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Don't Call Me Shurley Recap

Metatron is digging in a deli dumpster for something to eat, but finally takes pity on a nearby dog and gives him some of the sandwich he's found. The former Scribe of God finally screams that he gives up... and finds himself sitting in a bar. The place is deserted for a man at one booth: Chuck Shurley. Chuck explains that the "bar" is one of God's constructs, and Metatron figures that he's being punished for his sins. Metatron goes to get a beer, and says that he's read all of Chuck's books and they're bad. Chuck points out that Metatron burned one of his books when he was monologuing to Castiel. Metatron wonders how Chuck knew about it, and Chuck explains that people can't see him unless he wants them to see him. The writer reveals that he's God and Metatron stares at him in shock. After Metatron drops to his knees and begs forgiveness, Chuck ends the light show and asks him to just call him Chuck.

At the bunker, Dean is ironing and drinking beer. Sam shows him a report about a man names Wes Cooper in Hope Springs, Colorado. Cooper killed a co-worker before killing himself, but nobody knows why. The brother suspect that Cooper lost his soul to Amara, and they head out for Hope Springs.

In the bar, Metatron pours himself a stiff drink and Chuck explains that he's been traveling and started a blog. He tells Metatron that he decided to hide in plain sight by "acting" as Chuck. Chuck turned off the amulet that would detect him, and Metatron asks him if he plans to destroy him. After a moment, Chuck says that humanity has created music, and some musicians got their start in that bar. He hopes that he and Metatron can tap into that same magic and finish what he started a few months ago. There's a memoir--God: An Autobiography--on the table, and Chuck admits that he's stuck. He admits that he did some of his best work with Metatron, but tells him that he'll never be an angel again. Metatron agrees to do it.

In Hope Springs, Sam and Dean talk to Sheriff Macready. Deputy Jan Harris asks to knock off early because her new husband Art is back. Macready agrees once Jan shows Sam the ME files. The sheriff tells Dean that Cooper was saying that his life was meaningless before he killed the co-worker and himself, as if every negative thought he ever had came spilling out.

Jan tells Sam that she knew Cooper's wife, and doesn't understand why he thought life was meaningless. The photos of the corpse show dark veins on Cooper's arms, and Sam asks if she's ever seen a fog.

In the bar, Metatron edits Chuck's autobiography. Chuck admits that he's on a deadline and asks for Metatron's first impressions. Metatron says that it's real good, and Chuck figures that he hates it. He demands the truth, and Metatron says that details are what makes a story great. The autobiography doesn't have any details, and Metatron points out that Amara was with God in the beginning. Chuck figures that no one cares about her, and Metatron asks if Chuck knows that she's out. Chuck insists that the story is his, not Amara's.

Jan drives to the cabin to meet Art. A fog comes up the road behind her and Jan tells Art to go inside while she calls it in. She reports the fog and the dispatcher confirms that it's supposed to be clear skies. The fog sweeps over Jan and she collapses as dark veins spread over her arms.

Chuck is shooting pool and Metatron finally tells him that there should be more balance. For instance, Chuck focuses too much on his grounded life as Chuck. Metatron says that Chuck's neither grounded nor a person, and people would rather read about the archangels. He mention his favorite, Lucifer, and Chuck insists that Lucifer isn't his favorite. Metatron points out that Lucifer rebelled and wrecked the world, and says that every great hero is defined by his villain. Chuck insists that Lucifer isn't a villain, and that he wants to tell the truth. Metatron tells him that there are no revelations in the book and no soul-bearing. Chuck points out that he doesn't have a soul, and Metatron reminds him that he invented souls. He tells Chuck to write like God, not Chuck. The guy he wrote for was a total bad-ass and a dick, but he had stories to tell... and a lot to answer for. Chuck asks what he does, and Metatron tells him to write for himself. Chuck takes the manuscript and tosses it into the air, and says that he's going to go big.

The next day, Sam and Dean drive out to the Harris cabin. Macready tells them that Jan shot Art in the face and left the scene. She called in about a fog the night before, and says that they can track Jan's car.

