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The Taming of the Wu Recap

Nothing is so painful to the human mind as a great and sudden change.

At the hospital, a doctor is examining Wu when Nick and Hank come in. She tells them that the MRI is clear but Wu had a concussion, so they’re going to keep him a little longer. Once the doctor leaves, Wu says that he remembers the perp move toward Monroe. The next thing he knows, he’s at the hospital. Nick points out that the perp was going to run Nick over. Once the detectives leave, they admit that they’re worried about Wu and figure they’ll keep an eye on him. As they leave, a young man walks past them and looks in on the sleeping Wu. He then calls and says that Wu is in the hospital.

Meisner goes to a home and the security lights automatically come on. Inside, Meisner finds dead men on the floor and the place torn up. In the next room, he and finds a children’s room with drawings of hexenbiest. The Black Claw mark is on the wall. A man comes in Meisner asks where Diana is. The newcomer woges and attacks Meisner, and the two Wesen fight. As the Wesen moves in for the kill, Trubel cuts off his hand and then stabs him in the chest, killing him. She apo9logizes to Meisner for running late, and they take the severed hand for identification. Before he goes, Meisner finds a photo of Diana on the floor and figures that it’s going to get ugly.

At the empty warehouse, Renard looks on as Adalind checks out Diana. Diana insists that Adalind comes with them, and her eyes glow blue. Renard says that they’re working on it but Adalind has to do a couple of things first. The windows starts to vibrate and Renard tries to calm Diana down. When that fails, Adalind convinces Diana to settle down. The girl leads Renard off and the Black Claw agents go with them.

Hank has another dinner with Zuri and afterward they kiss.

Renard takes Diana to the Black Claw safehouse and tucks her into bed. She says that she misses her mother, and Renard assures her that Adalind misses her. Downstairs, Renard meets with Conrad Bonaparte, who arrived early after he heard what happened with Diana. Bonaparte insists that Adalind join them whether she wants to or not, and warns that if she chooses Nick then they’ll have to kill her. He figures that Diana won’t understand everything, but will trust her mother and father. Bonaparte points out that Renard works with Nick, and Renard says that won’t last long if Adalind comes with him. Renard wonders why Nick would align himself with Black Claw, and Bonaparte says that they have a place for him... and because there is no other choice.

At the bunker, Adalind wakes up and sees Diana standing next to her bedroom, calling to her. Diana disappears, and Adalind finds Nick taking care of Kelly. Adalind takes the baby and takes him back to his crib, and then tells Nick that she has something to tell him. She demonstrates her restored Adalind powers and realizes that Nick already knew, and explains that she got too scared to tell him earlier. Nick takes her hand and reminds her that he said that he’d never hurt her. He says that he’d never deprive Kelly of his mother, and Adalind insists that she’d never hurt Nick. However, she’s worried that the world won’t leave them alone.

As a nurse checks on Wu, he dreams of when he transformed after he was scratched by the lycanthrope. He starts to transform and the nurse runs out, screaming. Wu wakes up and growls. When the nurse returns with the doctor, Wu is gone. However, he comes out of the bathroom and asks if everything is okay.

The next morning, Hank wakes up next to Zuri in bed. She wonders if he’s okay with dating a Wesen, and Hank assures her that he is. Zuri admits that part of her concern was that Hank is friends with a Grimm, and Hank tells her that Nick has no reason to hurt her. She says that she’d like to have a more normal introduction to Nick and Hank agrees. And then goes to make breakfast for them.

Later, Hank and Nick go to the hospital. The doctor tells them and Wu that his temperature and blood pressure are lower than normal. However, Wu is stable so they’re letting him out at after 24 hours. Nick and Hank take him home. They stop for burgers and Wu scarfs them down. When they get to his apartment, he describes his nightmare about running through the forest. Nick tells him to call Rosalee if he keeps dreaming, and the detectives leave.

At the bunker, Adalind is working when she sees another projection of Diana outside the window. Diana says that she wants Adalind to come home and then disappears, and Adalind clutches at her head in pain.

At the HC base in her room, Eve clutches at her head in pain and hears Diana calling to her. She sees Diana, who says that Eve isn’t her mother. The nearby window cracks, forming a vaguely skull-like visage. Meisner and Trubel arrive and tell her what happened, and Eve says that Black Claw brought Diana there for Adalind. She explains that she just connected with Adalind, and shows them the mirror. Eve figures that she’s connected to Diana because of Adalind and her transforming into each other. Trubel says that she has to tell Nick.

