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Emancipation Recap

In a bar, the news is running stories on the Sokovia Accords. Coulson is there, and Melinda comes in and points out that they knew it would happen sooner or later. She says that they need to stop Hive and can't have the government hamstringing him, and Coulson tells her to do what she has to while he deals with the government. He tells Melinda to leave because "he" is coming. Melinda leaves out the back and Talbot comes in. The general wonders why they're meeting in the middle of nowhere, and Coulson says that they need to talk.

The two men sit down and Talbot says that the President sent him. The President knows that Coulson has some Enhanced Assets working for him, and wants S.H.I.E.L.D. to come in from the cold and legitimize in return for all of their Inhumans registering. Coulson points out that S.H.I.E.L.D. operates in the shadows, and Talbot warns that he's going to start shining some light into the shadows if Coulson doesn't come clean. Satisfied, Coulson tells Talbot to buckle up and nods to the bartender. He activates a button and the booth drops down on a hidden elevator.

At Hive's new base, Daisy lets the blood drain from her body and hacks the S.H.I.E.L.D. servers. She spots Lincoln locked up in his quarantine chamber, and tells Hive that she and Lincoln have a history. Now she's just feels sorry for him. Fitz manages to lock her out of the servers and Hive warns that if she fails again then there will be no absolution. Holden comes in and checks on Daisy, and says that she's given enough blood for one day. He then says that they're ready for the alpha test and goes out to the main lab with Hive. Hive says that he's recruiting some special volunteers for Daisy.

Melinda brings Lincoln his food and he wonders how long he'll be locked up. She warns that his immune system is compromised and his feelings for Daisy are making him irrational. Melinda offers to hand Lincoln over to Talbot if Lincoln wants to leave, and explains that he's there to take inventory. Once she leaves, Lincoln sits down to eat. Fitzsimmons monitors him and Jemma reminds Fitz that Coulson wants Lincoln to stay locked up. Fitz is busy proofing the computers against Daisy, and Jemma worries about Mack's broken spirit after his encounter with Daisy. Once he secures the computers, Fitz asks if Jemma has any plans. As they start to kiss, Melinda tells them to stop worrying about Daisy because she already knows everything about them. It's time to go on the offense, and tells the scientists to figure out what drives Hive. They need to know Hive's's endgame.

Coulson shows Talbot around the base, and asks Talbot not to report their Inhumans. Elenea arrives and Coulson introduces her to Talbot. She points out that there will be a price on her head if her powers are revealed, and doesn't believe Talbot's assurances that the list of Inhumans will never go public. Elena demonstrates her powers and Coulson tells Talbot that not all of the Inhumans can protect themselves. He knows that eventually lists fall ilnto the wron hands and innocent people suffer.

At a training camp, Pete Boggs is training Watchdogs and tells his lieutenant Jackson that he has a new informant in the ACTU. They have the name of an Inhuman and plan to make an example of them.

In his cell, Lincoln whispers to Daisy, assuming that she's listening in. A text message appears on the TV screen from Daisy saying that she's listening. He fakes sleeping so that Daisy can make a loop, and he asks if she's okay. Daisy says that she's feeling drained, and Lincoln explains that he's locked up because S.H.I.E.L.D. doesn't trust him. Daisy reminds him that he refused to come with her, and Lincoln points out that he didn't want to be brainwashed. He just wants the two of them to be together, alone and away from everything seeing the world. Daisy spots Coulson and Talbot coming and Lincoln gets back into bed as she cuts the feed.

Elena finds Mack in the kitchen and wonders why he's not happy to see her. She says that they can't save Daisy, and explains that Daisy lost her soul to Hive. Mack doesn't want what happened to Daisy to happen to someone else he cares about. Elena checks his fractured ribs and Mack warns that whatever Hive is doing is Armageddon. Elena tells him to have a beer and some faitd Mack wonders if they're fooling themselves. She points out that evil wins when people doubt instead of standing and fighting, and it preys on the weak because it fears the strong.

In a nearby town, Jackson spots the Inhuman they know about. He joins the other Watchdogs and Pete warns that they need to get the Inhuman back to the base.

Talbot insists that they need the Accords for everyone's protection. He knows that Lincoln has control issues, and Coulson insists that S.H.I.E.L.D. is uniquely qualified to help Lincoln. Talbot explains the process and Lincoln agrees to register in return for his freedom. Coulson objects, but Talbot wonders why Lincoln doesn't attack them. Lincoln says that it isn't who he is, and he couldn't get off the base without help. Talbot then tells Coulson to show them the worse that they have.

Coulson takes Talbot to see Lash and explains that he's Garner after his permanent change. Talbot insists that it needs to be frozen, and Coulson says that Lash may be an asset. He assures Talbot that the general has seen everything that they have.

Daisy recontacts Lincoln and asks if he wants to leave. He agrees if he can see her again.

Talbot wonders where Daisy is, and Melinda claims that she's on assignment. The general has satellite imagery confirming that she's with Hive, and a UFo crashed there recently. Coulson insists that he had no choice but to lie because the stakes are too high, and warns that the world as they know it is at stake.

The Inhuman runs for it when he spots the Watchdogs following him. They corner him in an alleyway, and he grabs a pair of nearby chains. James removes his hoodie and whips them with the energy-charged chains, and drives them back. Hive appears behind them and yanks the gun from Pete's hand, and says that he wants them to become what they hate. James snares Pete and yanks him back.

Coulson tells Talbot about Hive, and Fitzsimmons explains that the stories of the Devil came from the Inhuman. Talbot insists that it's a nightmare scenario, and Jemma warns that Hive may need everything he needs to create Inhumans. Surprised, Coulson tells the scientists to tell Talbot everything. They explains that Hive is using Daisy's blood to create an all-in-one virus that could transform any humans into swayed Inhumans under his control.

