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Paradise Lost Recap

The Past

A Hydra director, Kurt Vogel, tells a young Gideon that his father was a true believer and will be missed. Gideon promises that he and his brother Nathaniel will continue their father's work. Nathaniel approaches his brother and says that they have to meet with Daniel Whitehall. Gideon isn't interested in what Daniel wants, but Nathaniel warns that Daniel is still powerful. He insists on staying, but Nathaniel warns that Daniel's people aren't asking.


Gideon arrives home and finds his daughter Stephanie waiting for him. He says that they need to talk, and Stephanie says that she wasn't expecting their guest Hive to be so handsome. Gideon is surprised to learn that he's there, and Stephanie explains that Hive arrived earlier and asked her to gather inner circle. Hive comes down and welcomes Gideon, and says that he thought it was time to reveal his true self.

In his office, Coulson studies the video image of Hive and clenches his artificial hand. Melinda comes in and points out that Coulson said he killed Grant. Coulson offers his condolences on Andrew's death, but Melinda refuses to discuss it. She knows that Coulson enjoyed killing, and tells him that she would have made the same choice... and she hopes she has the chance to kill Grant as well.

Jemma and Fitz are examining one of the men that Hive killed. Mack comes in and realizes that Grant is still alive, and figures that Daisy isn't doing well. Jemma explains that they think Grant's body was possessed by the creature on the alien planet, and they don't know what it did to the board members. Fitz warns that the creature knew everything that Will did, and suggests that it hasn't come after them because it isn't interested in them. Mack asks Daisy if she saw anything during her future vision that could help them out. Before she can answer, Coulson summons them all to his office.

In the office, Coulson figures that Transia has something that Gideon needs. He insists that Hive isn't Grant, and Fitz says that he saw Grant died. Coulson explains that Transia has a subsidiary, GT Agrochemical. A paramilitary force took control of the subsidiary shortly after Gideon took over Transia. Most of the team will head to GT, while Daisy and Lincoln stop in the Badlands to talk to an Inhuman from Afterlife. Lincoln explains that the Inhuman might have answers about Hive.

At the Malick estate, Stephanie asks Gideon what's going on. He says that he had a vision of his death in the future, being torn apart from the inside. Stephanie suggests that her father talk to Hive, but Gideon realizes that it won't do any good... because Hive was his killer.

The Past

Gideon and Nathaniel arrive at Daniel's cell. He says that they should talk before their upcoming stone ceremony, and tells them that they must choose a path forward with Hydra. Daniel believes that they should choose his path, and says that the Malicks' ancient traditions are foolish. Gideon insists that being chosen as a Traveler is an honor. Daniel says that there father was no fool, and asks how he survived the ceremonies. Gideon doesn't want to hear it and starts to leave, but Daniel tells him to find a book called Paradise Lost in their father's study.


Stephanie insists that Hive won't hurt him, but Gideon figures that Hive will kill that night before the inner circle. He's sent Giyera away and gathered the inner circle behindGideon's back, and he needs to kill Gideon to demonstrate his power. Stephanie insists that her father has always been a faithful father, and tells Gideon to remind Hive how important he is.

As Daisy and Lincoln fly to the Badlands, Daisy remembers her vision of the Quinjet in space, blowing up. She wonders why Lincoln never mentioned the Inhuman they're visiting, and Lincoln says that he was never given powers. He insists that he wasn't keeping anything from Daisy, and says that the man is James, a former mercenary and explosives expert. Jiayang banished him from Afterlife after she caught him stealing from her library. James ranted about the second coming of an ancient Inhuman who could raise the dead. Lincoln admits that James was bitter about not getting powers.

Fitz tells Coulson that the board members were exposed to organisms that ate them. Jemma suggests that the same organisms can reanimate dead flash. Mack reports that Giyera and his team have been spotted at GT.

At the Malick estate, Hive is admiring the flowers at a pond when Gideon approaches him. The Inhuman says that Stephanie is a true believer, and will play a key role in what is to come. Gideon reminds Hive that he was the one who found him and brought him home, and asks what he remembers of his previous hosts. Hive avoids the question and says that it will all be made clear at the inner circle meeting that night.

