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All in the Family Recap

Chuck confronts Dean and Sam, and Dean wonders how they know he really is who he is. The writer teleports them to the bunker and Kevin is there to greet them. He tells them to trust Chuck, and says that he always trusted the Winchesters. Kevin says that he's okay given the circumstances, and Chuck says it's time for him to have an upgrade. He gestures and Kevin is transformed into energy that drifts through the ceiling.

The brothers sit down with Chuck, who says that he's prefer it if they continue calling him Chuck. Sam babbles along until Dean cuts him off. Dean points out that Chuck has been gone a long time. There have been plagues and wars and slaughters, and Chuck was off writing books. He wonders why Chuck didn't do anything, and Chuck says that he understands that Dean is frustrated. Chuck explains that he was hands-on for ages, and he thought that humanity would grow up. When they didn't, Chuck realized that he had to step away and let them find their own way rather than enable them. Now he figures that humanity has improved. Dean says that it feels like Chuck abandoned them, and Chuck tells Dean not to confuse him with his dad.

In her lair, Amara continues torturing Lucifer in Castiel's body. Lucifer still refuses to beg God to save him, and points out that Amara can never create anything the way that god created everything. He says that Amara may defeat God, but she will never be him.

Chuck says that Amara is relentless and has warded herself against him. He has faith that the Winchesters will find them. As Chuck goes to take a shower, Dean reminds him that Amara has Lucifer. Sam asks if Lucifer was involved when Chuck bottled Amara up, and Chuck says that he never trusted Lucifer. Now he's worse, and Chuck figures that Lucifer formed an alliance with Amara. He refuses to walk into a trap, and tells them that he won't ally with Lucifer before leaving.

Amara says that something has changed, and dismisses God as a spoiled brat. When she complained, God locked her up with Lucifer's help. Lucifer tells her to stop whining, and Amara renders him silent with a gesture. She then reaches toward his chest and hesitates, puzzled.

In the main room, Dean checks the Internet for any clues to Amara's location. Amara appears and says that she knows Chuck has surfaced. She tells Dean that Lucifer isn't doing so well and neither is his vessel, Castiel. Chuck is allowing it to happen by ignoring her, and Amara thought that Dean should know.

In Lewis, Oklahoma, Donatello Redfield hears a car crash outside his house. He goes out and hears people yelling and staggering through the fog. The fog reaches Redfield as he stares at it in horror.

Sam joins Dean and helps look for clues to Amara. As they work, Sam wishes that Rowena was there to help them track down Amara. He points out how amazing it is to have God with them to answer questions, but Dean tells him to focus on finding Lucifer before it's too late. Sam picks up on his comment, and Dean says that Amara is showing him visions of Lucifer. Chuck comes in wearing Dean's robe, and warns them that it's a mistake getting mixed up with Lucifer. Sam gets a hit on Amara's fog hitting Lewis and everyone there died except for Redfield. Chuck says that Amara is baiting him and that the deaths are unfortunate.

Metatron is sitting in a bar reading God's autobiography when he sees a news report about the fog in Colorado. He confirms that Chuck and the Winchesters are in the background.

As Sam and Dean drive off, Dean gets a call from Metatron. Metatron says that he has some information that they need to know, and he has to show them in person.

Later, the brothers arrive in Lewis and meet with Redfield at the police station. He explains that he teaches chemistry at the university and lives peacefully, but the police think that he's a terrorist. Redfield describes how the fog came out of nowhere, and black veins appeared on everyone's bodies. Lighting enveloped him and Redfield's mind was filled with knowledge and languages that he doesn't speak. Then he had a vision of Amara and the Darkness destroying the world. The brothers talk privately and they figure that Redfield is a Prophet. They figure that the fog is Amara's god power. While Dean gets some coffee, Sam goes back to Redfield and has him try and read Enochian. Much to his surprise, Redfield can understand it.

Amara appears to Dean and says that she needs to see him somewhere alone.

The Winchesters take Redfield with them and explain that he's a Prophet. Redfield tries to take everything in and they hope that Redfield can lead them to Amara. He tries to get out but the doors are locked, and insists that he doesn't believe in God. Dean tells him to act like he believes it even if he doesn't. Redfield suddenly senses something and wonders if it's God.

