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The Singularity Recap

S.H.I.E.L.D. tries to reorganize after Daisy blasts her way out of the base. They get the generators back online and the tests come back in and show that only Daisy was infected. Joey and Elena are at the Cocoon, but Lincoln refused to leave. All vital information has been transferred to Zephyr One in case Daisy leads Hive to the base. Melinda figures that Hive doesn't care about S.H.I.E.L.D., and that Daisy busted the hydraulics on the hangar doors because she doesn't want them following her. Mack blames himself for not noticing that Daisy was infected, and Melinda tells him that Coulson is readying the Zephyr despite his injuries. When Mack points out that they can't get the doors open, Melinda says that Coulson has another way.

Later, Coulson meets with the team and says that Daisy is Hive's hostage. He says that Hive doesn't know how stubborn they are when protecting one of their own. They're going to stop Hive from building an Inhuman army, and Coulson tells everyone to strap in. Melinda turns the Zephyr on its side and takes it out through the half-opened hangar doors.

Hive is looking out over the city when Daisy joins him. He knows that she used to drive up there, and Daisy realizes that the Inhuman knows because it has Grant's memories as well as his body. Hive says that Grant was a thirsty soul and suffered for it, and Daisy says that the emptiness she always felt is gone around Hive.

Fitzsimmons tells Coulson and Lincoln that Daisy is addicted to Hive. Infected Inhumans don't feel pain so icers don't work on them. Jemma brings up a file on Dr. Holden Radcliffe, a lead researcher on parasitic organisms at the agrochemical lab they raided. They believe he can find a cure to the parasite infection. Holden wasn't there when Hydra wiped the base clean: he was asked to step down a month before for conducting unauthorized experiments. The doctor is a rumored transhumanist, who believes in using science to overcome human limitations. Radcliffe is rumored to be in Romania, and Coulson tells the scientists that they'll take point and head there with Mack to find the doctor.

As Mack packs, he tells Fitz that he has a lot on his mind. Once he leaves, Jemma comes in and Fitz suggests that they discuss what happened the night before. He wants to keep their working relationship intact, and Jemma agrees. Fitz warns that things are bound to get complicated, and Jemma figures that he's talking about sex. Melinda comes in and Fitz quickly heads to the Quinjet. The older agent gives Jemma a gun and insists that Jemma take it, and the scientist does after a moment.

Daisy tells Hive that she doesn't know if her former teammates will come after her. Hive assures her that her home is with her now, and calls her "Skye." Daisy says that she changed her name because it was the name her parents intended for her, and talks about how for a moment she had her parents. She wonders why she's telling Hive, and he says that they are connected now.

Coulson contacts Talbot and says that he has other matters to talk to. Talbot tells Coulson that he has to deal with Hydra, but Coulson cuts him off as Melinda comes in. She realizes that Coulson didn't tell Talbot about Daisy, and Coulson brings up a file on Alisha. He says that he put her into protective custody, but figures that Daisy knows where she is. Alisha can turn into four separate selves, and figures that Hive will want her.

Hive tells Daisy that after they're finished, there will be no more war and no more pain. He plans to make Earth the home that Inhumans always deserved, and hesitantly puts an arm around Daisy.

In a hotel room at Bucharest, Jemma reports that a satellite picked up Radcliffe going into a secret club belongs to transhumanists. Fitz and Jemma will pose as geneticists looking to make a sale. They have cybernetic eyes to impress Radcliffe, and if that doesn't work then Mack can drag him out. They agree to meet back at the room if they get separated.

Lincoln prepares to head out to save Alisha, and Melinda warns that he's susceptible to Hive's infection. Coulson overrides her, but gives him a vest with nano-thermites to wear. If Lincoln is infected then they'll blow him up. Coulson gives the trigger to Melinda, and Lincoln insists that it's insane. His superior admits that he needs Lincoln's help, but if he wants in the field then he has to take the risk.

Jemma and Fitz enter the club and Fitz assures her that she looks nice. Fitz puts on a pair of glasses with a transmitting camera, and Mack monitors their movements. He discovers that most of the people in the room are cybernetically modified.

Melinda and Coulson pull up outside of the safehouse, and Lincoln takes position near Alisha's car. Coulson says that if Hive and Daisy show up, then they neutralize the former and extract the latter. Melinda asks what Coulson expects her to do if Daisy won't cooperate, and Coulson says that she's not to shoot Daisy. She tells Coulson that she'll do his dirty work but he shouldn't pretend his hands are clean.

Alisha goes down to the parking garage and Lincoln approaches her. He asks if she's seen Daisy recently, and Alisha says that she hasn't.

Daisy and Hive visit James at his cabin in the desert. She tells James that Hive is the ancient Inhuman he told them about.

Lincoln explains about Hive, and sees another Alisha moving in behind him. He fires an electrical blast and takes cover.

Daisy tells James that they've visited other Inhumans. James figures that Hive is dangerous, and Hive says that the Kree artifact James gave to Daisy is missing its companion piece. James tries to deny it, and daisy exposes him to the Terragen mists.

The two Alishas split up to search for Lincoln, and Coulson drives into the parking garage while Melinda heads in on foot. She attacks one of the Alisha, and Lincoln attacks the other one. Melinda's opponent manages to knock her out, but Lincoln grabs the other Alisha and threatens to kill her unless the first Alisha surrenders. The first Alisha says that Hive won't let them tell him where Daisy is, and the first Alisha shoots her duplicate. As she prepares to shoot Melinda, Coulson arrives and shoots her dead.

