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Leavin' on Your Mind Recap

At Shorty’s, Wynonna is moving Waverly’s stuff out. She sits down next to Henry and suggests that he buy her a drink. Wynonna figures that he’s running from something or looking for something: just her type. Henry says that she isn’t his type and walks away. Waverly comes over and says that there’s something familiar about Henry, and pokes fun at Wynonna’s previous boyfriends. Wynonna tells her sister to be ready to give Xavier the information she’s gathered on the Revenants, and Waverly assures Wynonna that she’ll dig it.

At a nearby city, the deputy mayor is holding a time capsule opening ceremony for Shirley Dixon, the wife of one of the city’s founding fathers and a famous deaf-mute poet. Three revenants are in the crowd, and one of them insists that what they’re looking for is there just like he buried it in 1906. The workers open the capsule and the revenants run forward and take Shirley’s diary out of the capsule. One revenant, Marty, holds the deputy mayor and tells the leader Sam that he’s getting an itch. Sam tells him to make it quick, and Marty repeatedly stabs the man while the third revenant, Gary, holds the victim.

The next day, Waverly holds a briefing for Wynonna and Xavier. She explains that the Ghost River Triangle cuts through the big city, and it’s cursed. Any revenants that try to cross the triangle borders suffer Hell on Earth. Waverly admits that she can’t identify the revenants since her ledger went missing, but she has a hunch about them. Xavier warns that his superiors aren’t big on hunches and tells the women that they need to identify the prisoners and keep them contained. Nicole arrives and tells Xavier that they’ve got a report of something weird going on. Once Xavier heads out, Wynonna tells Waverly that she did great. As she collects her papers, Waverly finds her photo of Doc Holliday and realizes that it’s Henry.

Doc is in his traitor when Bethany knocks at the door. She says that Bobo sent her, and Doc orders her inside. She tells Doc that Bethany has another job for him, and Doc says that he hasn’t been paid yet. Bethany warns him that they do what Bobo says, and tells her to tell Bobo to visit him and tells him what he wants to know. Bethany takes off her top and figures that their having sex will piss Bobo off, and Doc agrees before kissing her.

Xavier and Wynonna look at photos of the crime scene. There’s also a video of the same three demons cutting off Mel Kleghorn’s hand and waving it at the security camera. They speed off and Wynonna remembers that Marty was one of the Seven. Xavier figures that they’re collecting items for a ritual. Fifty years ago, Kleghorn was charged with the killing of his girlfriend. He was let off, and legend has it that the left hand of an innocent murderer can open gateways. Xavier figures that the revenants are trying to get out of the Triangle, and figures that there’s a third item. Wynonna heads out, saying that she needs a drink.

Marty is digging up the grave of Stanley Gatewood when a cemetery worker comes over and asks what he’s doing. The revenant kills him, filleting him to death.

At Shorty’s, Doc tells Waverly that he’s in Purgatory to write a book. He explains that he’s looking for a woman, and Waverly shows him an article on Big Nose Kat, Doc Holliday’s partner. Doc claims that he doesn’t recognize her. Waverly shows him another article and Doc recognizes one of the names, but passes it off. When Waverly asks where he’s living, Doc says that it’s with Bobo and advises her not to go there. Once Doc leaves, Waverly writes down all the names in the article he read.

Wynonna goes to the grave of Ward and Willa with flowers, and apologizes for not coming by more often. She figures that Willa should be there fighting the revenants, and hears someone nearby cursing. Wynonna goes over and finds Marty digging up Gatewood’s grave. He rants about coming back from Hell, and Wynonna realizes that he’s a demon. He recognizes Wynonna and says that he’s not going back, throws a shovelful of dirt in her eyes, and runs off at demonic speed.

Back at the sheriff’s station, Xavier tells Wynonna that Gatewood managed the Bank of Purgatory in the 70s. Mart4y worked for him and Gatewood took great pleasure in foreclosing on farmers. Wynonna shows Xavier a list of bank account passwords that Marty dropped at the cemetery. Xavier points out that while the bank is no longer standing, the contractors built a new surplus store on top of the vaults that were too heavy to move.

Wynonna and Xavier drive to the surplus store and spot the van the demons were using. Inside, Hardy and Shorty are inside shopping and Hardy bumps into Marty. Marty calls dibs on it, while Sam spots Wynonna outside, draws a gun, and orders everyone down. Marty yells out that they have hostages and shoots at Wynonna and Xavier, who take cover.

Inside, Sam collects all the customer’s phones. When Shorty suggests that they take the money and leaves, Marty slams him through the counter. Sam tells Marty to keep it under control because the hostages are the only thing between them and the Peacemaker. He tells Gary and Marty to find the vault.

Outside, Neadley and Nicole arrive. Xavier tells Neadley to follow his lead. Wynonna suggests that they offer the revenants the combination in return for the hostages. Xavier reluctantly gives her a phone and tells her to hand over the Peacemaker. Wynonna reluctantly hands it over, and Xavier strokes her face for a moment before sending her in.

Wynonna approaches the store and offers the deal. Sam pulls her in and ties Wynonna up, and agrees over the phone to send out some hostages. The revenant takes Wynonna in back with the hostages, and Sam releases three of the hostages. He keeps Shorty and Hardy, and tells Wynonna that he needs three people for what he has planned. Hardy says that they need to create a diversion, and Wynonna hears Marty chopping someone else.

