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The Two Deaths of Jamie B. Recap

Kirsten receives Ed's ashes, and Camille suggests that they go out and blow off some steam. However, Kirsten would rather find her father Daniel.

A homeless man is checking dumpsters and finds a corpse in one of them.

Linus turns up at Cameron's apartment and explains that he needs a place to crash since Theo stole everything from his smart apartment. Cameron admits that he had a bad experience with a roommate in college, but Linus points out that their friends, Maggie calls to tell them that they have a new sample, and Cameron agrees to let Linus stay there.

At the lab, Kirsten asks Quincy if there are any official leads on Daniel. Quincy warns that he did a good job of erasing his digital trail, and Kirsten suggests that there might be a clue in the boxes of papers in her garage that her family left her. Cameron comes over to get a coffee, and he and Kirsten argue over who gets the last one until Tim comes over and takes it.

Linus finally tells Camille that her brother stole his stuff, and insists that it's no big deal. She yells at him and then apologizes, and says that she'll cover the cos of what Theo took. As Linus refuses, Maggie explains that a John Doe was found dead in a dumpster. He was beaten to death and marks on his extremities indicate that he was tied up. Someone burned off his fingerprints at least a year ago, so they need to figure out who he was and why he was murdered.

As the team prepares to Stitch, Cameron goes to a private channel and asks Kirsten if the two of them working together will be awkward. She points out that Cameron just made it awkward with the coffee. Meanwhile, Quincy asks Camille what she does, and she asks for an assignment in the field. He tells her to take her self-defense training to the next level, and she needs something more brutal.

Maggie has Cameron go back to an open channel, and the team begins the Stitch. Kirsten finds herself at the Green Basket Supermarket. The John Doe is a bag boy, and the owner, Mr. Hughes, refers to the subject as Jamie B. Kirsten insists that Jamie couldn't be a suspect, and Kirsten sees a boy in a red cap. She remembers seeing him in Mullaney's memories as well, and Camille figures that the boy is connected to both cases. Quincy gets the security footage from the store, and Cameron moves Kirsten to a memory hot spot. Kirsten realizes that Jamie is blindfolded and someone is beating him, The man beating him says that they know Jamie has it. Jamie apparently dies, and Kirsten hears jazz music and a splash. She sees Jamie underwater, drowning, and Linus confirms that she's in a much earlier memory. Kirsten bounces and tells the team that Jamie died twice.

The team checks the ME report and confirms that there was no water in Jamie's lungs. Maggie's people talk to Hughes, who said that Jamie wandered into the store eight months ago and couldn't remember anything but his name. There was no missing-reports person on Jamie, and Hughes gave Jamie a job and a place to live. Maggie sends Kirsten and Cameron to check out Jamie's room, while Quincy goes over the crime scene again. Camille apologizes for letting Linus take Theo in, and Linus assures her that it's just stuff.

At the store, Hughes says that Jamie had no family and nowhere to go. He last saw Jamie three days ago, and Jamie left a notebook behind. Much to Cameron's surprise, Kirsten breaks into tears and hugs Hughes, and says that the owner was there for Jamie when no one else was.

At the lab, Camille texts Theo asking where he is. Maggie says that Theo is a handful, well aware of the families of everyone on the team. She tells Camille that she overcame her family upbringing, and is a natural for their kind of work. Maggie wants to make sure Camille is ready for more challenging, and says that they'll both know when Camille is ready. She tells Camille to do what she has to, to make things right.

At Cameron's apartment, Cameron and Kirsten read Jamie's notebook and discover that he wrote down his name hundreds of times. Cameron wonders why she hugged Hughes, and Kirsten says that it seemed like the right thing to do. She talks about how Ed took care of her when Daniel left, and she never told him how grateful she was. Now that Ed is dead, she can't. As they start to kiss, Linus comes out from the shower and wonders if he interrupted something. Cameron and Kirsten insist that he didn't, and Kirsten says that she should go. Once she leaves, Linus wonders what's going on with Cameron and Kirsten. Cameron explains that Kirsten tapped into his memories and knows how she feels about him, and Linus says that Kirsten has all the power in the relationship. He warns that he doesn’t see a relationship between them, and Linus leaves in frustration.

