major says that he didn't know Liv and Drake were dating. Lawyer Brandt Stone comes in and tells the officers to leave. Once he's alone with Major, he says that Vaughn send him. Brandt assures Major that the case is garbage, and he'll have a Federal judge throw the case out. Worst case, Major goes to trial but walks because there are no bodies.

Later, Liv meets Major in jail and she asks if Drake is alive. Major says that he didn't kill anyone and insists that Drake is fine, and tells her to talk to Ravi. He asks Liv if she believes him, and Liv says that she wants to. She asks Major if he's okay, and he warns that he's getting hungry.

When Liv goes home, she discovers that Ravi is there. Peyton explains that Ravi needs a place to stay while the reporters are outside of his house. Ravi tells them that Major confessed to him that he's the Chaos killer.

Dale and Clive show Major photos of the Chaos Killer victims. Major trained the first one the day before he went missing, and Brandt insists that Major has no idea. He reminds Dale and Clive that they have 30 hours to charge Major or let him go. Once the guard takes Major away, Dale tells Clive that her boss reminded her that they have a serial murder case with no evidence tying Major to the murders.

Ravi explains that Major froze his victims, and did it to protect Liv from Vaughn. Liv says that if one victim resurfaced then the FBI's case would fall apart, and they need to get Major out of jail before he goes full zombie. Ravi doesn't know where the bodies are, and Liv tells Ravi to visit Major and find where the bodies are while Liv finds some brains.

At the funeral home, Blaine gets Liv a container of brains from the available selection. Don E and Chief come in and Blaine explains that Liv needs a loaner brain. She explains that the Chaos Killer is a zombie, and if he starts the zombie apocalypse then Don E won't have any customers. He wants $25,000 and tells her to come back when she has it.

Ravi meets with Major in jail and says that Liv is looking into getting him some food. The coroner then tries to find out where the bodies are without giving away anything to the listening guards. Major finally realizes what he's talking about and gives him coded directions. That night, Ravi and Liv go to the storage facility on the water and look for Drake in the freezers. However, they discover that they've all been cleared out. Ravi suggests that they focus on getting a brain from the morgue to deliver to Major, but Liv says that she needs some time alone and wants to go driving.

At Max Rager, Vaughn is running a board member and demonstrating the effectiveness of Super Max. Their buyer, Vivian Stoll, is impressed and says that her private military contractor will buy Max Rager. Once she's satisfied that the product isn't getting blamed for Major's actions, she'll sign the billion-dollar check. Vaughn asks Janko how Brandt is doing, and Janko says that Brandt is sure he can get the charges dropped. The CEO tells his security chief to kill Major and Liv when Major gets out.

Ravi sneaks into the morgue and opens a drawer. His replacement is there, and she points out that he isn't allowed there while he's on suspension. Before Ravi goes, The new coroner gives him a message from someone who called.

Dale is talking with a tip-line crazy, Duane. Once he leaves, Dale tells Clive that she has to chase every lead if she wants to make the case stick. Clive gets a message from someone in jail who saw the Meat Cute guy on TV and wants to talk. Dale talks to the prisoner, Bryce Buellton, who explains that he saw Major on TV. He sold Major guns just before the Meat Cute massacre, and wants a deal in return for his testimony. Bryce describes the weapons, which were never given to the press, and Clive realizes that he's telling the truth.

Dale meets with Kayla Dillon and her mother. The mother explains that the second victim, Tim, lived next door to them. Kayla was out at odd hours and she said that she was in her bedroom and saw Major loading a body into the trunk of his car on the night Tim went missing. She didn't want to come home because she was scared that the Chaos Killer would come after her. Dale has the girl give her a complete statement.

Ravi and Liv get a call from Blaine and meet him at Shady Plots. He says that Don E is having a party downstairs, and gives Liv a container with a brain. Ravi is touched and thanks him, and Liv starts snacking.

At the courthouse, the press is reporting that Major has been charged with the Chaos killings and been released on bail paid by Max Rager. Janko is in the crowd and has a rigged umbrella. Liv escorts Major out past the reporters to the car where Ravi is. Janko moves in on them but is interrupted when Clive arrives and arrests Major for the Meat Cute murders.

