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Family Business Recap

In Fairytale Land past, Belle and her mother come under attack by ogres. Their attempt to hide in the castle library is futile. Belle awakens after the siege to discover that her mother is dead. She has no recollection of what happened. Belle plans to journey to the one land where she can find answers from being known as rock trolls in a place called Arendelle.

In Arendelle past, Elsa is overjoyed when she sees that her sister has returned. Anna claims that she didn’t find out any real info. She’s surprised to meet her Aunt Ingrid, who has been teaching Elsa how to control her powers. Anna has doubts about her icy new aunt’s story. She wants Grand Pabbie to help her get some answers. She has no idea Aunty Ingrid was eavesdropping on the entire conversation.

In present day Storybrooke, Emma gathers everyone together to show them the video featuring her and the Snow Queen. Henry suggests they look for clues in the ice cream truck. It’s been cleaned out by the time they arrive with the exception of a locked freezer. There’s a folder containing an article about Emma since the time she landed in this world.

Belle and Elsa look for clues on the Snow Queen at the library. It’s slow-going. Belle is careful about what she says, as she’s hiding the fact that she’s been to Arendelle before. She excuses herself to retrieve a pickaxe vowing that she will find Anna. It’s the same type of pickaxe she had with her in Arendelle during a time when she saw that Anna has the hat that she stole from Rumplestiltskin.

Anna’s box troll grand-poppy gives Belle what she needs to regain her memories. He also reveals that Anna’s mother was the youngest of three sisters, with Ingrid being the oldest. She vanished along with the middle sister, Helga. All the memories of all the people in Arendelle were erased so they could forget about this tragedy.

Anna and Belle struggle to keep from falling off the side of a cliff. The Snow Queen has unleashed her wrath on them. Anna is in trouble. Belle doesn’t move to help her right away as she instead tries to save the crystal that will give her back her memories. She fails to do so. She also fails to stop Anna from falling. The Snow Queen looks up at her warning her to stay out of family business. Later, Snow Queen locks Anna in a cell. She’s going to look for someone to take her place in her family with Elsa.

Belle learns from her father that her mother sacrificed her life to save her daughter. She read about a powerful wizard who can save them from the attacking ogres. She knows that magic comes with a price, but she will summon Rumplestiltskin if it means becoming a hero to save their people.

In present day Storybrooke, Regina has been avoiding Robin Hood. She doesn’t know how to tell him she may not be able to figure out a way to save Marian. He needs to find a way to fall in love with his wife again. True love’s kiss is the only thing that can save her at this point.

Belle asks Gold to come with her to confront the Snow Queen. That’s not going to happen. So Belle reluctantly pulls out the dagger to force him to take her to the Snow Queen’s cave. She’s looking for the hat. It’s the only way to get her to fess up as to where Anna is.

Belle finds the Snow Queen’s mirror. There’s a version of her inside that’s torturing her about the mistakes of her past. She learns the dagger she holds may not real. Gold comes in and takes them back to his shop. Belle tells him that she’s the reason Anna is missing. She wants to make things right. Later, Gold lets the Snow Queen know that he won’t let her hurt anyone he cares about. His leverage to keep this promise is the magic hat.

Emma realizes that the Snow Queen has a file of things that suggests the two of them once cared for each other. A scroll that’s not from their world is also found. Elsa learns from a heraldry book in the library that the Snow Queen is her aunt. There’s a photo of her Aunt Helga, who looks just like Emma. The scroll says that the savior shall become Ingrid’s sister. She’s looking to replace her sisters.

Belle tells Elsa the truth about how she knew Anna. She also lets everyone know about the Snow Queen’s mirror. It’s imbued with terrible magic. It’s part of an awful spell that will make everyone in town turn on each other to the point where they will destroy each other. The only people left will be her, Emma and Elsa: her perfect family.


Written by FreakZilla on Nov 16, 2014

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