Xavier tells Nicole that they’ll surround the store and try to get a clear shot, and has her call Waverly to tell her that Wynonna is in a situation. Nicole notices Hardy’s truck and realizes that he’s inside.

Doc joins Bobo and says that it’s best that he leave. He points out that he can go where he wants, and warns that some of the other revenants want to leave as well. Bobo warns that the only way out of the Triangle is through him, and says that he knows Doc is looking for the Stone Witch. As they talk, Waverly sneaks into the camp. Meanwhile, Bobo says that the Stone Witch has been convincing some of the revenants to leavehim. He wants to use Doc to get Wynonna to trust him, and then he’ll get the Stone Witch’s name. They spot Waverly and Bobo tells Doc to deal with her. Doc shoots at her and misses, and Waverly runs.

Sam takes Wynonna to the back where Gary is laying with Marty’s knife in his chest. Marty is still ranting, and Sam reminds him that they were each trusted with a piece of the ritual. Marty says that used to know the numbers, and yells at Sam to be quiet. Sam tells Wynonna to bring Gary back, and she points out that he’ll come back on his own because she didn’t kill him with the Peacemaker. However, she has no idea when. When Sam threatens to kill hardy and Shorty, Wynonna shows him the number sand says that she can open the vault. Marty cuts Wynonna free and she goes to work.

At Shorty’s, Waverly is checking the name Constance Clootie when Doc comes in and asks what she was up to. She tells Doc that Bob attacked her family, and reminds Doc that he’s supposed to be Wyatt’s best friend and a hero. Doc tells her to let the past die and change her name, because she won’t be the one to save Purgatory. Disgusted, Waverly dismisses him as an asshole and walks off.

Wynonna finally gets the vault open and Marty breaks open a lockbox. A locket, the Loveless Heart, is inside, and Sam says that they’re leaving and Wynonna is coming with them. Sam and Marty come out with the three hostages as shields. Wynonna yells that the revenants got the locket as they get into the van and drive off. Xavier tells Neadley and Nicole to clear the scene, and then gets the Peacemaker out of his truck.

Outside of town at the farm, Sam has Wynonna pull over. He prepares the ritual and says that the last component is right where the Stone Witch said it was. As they talk, Wynonna realizes that Xavier planted a tracking bug on her. Xavier is nearby, watching them through a telescope. Shorty moans in pain, and Wynonna realizes that he was shot. Wynonna gets up and Marty asks Sam if he can finish Shorty off. When Marty argues, Sam shoots him and says that Shorty won’t make it. Wynonna realizes that Sam plans to take over Hardy’s body and then walk across the line in human form. He tells her to stay put and prepares the ritual.

Wynonna tells Sam to take her and get his freedom in the Earp heir. Sam ignores her and chants, and Wynonna tells Hardy to run. Shorty tells her to go, and tells her that he always knew she would come back. Sam turns around and realizes that hardy has escaped, and then his demonic essence leaves his body. It flows toward Wynonna, and Shorty leaps up and lets it take him. Sam gets up in Shorty’s body and realizes that he’s in the wrong body, and starts to walk off to find the Stone Witch. A pink Cadillac pulls up and Sam says that it’s his ride.

Hardy runs to Xavier, who cuts his hands free and tells him to run. Meanwhile, Wynonna breaks the ties and throws a rock at Sam, getting his attention. Wynonna tells Shorty that they’ll undo it and then tackles Sam. Xavier arrives and tries to shoot the Peacemaker, but the gun doesn’t fire. He knocks Sam off of Wynonna, and she shoots Marty with the Peacemaker. Xavier warns that Sam is in Shorty’s body now, and she says that there has to be another way. She tells Shorty to fight it, and Shorty tells her to kill him. Sam starts to take over, and Wynonna shoots him. Sam’ body is pulled down to Hell, and a sobbing Wynonna holds Shorty’s body.

Later, the sisters hold a wake for Shorty at the saloon. Nicole offers her condolences to Waverly, and starts to take her hand. Hardy comes over and kisses her, assuring her that it’s okay, and Nicole walks away. Hardy complains that something about Nicole rubs her the wrong way, and assures Waverly that she’s okay. He promises that he’s never leaving her side again.

Nicole asks Xavier for an update on the deputy mayor’s murder. He says that he’s handing it back to Metro and insists that it had nothing to do with the kidnapping. Xavier claims that Shorty died of a heart condition brought on by the ordeal. Meanwhile, Waverly approaches Wynonna and says that she could helped, but Wynonna says that it’s not the deal. She wonders if they’re the good guys, and Waverly assures her that she is. Xavier comes over and says that he was always there. He just needed to see if the demons could cast the ritual, even if Shorty had to die. Xavier warns that victories might look like what happened to Shorty, and a disgusted Wynonna says that she can’t look in the mirror after working with Xavier.

Later, Wynonna goes to the homestead and finds Doc there. He offers his condolences on Shorty’s death and offers to be Wynonna’s friend. Wynonna isn’t interested, and Doc tells her to tell Waverly that she’s right: his name is John Henry, but most people call him Doc Holliday. He tells Wynonna that he’s at her disposal.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 16, 2016

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