At the station, Clive meets with Major and Brandt and describes the weapons that Bryce sold to Major. They've also confirmed that the urine in the freezer matches Major's DNA. Clive points out that Major did social worker and several of the kids ended up dead, and one of them was in the freezer and was missing his brain. He suggests that there is some weird brain cult and they killed some of the kids, and Major killed them. Clive tells Major to think through his options because they've got witnesses and DNA.

Back at his desk, Clive assures Dale that they'll get Major one way or another. Dale tells him about Kayla's testimony and points out that at the time Tim went missing, there were branches blocking Kayla's view. The FBI agent figures that Kayla is making things up to excuse her own bad behavior, so she's trying to get another lead.

Liv is home playing drums because of her new brain. Clive arrives and tells Liv that things are going to get complicated. His case against Major is solid, and Liv is Major's only alibi. Clive tells her to think it over and tell him if there's anything she's holding back.

Later, Liv visits Major and tells him about Clive's visit. Major is starting to revert and tells Liv that he needs the cure. Liv refuses to give him the cure when it could wipe his memory, and Major points out that they're going to lose him one way or the other. She insists that she'll think of something and leaves.

Back at home, Liv is mixing up chocolate covered brain nougat when Peyton checks on her. Peyton suggests that Major is right, but Liv refuses to accept that and asks Peyton for her help.

The next day, Peyton calls Brandt into her office and asks him to deliver a fitness bar to Major. Brandt says that he'll consider it if she'll have drinks with him. Peyton agrees and Brandt leaves with the fake fitness bar.

Clive questions Major again, and Brandt gives Major the fake bar. Major starts to eat it, but then realizes that it's brains and refuses to eat it. When Peyton learns what happened, she calls to tell Liv what happened. Liv visits Clive at his apartment and says that she's ready to come clean. She tells him that Major is responsible for the Chaos Killer disappearances and the Meat Cute massacre, and he's a zombie. She explains how zombies work, and admits that she's been supplying Major with brains. Clive figures that she's on drugs, and Liv tells him that she's a zombie and keeps control by eating brains from the morgue. She warns Clive that Major is about to turn and then he will infect everyone in jail. Clive says that she doesn't believe him, and Liv grabs a kitchen knife and stabs herself in the chest. She goes full zombie and pulls the knife out, and asks Clive if he believes her now.

Soon, Major is released and Liv is waiting with a brain slurpie.

The next morning, Dale comes to see Clive and says that Brandt learned about the problems with Kayla's testimony. He got a judge to drop the case, and the Meat Cute charges as well because of a tainted witness and tampered DNA. Dale figures that Clive tipped Brandt off and asks what he's doing, and says that he blew his career away. She asks why, and Clive says that new evidence came to light. He can't explain further, and Dale says that he's throwing away. Dale figures that she'll never understand and tells Clive goodbye before walking out.

At the morgue, Liv is high on the drummer brain when Ravi calls from a coffee cart. She assures him that the rats are in good shape. Janko comes in with a tranquilizer gun. Ravi is talking with Liv cuts off. When he gets back to the morgue, Janko is taking a body out on a gurney. He says that Liv signed for it and Ravi helps him out the door. Inside, Ravi finds a broken glass on the floor. He runs out and knocks Janko unconscious with a fire extinguisher, and then gives Liv a stimulant. She wakes up and stops Janko from injecting Ravi with a tranquilizer, blocking it with her hand. Janko knocks Ravi down and prepares to jab it into Ravi's chest. Ravi manages to twist it around and inject Janko with it.

When Liv wakes up, she finds a jittery Ravi holding a cup of tea. He says that the gun was set for a maximum overdose, and he murdered Janko. Liv insists that it was self-defense, and Ravi suggests that they dump the body in the bay. She says that they keep Janko because he knows what's going on in the Max Rager basement. However, all they need is his brain. Liv then extracts Janko's brain and eats it on a bagel.

Later, Major is playing drums and playing Name That Tune. Liv gets a flash of Janko watching as Vaughn thaws out the missing Chaos Killer victims... including Drake. She tells the others that Drake is alive along with the other zombies.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2016

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