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Red Eye Recap

8:14 am

Kirsten manages to reach her half-sister, Ivy Brown, and explains that her father is Daniel Stinger. Ivy says that she knows who Kirsten is and tells Kirsten not call her again. When Kirsten calls back, she gets Ivy's voicemail and leaves a message for Ivy to call her back, reminding her that they're family.

On a red eye flight into LA, flight attendant Deedee Willis collapses. Eleven of the passengers stop breathing as well.

Cameron gets up in the morning and Nina suggests that he skip work and spend the day in bed with her. She complains that he's on duty 24/7, and wonders if Cameron has time for a relationship. Cameron asks her to give him a chance and suggests that they have dinner that night and talk about it.

At the lab, Maggie briefs the team on what happened. Twelve people died on the red eye, apparently of heart attacks. A hazmat team has confirmed that the plane is clean, and Harrison has gotten the Stitcher team first crack at the bodies. There's no sign of a chemical inducement, or a connection between any of the passengers. The surviving passengers are being held for 24 hours, and after that the authorities will have to let them go without cause. Camille points out that they can't run twelve Stitches in that time, and they can only do six at the most. Cameron warns that Kirsten can't handle it, but Kirsten insists that she can do it. Maggie warns that they'll pull the plug if it proves too much, and they go to work.

As Kirsten prepares for the first Stitch, she asks Camille when she's going to hand Liam off to her. Camille suggests that her roommate worry about it after their current assignment, and reminds Kirsten that they have history. She wonders if Kirsten is doing it to get revenge, and Kirsten assures her that she can handle it.

11:23 am

The team begins the first Stitch into the first victim. One woman, April Tuchman, is not moving and is one of the victims, traveling with her husband Howard. However, Kirsten confirms that April is just sleeping. Another man starts going through the overhead compartment. The first victim goes past a woman working on a laptop, who immediately shuts it. The woman wasn't a victim but the man next to her, Gavin Baxter, is. The lights flicker as the death moment approaches, and Kirsten bounces. She tells the others that there was no sign of how the first victim died, and asks how soon they can Stitch again.

As they prepare, Linus calls his father's doctor and leaves another message. Camille overhears him as he asks Ayo about the doctor, Preminger. Ayo confirms that he's the best orthopedic oncologist in LA. Meanwhile, the team prepares to Stitch the second victim, Deedee. Cameron asks how Kirsten is, and she insists that she's fine. She admits that she misses hanging out with Cameron, and he says that the three of them can do drinks or something after the current Stitch.

The team begins the second Stitch and Kirsten sees Howard put his jacket on April as a blanket. Deedee sees the woman on the laptop doing some high-level math, and another man, Jay Kolden, setting his smartwatch for LA time. Camille confirms that Jay wasn't a victim. The other attendant tells Deedee that the man going through the overhead couldn't find his passport. The lights flicker and the captain makes his approach announcement, and Deedee dies. Once she bounces, Kirsten tells the others that the two victims died at the same moment. Linus offers to check the red eye's electrical systems, and Maggie sends Camille with her. Cameron wonders if Kirsten is okay, and she insists that she's fine.

4:37 pm

As they check the plane's electrical system, Camille asks about Ranid. Linus admits that he hasn't luck reaching Preminger, and Camille offers any help she can. Liam calls Camille's phone and Linus sees the name, and wonders if Camille was with him. She finally tells him the truth: that she was undercover on Maggie's orders to find out Liam's connection to Daniel. Linus thanks her for telling him, and realizes that Maggie wanted the assignment kept a secret.

Nina text Cameron at the lab and he's still hoping that he can have dinner with her. Ayo brings some aspirin for Kirsten, and she dismisses it as just a headache. They prepare Gavin, a bank teller, for the third Stitch. Linus and Camille return and report that there was no residual electricity in the plane. They've turned up no connection between the victims, and the lab is going through the personal possessions.

Liam calls Camille, who says that Kirsten isn't as over Liam as they thought. Camille claims that she doesn't want to sit in the way, and Liam admits that he's intrigued by the possibility. Once he hangs up, Liam goes back to taking photos of the board in Kirsten's room where he's broken in.

6:13 pm

The team begins the third Stitch and Kirsten finds herself in the terminal. Gavin sees Jay put something in another man's pocket, and is then aboard the plane. He's sitting next to the woman with the laptop, Tracy Green, and Kirsten gets a clear look at the screen. The captain announces the approach and Gavin dies, and Kirsten says that the woman was working on quantum computing. There are only five known quantum computers in the world, and all but one are accounted for.

They identify Team and bring herin. Linus and Quincy interrogate her, and she says that she's in LA to meet with component suppliers. Tracy says that her laptop fried just before landing and Linus confirms that she's telling the truth. The two men leave and Linus figures that Tracy doesn't know much about quantum computing.

The team goes through the personal belongings and Cameron tells Kirsten to get off her feet. He insists despite her objections and she dozes off. Meanwhile, Camille discovers that all of the victims were going on to Sydney and had passports.

Cameron's phone rings and Kirsten answers it. It's Nina, and as they talk Kirsten realizes that her nose is bleeding. Distracted, she says that Cameron is busy and Nina refuses to leave a message. Irritated, she walks away from the dinner that she prepared.

