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#TeamLucifer Recap

A blindfolded woman, Rose Davis, is laying on an altar, hooded figures chanting around her. The high priest prepares to offer her as a sacrifice, and stabs her in the chest while calling upon Lucifer. Another follower takes Rose out and lies her on a stone. He strokes her chest, and Rose smiles and says that it was host. The man removes the blindfold and they kiss, and he suggests that they make it hotter for the real Lucifer. He then puts the blindfold back in place and walks out. Rose calls to her lover and finally pulls herself free, and screams as someone stabs her with a knife.

At Lucifer's penthouse at Lux, Maze throws knives made of different metals at Lucifer. He's unharmed, and he concedes that Chloe seems to be the one thing that can hurt her. However, he suggests that there may be something else at work. Maze points out that Lucifer wouldn't let her throw knives at him if she thought that they could hurt her, she wouldn't let her throw them at her. Lucifer asks how Amenadiel is doing, and Maze says that the angel isn't the one weaponizing Chloe. He says that it's time to send Amenadiel back to High Heaven, by force if necessary. As Lucifer goes, he stubs his toe and figures that the marble is responsible... just as Chloe comes in. She asks where Lucifer has been for three weeks, and he claims that he's been busy with the club. Chloe reluctantly admits that she has a case that she can't solve without him, and says that Lucifer has to see for himself.

Chloe takes Lucifer to downtown LA, and shows him the woman's corpse. She's been identified from her discarded purse, and is a freshman at City College. Lucifer hangs back from her and Chloe tells him to get over with her. Protestors are chanting against Satan, including the street preacher that Lucifer terrorized weeks earlier. They enter a theater and discover that rose is resting in the center of a pentagram. "Hail Lucifer" has been carved into her back.

A Lucifer complains that Satanists are blaming Rose's murder on him, the street preacher--Jacob Williams--comes in and accuses Lucifer of being the king of all evil. Malcolm has the unis escort him out and winks at Lucifer. He introduces himself, pretending he hasn't met Lucifer before, and Lucifer has no choice but to play along. Meanwhile, Dan tries to talk to Chloe but she isn't interested after he supposedly dumped her. She points out that Rose has old subdermal implants, and Dan says that he and Malcolm will try to find out who put them in. Chloe says that he and Lucifer will meet Mr. Davis, and Lucifer says that he'll get his own ride.

Later, Chloe and Lucifer talk to Mr. Davis at Rose's apartment. Lucifer asks why Rose marred herself with subdermal implants, and Chloe notices a bookcase that has been moved. She swings it aside and finds a secret passage leading up. Chloe draws her gun and goes up, and finds a shrine dedicated to Satan. Mr. Davis says that he didn't know about it, and Chloe finds a disemboweled chicken. Meanwhile, Mr. Davis finds a photo of Rose made up as a Satanic worshipper, and Chloe suggests that it wasn't a random attack. Chloe finds a Satanic Bible signed "For my Corazon, Love, Rose", while Mr. Davis blames himself for not reaching out more to his daughter. Dan calls and says that they found a girl who gave rose her subdermals. Rose came in with a guy with a weird name, and the woman confirms that it was Corazon. Rose brought the subdermals in herself. After Dan hangs up, Malcolm comes over and Dan points out that Malcolm faked a break-up text to Chloe.

Malcolm goes to his car and Amenadiel grabs him and demands to know why Lucifer is still alive. The police detective says that Lucifer told him that Amenadiel can't condemn him to Hell or kill him. Malcolm shows Amenadiel the Pentecostal coin, and asks the angel if he has a better offer.

At the station, Lucifer looks at the Satanic Bible while Chloe looks at the subdermal implants. She realizes that they're letters but can't work out what they spell. Lucifer is still trying to stay away from Chloe, and she calls him over. He realizes that the letters spell out in Latin, "Children of the goat." Chloe Google-searches the name and discovers that it belongs to the Church of the Dark Prince. Their location is secret, and there is a questionnaire and membership fee to join. Chloe types in the Latin phrase and it acts as a password, revealing the meeting location. Lucifer tells Chloe that he'll meet her there.

