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Wrath of the Villains: Unleashed Recap

Jim and Harvey enter Arkham and confront Peabody, and explain that they have a warrant to search the place. Hugo arrives and asks what they're looking for, and Harvey points out that despite the official report that Theo's body was cremated, he showed up at the GCPD station. Also, Victor Fries is also at large despite the fact he was cremated. Hugo feigns innocence, but Harvey isn't convinced. He and Jim go into Hugo's office and find a bag of shredded papers. Hugo says that it's spring cleaning, and Jim warns that they're on to him and says that Arkham is just like Pinewood. The doctor offers to help Jim with his anger, and Jim walks away as Hugo notes that the warrant only covers his office. He threatens to call a judge to say that the GCPD is disrupting the patients, and the police leave. Hugo asks if Azrael has returned, and finds it troubling when Peabody tells him that he hasn't.

As Jim and Harvey leave, Edward emerges from the hidden elevator. An orderly sees him and Edward says that he got lost, and asks the orderly to escort him back. Once Edward is in his cell, he realizes that he has to escape. A breeze blows on him and Edward notices the vent above the window.

A priest enters the church and discovers that someone has broken in. It's Azrael, who says that he needs a weapon. The priest says that he doesn't have any weapons, and Azrael casually breaks his neck before leaving.

At the hospital, Barnes is in critical condition. Oswald is dressing as the news runs stories on how Azrael is Theo. Once he's satisfied with his appearance, Oswald says that he's coming for Theo and leaves the manor.

At the station, the police are coordinating the search for Azrael. The officers all stare at Harvey, and Jim tells his friend that he's the closest thing to the captain that the men have. After a moment, Harvey tells everyone that a nutjob in a costume isn't going to kill four of their own and put Barnes in the hospital. He insists that the man behind Azrael can bleed like anyone else, and he can be beaten. Everyone heads out to get Azrael no matter what it takes. Once the officers go back to work, Jim assures Harvey that he did find. However, he figures that they have to think outside the box and Tabitha knows Theo best... and where he'll hide.

Alfred drives Bruce into the city, and Bruce has him let out into an alley to find Selina. Bruce is tired of trusting Jim to do his job, and Alfred insists that it's his job to protect Bruce. The boy says that it's not Alfred's job to watch him sit and do nothing, and asks Alfred to let him go. After a moment, Alfred tells him to be careful and Bruce runs off.

At his home, Drew is trying to convince Tabitha to stay after he kicked Barbara out. Jim and Harvey come in and Jim figures that Tabitha is worried that Theo will come after her. He asks her to help them find Theo, and after a moment she says that Azrael is a 300-year-old assassin worshipped by the monks who raised Theo. Azrael wants Jim, and Tabitha says that someone got inside of Theo's head. Harvey warns that if a search team finds Theo then they'll kill him, and Tabitha says that the sword that broke was fake. The real one belonged to her grandfather, an antiquities collector obsessed with Dumas history. The sword is said to hold supernatural powers, and Tabitha figures that Theo will try and steal it back. The grandfather has been dead for 20 years... but was buried with his treasures.

Bruce goes up on a roof and finds Selina feeding Bridgit's birds. He explains about Hugo's involvement, and figures he can do better finding out what Hugo is hiding. Bruce says that he just wants the truth, and points out that they sent Bridgit to Arkham. He suggests that Bridgit is still there alive, and Selina blames herself for her friend being there. Bruce figures that if they break in themselves then they can find the truth. When Selina hesitates, Bruce says that he'll go in himself if she thinks it's too dangerous. She says that it can be done, but she'll go in alone. Nobody cares about her, but they'll shut the whole thing down if they catch Bruce. Selina also says that she already knows a way in.

Jim, Harvey, and Tabitha drive to the Dumas mausoleum at Gotham Cemetery. They break in and find the grandfather's crypt, and the two men open it. The Sword of Azrael is inside, and Azrael steps in and demands it. He knocks Harvey down and then wrestles with Jim and beats him. He kicks Jim out of the mausoleum, but Tabitha closes the door and asks if Theo recognizes her. She holds out the sword and says that she's his sister.

Jim recovers and goes back to the door, only to find it locked. He circles around to find another way in and locates a grill.

Azrael says Tabitha's name, and she removes the mask. She reminds him of the estate where they grew up, before the monks took Theo. Tabitha says that they were happy once, and insists that he is Theo. Theo mutters his name and has vague memories of being elected mayor, and preparing to sacrifice Bruce. He tells Tabitha that Bruce dishonored the Dumas name, and vows death to the Son of Gotham. With that, he stabs Tabitha in the stomach with the sword and lets her drop to the floor. Theo takes her whip and calls her traitor, and then leaves Tabitha moaning in pain.

