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The Team Recap

On the Zephyr, Daisy and Lincoln watch as the crew flies to where Coulson and his team went down.

In Biscayne Bay, Miami, Joey and his date Kevin are out together.

In Bogota, Elena is practicing English as she boards a bus. Her S.H.I.E.L.D. alarm goes off.

Joey's S.H.I.E.L.D. alert goes off and he says that he'll have to check a raincheck.

Daisy and Lincoln soon pick up their teammates, and they head for where the team was taken. Scans show a hangar buried beneath the Hydra oil field. They have a service wall that can get us within 50' of the base. Daisy will take them the rest of the way in. Joey wonders when they land, and the others hand out parachutes before making the jump.

Gideon and Hive go to Gideon's quarters, and Giyera explains that he took the plane. He sent in a team and Lucio will have the agents under control.

In the hangar, the Hydra agents attack Coulson and his people. They take refuge in the Zephyr's armory and barricade the door. As Lucio arrives with a Hydra team armed with a battering ram, Coulson tells Fitz to find him something that will keep their opponents at bay.

Daisy blasts in through the base wall, knocking out three Hydra agents. She and her team come in and they split up to search for the others. Elena and Joey take the elevator while Daisy and Lincoln go solo. As they take the elevator up and Joey negates the Hydra agents' bullets while Elena handcuffs them all in the blink of an eye.

Daisy finds the control room to the hangar and calls the location to the others. Lincoln blasts his way through the Hydra agents, throwing one through the door to Gideon's room. He then tells the others that he has Gideon.

Fitz tries to stabilize a wounded Melinda, and Fitz hooks up a chlorine gas projector to the door. The gas drives the Hydra agents back. As the others arrive in the hangar, Giyera knocks Joey out. Daisy blasts Giyera unconscious and gets the others into the Zephyr. Lucio is waiting and paralyzes Lincoln, and Joey stabs him in the chest with a piece of metal, killing him. Elena then knocks at that the e armory door and Mack opens the door. Daisy arrives and Melinda says that she'll fly them out.

Hive arrives in the hanger and watches as the Zephyr takes off. Giyera says that they achieved nothing, and Hive tells him that now they have one on the inside.

Back at the base, Elena tells the others what Joey did. Daisy assures them that they all did good and notices that Elena is cut. Lincoln thanks Joey for saving him, and Daisy tells them that if Coulson gets anything from Gideon then they might be on another mission.

Coulson interrogates Gideon and says that he hasn't decided what to do with him since he killed Rosalind. He asks what the creature is possessing Grant's body, and Gideon and talks about how his daughter Stephanie dealt with a horse. He thought that he could control Hive, and tells Coulson that Hive killed Stephanie.

Daisy finds Lincoln in the evidence locker examining the metal sphere that they acquired. She admits that she's unhappy that Lincoln took the Terragenesis crystal without telling her, and he apologizes for what he did. Daisy points out that he's taking advantage of their relationship, but admits that keeping her out of the loop was a good idea. Lincoln says that that Joey is upset about killing Lucio, and Daisy admits that she didn't notice.

Mack explains S.H.I.E.L.D. to Elena, and she says that now everyone calls her Yo-Yo because Mack gave her the nickname. He assures Elena that the organization's job is to protect and they try not to kill. Elena says that she trusts him.

In the lab, Fitz examines Lucio and points out that he still has body temperature. Jemma scans the Inhuman and confirms that there is still some metabolic activity. The scientists place Lucio in quarantine. Melinda sees them go by from her hospital bed.

Gideon warns Coulson that putting faith in Inhumans is a mistake, because they all worship Hive. Coulson explains that Hive is a parasite, moving from corpse to corpse. Gideon warns Coulson that hive will destroy his faith in his team, and the people that served him are now loyal to Hive. Coulson doesn't believe him, and Gideon says that he'll soon see that he's right. He points out that there were four S.H.I.E.L.D. Inhumans in the base, and advises Coulson to stop trusting them.

Coulson leaves the vault and sees Daisy and the others. Mack approaches Coulson and asks if everything is okay, and Coulson tells him to quietly lock down the base. Coulson meets with Mack and Fitzsimmons and explains what Gideon told him. Jemma points out that there is no way to test for Hive's control, and Coulson says that he needs more. Fitzsimmons points out Lucio's abnormal readings, and Coulson tells them to get proof. Until then, they keep everyone confined to the base. Daisy comes in and asks what's going on, and Coulson says that it's a security precaution while Gideon is there. She warns that Joey may not be ready to go out in the field after killing Lucio, and Coulson says that he'll check in with her.

At the lab, Daisy tells Elena and Lincoln that they're there. Elena wants to leave, and Daisy says that they have to be patient. Once she leaves, Daisy tells Lincoln that she couldn't find Joey anywhere. He goes to give Melinda her pain meds, but she says that she doesn't want them. Daisy asks for a minute with her, and asks how she's doing. Melinda tells Daisy that she did good and it only gets harder, and Daisy figures that Coulson is having her lie to her teammates about the base lockdown. The older woman says that if Coulson is withholding then it's for the right reasons.

Coulson asks Gideon what he thought would happen. Gideon says that he believed he could resurrect a god, but instead he freed the Devil. He sacrificed his brother to Hive but he still took Stephanie. Gideon blames himself for failing Stephanie and wonders what else matters. Coulson tells him that he can still have revenge, and admits that he killed Grant out of revenge for his killing Rosalind. He asks Gideon how they can stop Hive, and Gideon asks what he wants to know.

Mack watches the Inhumans on the monitor. He sees Elena flicker briefly on the monitors but dismisses it as fatigue on his part. Melinda comes in and asks what's going on.