Later, Kirsten and Quincy check the boxes in her garage. As they search, she asks Quincy when he knew he loved his wife. Quincy points out that his wife left him because of his job, and figures that they loved each other once. Kirsten points out that Quincy hasn't worn his wedding band since the hospital, and Quincy says that it's time to move on. He says that it's rarer than Kirsten might think to connect with someone you love. Quincy then finds an old tux and realizes that it's too small for Ed. There's a tailor's tag inside, and they figure that it's a lead.

Cameron is at a comic book store when a clerk, Nina, comes out. He admires her tastes in comics and is able to answer his trivia questions, and Nina says that she prefers swashbuckling scientists. She tells Cameron that she'll have a rare comic in the next day, and gets his number so that she can call him when it comes in.

Later, the team begins the second Stitch and Kirsten sees two separate sets of memories overlapping. In one he's at the Green Basket, and at the other he's in a lab. Linus stabilizes the memories and Kirsten realizes that Jamie is in a research lab talking to a woman. He's talking about nanobots and hydrocarbons, and says that he can replicate them in two weeks. Kirsten sees the logo of Mericop Energy, an oil company with a research facility in Pasadena. Cameron moves Kirsten to another memory hotspot, and she sees Jamie seemingly infected and quarantined in a lab. Then she sees the memories of Jamie drowning. Kirsten bounces out and says that something went wrong at Mericorp and Jamie tried to keep it secure. Someone wanted the code from him, and Jamie fell off a cliff when they cornered him. He suffered brain damage, but survived with amnesia. Then they found his body after he died for real.

Camille briefs the team on nanobots, and explains that she dated an oil worker named Dirk. Dirk said there was a company working on controlling oil spills using hydrocarbon-eating nanobots. Jamie accidentally programmed his nanobots to consume carbon--living tissue. If the nanobots are self-replicating then they won't stop until they run out of good. Kirsten leaves, saying that she's going to poke a bear. Theo texts Camille and asks what's up, and Camille tells him to meet her at her place. Linus asks how long Camille dated Dirk, and Camille says that she dated his sister a lot longer.

Cameron follows Kirsten to Mericorp and says that they need to talk about how she was acting at his apartment. Nina calls, interrupting them, and says that she has the comic. Cameron steps aside to take the call, and Kirsten asks the receptionist if she could talk to Jamie B and the nanobot initiative. A passing woman, Jamison Barrett, overhears Kirsten and says that people call her Jamie B. They go to Jamison's office, and Cameron turns around to discover that Kirsten is gone.

Jamison explains that she was bio-engineer team and only had peripheral involvement with the nanobot group. Kirsten sees a photo of her with Jamie B, and Jamison explains that it's Dr. Steven Benning. He disappeared over a year ago and he never went to his house or touched his bank account. The woman that Steven was talking to in the Stitch comes in along with her security guard, and demands to know who Kirsten is. Kirsten says that she's a big fan of nanobot technology and complex encryption coding. The woman, Naomi Burke, dismisses Jamison and Kirsten says that she has the encryption code Steven used to unlock the nanobot storage device. When Naomi claims that she doesn't know what she's talking about, Kirsten writes down her phone number and tells Naomi to call her if she wants the code.

Camille returns home and finds Theo holding a party. She tells Theo to give Linus his stuff back, and Theo refuses. Camille slams his head into the table, puts her foot on his throat, and flashes her NSA badge.

At the lab, Kirsten tells Cameron what she's learned. Cameron is unhappy that Kirsten took off without him, and Kirsten points out that Cameron was busy talking to Nina. She figures that Steven took Jamie's name because he could never forget her. Linus calls to say that he reviewed the security footage and there's no sign of the boy in the red hat. After Kirsten hangs up, Naomi calls and says that they'll make the deal.

