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The Heart is a Lonely Hunter Recap

We open in Storybrooke were Graham is at Granny’s throwing darts when Emma walks in. There is tension between them after Emma saw him leaving the previous night Regina’s house in the last episode. He points out that she’s been avoiding him since last night. Emma tells him it’s his life and she doesn’t care what he does. She leaves with Graham close on her heels. Outside, Graham pleads with her to not look at him the way she is. Emma says they’re adults and she doesn’t want to hear about his relationship problems, besides why does he care how she looks at him. Graham says “Because ...” then moves in and kisses her. Immediately, he gets flashes of a wolf in the forest and staring him in the face. Emma pushes him away and is upset, “What the hell was that!” He asks if she saw what he did. She says it was way over the line. Graham apologizes and says he just wanted to feel because he doesn’t feel anything with Regina. Emma says whatever he is looking to feel, he’s not getting it with her. Emma storms off. Graham goes to Regina’s house and knocks emphatically on the door. When she answers, he asks if Henry is asleep. After Regina says he is, Graham steps in and starts kissing her, taking her by surprise. She pulls away than kisses him back.

Next we find Regina as the Queen in Fairy Tale Land dressed in black mourning clothes, but without the cape and pony-tail. She hasn’t completed her transformation into the Evil Queen yet. She comes up as a grieving Snow is crying over the father’s casket and saying goodbye. The Queen comforts a sobbing Snow in her arms and tells her she shares her grief. Later, we see the Queen in her chambers where she admits to the Magic Mirror that she’s responsible the king’s passing. Her and the Magic Mirror plot the death of Snow White. The Mirror suggests she needs someone with no heart, a huntsman. Cut to a huntsman felling a deer with a bow and arrow. When we pan around, it’s the Fairy Tale Version of Graham. Then we see the same wolf Graham saw when he kissed Emma. Only here, the Huntsman knows the wolf. As the Huntsman pulls the arrow out of the deer...


Back in Storybrooke, Graham bolts up from a dead sleep. He’s breathing heavy and looks rattled. Regina wakes up as he explains that in his dream he was in woods killing a deer and saw a wolf. Exactly what we saw in Fairy Tale Land. Graham says the wolf had one red eye and one black. Regina tries to comfort him but he said it felt more like a memory than a dream and leaves. While fetching his car at outside Granny’s, he drops his keys and as he bends over to pick them up he comes face to face with the wolf from his dreams. Startled, he falls back against the car and the wolf trots away..

The next morning Emma finds out that Mary Margaret had a one-night stand with Dr. Whale. She thinks this is a good way to help Mary Margaret get over David. Mary Margaret thinks that Emma puts up walls, like the one she puts up between her and Graham. She tells Emma, “That wall of yours, it may keep out pain, but it may also keep out love.” Meanwhile, a disheveled Graham is in the woods tracking the wolf he saw when he runs into Mr. Gold. Graham opens up about seeing a wolf in his dreams and later seeing one in person. Mr. Gold just smiles, “You know Sheriff, they say that dreams ... dreams are memories. Memories of another life.”

Now we’re back in Fairy Tale Land with the Huntsman in a tavern. When some local poachers question his honor and then threaten his wolf, he cuts two of them down while the third flees. Unbeknownst to him, the Queen has been watching through her magic mirror and tells her minions bring him to her.

We cut back to Storybrooke with Graham barreling through the woods chasing the call of the wolf. He finally comes face to face with it. When he asks what it wants, it trots over. The moment he pets the wolf, he gets a Fairy Tale flashback of being the Huntsman and his failed attempt to kill Snow White. He also sees an image of interlocking deer antlers on a building. As quickly as the images came they’re gone, along with the wolf. He goes to see Mary Margaret in her class and tells her he believes they know each other from another life.

In Fairy Tale Land, the Huntsman is brought to the Queen. He has no interest in killing anyone for the Queen. She presses him, telling him she needs someone like him who has no qualms about killing someone and cutting out their heart. He says he’ll do it in exchange for her outlawing the killing of wolves and ordering their protection. She agrees.

Back in Storybrooke, Graham asks Mary Margaret if she believes in past lives. She thinks he’s been talking to Henry, who believes they’re all fairy tale characters. When she says that makes no sense, he half-heartedly agrees with her but we see on his face that’s far from what he believes.

Snow White and the Huntsman walk alone down a forest road in Fairy Tale Land. She realizes that he’s not one of the regular knights and tells him she knows he’s there to kill her. Snow makes her move, knocking over the Huntsman with a large branch and fleeing into the forest.

Regina finds Emma in the Storybrooke Sheriff’s Station. She tells her to stay away from Graham, “You may think you’re doing nothing, but you’re putting thoughts in his head. Thoughts that are not in his best interest. You’re leading him on a path to self destruction.” Meanwhile Graham goes to see Henry to ask him if he’s in his story book.

