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Pretty Little Lawyers Recap

Kirsten is in her room working on her board and adds the note she received after the end of the last Stitch. Camille goes by and notices what she's doing, and wonders what happens when Kirsten runs out of wall space. Kirsten figures that she'll have found Daniel by then, and tells Camille to go bed by then.

At a law firm, Randall Cooke sees a first-year associate, Anna Parker, sitting at a table in her office. He wonders why she's there late and goes in, and discovers that Anna is dead.

The next day, Quincy meets with Maggie at the firm and she explains that the law firm deals with government business concerning foreign countries and billion-dollar corporations. A senior partner, Sam Lewis, sees Maggie and hails her by name. She's surprised to see him, and he says that he's heard that she's with the NSA. Maggie introduces Sam to Quincy as a friend. Sam says that Anna was bright and dedicated, and didn't have problems with anyone that he knew of. Before Sam goes, he tells Maggie that it was good to see her despite the circumstances.

At Cameron's apartment, Nina tells Cameron that she's missed too many opportunities in the past and didn't want to miss him. Cameron warns that if she keeps talking like that then he might fall in love with her, and they kiss. He gets a text summoning him to the lab and says that he'll meet Nina for breakfast, and heads out.

As the team prepares for Anna's Stitch, Camille admits to Linus that she misled him. She insists that it has nothing to do with him, and he wonders who it does involve. Linus tells her to forget about it and goes back to work. Maggie sees them talking and asks Camille if there's a problem, and Camille says that there isn't. Meanwhile, Cameron has Ayo check Kirsten's health because she won't tell him what's been happening to her in the last few Stitches. Kirsten insists that she's fine, but Cameron points out that she's been seeing a young boy in every Stitch. She tells Cameron that they should get to work, and the team begins the Stitch.

Kirsten finds herself watching as Anna meets with four lawyers at the firm. They go over the case files on Fugate vs. Newberry Automotive. Newberry's electrical battery overheated, injuring a mother and three children. The case is a personal injury lawsuit and the firm is defending Newberry. Sam comes in to thank Anna for the prep, and assures the other lawyers that they'll get their chance. Kirsten figures that Anna was Sam's favorite and the other lawyers didn't like it. Afterward, Anna shows Sam a memo from Bonnie Newberry the production engineer. She knew that the electric batteries were dangerous but the company couldn't afford the modifications to make them safe. Sam congratulates Anna but says that they can't tell Newberry how to run their business and make the battery safe.

In a later memory, Anna is working alone when Sam comes in with Bonnie. She wants to see the memo and Anna says that Sam took it with him. Sam finds it in Anna's files but dismisses it as an oversight on her part, and Anna tells Bonnie that she has to recall the batteries. Bonnie takes offense and orders Sam to take Anna off the case, and Sam objects. As Kirsten watches, Young Cameron appears and asks if she believes in him. Linus picks up the anomaly and tries to trace it. Meanwhile, Kirsten asks Young Cameron what he wants. With time running out, the team moves Kirsten to the death memory. She sees Anna taking a drink and then dying, and Kirsten bounces and tells the others what she saw. Maggie figures that Anna was poisoned. Camille has researched Bonnie and confirmed that has left a figurative string of bodies on her rise through the auto industry. The team wonders if Bonnie took other steps when Sam refused to take Anna off the case.

Later at the firm, Kirsten and Maggie question Bonnie as Sam looks on. Bonnie insists that Anna was a lovely girl, and Kirsten asks her where she was when Anna was murdered. Sam objects but Bonnie is glad to answer. The engineer says that she was home with dinner guests. Maggie asks if Bonnie was happy with Anna's work, and Bonnie says that she was. Kirsten makes it clear that she doesn't believe her, and Sam cuts off the questioning. Later, Sam complains to Maggie that Kirsten blind-sided him. He warns that his obligation is to protect Bonnie, and insists that she's innocent. When Sam complains that it wasn't cool, Maggie points out that he's back to the hard-ass she used to know. Sam wonders how she knew about Bonnie and Anna arguing, pointing out that she has an obligation to share any evidence with him. Maggie says that Anna didn't tell her anything and Sam offers her any files that she needs... but warns that Bonnie is now off-limits to Maggie.