Linus calls Ranid to check in on his father, and Ranid says that his test results weren't positive. He says that he can take care of himself, and Linus says that he'll come by later to discuss the treatment options. Ranid tells him to live his life and worry about the things he can control

11:41 pm

Camille checks with Linus and suggests that they go out. He tells her that Ranid is worse than he thought, and he needs to do his job because there's nothing he can do to help his father.

The team Stitches the fourth victim, Matt Calter, a commodities broker from Australia. He was the one going through the overhead, Cameron tells Kirsten to keep an eye out for the victims' passports, and Ayo reports that Kirsten's BP is dropping. She refuses to let them bounce her, and sees Matt seeing Howard putting his passport in his pocket before suggesting April take a nap. Matt tries to find his passport without success but finds it beneath his seat. The lights flicker and the death moment arrives, and Kirsten bounces. She tells the team that all of the victims had their passports in their pockets near their hearts when they died.

1:01 am

The group goes through the passports but find nothing. Camille cuts open one of them and checks the RFID chip, and Linus points out that they only store information. As Kirsten prepares for the next Stitch, Ayo warns Cameron that Kirsten's body is okay but doesn't know for sure what is going through her given the unique circumstances. Cameron has Alex confirm that they can swap out bodies in a minute and a half if Kirsten doesn't bounce between Stitches.

The next victim is Ramon Romerigo, a medical technician. Cameron tells the others that they're going to try something new. They'll have Kirsten Stitch in for two minutes without a reset in-between, and then move onto the next victim. Kirsten thanks Cameron for his concern and they begin the fifth Stitch. She sees Jay tell Deedee that he's resetting his watch, and Ramon next to him catching a glimpse of the smartwatch screen. She follows Ramon to the restroom and sees a nervous man writing a letter. They hit the death moment and move Kirsten to stasis while they switch bodies.

Kirsten finds herself in a black void and tells Cameron to hurry. She starts hyperventilating and Young Cameron appears. He assures her that she's not alone, and promises to stay with her. Young Cameron says that she has the right ideal but they're going about it wrong. She needs to see all of the victims' memories at the same time. Young Cameron shows her a childhood memory of her wearing a daisy chain, and says that it's the key to making a multiple Stitch.

The team prepares the Stitch for the sixth victim, Portia Binder. They induce but it's a blur of images. Linus realizes that he's too tired and failed to map the memories properly. Kirsten bounces and remembers the daisy chain image, and says that there's one thing they haven't tried before passing out.

4:14 am

Later, Kirsten wakes up with less than three hours left. Kirsten says that they have to Stitch the first five victims again and says that they'll daisy-chain the subjects. Cameron wonders where she got the idea, and Kirsten claims that it just popped into her head. Maggie wonders if it's safe, and Cameron admits that they're in uncharted territory. Kirsten says that if they don't identify the killer then they'll escape, and the team goes to work. Camille steals the necessary equipment from CalTech, and they hook the five corpses up to the sixth one. They begin the multi-Stitch and Kirsten sees the ID of the man writing the letter: Vincent Grant with the U.S. State Department. However, it has a photo of the man Jay, and the real Jay is signing his letter, "Jay." She then sees the terminal and the original Vincent tells Jay incent that half the money is in his account, and he'll deposit the other half once Jay is out. Once he does, Jay and Maria will be set for life. Vincent makes sure to put his passport in Jay's chest and tells him to keep it there.

Kirsten sees the real Vincent setting his watch and realizes that he's lying about changing it to LA time. He's setting a timer for 45 seconds, and when the time elapses, the lights flicker. Kirsten bounces and says that Jay was paid to swap identities with Vincent and go to prison for the real Vincent. Vincent is a high-tech arms dealer, and they figure the watch was an EMF transmitter. When Vincent activated it, it sent a charge from the passport into Jay's heart... and the hearts of the other eleven victims. The passengers were released five minutes ago, and Vincent has slipped away and is using a different alias. Kirsten remembers seeing a symbol of the Tokyo metro subway on the smartwatch. They check the LAX to Tokyo flight and head to the airport.

Kirsten and Quincy go to LAX and spot Vincent. Quincy grabs Vincent and identifies himself. Meanwhile, Tracy comes up behind Kirsten. Meanwhile, Vincent shoves Quincy away and threatens to activate his EMF transmitter again, killing everyone in the terminal with a passport over their heart. Quincy refuses to let Vincent go, and Vincent point out that the LAPD has RFID chips in their IDs... like the one Quincy has over his heart. As Vincent prepares to activate the transmitter, Kirsten clubs him unconscious with Tracy's new laptop. She then thanks Tracy and hands her the broken laptop.

Cameron returns home and sees the table set for dinner. He texts Nina and invites her over for breakfast and an apology, but she refuses. Kirsten calls from home and tells him about Nina's call. She admits that she's exhausted and will be back to work in three days.

8:13 am

As Kirsten collapses on the bed, Ivy calls and says that she's changed her mind, and asks when they can meet.

Written by Gadfly on May 11, 2016

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