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Midnight Stitcher Recap

Linus comes to pick Camille up and they end up kissing. She points out that they have to meet the van with Linus' stuff, but Linus is more interested in her. He mentions that Cameron met a girl, Nina, and he was on the phone with her talking about Doctor Who for hours. Kirsten comes in and overhears them, and Camille goes to check on her. Her roommate says that she already knows about Nina and can't be mad at Cameron because she told him not to wait for her. Camille figures that there's more, and Kirsten explains that Daniel had a first wife, Elizabeth. She hopes to find Elizabeth so that she can track down Daniel, but hasn't had much luck yet.

A woman falls to her death in the street.

At the lab, Maggie briefs the team that the dead girl is Sandy Abrams, an aspiring actress who worked as a receptionist. She fell from the roof of her apartment building, and left a note saying that it's "his" fault. The man is identified as K.C., and there's no one in Sandy's life with those initials. Kirsten points out that they could stand for Kirsten Clark and it may have been meant for her. Maggie says that they're not going to Stitch into Sandy because it may be some kind of ambush. Kirsten points out that it could take more time than they have, but Maggie insists that they wait for Mitchell to report.

Later, Camille goes to a gym to work out and runs into Liam Granger. She wonders what he's doing in LA, and he says that a teaching gig came up there and he decided not to leave. Liam would prefer that Kirsten doesn't know he's there, and Camille says that Kirsten has moved on. She tells Liam that Kirsten has become more emotional recently but isn't interested in Liam, and he suggests that the two of them train together. He insists that nothing is going to happen between him and Kirsten, just as Camille receives a text rom Kirsten. She agrees and gives Liam her number, and he walks off

Camille returns home and finds Linus and Cameron with Kirsten. They explain that they're going behind Maggie's back to Stitch Sandy. Cameron doesn't believe that the note is tied to Daniel, but reluctantly gives in. Camille is glad to help and Linus caves to the peer pressure. He figures that they'll have 23 minutes until Maggie responds to her alert when the system comes up.

The team goes to the lab and begins the Stitch. Kirsten brings the systems on line and Maggie gets the alert. The team goes to work ad begins the Stitch. Kirsten finds herself on the rooftop and sees Sandy reading a script. She sees a boy in the red baseball cap, and Cameron tells Kirsten to stay on point. The boy disappears and Kirsten finds herself an office building. Sandy goes to her car and finds a rose on her windshield. A man comes out and Sandy tells him that it's over between them.

A glowing aura appears around Kirsten in the Stitch, and she manages to push through it. Alarms go off and the readings go off the chart. Linus can't tell where she is in Sandy's memories, and Cameron moves her background. She moves back into the aura and onto the roof, and someone pushes Sandy toward the edge. The man who shoves her has a scar onhis wrist. Kirsten bounces out and tells the others that Sandy didn't jump, just as Maggie arrives and demands to know what's going on. Kirsten insists that she's fine, and apologizes for convincing the others to help her. They admits that some of Sandy's memories were blocked by a barrier, and Maggie tells them to run diagnostics and find out who killed Sandy.

The next day, Kirsten and Quincy go to wher e Sandy worked and see the man from the Stitch. He tries to run and Quincy easily trips him. The man, Elliot Jacobson, insists that he didn't do anything wrong. He explains that he went out once with Sandy and she blew him off. Kirsten confirms that Elliot doesn't have a scar, and tells him that Sandy is dead.

Cameron and Camille go to the apartment of Sandy's girlfriend Ben Spiros. They tell him that they have to ask him some questions, and Ben says that he has a prescription for the marijuana that they smell. Ben winces and finally tells them to talk to Kim. Kim moved in a few weeks ago, and they meditated together. She eventually spent all of her time with Sandy, pissing off Sandy's friends. Ben insists that Sandy was good people, and says that Kim left a week ago. Kim left them some meditation tracks, and Ben plays one of them on his iPhone. Ben suddenly drifts off and wanders down the hallway. Cameron and Camille follow Ben as he goes out on the roof and heads for the edge. Cameron grabs him and pulls him back, and Camille confirms that Ben has a scar on his wrist.

Back at the lab, Maggie tells the team that Quincy put Ben under observation at the psych ward. Ben claims that he doesn't remember pushing Sandy. They found a drug in his apartment used to induce memory loss. Camille confirms that the music is available anywhere, and Maggie figures that the case is closed. As they talk, Liam texts Camille and asks for a workout. She steps outside and agrees, and Linus comes after her and asks if she wants to do something. Camille claims that she has a project and will talk to him later. Quincy comes in and asks Camille if she's okay. He doesn't believe her and Camille asks him how he stops the work from hurting the people he cares about. Quincy doesn't have an answer for her, but he does offer a sympathetic ear.

At the gym, Camille and Liam are working out. Afterward, Camille asks Liam why he really stayed. He admits that he missed Kirsten, and he could always count on Kirsten to be there when he came back to the States. Liam says that it's a good thing that it's over because he ran into Camille. Camille quickly excuses herself and leaves.

Cameron and Nina get together at Cameron's apartment and discuss s.f. TV. Nina finally says that it's getting late and she should go, and Cameron offers to drive her. However, he admits that he's reluctant because then she wouldn't be there anymore. Nina kisses him and agrees to stay.

