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Wrath of the Villains: Azrael Recap

Theo scratches at the walls, painting them with blood and calling on Dumas to protect him. He then clutches at his head and begs to his sister to talk to him. Hugo admits that there's been no improvement in Theo's condition since he woke up, but is impressed with his altered condition. He tells Peabody that Theo has been writing from a book, The Will and Order of St. Dumas. Theo is trying to rebuild himself, but he's drawing on the wrong parts.

Jim arrives to see Hugo in his office. He explains that a client has hired him to look into something, and shows Hugo a photo of Karen. Jim explains that Karen was a test subject at Pinewood Farms, and mentioned that Hugo was involved. Hugo says that Thomas Wayne started Pinewood to cure human ailments at the genetic level. He insists that he was just a researcher, and Jim expresses surprise that a man with his expertise was a mere researcher. Hugo sticks to his story and says that Thomas compartmentalized all of the research. Thomas lied to all of them, and Hugo insists that he was one of the ones who forced Thomas to shut down the project. Jim suggests that Hugo ran Pinewood and restarted the program, and Hugo asks him why he's really there. He points out that Gotham has turned its back on Jim, and points out that Jim is no longer a police officer. Hugo repeats his question, and Jim says that he has a client. Hugo figures that Bruce hired him, and points out that Jim has lost everything. He figures that Jim is doing it for himself, and points out when Jim is lying when he denies it.

Jim asks about Victor, and points out that he saw him the night before. Hugo insists that it's impossible, and Jim gives him a court order from Dent granting permission to exhume Victor's body. The doctor says that Victor was cremated, and Jim thanks him. When Hugo wonders for what, Jim says that he can tell that he's lying and now he's sure that Hugo is behind it. Once Jim leaves, Hugo confirms that the warrant envelope is empty and Jim was bluffing.

In the common area, Aaron takes offense when one of the patients, Rudy, calls him fat. Edward intervenes and manages to calm Aaron down, and says that he can see the ghost that is supposedly possessing Rudy. He lectures the "ghost" and convinces Aaron that Lucy made Rudy say that Aaron was fat. Aaron apologizes as Jim walks by, and Edward notices him. He calls to Jim and says that he'll be out soon, and Jim reminds him that he beat him before leaving. Peabody and Hugo go by, discussing Jim's potential as a nuisance. Edward speaks up and says that he can help Hugo take Jim down. Hugo figures that Edward can't help him, but Edward says that he manipulated Jim before and can do it again. He points out how he manipulates the other patients, and says that everyone has a story. Hugo says that Edward's been helpful and walks off.

In his office, Hugo goes through The Will and tells Peabody that he has the key to Theo. He wants to give Theo a great heroic story. Hugo finds a reference to the Order's patron saint, Azrael, and enters the operation room despite Peabody's warnings. Theo grabs Hugo and slams him into the wall, and Hugo tells Peabody not to interfere. When Theo chokes him, Hugo calls him "son" and asks if he has forgotten the code. Theo releases him, and Hugo says that he's his father. He tells Theo that demons took him to the land of the dead and bewitched his soul, and Hugo brought him back to life. Theo wonders what his name is, and tries to remember his life. Hugo says that it's part of the bewitchment and tells Theo that his destiny is to rise and serve the Order as Azrael. Theo accepts that he is Azrael and hails Hugo as Lord Dumas, asking for commands.

At Wayne Manor, Bruce looks at the photo of Hugo with Thomas. Jim is there with Harvey, and Jim wars that the evidence is too tenuous for a warrant. Bruce is furious that they're still following by the rules, and Jim talks to the boy privately. Once Harvey leaves, Jim says that they need to do the right thing. Bruce reminds Jim that doing the right thing failed with Theo, and now Hugo is doing the same thing. He figures that they need to do what Jim did to Theo because of the red tape. Jim reminds Bruce that he killed a man in cold blood, and it was the wrong choice. He warns the boy that he'll pay for it over and over, and make him more like the evil he's trying to be better. Jim insists that Bruce needs to be better, and tells him to hold out a little bit longer so they can get Barnes to sign a warrant against Hugo.

At Arkham, Theo undergoes brainwashing. Hugo tells Peabody that thanks to him, Theo now has a greater context to deal with his rebirth. Now Theo thinks that he's Azrael, a 12th century knight who died serving Lord Adam Dumas. According to the legend, Dumas brought Azrael back to life. Hugo figures that their patients need new personas to give their minds focus. He tells Peabody that they'll test to see if the new persona holds by sending Azrael out with a simple task to perform.

In the common area, Peabody tells Aaron to come with her. The orderlies lead him away and Edward jams the door with a newspaper as they leave. He then slips out and goes to investigate the hallway where Hugo is working. Edward follows Peabody and Aaron, but they disappear into a dead-end.