When Chloe arrives at the address, Lucifer is waiting. She demands to know what's going on, and figures it's about the vulnerability thing that they discussed. Chloe figures that Lucifer is freaking out and says that she just meant that she could trust him. A robed man answers the door and Chloe gives the password. The man says that the meeting is private and Chloe says that Lucifer is there in person. The Devil asks Chloe to get his ID from the car, and she reluctantly goes. Lucifer then reveals his red eyes and the doorman runs in terror.

Inside, Chloe and Lucifer overhear the followers discussing that Rose is gone but will live on forever. Chloe realizes that it's a memorial, and the leader invokes the four Crowned Princes of Hell. Lucifer, disgusted, says that there's only one of him and worship is God's thing. A man in a goat's mask comes in and Lucifer, irritated, interrupts and says that he's the real Lucifer. He tells them to stop the nonsense and go with free will, and everyone applauds. Lucifer says that the whole thing is a sham, but the Satanists figure Lucifer is the best Lucifer that they've had in years.

As they chant in support of Lucifer, Chloe notices that one man has implants like Chloe. He walks out and Chloe follows him with Lucifer not far behind. The man, Onyx, says that he was upset and Lucifer uses makes him reveal his deepest desire. Onyx says that he wants to kill the bastard who killed Rose, and then wants out of the Satanist racket. He admits that his real name is Mitch Watson, and he changed it when he joined the Church. Now he's the High Priest, and it's too late for a career change. He likes the philosophy but it attracts a lot of weirdos. Onyx explains that all of the hardcore members get the implants, and Rose became obsessed. He explains that Corazon brought Rose in, and he kept talking about sacrificing real animals. Onyx shows them that the sacrificial knife is a prop with a spring blade, and Chloe points out that it matches the marks on Rose's body. The High Priest says that they have a real version, but discovers that it's missing.

Onyx goes to get Corazon's address, while Chloe figures that Lucifer chose his "persona" because it's all-powerful. Lucifer explains that one angel can hurt another, and touches Chloe's back to see if she has wings. She doesn't, and she wonders what he's doing. Onyx comes back and tells them that Corazon left no address or last name, and used Paypal to pay the fee. Chloe goes to get a warrant.

That night, Maze visits Amenadiel at his home and he says that he had one task: to get Lucifer back to Hell. He's failed things worse and is sleeping with a demon. Maze takes offense and points out that it's the best sex he's ever had. She says that she's had a lot of sex, but what she has with Amenadiel is different. Amenadiel kisses her, and Maze suggests that if he's not happy then he should go home. The angel warns that he can't face God as a failure, and he has a job to do. Maze says that she understands and kisses him.

At home, Chloe gets a call from the station confirming that Corazon's real name is Mike Carey. She tells Lucifer and suggests that he head home until they find Corazon. Lucifer insists that they have to get rid of the stain on his reputation, and an exasperated Chloe tells him to stay put while she takes a shower. Once she leaves, Lucifer tosses a toy at the sleeping Trixie to wake her up. When she comes out, Lucifer asks if she's sure Chloe is her mother. Trixie wants cash in return for information, and says that Chloe has a scar on her butt from where she got bit by the Kraken. Chloe comes back and, overhearing, explains that the Kraken is her mother's Chihuahua. After Chloe sends Trixie to bed, Lucifer asks Chloe to take her shirt off so he can see her back. He explains that he needs to know if she's an angel sent to destroy him, and Chloe reluctantly agrees. There are no scars, and she assures Lucifer that not everyone's out to get him.

The police track down Corazon, and Chloe and Lucifer drive to the scene. Corazon's car is parked outside a warehouse, and Dan and Malcolm are inside. Lucifer and Chloe join them, and Chloe spots a corpse crucified from the rafters. As the police secure the crime scene, Dan confirms that the victim is Corazon. As a uni takes Dan and Chloe to see something, Malcolm asks Lucifer what he thinks is going on. Lucifer says that it's true evil. Meanwhile, Chloe and Dan examine crates painted with red paint, and realize that the killer spelled out a word. When they step back to look at the crates, the letters spelling out "Morningstar." Dan figures that someone did it for Lucifer, and suggests that he's involved. Lucifer comes over and asks what Dan means, and Dan figures that someone is killing people because of Lucifer's devil schtick. Lucifer insists that the Satanists were innocents and he'd never hurt them. Once Dan walks away, Chloe suggests that Lucifer go home. She warns that the case might involve him and she's trying to protect him, but Lucifer wonders if she's trying to protect her or the world.

