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Diggin' Up Bones Recap

Wynonna dreams of running through her house, Willa calling her name. Wynonna looks up the stairs and sees Willa there, and Willa addresses Wynonna as Willa. Willa points out that Wynonna is wearing Willa’s dress, and Wynonna insists that she’s alive and her sister is dead. When Wynonna looks up, Willa is gone. There’s a hole in the ceiling and storm clouds gather overhead. Willa’s voice rings out, telling Wynonna to get them, and Wynonna points to the skeletons of the dead revenants at her feet. Willa says that she hasn’t killed all of them, and reminds her that she couldn’t save their father.

Wynonna wakes up and Waverly gets her a glass of water. She warns her older sister that she can’t keep killing people and pretend it doesn’t matter. Waverly notes that Wynonna called out Willa’s name, and admits that she misses their older sister. Wynonna figures that once she sends all 77 revenants back to Hell then they can remember their sister without the sadness.

What’s left of Levi chews off his own foot and crawls back to the trailer park.

The next day, Wynonna goes to the sheriff’s station and finds Xavier exercising with his shirt removed. He explains that the thermostat is out and the furnace won’t off, and tells Wynonna that she’s coming with him to meet Purgatory’s city manager. The man is a judge and decides who is the law, and can shut down the Black Bridge division in Purgatory. Wynonna agrees and winces when Xavier says that the man is Judge Cryderman.

In Cryderman’s office, Cryderman demands to know what Xavier is doing there. He reminds them that the Crydermans have been in Purgatory for over 140 years, and Wynonna points out all of the criminals in town. She asks him if he keeps tabs on Bobo, and Xavier says that the head revenant recently received a crate. Cryderman points out that it could be anything and doesn’t like trouble during duck season, and Xavier offers to go duck hunting with him if he gives them the chance to prove Bobo is up to no good. The judge agrees to send a warrant over and says that he’s glad the dead rest easy and Ward doesn’t have to see what Wynonna has become.

Back at the station, Xavier is satisfied that they have a search warrant. He points out that they can’t kill Bobo at the park because there’s plenty of human witnesses. If the event goes viral then the government willhave to bomb the town. Xavier says that they’ll use local law officials, Waverly will stake out the place, and Doc will see if he recognizes anyone from the old days.

Waverly watches the park and notes that the place is emptier than usual. Meanwhile, Xavier and Wynonna search Bobo’s bus where he lives. After Xavier has an officer take Bobo out, Wynonna wonders why they’re not finding any evidence against Bobo. Xavier says that it’s time to regroup, but Wynonna figures that there’s something wrong.

Levicrawls toward the park, screaming for Doc to die.

Xavier asks Bobo about the crate, and Bobo claims he doesn’t have it. Bobo refuses to go downtown, and insults Wynonna. She climbs up on a car and fires a shot into the air, and says that she wants the remaining two members of the Seven. Xavier orders her to get down, and Bobo orders his men to go after her. Wynonna takes them on and Bobo warns Xavier that there’ll be no mercy for him as his eyes glow red. As Xavier leads Bobo away, Bobo sees Waverly and smiles at her. As Xavier gets Bobo in the car, Wynonna gets in her truck... unaware that a revenant is under her truck.

Back at the station, Xavier tallies the charges against Bobo. He warns that none of them will stick against Bobo, and now Xavier has to cover for Wynonna. Wynonna tells him to let her do things her way, and Xavier points out that isn’t working. He goes to talk to Cryderman, and tells Wynonna to stay behind. She figures that someone tipped Bobo off, which is why the trailer park was so empty.

Waverly goes into the interrogation room with Bobo and asks him who told him she was watching them. Bobo shoves her a chair and tells her to sit, and Waverly reluctantly does so. She asks him why he chose her to manipulate when she was young and weak, and Bobo assures her that she was never weak. He insists that he chose her because she was angry. Waverly denies it, and Bobo warns her that she has depths that neither of them know.

Wynonna comes in and orders Waverly out. Once she leaves, Wynonna turns off the camera and shutters the one-way mirror. When Bobo insults her, Wynonna thanks him for making it so easy and draws the Peacemaker. Bobo pulls the gun across the room to his hand and says that she’s a hot mess. He aims the Peacemaker at her despite the fact that it’s burning his hand, and promises that everyone she loves will soon be in agony. Bobo puts the gun down and Wynonna picks it up as Constance Clootie comes in. She has an officer release Bobo and they walk out together.

As Wynonna walks out, she sees Doc waiting on the streets and goes past him to her truck. A revenant, Fish, puts a knife to her throat and demands her phone. Once she hands it over, Fish tells her to drive and Wynonna takes off. Waverly comes out and sees Wynonna leaves, and prepares to drive after her. Doc gets in the jeep and they head out.

Cryderman warns Xavier that Bobo and his lawyers are threatening to sue for unreasonable search and seizure. Xavier asks what he can do, and Cryderman tells him to draft an apology and bring Wynonna. The judge says that he won’t sign another warrant unless there’s something there, and Xavier insists that there was something there but Bobo was a step ahead of them. He threatens to go over Cryderman’s head, but Cryderman warns that Xavier’s superiors have been calling him. He gives Xavier a name and asks what he should tell them.

Wynonna drives to the outskirts of Purgatory and Waverly pulls in front of her. Taking advantage of the distraction, Wynonna gets out and orders Fish to give the names of the remaining Seven. Fish says that he doesn’t know the names, but he has a photo of the Seven with Wyatt’s body. Doc greets Fish by name and hugs him.

At the barn, Constance warns Bobo that he doesn’t call her to deal with his petty problems. She kisses him and then shoves him away. Stone says that they call to her and won’t stop, and Bobo promises her that they’re getting close. When he mocks her, asking if he should call her by her real name or her alias, Constance tortures him with a magical gesture and then asks him what’s going on with the Earps. She magically forces him to lick her high-heel shoe.