Kirsten is sleeping and dreaming of herself as Sandy reading on the rooftop. A red-haired woman is looking at her, and Kirsten has the same flashes of memory that she did in her Stitch. She gets up and walks out the door.

The next morning, Camille checks on Kiersten and finds her in bed sleeping. Kirsten realizes that she overslept, and Camille notices that Kirsten's feet are dirty. Her roommate says that she heard a noise and went to check on it, but there was nothing there. Linus calls and asks why they're late, and says that he's identified the barrier in Sandy's memory.

At the lab, Linus tells the team that the barrier shows reduced activity in parts of the brain's default mode network. It leads to a distinct form of consciousness embedded in Sandy's normal consciousness. They check Ben's brain scan from the hospital and discover that he has the same anomalies. Kirsten figures that the red-haired woman, Kim, brainwashed both of them.

As the team prepares for the second Stitch, Cameron tells Kirsten that Kim paid for everything in cash. However, he figures that they can bypass the barrier and find out what Kim put Sandy up to. Camille asks Kirsten if she told Cameron about her dirty feet. Once he leaves, Camille wonders why Kirsten didn't tell Cameron the truth. Kirsten insists that she was just sleepwalking, and admits that if she tells Cameron then he won't let her Stitch. She refuses to jeopardize the opportunity and Camille agrees to keep her secret.

The team begins the second Stitch, and Cameron sees Sandy assembling a gun with a silencer and then shooting it. Next, Sandy reads a magazine about a horror producer, Roman Bain. Kirsten bounces out of the stitch and tells the team that Sandy was programmed to be an assassin. Cameron and Linus both recognize Roman, and he was sued about stealing the idea for a film about brainwashing. Km Charles was the woman who sued him, and she said she was formerly with MI6 and pitched Roman her own experience about brainwashing assassins. Roman rejected her submission but then made a movie of his own from it. Sandy was working on Roman's current movie. They figure that Kim found out and wanted to use Sandy to kill Roman. Maggie figure that Kim has a backup ready, and Kirsten points out that Ben was the backup. They figure Kim activated someone else and they have to warn Roman.

Kirsten and Quincy go to the set where Roman is filming. He says that he gets plenty of death threats, and says that Kim made up the whole brainwashing story. Roman insists that he came up with a better story than Kim's and doesn't believe she can do what she claimed. The producer refuses to hire extra security, and warns that everyone on the crew hates him.

At the lab, Linus and Cameron analyze the meditation track. Linus discovers that it's a coded message. He says that Camille is backing off again, just as Kirsten and Quincy return. They warn that Roman isn't taking the threat seriously, and Kirsten responds to the meditation music. She grabs Quincy's gun and aims it at them, and then takes the elevator up. Cameron discovers that Kirsten jammed the elevator system so they can't stop it, and Linus figures that the meditation signal activated Kirsten.

Linus tries to work out where Kim is hiding while Maggie looks over his shoulder. Camille and Quincy call in from the house and says that Kirsten isn't there. Quincy assures Camille that they'll find her. Cameron checks at his place but there's no sign of Kirsten there. Maggie admits that they can't protect Roman without telling him about the program. Cameron figures that Kirsten will strike at the studio and wait it out until the next day when Roman is filming.

Kirsten walks down the street and two dudes approach her. Whenthey try to grab her, Kirsten incapacitates them both and they run off.

The next day, Maggie, Quincy, and Cameron go to the studio and split up to look for Kirsten. Maggie talks to Roman and says that there will be an attempt on his life that day. Roman still doesn't blelive her and goes back to work.

Cameron spots Kirsten heading for roman.. She fire a gun into the air and aims at Roman. Cameron steps in the way and asks her not to pull the trigger. He tries to get through to her, saying that she would never let anyone control her. Cameron reminds her that she told him not to wait for her, but insists that he's going to wait until she breaks free. He says that he died for her once and is willing to do it again, but this time she won't be able to bring him back. Kirsten finally breaks the control and lowers the gun. Kim is among the crew and aims a gun at Roman, and Kirsten shoots her.

Later at the lab, Maggie brings Kirsten some tea and assures her that she didn't kill Kim. Maggie explains that when Kirsten showed up at Kim's doorstep, Kim wasn't going to let the situation go to waste. She hoped the letter would help Kirsten find her father, and they share a drink. Kirsten then goes to the lamp and Cameron assures her that her brain scan came back clean. She thanks Cameron for what he did, and wonders how he knew she wouldn't shoot him. Cameron points out that they've been in each other's brains, and Kirsten asks if he wants to go out. He says that he can't, and Kirsten walks off.

Linus asks Camille if she wants to hang out, and she says that she just wants to crash. Maggie asks to talk to Camille, and Linus goes on ahead. Once Camille and Maggie are alone, Maggie asks how it's going. Camille says that it's going on schedule and Liam believes that her joining his gym was a coincidence. She warns that Linus suspects something, but Maggie says that Camille is protecting him. Maggie wants to know who Liam is working for. Camille wonders how far she should go, and Maggie asks how far she will go to protect Kirsten.

Later, Quincy visits Kirsten at home and tells her that Elizabeth Stinger got remarried and changed her name to Elizabeth Brown. However, there are hundreds of listings for that name in California alone. He has the list for Kirsten and gives it to her.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 20, 2016

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