At James' cabin, the prime Alisha moans in pain and tells Hive that she lost her duplicates. She confirms that Lincoln is alive, and Hive is satisfied. He asks Alisha how she feels, and she says that she's happy to make the sacrifice. James blasts out of his husk and steps out, and everything he touches with his hands explodes. Hive infects James, who says that he buried the missing part. Daisy shatters the earth beneath the trailer and Hive says that it's the only thing that can destroy him.

At the club, Fitz says that two guys are staring at them. There's no sign of Radcliffe, and Fitzsimmons approach the guards and introduce themselves. A woman, Anon, asks them if they have an appointment with Radcliffe. Mack confirms that she's been heavily modified. Jemma offers their eye technology and they insists on giving it to Radcliffe in person. Anon tells them to wait in the bar area and she'll find them if Radcliffe is interested.

Back on the Zephyr, Lincoln realizes that Hive forced Alisha to kill her clones. Coulson tells him that he's taking him out of the field. Lincoln apologizes for going overboard, but Coulson insists. He then tells Melinda that he doesn't have a destination, and asks her how she's holding up. Coulson apologizes for what he said earlier and admits that he's frustrated. Melinda says that he's not the only one who cares, and she assures Coulson that no one is forcing her to do anything. Coulson thought that he could give Daisy a family with S.H.I.E.L.D., and Melinda tells him that he's not her father. He agrees, but says that Daisy is the closest thing he has to a daughter. Anderson tells them that they've picked up seismic activity in south Dakota, and Coulson realizes that they're after James.

As they wait at the bar, Fitz feigns feedback on the comms. Jemma plays along and they both turn off their comms to supposedly reboot. Fitz says that their relationship is a singularity. Their friendship is simple and comfortable, and if they deviate from that then the change becomes exponential. They agree to stop thinking and do. Before they can kiss, Anon comes over to take them to Radcliffe.

Anon leads them into a back hallway and they take an elevator to an operating theater. She explains that Radcliffe will meet with them once they remove the patient's eye and replace it with one of the cybernetic ones. The only way Radcliffe will be satisfied is if they test it on a human patient. Fitzsimmons has no choice but to go along and talk privately as they prep. Mack figures that they have to do what they can to find a cure for Daisy.

Jemma prepares to inject a numbing agent, but then jams the syringe into the patient's eye. The patient sits up and removes the hood, revealing that he's Radcliffe. Jemma tells Fitz that the intended eye was a prosthetic based on an alien hybrid. Radcliffe explains that a bird's visual acuity is superior to mammals. He says that he's selective about who he works with, and he wants people to look on his work with awe, not disgust.

Coulson and Melinda lead a team to James' cabin. Melinda goes in first and finds the hole where the second artifact was buried.

Radcliffe examines the eyes and points out that they're similar to those that Hydra produced through Cybertek. Fitz admits that they're S.H.I.E.L.D., and Radcliffe realizes that they're on comms with someone. Anon destroys Fitz's glasses, and Mack moves out. Fitzsimmons explains that Hive is an Inhuman parasite, and Radcliffe is happy to hear that Inhumans are real. The guards separate Fitz and Jemma and one of them takes Jemma out. Fitz then tells Radcliffe that he has to hear him out.

Coulson finds a hidden explosive and gets into the crater beneath the cabin with Melinda. The bomb goes off and Coulson protects them with an energy shield. Talbot calls Coulson and he reluctantly answers.

Fitz offers Radcliffe the portal technology, but says that he's the only one who can save his friend. Daisy blasts her way in and Alisha comes in behind her.

The guard takes Jemma up to the club, and Hive dissolves him. Meanwhile, James goes to the bar and blows up some glasses as a distraction. Mack arrives and asks him where Daisy is, and James throws a charged lamp at him.

Daisy knocks Anon out and tells Alisha to get Radcliffe out. She blasts Fitz when he tries to interfere, and says that they need to talk.

Hive calls on Will's memories to talk to Jemma.

Mack takes cover, and then throws a decanter to block James' next throw.

Daisy tells Fitz to stop trying to save him, and insists that she really has a family.

Hive/Will tells Jemma that she was right about Fitz, and wants her to be safe.

Daisy pins Fitz to the wall with her powers, choking him, and says that she's seen the future. Someone in S.H.I.E.L.D. is going to die. Daisy says that if Fitz loves Jemma then he'll live them alone.

Jemma reminds Hive/Will that Will said that Hive would do anything to fool her. Hive/Will insists that they don't want her dead.

Daisy tells Fitz that they'll hurt them if they don't stay away, and the next time she'll snap his neck. She then drops Fitz and walks out.

Hive/Will tells Jemma that it's time to let will go. Jemma says that Will is dead, and shoots Hive in the chest. She then runs off.

At the base, Melinda tells Coulson that the base is fortified. He shows her a map of the world with all of Hydra's infrastructure indicated, and invites Melinda to watch. Talbot calls in to say that all units are in launch. The general's airplanes launch missiles at all of the base.

Mack returns to the hotel room and finds Jemma there. She wants to go looking for Fitz, but Mack stops her. As they wait, Jemma explains what happened. She assures Mack that they'll get Daisy back and mentions that Fitz thinks that they're cursed. Mack has figured out that they're involved, and Jemma says that they're relationship is very new. He assures her that it isn't.

Coulson and Melinda watch as Talbot's people eliminate Hydra.

Fitz arrives and Jemma tells him that Mack is at the Quinjet. They kiss and start to undress, and Fitz points out that her hands are cold. He says that he'll handle it and they end up on the bed.

Hive and his people meet with Radcliffe, and Hive says that Radcliffe has evolved to the closest things the humans have to the Kree. He tells Radcliffe that they're one organism seeking change, and the doctor is going to help them redefine humanity by recreating the Kree experiment that was done to him. He nods to the town around them and says that he bought it all.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 27, 2016

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