At the saloon, Fish and Doc have drinks as Wynonna looks on. Doc explains that he’s not a revenant, and Wynonna sends him to get a drink. Once they’re alone, Wynonna asks about the photo. Fish says that he saw her stand up to Bobo at the trailer park and knew she could help him. He admits that he got caught up in a scheme that involved a lover, a male photographer. They promised that if they were ever struck down by the Peacemaker, then they’d meet at the same time and place after regenerating. Fish went to the park and discovered that his lover struck a deal with Bobo that went bad. He needs to know if his lover is okay, and agrees to Wynonna shooting him once they’re done. Fish assures Wynonna that his man took hunting photos of the Seven with their trophies: the heirs. Wynonna agrees to help Fish in return for his help, and he tells her to talk to Vinnie at a shack.

As Wynonna leaves, Doc asks her what happened. He knows Vinnie and warns that he doesn’t give up information so easily. Doc warns that hurting and killing are two different things, and Wynonna says that she’s got it. He tells Doc to keep an eye on Fish and gut him if she dies.

Wynonna tracks down Vinnie in the middle of his bath and ties him up. She asks where the photographer is, and Vinnie refuses to talk. As Wynonna picks up a hook, Ward apparently speaks through Vinnie, telling her to enjoy herself because they live for vengeance. She realizes that it’s a trick and jams the hook through Vinnie’s finger. Vinnie continues to taunt her, but finally breaks when Wynonna threatens to put the hook in his eye. He says that Bobo had Doc take the photographer—Levi-- across the line at Hellsgate to torture him, and says that they won’t stop until Wynonna is dead like Willa. Getting hold of herself, Wynonna steps back and shoots Vinnie with the Peacemaker.

Back at the saloon, Wynonna tells Doc and Fish what she learned. She wants the photo first, and Fish admits that they have to commit a B&E into the basement of the civic building to get it. Wynonna figures she can seduce the workers and heads to the basement, only to realize that they’re women. She calls Doc in and he does better.

Xavier apologizes to Constance, but she tells Cryderman that she needs Wynonna there. Cryderman says that they can’t be held responsible for every halfwit, and Xavier says that Wynonna won’t give up. He hints that Cryderman is a child abuser, but before the judge can set into him, an alarm goes off calling for a carbon monoxide evacuation. As they go, Cryderman warns Xavier that he has some phone calls to make to his superiors. Xavier tells him to do what he likes.

Wynonna finds the security guard, Dickenson, and tries to get him to leave. He figures that it’s better not to trust an Earp, and Fish knocks him out from behind.

Doc enters the Black Badge office, and Constance comes in behind him. She paralyzes him with a gesture and mutters in Latin, and then disappears. Freed of the spell, Doc draws his gun and then looks around.

Wynonna and Fish grab the boxes with the negatives, and Xavier finds them. He reluctantly lets them go and they run.

At the trailer park, Waverly takes photos of Bobo and his men moving the crate.

At the saloon, Wynonna goes through the negatives and warns that they have to find someone to develop them. Fish begs her to rescue Levi, and Wynonna reluctantly agrees. When she mentions Levi’s name, Doc reacts and Wynonna realizes that what Vinnie said was true. Doc warns her that Levi was mixed up with Killer Miller and leaves.

Later, Wynonna, Doc, and Fish drive to Hellsgate. She and Doc cross the line, and Doc warns that what happens to revenants that cross the line isn’t pretty. There’s nothing there but Levi’s severed foot, and Doc insists that it wasn’t his idea to leave the revenant there. He explains that Bobo wanted to make an example of Levi and Doc wasn’t in a position to refuse. Levi asks what’s happened, and Doc goes back to his friend.

The trio takes the only route back to the park looking for Levi. Wynonna hears Levi moaning and calls Fish over. Levi is sprawled on the ground, sobbing in pain. Fish holds his lover and wonders what he did wrong this time. He then tells Doc that vengeance is hollow and says that he always knew Levi would come to a bad end. He doesn’t want to live waiting for the heir to gun him down, and figures that Wynonna will break the curse... for all of them. Wynonna ends the Peacemaker and shoots them both dead.

Constance goes back to her to the building at the park and croons to two skeletons. Bobo comes in and Constance begs him to let her take them. He grabs her and reminds Constance that she’s been saying for years that she’d get them out. Constance asks when Bobo was going to tell her that Doc is back, and Bobo wonders when she was going to tell him that Doc scares her.

As Doc and Wynonna head back, Doc insists that Wynonna did the wrong thing. She tells him that she needed to know that the revenants that they’re killing are people, and Doc says that when he was trapped in the well, he kept going because of thoughts of revenge against Constance. Doc explains that he saw Constance earlier and he couldn’t do anything against her. He knew what would happen to Levi and staked him anyway, and would stake a hundred more to destroy Constance. Wynonna insists that she needs a code or she’ll end up like Doc, and Doc says that she’s already just like him. They then kiss and Wynonna insists that they can’t. Doc tells her to say it after and they make love.

Later at the station, Xavier is developing the negatives when Wynonna comes in. She thanks him for his help and says that Fish wasn’t terrible. When she killed him, she felt better and figures that she has to offer each revenant she kills the chance to make peace first. Xavier agrees as long as they’re pulling in the same direction, and shows her a photo of Wynonna and her daughter as children. He promises to call her as soon as he finds the photos of the Seven.

Xavier develops a photo of the Seven with a dead Earp, and vaguely remembers seeing it before.

In Cryderman’s office, the same photo sits on the wall.

Written by Gadfly on Apr 30, 2016

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