Down below, the orderlies shove Aaron into the reanimation lab and lock him in. More orderlies bring in a metal case and Hugo tells Theo that Aaron is a demon. He says that the case gives him everything he needs to destroy Aaron, and Theo knocks Aaron unconscious with it. Hugo has him open the chest, and Theo finds the Sword of Sin. He asks what he must do, and Hugo tells him that a murderer walks the streets and must be destroyed: Jim. Theo pledges that Jim will die that night.

Barnes meets with the press at a construction site. It is the scene of a mass murder. Jim, Harvey, and Bruce arrive, and Barnes goes over to accuse Jim of busting Karen out. He has his men escort Jim away, and Bruce asks Barnes to hear him out. He asks if Barnes is through listening to the truth, and Barnes agrees to give Jim three minutes to make his case.

At Arkham, Edward has the other patients gather what he needs. They failed to get the bug zapper he needs, and Edward explains that Hugo is hiding a secret way out of Arkham. He's going to us the items to find it so that they can leave.

Jim tells Barnes what Hugo is doing. Barnes doesn't believe it, and Jim says that he's too angry to believe the truth. They hear someone moving in the shadows, and Azrael steps out. He tells Jim that the time for his penance has gone, and says that he is the righteous scourge of sinners. Azrael draws a sword and the two men draw their guns. Azrael ducks into the shadows, evading their gunfire, and then doubles back and kicks Barnes unconscious. As he advances on Jim, Harvey and the other officers arrive and open fire. The bullets bounce off of Azrael's armor, and Azrael escapes as Bruce watches.

Later in Barnes' office, the captain demands answers. Jim insists that Hugo is responsible, but Barnes doesn't believe him. Bruce asks what Barnes is doing about it, and Barnes says that he's going to assemble a strike force and dragnet the city for Azrael. He tells Bruce to go home, and Jim agrees. Bruce says that it's his business, but Jim says that he can't make the moves that he needs to if he's looking after Bruce as well.

Oswald enters the manor dining room and says hello to Grace's corpse. He then turns on the TV and watches a news report about Azrael.

Azrael comes to a mayoral poster of when he was running, and remembers Tabitha and then Jim shooting him.

Barnes tells his officers that they're going to comb the city and find Azrael. Jim prepares to go with them, and Barnes tells him that he's staying in the station house for his own protection. When Jim points out that he's not a cop anymore, Barnes arrests him for breaking Karen out of GCPD custody. Two officers take him to a cell.

Hugo walks through Arkham, considering what stories to choose for his patients. He tells Peabody to install more personas in the patients, and reads from Alice in Wonderland.

Barnes tells Jim that there's no news for the search, and insists that he's locked up for his own good. Jim says that breaking the law is necessary sometimes, and Barnes says that a sea of evil is flooding Gotham. The lights go out and Azrael breaks in through the window. Barnes draws his gun and orders Azrael to step forward. Azrael insists that he is tasked with killing Jim, and tells him to have his men stand aside so he can punish Jim. When Barnes refuses, Azrael takes out the other officers one by one. The captain has an officer release Jim, but Azrael attacks Jim and shoots down two more officers. He runs out of bullets before he can shoot Jim, and kicks him away. Barnes tackles Azrael and shoots him repeatedly in the chest. Azrael shrugs off the impacts on his armor, and Barnes tells Jim to get a bigger gun while he lures Azrael up the stairs.

On the roof, Barnes barricades the door and Azrael soon smashes through. He demands that Barnes tell him where Jim is, and offers him a painless death in return. Barnes refuses and grabs a pipe, and the two fight, Azrael's sword shatters on the pipe, and Azrael stares at it in disbelief. Barnes beats him down and knocks off Theo's mask, and realizes that it's Theo. Theo stabs him with the broken sword, just as Jim arrives and sees Theo's face. Jim tries to shoot himbut Theo runs off. As he reaches the edge of the roof, Jim hits him repeatedly and Theo falls off the roof. He slams onto a news van below and the cameras capture his face as he runs off.

Jim goes to Barnes and tells him to hold on.

As the EMTs take Barnes away, Jim tells Harvey that Azrael is Theo.

At Drew's manor, Barbara flips through channels as Butch and Tabitha watch. Butch finally tells her to stop but she continues until he takes the remote away. Tabitha tells Barbara to relax, and Barbara goes to make cocktails. Once they're alone, Tabitha insists that Barbara is harmless. Butch doesn't believe it. Barbara comes back with a cleaver and asks if they have limes, just as Tabitha sees Theo on the news and realizes that her brother is alive.

Oswald watches the news and smiles when he realizes that his "old friend" is alive.

Bruce and Alfred watch the news, and Alfred insists that Theo couldn't have come back to life. The boy figures that Hugo is responsible, and warns Alfred that nothing good is happening to their city.

At Arkham, Edward goes to the dead-end hallway and uses ammonia and the UV bug zapper to find the hidden elevator. He takes it down to the hidden lab and hears the prisoners howling.

As Jim walks away, he hesitates and then goes on. On a bridge high above, Azrael watches him go.

Written by Gadfly on May 3, 2016

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