As Cameron and Kirsten get coffee, he points out that she's having a second cup and wonders why she's so ragged. Kirsten complains that he's judging her, and Cameron assures her that she can still talk to her about anything and nothing will change that. Quincy, Linus, and Camille arrive and tell them that Anna's tox screen came back. She was poisoned with oleander and it was most likely administered in liquid form. Quincy points out that the tea that Kirsten reported Anna drinking wasn't at the crime scene, and they figure the killer removed it. They split up to talk to the four lawyers Anna worked with.

Kirsten talks with Christine, who says that she and Anna were work friends and nothing more. Christine gets a call that her nanny is taking her baby to the park. Meanwhile, Cameron waits in Randall's office and accidentally breaks his shelf of baseball memorabilia.

Camille talks to Jen, who is busy working and says that she was too focused on her work to pay attention to what was happening with Anna. Jen starts texting and refuses to give Camille any straight answers. Meanwhile, Linus talks to the fourth lawyer, Morgan. All that he's allowed to say is that he was working with Anna on the Newberry case. He refuses to say anything else.

Randall finally arrives and talks to Cameron.

Once she's done texting her nanny, Christine asks Kirsten if she's married.

Camille finally tells Jen to stop texting, and asks if Anna was making an end-run around Bonnie. Jen would rather talk about how Camille just threatened her.

Cameron asks Randall if Anna wanted Newberry to settle. Randall wants to know who his source is. All of the lawyers say that they've signed confidentiality agreements and are not at liberty to discuss the case.

The team meets back up and admit that they didn't get anything from the lawyers. Maggie tells them to calm down, and Camille tells her boss that she has research to do. Linus watches her go as Cameron says that they can't do the second Stitch until the next morning. Sam arrives and tells Maggie that he has the record ready, and she tells Kirsten to go over it. Cameron says that he has dinner plans with Nina and Kirsten assures him that they've got it. Linus reluctantly agrees and Cameron takes off. Linus and Kirsten find themselves faced with dozens of boxes, and Kirsten refuses to call Cameron back. Quincy texts to say that he's confirmed Bonnie's alibi, but Kirsten suggests that she might have been working with someone.

As they work, Linus says that his father wanted him to become a lawyer. He asks Kirsten if Nina and Cameron doesn't bother her, and she insists that it doesn't. Linus then says that he thinks Camille is seeing someone. Kirsten figures that Camille would have told her if she was. Cameron comes back to help them. He says that Nina understands and they go to work.

Liam walks Camille back to her door and he suggests that she invite him in for a nightcap. She agrees and Liam moves in on her. When Camille says that she can't because of Kirsten, Liam insists that it's about the two of them. She mentions that Kirsten has been looking for Daniel, and Liam offers to help. He starts to kiss her just as Kirsten arrives. Camille tries to explain and Liam insists that they have a real connection. Kirsten explains that she just defended Camille to Linus, and Camille insists that she didn't mean to hurt them. Liam points out that Kirsten broke up with him and he figures they don't have to justify themselves to her, and Kirsten storms out. Camille tells Liam to go and he leaves.

The next morning at the lab, Linus tells Maggie and Kirsten that they found something. Anna made a call to the plaintiff from her office. A distracted Kirsten says that the only associates who used key cards on the night of Anna's murder were Christine, Jen, Randall, and Morgan. Camille arrives and both Kirsten and Linus give her the cold shoulder. Once they're alone, Camille tells Maggie what happened and insists that she didn't tell Kirsten the truth.

The team begins the second Stitch and Kirsten sees Anna walk in on Randall with a woman in the break room. Kirsten can't make out her face but notices her charm bracelet. They jump to a different memory of Anna overhearing the others talking about how she's going to ruin the case for them. Camille starts griping about co-workers not trusting her for helping them, until everyone stares at her and she stops.