Lucifer goes to see Linda and explains what happened. He talks about how Chloe makes him vulnerable, and Linda suggests that there are benefits to opening up to another person. She tells Lucifer that being vulnerable could be a good thing. When Lucifer says that it means he's at someone else's mercy, Linda suggests that he stay away from everyone. Lucifer doesn't want to, and Linda tells him not to.

Maze lies next to Amenadiel and prepares to kill him, but a sleeping Amenadiel. She takes out a demon dagger forged in Hell and prepares to kill him, but he grabs her wrist and stops her. Disgusted, he walks away.

Lucifer returns to his club theater and Jacob accuses him of the murders. The Devil says that he has no skeletons in his closet and uses his power on Jacob. Jacob says that he wishes that he had never met Lucifer, and tries to hit him. Lucifer grabs him by the throat, lifts him up, and says that he should destroy him. Malcolm pulls him away and says that Jacob isn't worth it, and Jacob runs off. The police officer explains that Chloe sent him to protect Lucifer, and Lucifer says that he wants a drink.

At the warehouse, Dan promises that he'll fix things between them. She says that she just wants to do her job, and notices a cuff link with a monogrammed M on the floor. Dan points out that Lucifer wears similar cuff links.

When Chloe and Dan return to the station, they read the report on the cuff link. There are no prints or skin cells on it. The other officers watching a newscast with viral video of Lucifer attacking Jacob. Chloe notices that Jacob was wearing a cuff link with an M, and realizes that it's W for Williams. She and Dan figure that a religious zealot would want to kill Satanists and go looking for him.

Malcolm accompanies Lucifer into his penthouse and pours drinks. Lucifer wonders why he's there, and Malcolm says that he has his back. He tells Lucifer that there have been things in his head since he went to Hell, and he respects Lucifer. When he holds up his hand to high-five, Lucifer notices that he has red paint on his hand like the paint at the warehouse. After a moment, Malcolm admits that he killed the frauds and asks Lucifer if he's impressed. He admits that he's insane and insists that he and Lucifer are the same. Malcolm offers to pin the murders on Jacob, and already dropped some evidence. Furious, Lucifer says that he's not evil but punishes evil. He says that he's a torturer and inflicts just desserts, but is not a senseless murderer. Malcolm takes out the Pentecostal Coin, and Lucifer says that he's going to bring Hell to him.

Lucifer throws Malcolm across the room, and Malcolm draws his gun. The Devil easily disarms discards him and crushes his hand, and Amenadiel comes in to challenge him for sending a demon to seduce and kill him. Malcolm slips way and Lucifer tells Amenadiel that the man he raised from Hell is killing humans. The angel says that it's all Lucifer's fault and punches Lucifer. Lucifer catches his fist and the two celestial beings fight. As they do, Lucifer points out that after everything Amenadiel has done, he might not be returning to Heaven. Amenadiel asks why Lucifer used Maze, and Lucifer says that he knows what Maze is like in the sex. The angel beats Lucifer, who says that he's a coward using Malcolm and Chloe. Amenadiel says that he doesn't know anything about Chloe, and says that Amenadiel is doing it all for his own sake.

As Lucifer prepares to hit Amenadiel again, Maze comes in and says that they both used her. She takes out two of the demon daggers and tells them to kill each other, and walks out.

Chloe heads for Lux to look for Lucifer, while Dan tries to track down Malcolm. Lucifer is having a drink at the bar when Chloe comes in. She asks what happened, and Lucifer says that he's been shown how powerless he is. Chloe draws her gun on him and orders him to move away from the bar. Jacob is lying dead at the end of the bar, shot in the head. More police arrive and Chloe puts Lucifer under arrest for murder.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2016

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