Fitzsimmons run an autopsy on Lucio. Jemma splits open his skull and Fitz tries to distract himself by talking about how the Inhumans could attack them. Jemma says that things could be worse, and Fitz says that their friends are lucky to have her. Jemma opens Lucio's skull and finds a parasite organism in his brains. They tell Melinda and Mack what they've discovered, and Melinda calls Coulson out of the interrogation to tell him. The parasite doesn't cause permanent damage, but Fitzsimmons doesn't have a test yet. Coulson figures that they have to ice the Inhumans and explain when they're safe. The power goes out and they go to investigate.

Mack gets his gun from the armory and discovers that one of the grenades is missing.

As Jemma and Fitz go to check the generator, they see the open door to Gideon's room. The scientists look in and see the grenade next to the dead Gideon, just as it goes off. As the alarms go off, Coulson finds Fitzsimmons and they tell him what happened. He tells them to get patched up and lay low, just as Lincoln arrives. Fitzsimmons shrugs him off, and Coulson tells Daisy to go with Lincoln to the common area so he can brief them all. Mack and Melinda arrive with a team of agents as Elena shows up, and she realizes that they're coming for her. Daisy demands answers, and Coulson says that Hive can mind-control Inhumans. He asks where Joey is, while Mack tells Elena that he's trying to protect her.

Lincoln points out that Coulson singled the Inhumans out right away. Elena grabs a gun and trains it on Mack. Joey pulls her into the common room and Daisy shoves Lincoln in as well. Daisy asks Joey where he was, and he says that he was looking for them. Elena isn't interested in cooperating, and Lincoln points out that Jiaying was concerned that S.H.I.E.L.D. would turn against them. Joey figure that any of them could be infected, and Lincoln points out that he could be as well.

Out in the hallway, Coulson tells Melinda to confine the Inhumans for now. He tells them to search the Inhumans' quarters and see what they're missing.

In the common area, Lincoln wonders how Elena was injured. She doesn't remember, and Joey says that he wants to leave. He points out that Daisy was the one who wanted Gideon dead, and Lincoln agrees with Joey. Daisy hesitates, saying that they're supposed to be a team, and Elena says that the team is sick. Joey tries to leave and Lincoln stops him, and Elena is ready to fight Daisy and Lincoln. Daisy agrees with Joey, saying that they have to figure it out on their own terms. Lincoln doesn't want to let an infected person escape, and Daisy suggests that they use one of the old elevators to get out. The others reluctantly agree.

Fitzsimmons and Mack go through the Inhumans lockers, and Mack find something in a backpack.

Daisy and the others slip out through an original passage. They enter a containment module and Coulson is waiting for them. Coulson is waiting and the door closes. He says that they know who is infected, and shows them the Aveus sphere. Coulson explains that it was taken from the assets room and hidden in Lincoln's locker. Lincoln insists that he didn't do it and begs Daisy to believe him. Coulson points out that Lincoln knew where to find it after Hive showed up, and Daisy realizes that Lincoln was infected at Transia on the rooftop. Elena tries to knock Lincoln out, and he stuns her and then Coulson with electrical blasts. When he goes for the control, Daisy knocks him out with a seismic blast.

Later, Coulson talks to Daisy privately and she admits that it didn't take much to split her team apart. Coulson warns that a leader can't protect everyone, and what happened isn't her fault.

Mack tries to approach Elena, but she shrugs him off.

Coulson tells Daisy that Hive destroyed their trust.

Jemma take samples from Joey's brain, and he says that he doesn't want to be there anymore.

Coulson says that they have to be better than revenge, and do what's best for the team. He tells her that they'll soon know if the other Inhumans are infected, but he can't let them get near Hive. Coulson says that he has to disband her team. Daisy says that they'll be stronger next time.

Fitz and Jemma try to work out a test for the parasite. She says that she just wants to help their friends, and Fitz takes her hand. They kiss and then Fitz apologizes for pushing too fast. Jemma points out that they've been together for ten years and they can't waste any more time. She refuses to let them be ripped apart again, and Fitz says that he won't let it.

Daisy visits Lincoln and talks to him through the quarantine window. He insists that he didn't betray the team, and Daisy says that she believes him. She want to leave with him, but Lincoln wants to stay so that they can find a test and prove him innocent. Daisy explains that she got out of her cell because she programmed the security features, and insists that S.H.I.E.L.D. can't hold them. Lincoln says that they want S.H.I.E.L.D. to hold them, and wonders what she did.

At Transia, Hive encounters Daisy and infects her. She tells Hive that she has to get back to the base because S.H.I.E.L.D. has have something they need.

Lincoln realizes that Daisy is infected, and insists that Hive is using her. Daisy says that she's happier than she's ever been, and the answer that she's found is beautiful. Lincoln reminds her that people are dying.

Daisy enters Gideon's cell and he realizes that Hive sent her. She kills him with her powers and then plants the grenade so the explosion will conceal how he died.

Lincoln says that the Daisy he knows wouldn't betray S.H.I.E.L.D. or frame him, and insists that they're not throwing Lincoln away. She says that they could have all of together, but Lincoln says that he doesn't want any part of it. Daisy tells him that he'll understand some day and leaves.

Daisy gets the sphere and the remaining Terragenesis crystals, and then goes to the Zephyr. She concentrates and starts bringing down the base behind her. Coulson goes to the hangar and discovers that Daisy has jammed the doors. The base collapses around him, while Daisy walks out the tunnel.

At the Hydra base, Giyera tells Hive that preparations have been made to get Hive somewhere safe. Hive tells him that Gideon is dead and says that they find Daisy again. Giyera says that $960 million of Gideon's fortune is available, and Hive says that they should spend it.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 20, 2016

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