Coulson tells the team that they can't let Giyera get away. Jemma warns that Giyera can control any non-biological object in his line of sight. Fitz has built handprint locks into their guns so Giyera can't use the guns against them. Melinda finds a room on the GT blueprint and asks for more information.

Daisy and Lincoln go to James' trailer in the desert. Lincoln says that they shouldn't use their powers. James calls over a loudspeaker and tells them to leave, and Lincoln leads Daisy in past the barbed-wire fence. James is waiting with a gun, and Daisy realizes that she stepped on a land mine. Lincoln says that they're not there to fight, but James figures that Jaiyang sent them. Daisy uses her seismic abilities to hold down the trigger long enough to get clear. She then blasts holes around James, and Lincoln stuns him when he goes for his gun.

The Past

Gideon visits Nathaniel and discovers that he's reading the book. Inside is a notched stone that their father swapped to make sure he never drew from the bag. Their father was afraid to be the Traveler so he cheated. Gideon says that their father may not have been who they thought he was, but they'll uphold the family traditions. He says that they'll be better men, and Nathaniel wonders how. They go to the pond and Gideon says that they'll do the ceremony properly and let Fate decide. With that he throws the stone into the pond, and the brothers promise that they'll be together to the end.


Stephanie tells Gideon that the others are anxious to know why they're there. She figures that he would tell them that it's time to man up, just like he told her many years ago. Gideon calls the meeting to order and says that they are there to celebrate. They have finally brought the Hydra god back from exile. Hive comes in and says that his exile is over. when one man challenges Hive, Hive says that all of the Travelers have finally returned thanks to the Malick family. He says that the inner circle will all get what they deserve, and reveals his true face. With that, Hive transforms into an alien form to reveal the truth.

At GT, the team break in and clear the area. Most of the files and lab equipment has been taken away or destroyed. They find a glass case holding charred birds.

James wakes up and finds Daisy holding his knife. Lincoln explains that they need information about the ancient Inhuman, and James is surprised that Jiayang let Lincoln undergo Terragenesis. When Lincoln says that they're with SHIELD, James doesn't believe him. daisy says that Jaiyang is dead and Afterlife is destroyed, and James refuses to help them. Lincoln reveals a Terragenesis crystal and offers it to James in return for his information.

While Mack tries to trace where the computer files were sent, Coulson receives word that Giyera is heading his way. He goes out to confront the Inhuman, and takes out the two men with him. Giyera throws a tank at Coulson, who ducks and runs. Giyera chases after him and Coulson lures him into an empty room. Coulson seals the room and Melinda steps forward to fight the former special ops soldier. The two of them fight and Giyera manages to grab her by the throat. Melinda kicks him in the groin and knocks him back, and then slams his head into the floor.

The team take the sedated Giyera aboard the Zephyr, and Fitz confirms that Giyera uploaded the servers to an abandoned oil field on the Dutch-German border. Meanwhile, Giyera's subconscious triggers his powers. The agents finish securing him in the containment module, cutting off his powers.

James shows Daisy and Lincoln a Kree sphere that he stole from Jaiyang. He figures that Hive snatched it up after it led a revolution against the Kree. The Kree designed Hive to command their Inhuman army. The archive says that the Inhumans feared Hive and banded together with regular humans to banish him. Daisy figures that Jaiyang was scared that someone would try to bring Hive back, and James confirms that they aren't planning to bring Hive back. Lincoln grabs the sphere and tosses it to Daisy, and says that Jaiyang was right and not everyone deserves powers. James suggests that Lincoln might actually kill someone, and tells Daisy that Lincoln almost killed his last girlfriend. As Lincoln leads daisy out, James warns Daisy that men like Lincoln don't change.

Gideon joins Stephanie in the study and she pours him a drink. He thanks her for reminding him what it means to be a Malick, and Stephanie explains that she's reading a book that Hive gave her. It's Paradise Lost, and Stephanie realizes that her father is upset. Gideon assures her that he isn't questioning Hive anymore, and they hug before he leaves.