Selina approaches a laundry and drops into a car as the men prepare a load for Arkham.

Jim enters the mausoleum and tends to Tabitha's injury, while Harvey calls for backup. She says that she made Theo remember Bruce, and Jim tells Harvey to stay with her while he finds Bruce.

The phone at the manor rings.

Jim goes to his car and discovers that Harvey has flattened the tires. Police cars arrive and Jim requisitions one of them.

That night, the laundry truck enters Arkham and Selina slips out. She makes her way to the roof and enters one of the buildings via an air vent.

Jim drives through Gotham and finally reaches Alfred. Alfred admits that he doesn't know where Bruce is, and Jim warns that Azrael is after Bruce. The butler tells Jim that Bruce was going to meet Selina, and Alfred hangs up… and turns to grab Bruce as he comes in behind him. He tells him what is going on with Theo.

Selina finds Edward in the air vent and they each wonder what the other is doing there. He tells her to avoid the basement, but Selina says that Hugo has a friend there and demands to know how to get there. Edward agrees if she picks a lock for him first.

The next morning, Butch visits the unconscious Tabitha at the hospital. He wonders how he can hold the Gotham underworld together without her, and breaks into tears. Oswald comes in with flowers and says that he's there to pay his respects, and points out that Tabitha stabbed Gertrud in the back. Butch promises that Oswald won't hurt Tabitha and draws his gun, and Oswald chuckles and says that Theo has to pay. He refuses to accept that Theo as a costumed villain and points out that they have all suffered at Theo's hands. He insists that Theo must die, and Butch makes him promise that Oswald will leave them alone once Theo is dead.

Alfred calls Jim and says that Bruce is there and safe. Jim turns around and heads for the manor, while, Alfred prepares a gun. Bruce sys that Alfred is a friend as well as his guardian, and suggests that we split up. Alfred reluctantly agrees but tells him to make it quick, and they lock the windows and turn off the lights. Bruce finds an open window and calls for Alfred.

As Alfred opens the secret passage to Thomas' cave, Theo comes in and demands that Alfred take him to Bruce. Alfred refuses and aims his gun.

Selina makes her way through Arkham and reaches Edward's cell. The guards check on Edward's cell nearby and discover that he's gone through the vent, and they sound the alarm. Selina goes to the hidden elevator following Edward's directions, pick the lock on the elevator, and gets inside.

Theo insists that he's immortal and a mere gun can't stop him, and charges at Alfred as Bruce arrives. Bruce slides Alfred a sword and he attacks Theo. Theo manages to stab him in the leg and toss him out the window, and then goes after Bruce.

Jim is stuck behind an oil truck, slowing him down.

The elevator reaches the sub-basement and Selina enters the patient wing. She hides and overhears Hugo and Peabody discussing Azrael having gone rogue. Hugo figures that Azrael will never let himself be captured alive, and the GCPD will have to kill him... covering their tracks. Meanwhile, they'll shut down the facility and move to a new location. Once they move on, Selina finds the guards moving the mutated patients.

Bruce gets to the garage and Theo follows him in. He calls Bruce out to face death, insisting that the Waynes were a blight on the city. Bruce starts a car and runs Theo over, driving through the garage door. He gets out and checks, and Theo comes up behind him and snares him with Tabitha's whip. He drags Bruce to the gate and raises his sword, but Jim arrives and shoots him twice in the back. Theo turns to face him, and Jim keeps shooting until Theo goes down. He then helps Bruce up as Alfred limps out. Meanwhile, Theo gets up and Bruce sees him. Jim tries to shoot him but he's out of bullets.

Oswald steps out of the fog and advises Jim to bring the right tools for the job. Butch steps out with a missile launcher and shoots Theo, blasting him to pieces. He and Oswald then walks off, and Alfred waves goodbye.

Edward follows Selina's escape route to the roof and laughs in triumph. The guards surround Edward and tell him to freeze.

Selina makes her way to a test facility filled with corpses. Bridgit steps out behind her, wearing her costume, and asks if Selina is her human subject. Selina tries to get through to her, but Bridgit doesn't remember anything before she was burned. As Hugo and Peabody watch from the observation room, Selina calls her friend Bridgit. Bridgit says that her name is Firefly and turns on her flamethrower.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2016

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