Later, Kirsten and Cameron tells the team about Kirsten's plan. Maggie warns that Naomi won't hand over money if Kirsten can't prove the code works, and they haven't been able to crack the code. Camille says that they need to think like Steven, and Kirsten tells them that she heard music in Steven's memory when he was programming the code. She can't recall it since she lost her temporal dysphasia, but remembers that it was jazz. Since it's a 2048 code, Camille brings up four jazz songs with exactly 2048 notes. Kirsten picks out the song that she heard, and Linus converts the notes to numbers on a chromatic scale… creating the encryption key. Cameron points out that they're offering Naomi a code that could unleash flesh-eating nanobots, and Kirsten suggests that they reprogram their nanobots.

That night, Kirsten arranges a meeting with Naomi at a restaurant. Quincy and Cameron watch her from across the room. As they wait, Cameron asks Quincy how he should bust out of the friend zone with a girl. Quincy tells him that it's different from everyone, but warns that some people make better friends than couples.

Naomi sits down with Kirsten and scans to make sure Kirsten isn't wired. She tells Kirsten to meet her in an alleyway out back where it's a little less public. If Kirsten doesn't come with her then they don't make the deal. Kirsten goes after her and signals to the guys to give her a minute. Outside, Naomi says that she needs to make sure the code works at the lab, and says that she'll pay Kirsten once she's satisfied.

Cameron and Quincy realize that something is wrong and head out back. There's no sign of Kirsten.

Camille goes to Cameron's apartment and tells Linus that his things are in the van downstairs. Linus hugs her and says that she's amazing, and Camille says that if Linus hadn't been so trusting then she couldn't have gotten over Theo. He kisses her and after a moment, Camille pushes him away. Linus apologizes and Camille says that she had to lock the van. Once she's done, they kiss and undress.

At the Mericorp lab, Jamison and the security guard are waiting in the lab. Jamison says that they brought her from her apartment, and Naomi says that she knows Jamison and Steven were close. Kirsten has no choice but to hand the flash drive with the key over. Naomi plugs it into her computer and activates it, unlocking the storage device. Naomi releases 100 nanobots and they consume an apple in the test chamber. The guard draws a gun and Naomi says that their buyer doesn't want complications. Kirsten tells Jamison that Steven misprogrammed the nanobots, and Naomi decided to turn them into a weapon and killed Steven. Naomi orders them into the test chamber, and Kirsten points out that the nanobots are released then they could destroy the world.

As the guard hesitates, he and Naomi clutch at their heads in pain. Kirsten explains that the nanobots are building stronger connections between the synopses in their brains. Because they don't need stronger connections, their brains are short-circuiting. However, they're programmedto stop in a few hours.

The police take Naomi and the guard into custody. Cameron arrives and explains that they infected the flash drive with their nanobots, and they programmed them to ignore Kirsten's DNA. Jamison is furious that they killed Steve, and asks Steven what kind of person he was after he lost his memories. They assure Jamison that Steven never forgot her, and he remembered the song. Cameron hums it and Jamison remembers that it was playing the first time they kissed.

Cameron takes Kirsten home and asks if she's all right. Kirsten says that it's not fair to make him wait, and she doesn't want things to be awkward between them. She tells him that he's her best friend, and Cameron says that he'll see her tomorrow before walking off. When Cameron returns home, he sees Linus and Camille's clothing on the floor. They're in the wardrobe, giggling. Nina arrives at Cameron's door with the comic book, and he invites her to get something to eat. She accepts and they leave.

Kirsten hears back from the tailor's son. She calls Quincy and says that the tailor died five years ago. Quincy assures her that she did good and hangs up. Kirsten checks the tux jacket and finds a wedding napkin on it announcing the marriage of Daniel and Elizabeth... even though Kirsten's mother was Jacqueline.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 13, 2016

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