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Predators Far and Near Recap

Dorian and Lily take a carriage to London's red light district and they go to an underground arena. The proprietor confirms that Dorian is aware of the illegality of what they're doing, including butchering, and Dorian says that's what he's paying for. They enter a chamber and sit at a circle with several in tuxedos, and a naked girl, Justine, is brought in. A hooded executioner grabs her by a throat, and Justine spits in his face. The executioner slaps her and then prepares to beat her to death. Lily and Dorian stand up, draw a knife and gun respectively, and kill all of the men watching. They kill the last man together and Lily tells Justine that she is hers.

In a small town in the U.S. West, a man takes photographs of seven corpses shot in a gunfight. Marshal Franklin Ostow stops him and says to bury them. At the local sheriff's office, Rusk wonders where the men who took Ethan would go. The sheriff says that he's more concerned about the train full of dead bodies. Ostow comes in and asks where Ethan is. Rusk tells him what happened, and Ostow tells him to go home now that his duty is fulfilled. Rusk insists that his duty is done when he sees Ethan hung, and tells Ostow to take it up with the British ambassador if he has a jurisdiction issue. The inspector says that he's an experienced soldier and knows where Ethan is going: the town of Cascabel, the closest place to the Talbot Range. As Ostow agrees to ride with Rusk, Hecate sits outside the window and listens. Satisfied, she walks away.

In London, Vanessa returns to Seward's office. Renfield is at the desk writing and greets her as she comes in. He asks her to fill out some paperwork when she's done, and makes conversation about Tennyson's recent death before going back to work. Seward's patient leaves and Renfield escorts Vanessa into the doctor's office. Seward notes that Vanessa is wearing gloves to conceal the itch in her hands, and sets up a device to record their sessions. Vanessa admits that she's uncomfortable with a permanent record of her deeds, including sin and foolishness. Seward asks her to describe the first time that she sinned, and Vanessa describes how she betrayed her friend Mina on the eve of her wedding by seducing her fiancé. Catastrophe and Mina's death ensued, and Vanessa demands that Seward turned off the device. The doctor refuses and tells her to say everything. Vanessa warns that it involves murder and beyond, and warns that if Seward hears the story then she will never sleep comfortably again. Seward repeats her request.

At a tea room, Victor and Henry meet. Henry talks about what he will inherit once his father dies, and the issue of Henry's mixed heritage comes up. He says that his mother was rejected by his own family--untouchable--and died of leprosy. Henry waits for his father to die for the justice, and insists that all people are two things: good and evil, light and dark. He then says that he will help with Victor's addiction however he can, and points out nearby Bedlam where he works.

Henry and Victor enter the asylum and Henry explains that he's the resident somnambulist. He sedates the most violent patients until the Crown decides what to do with them. In return Henry gets a lab and diverting subjects. They enter Henry's lab in the basement and he points out a barber's chair with his own modifications. Victor realizes that he'll have to bring Lily there when they're ready, and worries about what he will have to do with her. He sits in the chair and wonders if Henry's process will work, and Henry assures him that they can make her dormant. However, Henry isn't so sure that he can make Lily love Victor. Victor stands up and says that he wants Lily as she was, but first he wants to see what Henry can do.

A crying Vanessa finishes describing what has happened to her, and wonders what she is since God has abandoned her. Seward lights a cigarette and Renfield comes in to announce her next appointment. Once he leaves, Seward tells Vanessa that they will find their way through what has happened. For that day, she wants Vanessa to do something that will make her happy, even for a moment. Vanessa goes out onto the street, smiles, and walks away. The boy familiar follows after her.

En route to America by ship, Malcolm sends a wire to Vanessa that he is going to do some hunting, and asks if she is well. Kaetenay is with him, and Malcolm talks of the animals he has hunted. The Indian warns that a man is easy prey, and Ethan's appetites will lead him to the night. Kaetenay explains that Ethan came to him with the blood of his people on his face, and wanted Kaetenay to kill him. He thought it crueler to let Ethan live, and Malcolm says that he understands from what happened with his wife. Kaetenay lights a pipe and says that they shall speak to their son, and performs a ritual over the stones he has laid out.

In the desert, Ethan is sleeping. In his dream, he is standing on a mesa alone. Kaetenay appears and Ethan tackles him, putting a knife to his throat. He warns Kaetenay that if he comes near him in life, he will kill him. Kaetenay tells Ethan that he is an Apache or he is nothing, and Ethan lets him up. He says that he's outside of Cascabel and they're taking him to see his father. Ethan says that then he'll end it with him, just as he'll end it eventually with Kaetenay, and advises him to keep an ocean between them. Kaetenay says that he'll see him soon, and Ethan warns that he's not the man Kaetenay knew because there is blood on his teeth and on his soul. Satisfied, Kaetenay says that Ethan is the Apache he needs. With that, Ethan wakes up.

