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The Blade Recap

Doc tells Wynonna about the last time he saw Wyatt.

Doc is in bed dying of TB when Wyatt comes in and says that he’s heading for Purgatory because he’s heard that they need a fix. Doc warns him against devils, but Wyatt says that there’s no such thing and asks his friend if he has enough breath for one more fight. Doc says that it’s farewell, and says goodbye despite Wyatt assuring him that he’ll be fine. Wyatt says that he’ll see him on the other side and leaves.

Wynonna demands proof that Doc is who he claims. Doc proves his shooting expertise by nailing a bottle a few dozen feet away, and then continues trick-shooting. Wynonna finally concedes the point and asks what he is, and Doc says that he made a bargain for eternal longevity and a cure from TB. He can still be killed, but he’ll never age. As for Wyatt, Doc made the deal long after Wyatt left. Doc says that Wyatt never mentioned the curse, and tells Wynonna that he has unfinished business in Purgatory.

A woman, Megan Halshford, begs another woman, Samantha Baker, for forgiveness, saying that it was an accident. Her sister refuses and walks away, and one of the revenants speaks through a mirror. Megan begs for more time, but the revenant says that her time is up. She covers the mirror with a cloth, but it’s pulled into the glass and then a hand reaches out and cuts Megan’s throat with amirror.

Later, Xavier and Wynonna are called to Megan’s house to investigate the crime scene. “Repent sinners” is written on the mirror. Wynonna knew Megan and hated her. At the sheriff’s office, Waverly identifies the message as belonging to Father Robert Malick. In the 19th century he was a hellfire minister who ranted against women. Wyatt hung Malick for murdering his wife, girlfriend, and prostitutes. Waverly suggests that she tag along with them, but Xavier says that they’ve got it. Once he leaves, Wynonna tells Waverly that Henry is Doc. Waverly admits that she already knew, and says that she followed him to a secret meeting with Bobo... and Doc shot at her.

Wynonna tracks Doc down and he says that his state of finances requires him to play poker. He claims that he tried to get Waverly out of the trailer park and admits that there are revenants there. Wynonna asks where she can find Malick, and Doc says that she can.

Wynonna and Xavier go to the trailer park and Xavier realizes that Doc told her that Malick was there. The revenants let them in and Xavier points out to Wynonna that they’re outnumbered and outgunned. Bobo comes out and offers his hand, but Wynonna refuses to take it. He says that he knew Ward while he was alive, and reminds Wynonna that she was in a psych ward for a while. Xavier flashes his badge, but Bobo points out that he doesn’t have much backup. The deputy marshal says that he can cause Bobo a lot of pain with one call, and asks for Malick. Bobo warns that there would be consequences if Malick is harmed, and the other revenants cock their rifles. Their leader tells Xavier and Wynonna that they can find Malick by his smell, and gives them permission to proceed. Wynonna promises that she’ll see him soon and walks away with Xavier.

Xavier and Wynonna enter Malick’s tent and he says that all women are whores. He says that only Megan could tellthem why she was a whore, and reveals that he has never left the camp since they took his legs. Xavier figures that Malick knows the killer, and Malick promises that the killer will come after Wynonna.

As Wynonna and Xavier return to the station, Wynonna sees a man approaching her in the rearview window, wielding a razor. There’s no one there, and Wynonna remembers that the killer was one of the Seven. Xavier points out that revenants don’t have the power to appear and disappear at will. A witness saw a car leave Megan’s house around the time of the murder, and it belongs to Samantha. Wynonna remembers that Samantha froze her out at high school.

When they meet with Samantha, she says that she hasn’t met with Megan for years. Megan called her earlier that day and said she had to confess something. Samantha says that Megan confessed that she had killed Samantha’s father in a hit-and-run after a school dance, and begged Samantha to forgive her like her life depended on it. She says that she didn’t forgive Megan, glares at Wynonna in disgust, and walks away.