Chuck types and Metatron assures him that it's gold. He asks Chuck why he created life, and Chuck says that he was lonely. He dismisses Amara as nothingness, and admits that he tried to show Amara that there was something more than us by creating world. Every time he built a new world, Amara would destroy it. Chuck and the archangels locked Amara away and tried to create, but takes Metatron to a park. He says that Nature is the closest thing he got to something better than him and his sister. Nature knows that sometimes, there's no fixing things and they have to wipe the slate clean. Metatron points out that once Amara destroys the world, the slate will be clean. Chuck agrees and suggests that they take one last stroll and enjoy it before the end.

At the sheriff's station, Sam goes to work on Jan's computer. A deputy warns Macready that they have a report of fog rolling in towards town. Dean tells the deputy to get the word out to everyone to get inside and seal the windows. He warns that they don’t have time to call in the CDC. Sam finds Jan heading toward the station and goes with Dean to handle her.

In the street, Jan gets out of her car and says that she tried to kill herself, but Amara wouldn't let her. Amara told her to kill Art, and said that the infection is showing them the true darkness. As Jan raises her gun, Macready opens fire and kills Jan. As she dies, Jan says that it'll all be over soon except for dean. The fog rolls down the street towards them.

Chuck and Metatron continue walking, and Chuck says that Nature is divine while human nature is toxic. Metatron asks what his responsibility is, and Chuck says that he took responsibility by leaving. He locked Amara way and points out that the Winchesters let her out. Chuck points out that Sam couldn't stand to have Dean as a demon, so he released Amara. He figures that it's time for Amara to shine, and Metatron wonders why they're working on the stupid memoir. Chuck reminds him that Metatron told him to write for himself, and teleports them back to the bar. Metatron figures that Chuck started writing the moment that Amara came back, and he created the bar to hide. Chuck insists that he's not hiding, he just likes the ambience. Metatron figures that Amara can't touch Chuck in the bar, and tries says that he was a lousy half-assed God... but at least he wasn't a coward.

Chuck throws him across the bar, and Metatron says that's the God that he first knew and loved. Furious, Chuck says that Metatron was just the closest angel, and there's nothing special about him then or now. He insists that he is not hiding, but just done with his experiments' failures. Metatron says that they're Chuck's failures, and Chuck turns on the TV. They show the fog spreading across the world.

Sam gets people into the station as the fog closes in. Two people are overwhelmed by the fog before the brothers can get to them. Inside the station, Dean asks Macready for duct tape. Sam watches as the couple staggers out of the fog. Dean tosses him the tape and they seal the windows and vents. There's no cell signal, and Sam and Dean go to work on the radio. Meanwhile, the fog blows through the tape on a vent and starts filling the room.

People start yelling outside, and the brothers hear the infected townspeople coming. They lock the doors just in time and spot the fog coming in. Sam tries to seal it but breathes in the fog, and the veins spread over his arms. Macready gets the uninfected into the office, but Dean says that he's not leaving Sam.

In the bar, Chuck tells Metatron that he's a terrific editor. He wonders why Metatron tried to be him, and Metatron explains that it was a pathetic cry for Chuck's attention. Metatron says that Chuck is everything, and Chuck's light shone on him. But then Chuck left all of them, even the angels. Metatron asks why Chuck abandoned them, and Chuck says that they all disappointed him. The former angel says that he knows he's a disappointment, but humanity is Chuck's greatest creation because they're better than their creator and they never give up. Chuck goes back to work.

The fog pours in the windows despite the Winchesters' best efforts to stop it. Dean is unaffected, and Sam figures that they're not going to make it. He tells his brother to go before he hurts him, but Dean refuses to leave him. He screams for God to stop it, and everyone stops yelling. Sam passes out, and Dean assures him that he's there with him.

Chuck finishes his new memoir and stretches. He invites Metatron to read them, and says that he'll really like them. When Metatron refuses, Chuck gets up on the stage and sings. Metatron finally goes over and reads the memoir.

Dean finds his necklace in Sam's pocket, glowing. Sam wakes up and they realize that he's cured. Macready and the others come out of the office. They go out and confirm that the fog is gone.

Chuck sings about how one day he'll be gone.

Sam and Dean discover that everyone in town is cured. Jan and Art are alive, and they hug. The necklace is still glowing, and Chuck is standing in the street. He comes over and tells the Winchesters that they should talk.

Written by Gadfly on May 5, 2016

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