On the ship, Kaetenay tells Malcolm that Ethan knows they are coming.

Vanessa goes to the museum and looks at the stuffed animals. Sweet is presenting a lecture and Vanessa joins the audience. He notices her and starts talking about scorpions, and Vanessa repeats what he told her on her last visit. Afterward, Sweet tells Vanessa that his lectures help pay for the expeditions they sponsor all over the world. He admits that he doesn't go on them himself. Vanessa says that her hero is Joan of Arc, and admires her belief in God. They talk of Captain Nemo, and Sweet figures that he is still alive. He thanks Vanessa for coming and bids her good day. She returns to Malcolm's townhouse, reads the newspaper, and smiles at an article.

Justine wakes up in an expensive bed and looks at the nightgown that she is dressed in. She hears music and goes to investigate, and finds Dorian and Lily dancing in the main room. They see Justine and stop, and Lily stares at the girl. She then welcomes Justine to her new home, and Justine asks why they killed the men. Lily says that she once stood where Justine is, and was also a feral animal raised on the streets. A strange working of Fate gave her a new life, and Dorian asks if she will do the same no matter the costs. Justine immediately agrees, and Lily asks if she will forgive the men who used her. The girl asks if Lily would have her forgive them, and Lily assures her that she wouldn't. She promises that they will have their revenge and kisses Justine.

An attendant brings one of the patients into Henry's lab. Henry dismisses the man once the lunatic, Balfour, is strapped to the chair. He tells Victor that Balfour tried to kill the queen and they had him locked away. Victor concedes that Balfour is violently deranged, and Henry injects the lunatic with a chemical of his own creation. Balfour convulses violently and then passes out, and Henry removes his gag. The lunatic, now calm and rationale, asks for some water.

At the museum, Sweet receives the afternoon post. Among the letters is an invitation from Vanessa for Sweet to join her that night at a given address for an adventure.

That night, Vanessa and Sweet attend a magic lamp show and he admits that he's never been asked out by a woman. The proprietor announces the show, concerning Sweet's hero Captain Nemo. The audience applauds the show and Sweet smiles in appreciation. Vanessa watches him and smiles.

At Seward's office, Renfield listens to the doctor's recordings of her session with Vanessa.

Starman goes to a saloon to buy supplies, and a manacled Ethan sits a table and looks at the full moon outside. A Native American woman tending table is nearby, and says that Ethan looks sad. She wonders what he did, and Ethan says that he killed a Senator's son. The woman says that she knows Ethan, and was of Kaetenay's family. Ethan asks where Kaetenay is, and the woman says that the others are dead and dying on a reservation in Oklahoma Territory. She says that she would help Ethan if she could, and he tells her to leave the room immediately. The woman nods and blesses him, and then leaves.

Ethan changes, shatters his manacles, and attacks and kills all of the saloon customers. As Starman prepares to shoot him, Hecate emerges from where she has blended into the wall and disarms him. The werewolf kills him and advances on Hecate, who says that she's missed him.

After the magic lamp show, Vanessa invites Sweet for coffee. He begs off and thanks her for the night, and says that he looks forward to the next time. Sweet kisses her hand and assures her that he will never forget her name again, and then walks off. As Vanessa turns to go, she senses someone watching her but sees no one in the crowd. She walks away and the lead familiar steps out of the shadows.

Victor is sitting on a bench on the street outside of Dorian's home, staring up at a window. Lily is there and sees him, and walks out of sight. She comes out and tells Victor that there's nothing there for him, and Victor insists that he must save her from what she is doing. Lily says that she needs no man to save her, and suggests that she created Victor more than he created her. She kisses him and says that he will recover from his first love, tells him that he won't like what she's becoming, and goes back inside.

Vanessa returns home and lights a fire. She wonders if Malcolm will walk where Ethan is, and says that she is currently content.

Renfield returns to the warehouse and the vampires stare at him. Dracula whispers from the shadows, asking if Seward believed Vanessa's story. Renfield believes that she didn't, and begs for the blood. His newfound master emerges from the shadows and has Renfield kneel, and then opens a vein on his wrist and feeds the blood to Renfield. As Renfield drinks it, his master--Sweet--looks on in satisfaction.

Written by Gadfly on May 9, 2016

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