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The Dying Shame Recap

At Cameron's apartment, Cameron and Nina plays movie trivia. Cameron's alarm goes off and he realizes that they pulled an all-nighter. They kiss and Nina invites Cameron over to her place that night. He hesitates and says that he has to get ready for work, and apologizes for giving her mixed signals. Nina says that it would be nice,

A woman, Mei Ling, wakes up next to an empty bottle of alcohol and staggers into the next room. Another woman, Coco Soo, is lying dead on the floor.

At home, Kirsten is calling Elizabeth Browns, trying to get a lead on her father Daniel. She doesn't have any luck. Camille suggests that she take a break, but Kirsten insists that she's fine. Despite that, Camille says that they need to go to work.

At the lab, Maggie briefs the team on Coco's death. Linus recognizes Coco as the biggest pop star in China. She was in LA for the first leg of her first U.S. tour. Mei, Coco's bodyguard, was apparently passed out and possibly drunk during the murder. Chinese authorities are en route to pick up Coco's body for her husband Liang Soo, a billionaire industrialist who bankrolled Coco's career. They also plan to arrest Mei for failing to protect her client. They have to find Coco's killer and prevent an international incident.

Nina texts Cameron and Kirsten assures him that he can talk about Nina around her. She insists that they're friends and she's cool with it, and Cameron suggests that they should meet. Kirsten says that she's using all of her spare time to track down Daniel, and Cameron suggests that the recurring memory of the boy in the red cap keeps showing up because of her obsession. He warns that if the things get serious then he'll have to talk to Maggie about it, and Kirsten agrees to cook for Cameron and Nina at dinner that night.

Linus approaches Camille and asks if everything is okay since she's been distracted recently. She claims that she wants me time after dealing with Theo, and Linus suggests that they get together soon. Once he leaves, Maggie approaches Camille and suggests that Camille's assignment is taking an emotional toll on Linus. Camille figures that she's put in too much time grooming Liam to stop now.

The team Stitches into Coco's memories. Kirsten sees Coco on stage performing. Afterward, a paparazzi photographer shows her a photo of herself with an older man. The man demands $200,000, and Mei lead Coco off. Coco speaks to her bodyguard in Chinese, asking where she was, and Kirsten understands what she's hearing. Cameron figures that Kirsten is in Coco's mind so she understands what the pop star did.

The team moves Kirsten to the dressing room, and Mei warns Coco that she went out without her protection. Coco tells her to back off, and Kirsten figures that Coco gave Mei the slip. The team moves Kirsten to the memory of the time of death, and Coco knocks on Mei's door and promises to explain sooner. Mei doesn't respond, and when Coco goes in, she finds Mei passed out unconscious on the floor. Someone grabs Coco from behind and Kirsten can't make out his face. They struggle and Coco falls, hitting her head on an end table. As the Chinese man demands to know where "he" is, Kirsten is forced to bounce out of the Stitch.

Kirsten confirms that the man in the photograph wasn't Liang. They figure the photographer had no reason to kill Coco if she could pay him $200,000. Kirsten suggests that Liang sent an assassin to kill Coco and her boyfriend. LAPD is holding Mei until her superiors arrive, and Maggie agrees to have Quincy bring Mei in.

Quincy escorts Mei out of the station, and the bodyguard asks for food. Once he's distracted, Mei handcuffs Quincy to a bike rack with his own handcuffs and runs off.

At the gym, Camille and Liam are sparring. He's impressed with her skill level, and Liam says that he studied with a mentor through grad school. Camille asks for more details, but Liam says that they're not that close and wonders why Camille is so interested. He says that he can't stop thinking about Camille and invites her to dinner that night.

Quincy arrives at the lab and Maggie berates him for letting Mei escape. He insists that he'll get Mei back, and then checks with Kirsten to see if Kirsten saw her talking with anyone. Kirsten is going through photos and spots the photographer. He has a badge identifying him as part of X24, the biggest paparazzi organization in LA.

Once they get the photographer's address, Kirsten and Quincy go to the man's home. He's dead at his desk, and his camera is gone. They hear someone in the back and find Mei there. When they question her back at the base, the team has Alex translate. Mei says that she doesn't know who killed the photographer. The bodyguard points out that Maggie has no authority over her and tells them to arrest her or let her go.

Quincy talks to Mei in private. He knows Mei speaks English and figures that she wants revenge. Mei says that she wants justice because Coco was like a sister to her. she doesn't drink, and Mei figures that someone drugged her water. Quincy points out that the Chinese authorities will be there in 16 hours, and asks Coco who was in the photo. Mei admits that she has no idea who Coco's lover was, and says that Liang was banking on Coco and wouldn't want her dead. She asks Quincy to help her find the killer and he agrees.

A man tries to accesses the photographer's digital files. He calls his superior and says that the files are encrypted, but he's running a program to unscramble them. Once he's done, he'll find De Deshei and it will take about 16 hours. The man then settles down to wait.

Kirsten reaches a woman who says that her daughter Elizabeth died six years ago. The woman hangs up when Kirsten mentions Daniel. Cameron comes in and Kirsten tells him what she found out. He offers to postpone dinner, and Kirsten insists that she wants to do it and goes shopping.

Maggie checks in with Linus and Camille, who report that the camera was missing from the crime scene. The refractory period is up the next morning, and Maggie gives them the night off. Linus invites Camille to dinner, and she claims that she has a test to study for at the library.

