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Rocky Relationships: Libby, MT Recap

Anthony travels to Libby, Montana to help out two motels. First he stops at the Kootenai National Park to take in the local scenery. The two motels are the Sandman Mote, run by Shane and Yvonne Hill, and the Evergreen Motel owned by their son Matthew. Matthew purchased the Evergreen when it was in bad shape, and his parents helped out. However, the Evergreen has had a bad year.

When Anthony goes there first, he figures that it looks fine from the outside. He goes to the front desk and finds it small and nondescript. There's no one there, and Anthony goes behind the desk and discovers that all of the registration cards and credit card numbers are there. He takes all of the keys and looks for the cash. He finally locates the cash drawer, pockets the bills, and leaves.

Next, Anthony checks to make sure that all of the keys work. In one occupied room he finds a purse and bag, and points out that hospitality laws require all hotels to minimize the risk. Anthon then goes into an empty room and points out that there is no bed skirt on the bed. There are holes in a wall where a picture was hanging, but no picture. Overall the room is plain.

Matthew and his fiance David meet with Anthony, and Anthony gives them the money he took. He dumps out the keys and Matthew admits that they're not secured. The owner is criminally liable if something happens to his guest, and Matthew is embarrassed. Anthony has Matthew explain that he grew up in the motel industry and lived at the Sandman since he was 10. He saved money from picking berries to buy his own hotel in 2011 at the age of 20. They had an employee embezzle $30,000 from them a few months earlier but didn't file any charges and took it as a loss. Now they'll be broke by February if Matthew can't get an operating loan. Matthew and David admits that they haven't been there much in the last month because of family problems. David explains that Matthew's parents think he's a gold-digger, and he's going to move away from Libby while Matthew stays there. Matthew's parents come every day to manage the Sandman, and they think that David should leave. David complains that the town is against him because Yvonne has manipulated them into disliking him.

Anthony goes to the Sandman, which has a perfect view of the mountains. It looks good from the outside, but the front desk door is locked. A sign directs visitors to rooms with an orange cone outside where the staff. Anthony goes looking and finally locates a dirty, broken orange cone on a chair. He doesn't know what happens next,He finds the head housekeeper, Jeanette, inside the room. Jeanette says that she's supposed to check Anthony in once he finds her, and explains that they get mostly loggers and movie crew from recent productions. She stops cleaning the room and goes to the front desk with Anthony.

At the front desk, Jeanette unlocks the front door while Anthony waits outside. The lobby is cluttered and the business center is crammed into a corner where it's impossible to sit. There is a lot of Asutralian memorabilia, and Jeanette says that the owner is Australian.

Anthony meets with Shane and Yvonne, and they agree that the lobby is tight. He explains about the lack of security at Matthew's motel, and isn't impressed with their system. Anthony says that he needs to concentrate on the Evergreen, and asks about Matthew and David. Yvonne says that they're okay with Matthew's lifestyle, but David is unstable. David sent some hurtful text messages to her about her breast cancer. They try to organize Matthew's books for him and do his accounts, and Matthew asks Yvonne to come over and help on the phone. Because of their disagreement with David, now they're not allowed in Matthew's house.

Back at the Evergreen, Anthony discovers that Matthew started building a new front desk. When he ran out of money, the construction stalled. Anthony brings in designer Kerri Locklin to finish it. They get there and Anthony sends Kerri in to look at it first. She brings Anthony in and warns that they have to build the front desk from scratch. They determine where the front door will be, and Kerri warns that they need to rewire the entire place. Anthony tells her that she'll be remodeling a room as well... and there's another hotel. He takes her there to see the Sandman lobby, and Anthony pulls down the acoustic tiles in the ceiling. Kerri assures him that they can do better.

Kerri and her team from Bee's Construction go to work. Meanwhile, David says that he no longer wants to be on camera so he's skipping town. Matthew is upset with his parents, and gives the producers a note asking Anthony to focus on the business. Anthony agrees to respect the request, but he has to get the family back on track if he wants to fix the motels.

That night, Anthony meets with Matthew and warns that his personal and business life are a big jumble. He warns that whatever he does, Matthew will screw up the business if he doesn't get his mind straight. Anthony asks the owner to prioritize what's most important to him: the motel, David, and his parents. Matthew puts David first, the parents second, and the motel third. Anthony shows Matthew the video of what Yvonne said earlier about how Matthew refused to let them come over. Matthew breaks into tears and Anthony hugs him. He then tells Matthew to make himself his first priority, and tells him to say what he wants for himself in twelve months.

The next day, Anthony meets with Matthew again and says that he can't abandon his motel again. The hotelier wants a personal commitment from Matthew that he'll show up every day, and Matthew gives it. He admits that he's terrible setting boundaries with staff, and Anthony shows him video of one of his staff meetings. Matthew requires the employees to bring in a doctor's certificate if they're sick, but then backtracks on that. His parents told him to get the note even for one day, and Anthony figures that Matthew has to create his own rules. Next, a housekeeper says that she can't come in early on busy days. Matthew compromises, and Anthony tells him that he looked weak. He has an operations manual for Matthew with everything he needs to run the motel. Matthew promises to read it, and Anthony appreciates his enthusiasm.

Next, Anthony goes to the Sandman and shows the owners their new lobby. Kerri has cleaned it up and simplified the design. There's now a wood ceiling and a breakfast table. He then brings the family together and tells Matthew that he needs to focus on himself and the motels. Anthony then tells Yvonne and Shane that they need to step back and let Matthew run his personal and business life. Yvonne admits that it's tough for her, and Anthony says that Matthew is an adult. He asks the parents for a commitment, and they agree to let their son make his own mistakes.

Anthony then introduces Kerri and her team from Bee Construction. Once the team leaves, Anthony shows them the new key card system that was installed. Matthew breaks into tears and hugs Kerri, and Anthony assures them that Appalachian technology is giving them locks and keys for both motels. They go into the remodel room, which Kerri has repainted. There are now bedspreads and personal touches in each room. Lumber Liquidators donated the wooden floor, and American Hotel Register donated all of the sheets and pillows for all of the rooms.

Next, Anthony takes the family to the new lobby. The wood in the front desk is Libby wood and there's space for people to bring in their gear and kids. The sign was handmade by a local company, and the same company did the room signs on every door. The new logo was provided by Brickhouse Creative, and they're also providing a website with six months' free hosting. Anthony has given both motels a management system from InnQuest that interfaces with the new key locks. Everyone hugs Kerri before she leaves, and Matthew reveals that he framed the bill that Anthony took. He promises that it's the last bill that anyone will ever steal.

Written by Gadfly on May 10, 2016

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