In Fairy Tale Land, the Huntsman has found a calm Snow White composing a letter, resigned to her fate. She asks him to deliver the letter to the Queen and tell her she means every word of it. After the reading the letter the Huntsman is visibly moved, as a tear rolls down his face. Surprisingly, he spares her. After cutting her loose, he gives her a whistle to call for help and tells her to run.

Sitting with Henry in his room back in Storybrooke, Graham explains to Henry that in his flashes he saw a wolf but that he also had a knife and was about to hurt Mary Margaret. Henry explains to Graham that in the storybook Mary Margaret is Snow White, which makes him the Huntsman. Graham asks if he could be another person and Henry tells him it makes totally sense, “You were raised by wolves. That’s why you keep seeing one. It’s your friend. Your guide. It’s trying to help you.” Graham doesn’t understand why he saw all of this after kissing Emma. According to Henry, it’s because Graham and Emma have a special connection because she owes him her life. Henry says, “Snow White’s her mother. And you spared her. If you hadn’t, my mom wouldn’t have been born.” Graham absorbs this and asks what happened after he spared Snow White. Henry tells him that the Queen ripped out his heart because she never wanted him to be able to feel again. Graham points out that the deer antler symbol from his flashback is also in the storybook. Henry says it’s the vault where the Queen put his heart. Graham says the Wolf wants him to find it. When he leaves, Emma is outside. He tells her that he needs to follow the wolf from his dreams so can find his heart. She tries to convince him that he has a heart then suddenly out of nowhere they both spot the wolf. Graham takes off after it with Emma following right behind him. The wolf leads them to a mausoleum which bears the same deer antler symbol from his flashback. The same one he saw in Henry’s book on the Queen’s vault, but it’s in the Storybrooke cemetery. Graham is insistent that they go in as Emma reluctantly goes along.

Back in Fairy Tale Land, the Huntsman returns to the Queen’s castle. When the Queen asks if Snow White is dead, he lies and says he has her heart. The Huntsman reads Snow White’s letter to the Queen, who becomes visibly upset at Snow’s message of forgiveness to her. When the Huntsman asks what Snow White did to her to incur her wraith, the Queen says she shared a secret with Snow White that cost her dearly. After she takes Snow White’s heart from the Huntsman she goes to her vault. Inside there are rows of boxes floor to ceiling. She tries to magically open a box and place the heart inside but the box does not open. She knows right then it’s not Snow White’s heart and storms over to the Huntsman, “What did you do?!”

Inside the mausoleum in the Storybrooke cemetery, Emma and Graham find nothing. Emma tries to comfort him and tells him there is nothing there. Regina shows up and demands to know what they’re doing at her father’s grave. When Regina tells Graham he doesn’t look well and tries to take him home, he stops her. Graham tells her he doesn’t want to be with her anymore, “I’d rather have nothing than settle for less. Nothing is better than what we have. I need to feel something, Regina. And the only way to do that is to give myself the chance.” Regina is visibly upset and blames Emma. When Emma says the problem is not her but Regina, “Maybe, Madame Mayor, you need to take a good hard look in the mirror and ask why that is. Why everyone’s running away from you.” She takes that in then punches Emma in the face. Emma goes down but gets right back up and punches Regina back. Graham breaks them up. Emma walks away and Graham follows, leaving Regina alone. At the Sheriff’s station, Graham patches up Emma and apologizes for his behavior. Back inside the vault, Regina opens an entrance to a vault and walks down the stairs, taking us ...

In Fairy Tale Land, the Queen remorselessly rips out the Huntsman heart for sparing Snow White. As she holds his glowing heart in her hand, he asks the Queen what she’s going to do with him, she kisses him and tells him, “You’re mine now. My pet.” He looks on as the horror of his situation hits. She takes his heart to the wall of boxes and magically opens one. He now belongs to the Queen, “From this moment forward, you will do everything that I say. And if you ever disobey me ... If you every try to run away? All I have to do is squeeze.” To illustrate her point, the Queen gives the heart a slight squeeze. The Huntsman gasps in pain, doubling over, “Your life is now in my hands. Forever.” She orders her guards to take him away to her bed chambers. With that, she places his heart inside the box.

In Storybrooke, Regina is inside the secret vault and walks up to the same wall of boxes that were in her vault in Fairly Tale Land. She opens up a box and inside is a glowing heart. In the Sheriff’s Station, Graham finishes patching up Emma. There is something electric between them. They lock eyes and Emma steps up and kisses him. Immediately, he flashes back to his life as the Huntsman in Fairy Tale Land. All the memories come flooding back. He breaks the kiss and steps back. At the same moment back in the vault, Regina takes his heart out the box and holds it in her hand. Graham tells Emma he remembers. He finally looks clear-headed. He steps up to her and tells her, “Thank you.” He leans in to kiss her. Just as their lips are about to meet—Graham keels over, slamming into the floor. Back in the vault, Regina squeezes his heart to dust. As it scatters, we see a look of regret on her face—mixed with resolve. Emma shakes Graham’s body. Nothing. She leans in close. No breathing. Nothing. And as Emma begins to cry, it’s hitting her—Graham is dead.

Written by FreakZilla on Oct 17, 2014

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