Doc walks into Shorty’s and Waverly ignores her. Gus refuses to serve Doc, who approaches a man sitting by himself at a table. The man, Jay Novak, says that he’s done stupid things over and over and his wife can’t forgive him. Jay figures that he deserves what’s coming but it’s going to hurt. Doc pours himself a drink from Jay ‘s bottle and says that he plans to exist Biblical revenge for the wrongs done him. Jay goes to the restroom and Doc figures that he’s said too much.

In the restroom, Jay hears a voice speak from the mirror, asking if he’s been forgiven or not. Jay ducks into a bathroom stall, and a man walks outside. And then unscrews the screws on the door lock. The door falls down and the killer advances on Jay.

Wynonna and Xavier leave and Wynonna explains that Purgatory High, Megan used to fill her locker with entrails. She was at the dance Samantha mentioned, hooking up with Megan’s boyfriend Brad just to hurt Megan. When Megan found out, she grabbed Brad’s car keys and drove off. Wynonna blames herself for the death of Samantha’s father. Xavier says that she couldn’t have known and they all make mistakes.

Doc goes into the restroom and finds Jay dead on the floor. “Repent sinners” is written in blood on the mirror, and the killer appears there. Doc draws his knife but the killer disappears. Waverly comes in and sees the corpse, and figures that Doc did it.

Wynonna and Xavier soon arrive, and Wynonna identifies Jay as a parole officer. Waverly insists that she still doesn’t trust Doc. She and Wynonna still refuse to say who Doc really is, and Xavier figures that he has to find out for himself. He talks to Doc in the interrogation room while Waverly and Wynonna watch through the one-way mirror. Xavier points out that there’s no record of Doc on file and warns that he has no rights, and demands answers. Doc says that he would recommend Wynonna quit Xavier because he has secrets, and Xavier bursts into laughter. He threatens Doc with solitary confinement, but Doc says that he’s done talking to him.

Xavier goes to the observation room and figures that it’s Doc. Neadley comes in and says that Jay’s wife Susan is asking for Wynonna. She and Xavier go to the Novak house and Susan tells them that for ten years, Jay has been a big-time drug dealer for the last ten years. Wynonna says that she knew all about it because Jay was her officer and used her. Then earlier that day, Jay said that a specter was coming for him and Susan needed to forgive him. Susan says that the specter came to her through a mirror and gave her two hours. Now she only has a few minutes left.

As Susan and Wynonna cover the mirrors, Susan asks Wynonna to forgive her. She admits that she was to blame for Wynonna being sent back to juvie. Jay told Susan that ne needed a distraction, and she made an anonymous tip to get Wynonna re-arrested. Wynonna says that she doesn’t know if she can forgive her, just as the killer asks if Susan is forgiven or not. When Wynonna says that she forgives Susan, the killer knows that she’s lying and a cloth falls off the mirror. Wynonna shoots the mirror, and Wynonna sees the killer cutting Susan’s throat in the flatscreen TV. She turns to the mirror and sees the killer licking his razor blade. He tells Wynonna that she has two hours to get forgiveness for her sins and disappears. Xavier comes in and Wynonna tells him that she’s next.

At the sheriff’s station, Xavier says that she shot a reflection, not the revenant itself. He suggests that they transmogrify the killer by making him flesh and blood so Wynonna can kill him. Xavier knows the ritual from when he performed it in Afghanistan during his term of service, but admits that four people died because he didn’t have the right tools. While Xavier prepares the ritual, Xavier tells her to get forgiveness from the people she’s wronged. Wynonna points out that isn’t likely to happen, and Xavier says that they need Waverly to find the killer’s name to perform the ritual.

Wynonna goes to the saloon and starts talking to men that she’s wronged in the past. She starts with an ex-boyfriend, Pete York, and tells him that she broke off a date with him to go home with Pete’s brother Kyle. Pete attacks Kyle, who runs out. Wynonna tells Waverly what is going on, and tells her to find the revenant’s original human name and meet her at the station.

