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Better Angels Recap

Supergirl and the mind-controlled Alex leap at each other, and Alex cuts Supergirl with her kryptonite sword. Supergirl recovers and flies at her foster sister, avoiding her sword thrust, and tries to get through to Alex as she tries to hold her off. Alex says that Supergirl left her no choice and slashes at Supergirl, preparing to deliver a fatal blow. Supergirl rolls away and the blade embeds itself in the concrete. The heroine then tries to pin her foster sister with a metal girder, but Alex knocks her back. As she prepares to strike, Eliza steps out and says that it isn't Alex. Non is controlling Alex and realizes that Hank is protecting Eliza's mind, and turns back to kill Supergirl. Eliza insists that Alex can beat it and isn't going to hurt her family. Alex hesitates, and Eliza says that Jeremiah is watching over her and believed in her. She tells Alex that she believes in her, too, and nothing tells her daughter to come back to them. After a moment, Alex breaks free of Myriad's control and throws away her sword, and hugs her mother.

At the Kryptonian lair, Non realizes that he's lost control of Alex.

Alex goes to Supergirl and says that she's sorry. The team goes to the TV station, and Cat and Max explain that Supergirl is going to reach the people by giving them a speech about hope. Max explains that Myriad shuts down the parts of the human brain that give optimism and hope. Alex says that when Eliza talked about Jeremiah, she felt hope and it broke Non's control. Max finishes setting up the equipment and Supergirl goes on the air, talking about how she lost everything when she was young. It was the people of National City who made her stronger than she ever thought possible, and Supergirl urges them to remember that they can all be heroes.

Winn breaks free of Myriad control, and goes to find James. He also breaks free. Across National City, the people see the transmitted symbol of Supergirl and hear her words, and break free of Myriad. They call in and confirm that they've broken free, and Alex tells the others that their plan work.

Non realizes that he's failed, but refuses to let Supergirl undo Astra's work. Indigo tells him that his only mistake was thinking too small, and there are worlds to conquer without Supergirl. She says that they can destroy Earth and leave Supergirl behind as queen of a dead planet.

Later at CatCo, Kara meets with James and Winn. They apologize apologizes for what they said to her under Non's influence, and Kara hugs them. They look over at the cubicle of their dead co-worker, Kelly, and James assures Kara that even Clark couldn't have saved her. Winn gives them some time alone, and James reminds Kara that she kissed him. Kara apologizes for kissing him when he wasn't in control of himself, and James assures her that he was mostly himself. Before he can tell her how felt about the kiss, Cat summons everyone into her office for a staff meeting.

Lucy and her people are cleaning up the DEO and she goes to the medbay where Hank is being treated for his injury. Sam comes in and hugs his daughter, and she says that they don't know why Superman is still unconscious due to Myriad. Sam's soldiers secure Hank, and Lucy reminds her father that Hank helped save them. Sam insists that he's trying to protect everyone, including Lucy, and tells him that he pushed away her and Lois. She visits Hank, who tells him that Sam is only doing what he thinks is right.

Alex is cleaning up when Supergirl and Eliza arrive. Eliza asks Alex why she and Hank came to see her and Midvale, and Alex tells her mother that Jeremiah is still alive. She explains that Jeremiah is imprisoned at Cadmus, and promises that she and Hank are going to find Jeremiah and bring him alone. Max comes in and explains that Myriad wave has been amplified ten-fold and is rising exponentially. People across the city are complaining about headaches, and Myriad will eventually kill them. Max figures that since the Kryptonians can't control them, they're going to kill them.

In the main room, Supergirl wants to warn the people but Max warns that it will create a panic. He tells the team that once the wave reaches its full potential, the electromagnetic energy will create enough energy to kill every human on the planet. They have four hours, and Lucy is called away. Max starts looking for the source, and warns Supergirl that they will need more Kryptonians than just her to defeat their enemies. He points out that she has no backup, and she might win but it's a suicide mission. Max assures Supergirl that he's rooting for her but says that she has to know what she'll be facing. Supergirl promises to stop Non and indigo, and asks him not to tell Alex her odds.

At CatCo, Kara arrives with lunch. He's taking aspirin for his headache, and she thanks Winn for being such a great friend. Kara says that his friendship has been one of the best parts of his life, and Winn quickly brushes off the moment. Cat calls Kara to her office and tells her to never take life for granted. Before Kara leaves, she tells Cat that it's been an honor to work for her. She tells Cat that she has the biggest heart of anyone she knows, and thanks her for being an amazing a mentor and friend. Cat figures that there's something Kara needs to tell her. When Kara says that there isn't, Cat tells her to get her juice.