Young Cameron appears to Kirsten and tells her she has a sister, with Daniel's first wife Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Linus warns that there's only one memory hotspot left, and Cameron transfers Kirsten there just as Young Cameron says that the sister's name is Ivy Brown. Kirsten is in the memory of Bonnie talking to Sam and Anna that she experienced earlier. This time, Kirsten sees more of the memory, with Sam telling Anna that she screwed up. He sees a scan of the memo on her email, sent to the LA Times, and Anna insists that she didn't do it. The memories collapse and Kirsten bounces. She tells the team what she saw, but Maggie doesn't believe Sam would do it. Camille figures that the other associates hated Anna because she was the best of them, and Kirsten says that Sam was mad at Anna for interfering with the case. Maggie reluctantly agrees to talk to Sam and leaves, while Camille suggests that they get the lawyers to turn on each other.

That night, Maggie confronts Sam at his office over what she's learned. He says that Anna denied sending the email, and points out that Maggie has privileged information. Maggie demands an answer if he killed Anna or not, and Sam denies it. He admits that he knew about the email, but Anna just had a draft. Anna said that she thought someone was trying to sabotage her. Sam doesn't believe that any of the lawyers are killers.

Kirsten and Cameron summon the four lawyers to the conference room. They've checked the phone records and confirmed that the call to the plaintiff didn't come from Anna's phone because she was making another call at the time. The lawyers laugh and Randall says that Cameron's father James Miller ran a $3 billion Ponzi scheme and is in prison for another fourteen years. Kirsten pulls Cameron out before he can punch Randall, and Cameron says that the money he's living on came from his mother and he changed his last name to hers. He insists that he's not his father, and Kirsten points out that they both have criminally absent fathers. Linus and Camille arrive and tell their teammates that Quincy found the source of the oleander. Linus found the files that they need to prove who the killer is.

The team goes into the conference room and Cameron tells them to get their keycards out. They do so and Cameron says that they checked the keycard logs. Only one of them was in the building when the call was made to the plaintiff: Christine. Christine insists that she was home with her baby, and Cameron points out that she has the shrub there. Randall calls Sam in, and Kirsten notices that Christine is wearing the same charm bracelet she saw in the Stitch. She realizes that Randall was with Christine, and asks Christine where she was at the time of the call. Christine realizes that Randall took her card and made the call, but Randall points out that they have no evidence against her. He says that he didn't poison Anna with oleander, and the team points out that they never mentioned oleander by name.

Sam and Maggie come in, and Cameron explains what is happening. Sam tells Randall to go elsewhere if he wants a lawyer, and Randall grabs Kirsten and holds a letter opener to her neck. He reminds Sam that Sam told them to do anything to win the Newberry case. Randall insists that he poisoned Anna to protect their client, and thought that it would only make her sick. Kirsten kicks back and knocks Randall into a bookshelf, knocking him out.

Maggie and Sam go back to Sam's office, and Sam blames himself for Randall's actions because he was too much about the win. He tells Maggie that he convinced Bonnie to settle, and Maggie sees the man she once knew.

Kirsten checks on Cameron, who says that he's okay. She invites him to dinner, but he says that he has a date with Nina. Meanwhile, Quincy congratulates Camille on her work and she says that she's glad someone thinks so. She tries to get Linus to talk to her, just as Linus' father Samir comes in. Linus wonders why he's there, just as Morgan comes over and says that Samir can sign the medical power of attorney. Samir tells Linus that they have to talk.

That night at the house, Kirsten finds Camille and Maggie waiting for her. Maggie explains that she ordered Camille to get close to Liam, and that Liam is working with Daniel. Kirsten realizes that Liam faked the whole relationship with her, and Camille agrees to quit if Kirsten wants her to. Kirsten tells Camille that she doesn't her to see Liam anymore because it's too dangerous... so she'll do it.

Written by Gadfly on May 4, 2016

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