At the Inhuman base, James and Hive bring the Watchdogs in. They lock them in a cargo container and Hive says that every human deserves a chance to escape his or her prison. Holden infects the watchdogs and they scream for a moment. As they wait, Daisy says that she's accessed S.H.I.E.L.D.'s security system. Hive tells her to rest because they may need more blood.

Daisy contacts Lincoln and asks if he's ready. She has him open the cell door while making the system think that it's still closed. Daisy tells him how to use some desktop supplies.

In Coulson's office, Talbot wonders how Coulson is so calm. Coulson admits that he's getting used to world-threatening disasters.

Once Lincoln follows Daisy's instructions, she tells him that he'll have three minutes to get to the exit point. Lincoln knocks out the guard with a tray and heads out.

Talbot wants to perform a preemptive strike, but Coulson warns that the government won't believe him. Even if they're convinced, Hive's plans will be done by the time the government swings into action.

Lincoln makes his way through the hallways, and Daisy spots Melinda on the monitors. She sets off an alarm to distract Melinda, and Lincoln moves off when the agent's back is turned.

Fitz explains that Hive stole something from an ATCU facility in Indiana. Talbot knows what was taken, and Coulson asks him to trust them. Fitz discovers that Daisy is back in the system and gained access to Lincoln, and they realize that it's a pre-recorded loop. They go to the cell and confirm that Lincoln is out.

James opens the container and confirms that most of the Watchdogs are still alive... and horribly mutated.

Coulson seals the base, but Melinda points out Lincoln could leave the base through the bar. He sends Melinda to check it out, and asks Talbot to give them time before he briefs the President.

The emergency doors come down, sealing Lincoln in. Daisy tries to find a way to get him out.

Mack joins Fitzsimmons in the server room as the scientists try to lock Daisy out. They reboot the servers, but Mack figures that Daisy could have hacked the Quinjet systems and reprogrammed them for autopilot, she can fly Lincoln out. Fitz discovers that Daisy has locked them out, and Mack heads for the hangar.

Lincoln goes to the Quinjet hangar, and Daisy warns that she can't access the camera on the deck. He goes in and Mack attacks him. Lincoln insists that he needs to go, and blasts himself free. He goes to one of the Quinjets and Daisy prepares to fly him out.

Holden insists that his process should have worked. Hive tells the mutated Watchdog Primitives to remove their restraints, and they easily break free. He then orders the Primitives to grab Holden and insists that it will work the next time. Satisfied, Hive says that the Primitives will do just fine. When Holden objects to them as abominations, Hive says that they're not abominations. James agrees with Holden, but Hive says that they're part of him and the Inhuman race. He tells Holden to make more, and Holden quickly agrees.

As Lincoln prepares to fly out, Daisy assures him that it will be just the two of them. Coulson, Talbot, and Elena arrive and confirm that Mack is okay, btu can only watch as the Quinjet flies out.

Hive joins Daisy and she tells him that Lincoln is on his way. Her leader assures Daisy that Lincoln will understand once he joins them. He then takes Daisy to see the Primitives and says that they are their children. Hive tells her that they'll need more blood: all of it.

Fitz clears Daisy out of the system, and Talbot prepares to have the Quinjet shot out of the sky. Coulson refuses to let him make the call, and Melinda comes in with Lincoln. Talbot wonders who was on the Quinjet.

The Quinjet lands at Hive's base and Hive discovers that Lash is inside. The Inhuman-killer shoves Hive off the platform.

In Coulson's office, Lincoln and Melinda explain that they set the whole thing up to fool Daisy. Mack wasn't supposed to be there and Lincoln had to make it look convincing. Lincoln knew that Daisy wouldn't be the one to greet him, and they had to take the risk that Lash might kill Daisy. Lash had the opportunity once before to kill Daisy and didn't take it. Melinda put Lash on the Quinjet while Coulson kept Talbot distracted. Lincoln says that Lash's purpose is to kill Hive.

Lash leaps down and moves in on Hive, who tries to infect him. Lash destroys the parasites with a gestures and then blasts Hive. The Primitives break out of the container and attack Lash, overwhelming him. Holden tells Daisy what is happening, and she pulls free from the transfusion tubes. The scientist says that they should run, but she blasts Lash with her seismic powers. However, she's too weak to keep up the blast. Lash gestures and removes the parasites from her body, and says that she's free. He then picks Daisy up and puts her inside the Quinjet. James returns and drives an energy chain through Lash's chest, and Daisy blasts James and the primitives back. She takes Lash's hand as he dies, and then goes to the cockpit and calls the S.H.I.E.L.D. base to tell them that she's coming home.

When Daisy returns, the guards escort her in chains. The team is there and Coulson welcomes her back. Lincoln says that it's good to see her, and Daisy tells them that Lash died trying to save her. Talbot wonders if Lash killed Hive, but Daisy doesn't answer and the guards take her to the medbay. Lincoln figures that Lash was there to save Daisy, not to kill Hive, and Jemma says that it was Andrew that saved Daisy.

In the medbay, the scientists check Daisy and confirm that she's sway-free. She's suffering withdrawal symptoms but they expect a full recovery. Coulson puts her in quarantine, and Fitz says that they know what Hive plans to do with his new pathogen. If he can create a sufficient shock wave, Hive can spread the new virus across the world, turning them into the Primitives. Talbot tells them that Hive has a way: he took a fully-operational warhead from the ATCU.

Later, Mack is working in his room, when Elena comes to see him. She asks him if he believes that they can win, and Mack says that he's ready to fight. Elena tells him to keep the fate and leaves, and Mack discovers that she's left him her crucifix necklace.

Written by Gadfly on May 11, 2016

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