Wu is at home eating and watching an ad for Renard. He looks outside and sees the guy from the hospital watching him from a truck. When Wu is unable to get a jar of mustard open, he bangs it on the counter and breaks it, cutting his hand. It starts to transform and Wu concentrates. After a moment it reverts back to normal.

Trubel calls Nick and says that they need to talk in person, and asks Nick to bring Hank. Once she hangs up, Nick tells Hank and they head out.

At the spice shop, Rosalee receives a call from Wu. He asks if he can come by and Rosalee agrees. Once she hangs up, Rosalee tells Monroe that something is bothering Wu and he’s coming by.

Adalind is at the law office when Harrison brings Bonaparte in and introduces him as an important client. Harrison leaves them to chat and Bonaparte says that he lost both of his parents at a young age. He knows that Adalind’s son is named Kelly, and tells her that her future is with Black Claw, not Nick. Bonaparte says that she has to make a decision by the end of the day and leaves

Wu goes to his car and sees the truck across the street. He walks past the truck and the guy, Theo Delano, follows him into an alleyway. The sergeant confronts him and threatens to impound Theo’s truck. Theo woges and attacks Wu.

Nick and Hank arrive at the HW base and Meisner tells them that Black Claw has Diana. They figure that Black Claw may take Kelly to control Adalind, and Meisner says that they can stop them if they find Diana. Hank gets a call about a body, and Nick tells them to do what they have to go. As the detectives go, Eve promises to try and keep Kelly safe but warns that Adalind may no longer be in control.

The detectives arrive at the alley and Franco tells them that the vic was Theo, and someone tore out his throat. Rosalee calls Nick and asks if Wu is with him. When he confirms that Wu isn’t, Rosalee says that he was coming right over but never showed up. Nick says that they’re near Wu’s apartment and will check on him, and then tells Hank what happened.

At Wu’s apartment, Nick and Hank find the door open and a bloody handprint on it. They go and find Wu unconscious on the bed, covered in blood. He wakes up and he has no idea what happened with Theo. Wu figures that someone attacked him and complains about a headache, and says that he saw something when he was going to his call. Thinking, he remembers seeing Theo and the Wesen attacking him in his true form. The detectives tell Wu that Theo is dead, and Wu wonders if he killed him. They assure Wu that they’re not there to arrest him, figuring it was self-defense, and explain that Theo’s throat was torn out.

The trio goes to the crime scene and Wu stares at Theo’s body. He confirms that Theo attacked him and takes them to the truck. There’s a piece of paper with Wu’s address on it, and Nick suggests that Theo was with Black Claw. As Nick texts Trubel to see if Theo is in HW’s database, Wu figures that something is happening to him. They go to the spice shop and Zuri calls Hank. He says that he’ll be over but it’s late. Once Zuri hangs up, she tells Bonaparte that Hank will be there.

That night at the bunker, Adalind holds Kelly and wonders what to do. Renard calls and tells her that she’s run out of time. Adalind is unaware that Diana is speaking using Renard’s voice.

Wu tells Rosalee and Monroe about his dreams, and still can’t remember what happened with Theo. Rosalee says that they have a potion that will help him remember, but warns that it will drag up the worst images from Wu’s subconscious. He drinks the potion and they have him lie down, and Wu passes out. The sergeant starts talking as he accesses his subconscious, He describes Theo attacking him and then woging and ripping out Theo’s throat. Wu starts to woge and Monroe records it. The memories fade and Wu reverts back to normal. Monroe confirms that Wu’s not a Wesen, and Rosalee figures it has to do with the Blutbad lycanthrope. She remembers reading that the genetic mutation was caused by a viral infection, and Wu may have caught the virus.

Wu wakes up and consciously remembers killing Theo, and Monroe plays the video back for him. Rosalee explains about how the lycanthrope attacked him and Wu confirms that it scratched him. They assure him that he’s not Wesen, and figure that it’s an emotional response. Rosalee doesn’t know how to stop it but says that they’ll look for a way to stop it, and suggests that Wu stay with them and keep calm. Wu thanks them but says that it’s his responsibility and he’d better learn how to control it.

Trubel calls and says that Theo joined Black Claw six months ago. She wonders where Theo is, and Nick tells her that it’s dead. Eve takes the phone and tells him that something is going on with Adalind, and he should head home.

Hank goes to Zuri’s house and she immediately kisses him.

Nick arrives at the bunker and discovers that Adalind and Kelly are gone. There’s a note on the table from Adalind, apologizing to Nick for what she’s done but insisting that she’s protecting her children. The writing magically disappears.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 30, 2016

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