Quincy and Mei go to Cameron's apartment and Quincy asks if they can crash there that night because there's only one door. Cameron agrees and meets Nina. They go to Kirsten's place and Cameron warns that Kirsten is socially awkward. Kirsten invites them in and they chat over pancakes. Nina describes how Cameron talks about Kirsten as perfect at everything, and how he likes working with her. Once Nina goes to the bathroom, Cameron asks Kirsten what she thinks of his girlfriend. Kirsten assures him that Nina is great, ad he says that he wants to be sure that Kirsten is good with her. She assures him that she's good with Nina if she makes him happy. Nina sees the wall in Kirsten's room with her investigation into Daniel. Cameron is surprised to see her obsession laid out.

Quincy and Mei order pizza and discuss New York. Mei remembers that New York was the last stop on Coco's tour, and warns that excuses won't matter to Liang. She doesn't know if Coco and Liang were in love, and explain that bodyguards aren't allowed in relationships. Quincy explains that his wife didn't like him being a relentless cop and dropped him. Mei says that he needs to find someone who is more understanding, and Quincy says that he's working on it.

As they leave Kirsten's house, Cameron thanks Nina for coming. She asks if Kirsten approved of her, and Cameron admits that she does. Nina assures him that Kirsten is awesome and hopes to know her better, and Cameron offers to go to her place.

After dinner, Liam walks Camille home. She says that he can leave, and Liam asks if she had a good time. Camille admits that she did, and wonders how Liam could afford an expensive restaurant. He asks if Cameron and Kirsten are still friends, and wonders if Kirsten is seeing someone else. Liam insists that he's just curious and is over Kirsten, and Liam moves in to kiss Camille. She gives in after a moment, but then tells him goodnight and gently pushes him a way.

The next morning, Quincy wakes up on the couch next to Mei.

Cameron arrives at the lab and notices that Linus isn't very thrilled. Kirsten comes in and they wonder where Camille is, and Linus says that Camille said that he had to study. Cameron says that he had a good time and thanks Kirsten, and passes on Nina's apology for going into Kirsten's room. Maggie comes over and realizes that Cameron is chipper because he had sex. They begin the second Stitch and this time Kirsten sees Coco waring a necklace. She picks up a memory of Coco with a gardener at a green house. Kirsten realizes that the man is Coco's father. Linus confirms that the father is De Deshei, and he's in prison in China for inside trading.

De tells Coco that he's innocent, and gives her a jade pendant that belonged to his grandmother. As they talk, Kirsten sees the boy in the red baseball cap. He motions to Kirsten to be quiet. In the Stitch, Kirsten realizes that the boy is a young Cameron. The team loses contact with Kirsten, and Linus detects some errant code. Meanwhile, Young Cameron tells Kirsten not to say anything out loud, and explains that he's a construct built by a friend of hers. The friend cares about Kirsten but can't tell her who it is. The code says that he was designed to look like someone her subconscious trusts. You ng Cameron tells her that there's something waiting on her doorstep, and when she sees it then she'll know who he is. The Stitch reverts to normal, and Kirsten bounces out. They explain that they lost her for 30 seconds, and Kirsten tells them De works at a Chinese nursery in Arcadia.

The killer, Bo Chang, decrypts the photographer's file and realizes that there's a photo of Coco with De.

Quincy tells Mei what the team learned, and explains that the killer was trying to find De through Coco. Mei realizes that if killer finds De then De is dead, and agrees to do things Quincy's way... until it doesn't work.

Bo Chang approaches De and says that he's with the National Police agency. De insists that he's innocent and his partner Zhu Dan Wu framed him. Bo Chang admits that Wu is his boss and takes out a garrote. Quincy and Mei arrive, and Mei attacks Bo Chang. He knocks her down but Quincy comes after Bo Chang and fights him until he goes down. Mei manages to take down Bo Chang, and prepares to break his neck. Quincy tells he to let the killer go, and Mei reluctantly releases him. While Quincy arrests Bo Chang, Mei tells de that she's his bodyguard. Cameron and Kirsten arrive, and Cameron confirms that Bo Chang was supposedly working with an undercover Chinese task force. However, he was actually working for Wu to cover up his employer's insider trading. Kirsten sits with De and offers her condolences, and tells him that Coco knew he was innocent. De wonders how Kirsten knows, and she gives him the pendant and recites what De said in the Stitch.

Quincy tells Mei that she's been cleared of any wrongdoing. Mei blames herself for Coco's death, and Quincy warns her that they'll never win all the time. He advises Mei to forgive herself, and she thanks Quincy for believing in him. The bodyguard suggests that they go out for the dinner the next time she's in LA and they say their goodbyes.

Thatnight at the lab, Cameron says that what Kirsten did for De was nice. He worries that she's all over the place, and asks what happened in the Stitch. Cameron insists that she can be honest with him, but Kirsten says that she can take care of himself and tells him to go to Nina.

Camille leaves Maggie's office and Linus tells her that he knows she wasn't at the library. She claims that she was in a private study room, and Linus asks her if she was there. Camille admits that she wasn't and Linus walks off.

Camille arrives home and finds a package on her doorstep. She opens it and discovers that it has Coco's album. There's a letter with De's words on it, and Kirsten realizes that whoever sent the package was in the Stitch.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 27, 2016

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