The Zephyr heads for Dutch airspace, and Jemma explains that GT was studying invasive species. They were genetically engineering plants and animals to resist them, and Jemma suggests that Hive may have been afraid of them. Coulson tells her to keep looking, and Jemma suggests that Hive is the organisms that they found on the corpses. Hive is a parasite that retains the memories of the bodies he takes over. As Coulson goes to his office, he remembers killing Grant. Fitz finds him and asks if something is wrong, and Coulson says that Fitz saw what happened. The scientist repeats back Coulson's words that they do what they have to, but Coulson says that he crossed the line. Fitz says that Grant deserved to die, and there was no alternative. Coulson says that he knew killing Grant would come back to haunt him. Now it has... literally.

Mack tells Giyera that he's going to tell them everything he knows. Giyera thanks SHIELD for helping bring Hive back, and says that they see great potential in humanity. Those who are worthy will inherit a better world. Melinda says that they're approaching their destination.

Gideon goes to the library and takes down the book. Hive and Stephanie come in, and Hive holds up the scratched stone. The Inhuman says that he invited Stephanie there, and she deserves to know the truth. Gideon used the scratched stone to make sure he was never chosen as the Traveler. Hive wonders if Gideon did it to save his life, and Gideon insists that he loved Nathaniel.

The Past

Gideon and Nathaniel participate in the ceremony and draw the stones. Nathaniel draws the white stone and is surprised to realize that Gideon betrayed him. The others lead Nathaniel to the portal.


Hive echoes Gideon's words, and Gideon realizes that Nathaniel is still alive in Hive's memories. He insists that he carried on the tradition and give up everything so that Nathaniel could return. Stephanie is shocked that Gideon lied to her, and Hive says that Gideon was selfish and got it fromhis father. Gideon says that he'll die if he needs to but not as a coward, and tells Stephanie that he won't let her remember him like he remembers his father. Stephanie tells Hive to do what he has to, and Hive says that it needs to be right. However, he says that he needs a Malick by his side and kisses Stephanie. He releases his organisms into her mouth, killing her, and tells Gideon that now he understands sacrifice.

Lincoln and Daisy return to the Quinjet, and Daisy wonders why Lincoln never said anything about his former girlfriend. He says that he didn't want her to see his dark side, and Daisy warns that she needs the truth or their relationship ends then and there. Lincoln explains that he tried to fill the void in him with vodka. He couldn't control his drinking or his temper, and his girlfriend tried to help him be a better person. They fought, and Lincoln drove away. The girl got in with him, trying to talk him down, and the car crashed. Gordon showed up and took them both to Afterlife, and saved the girl's life. Lincoln thought that he could fill the void in himself for the first time. Daisy takes his hand, and Lincoln says that he would never hurt her. He insists that he doesn't want any more secrets, and Daisy tells him that she got another glimpse into the future and saw someone on their team die.

On the Zephyr, Giyera tries to use his powers on the module door. Fitz comes in just as Giyera priest the doors open and knocks out the guard. The Inhuman pulls the gun out of Fitz's hand, and Mack grabs him from behind. Giyera summons a pipe to his hand and knocks Mack out, and then runs. Coulson attacks him, but Giyera takes control of his artificial hand and knocks him out. When he gets to the control room, Melinda says that he's not getting the plane without a fight. He telekinetically grabs the controls and sends the Zephyr plummeting toward the ground. A doorway opens and Giyera lands the Zephyr. Melinda contacts daisy and tries to warn her, but Giyera knocks her out.

At the Quinjet, Lincoln reminds Daisy that she puts the Secret Warriors program together for a reason. They have to do something, and Daisy agrees to call them in.

Hive approaches Gideon in his study and tells him that Giyera captured several SHIELD prisoners. He says that sacrifice is never easy but they have balanced the scales, and Gideon has nothing else to fear. Hive echoes Nathaniel's words, saying that they will be together until the end.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2016

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