Chuck is eating Chinese takeout and watching video on Dean's laptop when Dean returns to the bunker and explains that they found the next Prophet. He asks Chuck to cut back on the God stuff and put his pants on, and Sam brings Redfield in. Chuck says that he made all of them, and Redfield eagerly shakes his hand.

The brothers drive to the bar to meet with Metatron. They figure that Chuck is going to take on Amara, but Metatron says that Chuck is going to meet with her. Instead he's going to sacrifice himself. Metatron shows them Chuck's manuscript and says that it's a suicide note.

The next day, Chuck meets with Dean in the park at Dean's request. There are children playing nearby, and Chuck admires them. Dean asks Chuck why he's throwing in the towel, and Chuck wonders why he cares. Exasperated, Dean says that Chuck did a lot before he went missing. Chuck explains that Amara will cage him, and he's trading himself for everything he created. Dean asks if Chuck has the right to end what he created, and Chuck figures that humans will step up if his plan doesn't work. That's why he saved Dean years ago, because he's the firewall between light and darkness. Dean says that taking on Amara is way above his pay grade, and Chuck is the one who has to take her out.

When Dean returns to the bunker, he gets Redfield a beer and suggests that Chuck might help them if they get Lucifer on their side. Sam brings Metatron in and Metatron introduces himself to Redfield. He points out that he was with God for millennia, and tries to drink Sam's beer. After Sam stops him, Metatron says that he was at God's side since the creation, and God believe in him. Now he wants to do something to help God and his creation. Dean says that the plan is to rescue Lucifer from Amara, then Lucifer teleports them out and they convince Chuck to use him to fight Amara. Redfield says that he's been getting a sense of where Amara is, and Metatron wonders how they keep Amara busy.

The next day, Dean goes to a forest and Amara appears to him as he requested. She says that she missed him and the sensations he arouses, and knows that Dean feels the same way. Dean says that they can't be together and they should walk away, and Amara wonders why he doesn't.

Sam, Metatron, and Redfield drive to the abandoned silo where Amara is keeping Lucifer. They go inside and finds Lucifer, who sees them and realizes that Redfield is a Prophet. Metatron unties Lucifer and Sam says that Lucifer is going to help them and if he says no, they'll leave him there. Lucifer points out what Amara has done to him and that he's not a fan.

Amara tells Dean that the world hasn't been easy for him. She suggests that he consider her offer, and Dean admits that the world is flawed. He's not ready to say goodbye to it yet, and Amara warns that God won't stop her because he can't. She tells dean to give up his humanity and become boundless within her.

As Metatron recites an incantation, Lucifer says that he'll table all of his grudges with God until they deal with Amara. Metatron says that he's narrowing it down.

Dean admits that he's drawn to Amara and can't control it. She says that she's the end of his struggle, and wonders what stops him from having it all.

Lucifer collapses.

Amara wonders where Dean's thoughts are, and realizes that something has changed.

Lucifer says that Amara has negated his teleportation abilities.

Amara realizes that Dean has spoken with God and betrayed him.

Redfield says that he can sense Amara coming. Sam grabs Lucifer and carries him out, and Metatron tells them to go without him. He says that he's got it, and Sam nods to him before getting the others out. They get to the Impala, while Metatron cuts his hand and draws a blood sigil. Amara appears and Metatron activates the sigil, blasting her. The energy washes over her but she's unharmed, and Metatron asks her to spare the universe. She kills Metatron with a gesture, consigning him to oblivion.

As Sam drives through the countryside, Amara appears on the road ahead of them. He brakes just in time, and Amara immobilizes the Impala. She says that none of them are worth sparing and prepares to smite them... and the Impala appears in the bunker. Chuck comes in and says that occasionally he answers a prayer. Lucifer stares athis father, and they both say that the other has changed. Chuck heals Castiel's body and Lucifer glares at him.

Later, Sam and Dean get a taxi for Redfield. He says that he's going to have to sort everything out, and figures that he'll see them again. Once Redfield leaves, Dean admits that he's surprised Metatron took one for the team. Sam asks why Amara spared Dean, and Dean explains that Amara wants him to be a part of her forever. With that, Dean walks off.

Written by Gadfly on May 12, 2016

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