Kara visits James, who says that they should finish their conversation about the kiss. She points out that they're always being interrupted, and figures that they're not meant to be. Kara says that she knows that they could be happy together, but they missed the chance and she thinks he has to find someone who appreciates how amazing he is. James wonders why she's saying that, and Kara tells him to remember that she always cares about him before walking out.

Supergirl flies to the DEO and checks on Hank. She tells him that Max is close to finding the source of the Myriad wave, and Hank knows from Lucy that Kara has been saying goodbye to her friends. Supergirl says that she will save Earth but doesn't know if she'll make it out alive. She wanted to say what needed to be said just in case, and Hank reminds her that he faced the same choice and Supergirl told him not to give up. Supergirl says that she's at peace with dying, and if she does then she'll be reunited with her mother.

Max finds the source of Myriad and Supergirl realizes that Non is using a Kryptonian Omegahedron. They're hiding underground in Nevada, and Sam informs them that the crashed Fort Rozz is still there. The army concealed it using its own cloaking technology and cordoned off the area, claiming it was a nuclear test zone. Supergirl prepares to go out, and Hank says that he's going with her. Sam refuses to release him, and Hank points out that they're dead if he doesn't. Max agrees with Hank, and Lucy overrides her father and releases Hank. Sam reluctantly agrees, and Alex tells Hank and Supergirl to be careful. Supergirl gives Alex her necklace and asks her to keep it safe for her.

Supergirl and J'onn fly to Nevada, and Non and Indigo fly out to confront them. Non says that the other Kryptonians are in their sleeping pods, and tosses the Omegahedron to Supergirl. The Kryptonian says that the power comes from Fort Rozz. Supergirl begs Non not to kill everyone, and he says that Alura wanted to save the planet. Supergirl blasts Indigo back and Non knocks Supergirl flying.

At the DEO, Vasquez confirms that they only have six minutes left until the signal reaches critical pitch.

J'onn and Supergirl double-team Non, but Indigo pulls J'onn back to earth.

James clutches at his head in agony. He staggers out to where the others are collapsing.

In the air, Supergirl pounds Non.

Alex and Max hold hands.

Indigo impales J'onn in the chest with her hand, and Non knocks Supergirl to the ground. She fires her heat vision at him and he matches her with his own. Indigo prepares to finish off J'onn. He sees Supergirl being knocked back, grabs Indigo, and tears her in half. Meanwhile, Supergirl moves forward against the force of the eye beams and finally knocks Non unconscious, burning out his eyes. She runs to J'onn, and the dying Indigo says that she already locked down the Fort Rozz engines. All they can do is watch everyone that they know die.

At the DEO, Sam realizes that the heroes have failed and hugs Lucy. Supergirl calls Alex from within Fort Rozz and explains that she's going to fly the station into orbit herself. Alex points out that she can't return, but Supergirl says that she's going to protect Earth because that was what she was sent to do. She makes Alex promise to tell Jeremiah that he and Eliza gave her a great life. Supergirl also makes Alex promise to have a good life and be happy. Alex does so and says that she loves her.

Supergirl goes outside and lifts Fort Rozz into the air and up into the sky. She propels it toward the sun and then drifts away, looking down on Earth. Alex flies up in her space capsule and catches her.

Later, Supergirl wakes up in the DEO medbay. Alex comes in and tells Supergirl that she saved the world, and she saved her. She gives Supergirl her necklace back and says that there are a lot of people waiting to say thank you. The sisters go out and the DEO staff applauds. Sam tells Supergirl that the President is well aware of what happened, and extends her thanks to Supergirl. She is also granting Hank a full pardon and reinstating him as director of the DEO. Hank says that Lucy has performed her duties with expertise and integrity, and says that they're all on the same teams with no more secrets.

Later, Max secures the Omegahedron and shows it to Sam.

At CatCo, Kara receives a text from Kal. As they text back and forth, Cat sets a banker box on Kara and starts packing her things. Kara tries to apologize for whatever she did, and Cat takes her to a private office. She tells Kara that she's promoted and is the best assistant that she's ever had. Now she wants Kara to find her a new assistant, and then think about what she has to offer to CatCo. Cat warns that the money won't be any different, but now Kara can change the world. She pronounces Kara's name correctly for the first time and leaves.

That night at her apartment, everyone is setting the table for dinner together. Winn points out that they have one extra setting, and Eliza says that it's for Jeremiah. Alex and Hank promise that they will find Jeremiah and bring him home. James calls Kara into the next room and shows her a special photo that he took of Supergirl and she thanks him. He then kisses her and Kara kisses him back. Alex calls them in, and they share a toast to Supergirl. Kara insists that they toast to family because love bonds them all. A spaceship crashes outside, and Supergirl and J'onn fly to investigate. It's a Kryptonian life pod, and Supergirl opens it. She stares in shock at what's inside.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 19, 2016

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