Waverly visits Doc in jail and points out that he shot at her. He apologizes and Waverly asks Doc to help her identify the killer in return for his freedom. When Doc agrees, Waverly gives him her files and Doc figures that she’s miffed. As Waverly wonders what he means, Doc identifies the killer as August Hamilton, a priest in the Old West. August was the town barber and heard people’s informal confessions. When Wyatt tried to put August on the witness stand to testify against a cattle rustler, he disappeared under mysterious circumstances. Wyatt got August killed even if he didn’t kill him himself. Doc reminds Waverly of their deal, and she takes him to Xavier. Xavier is furious until Waverly reminds him that they need to deal with August first.

Xavier brings in a mirror made of obsidian from the Black Badge vaults and prepares the ritual. He has Waverly cast the ritual in Latin, and warns that other spirits will try to slip through... and some of them have a bone to pick with him. They begin the ritual and the spirits call to Xavier. He tells Waverly to continue, and Xavier suddenly convulses in pain. He levitates into the air and a spirit possesses him, promising to feast on their souls. Doc prepares to shoot him dead, but Waverly gives Doc a taser. The gunslinger uses it on Xavier, while August appears and lunges at her. He misses and disappears, but Winona spots his reflection in the mirror. She turns and shoots the revenant, and he shatters.

Wynonna administers mouth-to-mouth to the unconscious Xavier, and he finally gasps. He confirms that he’s free of the spirit, and says that August was toying with them and wasn’t made flesh. Waverly figures that they have to locate August’s body. Xavier coughs up water and it forms footprints. Wynonna figures that since water is reflective, August is using water to project himself. Xavier is in no condition to go, and tells Doc that Wynonna needs backup. However, he promises that he’ll kill him if he messes up.Doc talks to Wynonna privately and says that when he was alive and normal, men told him about a lake they could go sink bodies in. He suggests that someone was paid to dispose of August and hid the body there.

The next morning, Wynonna, Waverly, and Doc go to Big Deep Lake. They spot August’s reflection in the lake surface but shooting the reflection has no effect. August leaps out of the lake and paralyzes Wynonna, and then puts his razor to her neck and asks if she’s been forgiven. Doc tells the August that he’s the one who killed August, and August promises to get to him eventually.

August asks Wynonna who she’s hurt the most, and she says that it’s Waverly. Waverly says that she’ll always forgive her, and Wynonna says that let the revenants kill Ward and Willa, and left her in Purgatory. When she says that Wynonna is the Chosen One, she admits that she should have been the Chosen One. Wynonna agrees and Waverly forgives her, but August doesn’t believe her. As Waverly yells at the revenant, Wynonna manages to shove August away and Doc shoots the razor out of his hand. Wynonna aims the Peacemaker and says that August is just another man telling her that she’s done wrong. She says now she’s going to do something right and sends August back to Hell.

Later, Wynonna drives Doc out to the country where he can make a camp for himself. Doc admits that he wronged a lot of people, and his only regret is that he never apologized to Wyatt. He hopes she has more memories that she doesn’t regret and walks off.

Back at the station, Wynonna apologizes to Waverly about being the Heir. She figures that Waverly meant it and offers her a drink, and tells her to be honest for once. Waverly says that she spent years compiling research on the revenants, and earned a degree on ancient cultures. She hoped that she could break the curse, but Wynonna got to be the special one. Wynonna points out that everyone loves Waverly, and she loves the fact that Waverly loves her even though she has a million reasons to hate her.

Doc makes camp and remembers the past.

Wyatt returns and finds Doc in bed with two prostitutes. The marshal orders them out and asks Doc how he was cured. He realizes that Doc made a pact with the Devil, and Doc says that he did it for them. Wyatt insists that all men die, and says that demons walk among them and mean to end his line. Doc insists that he’s still Wyatt’s friend and brother, but Wyatt says that the Doc he knew is dead and buried before walking out.

Doc tosses Wyatt’s marshal badge into the fire.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 23, 2016

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