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Bad Night Recap

We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.

Nick crumples up the note that Adalind left him and tosses a chair across the room in fury. He then takes out his phone and says that it's not going to happen.

Zuri kisses Hank and leads him to the bedroom as Hank's phone rings, unheard. When Nick gets his partner's voicemail, he leaves the bunker.

Adalind takes a cab to a house and Renard greets her at the door. He's surprised that she brought Kelly, and admits that he didn't know what Adalind would do. When Adalind realizes that Diana isn't there, Renard says that Black Claw will bring her now that they're sure Adalind came alone. He warns her that they don't have complete control, and says that he'll deal with Nick once the Grimm realizes that he is involved. Adalind insists that nothing happens to Kelly, and isn't convinced when Renard says that he'll treat the baby as his own. He says that they're a family whether they like it or not, and assures Adalind that she made the right decision.

Nick drives to Renard's place and realizes that the captain isn't home. He goes in, gun drawn, and discovers that Renard has moved.

Wu is lying in his bed, remembering how he Woged and killed earlier. He goes to the bathroom mirror and tries to force the change, but nothing happens. Wu tears up his apartment in a fury, and his hand changes and then his entire body. He manages to keep control, and reverts back to his human form. Smiling in relief, Wu realizes that he did it.

At home, Monroe is working on a watch while Rosalee watches mayoral results come in. As they go to bed, there's a knock on the door. It's Nick, who explains that Adalind left with Kelly. He figures that she's with Renard and is ready to start searching, but Monroe stops him and points out that Nick has no idea where to look. Rosalee says that they have to talk things out, and Nick reluctantly backs down.

Bonaparte arrives at the house with Diana, and Adalind takes the girl to see her baby brother. The Black Claw representative tells Adalind that they want the relationship with her to work, as Diana levitates Kelly into the air with her powers. Adalind gets Kelly and tells Diana that it's time for bed, and Renard takes them to their bedrooms.

Monroe and Rosalee warn that as a mayoral candidate, Renard is protected. They suggest that they consult with HW, but Nick warns that they can't risk Black Claw finding out about HW. He sends the couple out the back while he takes care of anyone that tries to follow them.

As Nick drives through Portland, he spots a car following him. He pulls over and walks into the nearby woods, and one of the two Black Claw agents follow him on foot. The Wesen loses Nick and goes back to his car, and finds his partner dead. Nick steps up to the car window and shoots the Wesen dead. He then picks up Monroe and Rosalee, and drives off.

At the HW base, Trubel meets with the trio and tells them that they have a Portland location from the place where Black Claw was originally keeping Diana. They go to the command center and Meisner confirms that Black Claw is moving a lot of people around the northwest U.S. He shows the others the organization chart HW has created of the Black Claw structure, and Renard is now near the top. Eve tells Nick that she intercepted a mental message from Diana to Adalind, and Nick explains that Adalind left him and took Kelly with her. He figures that she's with Renard, and Trubel tells him where he is. However, Meisner warns that it's heavily protected and Nick won't survive. Eve warns that Black Claw will use Nick's emotions against him, and Nick leaves with Monroe and Rosalee. Trubel insists that they have to help Nick, and Meisner tells her to keep an eye on the Grimm.

Once Hank is asleep, Zuri goes downstairs and gives his phone to a Wesen, Rosalee's ex Tony, waiting at the door. He tells Zuri to keep the door unlocked and it will take as long as it takes. She goes back to her room and finds Hank up, and they go back to bed.

Tony goes to his car and downloads all of the information on Hank's cellphone to his laptop.

Adalind tucks Diana in and then takes Renard's hand. She jerks away and they both realize that Diana forced them to hold hands. Adalind warns that they have no idea how powerful Diana is, and Renard says that they have to make it work. He tells Adalind to get with the program, and asks if she fell in love with Adalind. Adalind refuses to answer, and Renard says that he'll take what he can get. She telekinetically throws a vase at him and says that's what he's going to get, and orders him out of her room. Renard has no choice but to go.

Trubel meets Nick at the bunker and says she'll help Nick however he can. He says that Adalind told him that she loves him, and Trubel says that she knows. She's willing to attack Renard immediately, but Nick admits that it's too much of a risk. Renard calls Nick and says that they have to talk, and assures Nick that Kelly is safe. He invites Nick to meet him in his office in one hour, and Nick agrees. Trubel offers to take Renard out, but Nick wants to hear what the captain has to say. Before leaving, Nick tells Trubel to stay there.

Tony takes the phone into Zuri's house and starts putting it back in Hank's jacket. Hank comes in and catches him, and Tony and attacks him. The detective knocks him out, and Zuri comes in and claims that she doesn't know Tony. Hank calls it in and Zuri feigns shock,

Nick arrives at Renard's office, and Renard insists that he isn't Nick's enemy. He points out that he wasn't given much choice when he gave Kelly to Nick's mother. Nick says that he knows Renard is working for Black Claw, and Renard says that Nick is a Grimm and understands how things really work. He figures that it's time for the Wesen to come out of the shadows, and Black Claw knows that Nick has fought alongside the Wesen. He warns that revolutions are forged in blood, and asks Nick to work with him so that they can keep the bloodshed to a minimum. Nick demands Kelly back, and Renard says that he can have anything he wants if he joins Black Claw. When he says that Nick can't win, Nick says that there aren't going to be any winners and leaves.

As the police take Tony away, Hank tells Zuri that something doesn't feel right about the guy. He figures the guy was there for him, and he has to find out if Tony knows him. As Zuri goes inside, Franco tells Hank that they found the Wesen's car down the street. There's no registration and the reports were reported stolen. Hank takes the laptop and tells Franco to impound the car.

Back at the bunker, Nick tells Trubel what happened. He tells her that he recovered something in Germany and goes into the tunnel to get the stick.

At the station, Hank checks the laptop but is unable to bypass the password. Franco identifies Tony from his fingerprints and determines that he used to be with a criminal hacker group.

Nick shows the stick to Trubel and explains that it apparently has healing powers. They suspect that it might prove that God exists, and Nick shows her where he hid it. He insists that HW and Black Claw can't know about it, and confirms that he didn't tell Adalind.

Trubel returns to the HW base and tells Meisner and Eve what happened. As she collects her weapons, Eve figures that Trubel is angry. She wonders if Nick blames Adalind, and Trubel tells her that Nick figures that Adalind didn't have a choice. When Trubel wonders what Eve thinks, Eve says that Trubel has more anger than she knows what to do with. Trubel wonders what Juliette would think, and Eve says that she doesn't go there because it's too dangerous.

The next morning, Nick arrives at the station and Hank tells him what happened. Nick brings his partner up to speed on what happened, and Hank offers to deal with Renard. The Grimm passes for the moment and says that for now, they have to figure out if Tony is connected to Black Claw. They figure that if they pressure Tony and he doesn't woge, it means that he knows Nick is a Grimm.

In the interrogation room, Tony refuses to tell them anything. Nick points out that Tony woged in front of Hank and invites him to do it again. Tony plays dumb and Nick slams his head into the table, but Tony doesn't woge. Outside, Nick figures that they shouldn't do anything until they figure out what kind of Wesen Tony is. Wu arrives and says that he's feeling good, and tells them that he's getting a handle on his infection. Hank gives him the laptop to crack.

At the spice shop, Hank goes through the Grimm journals with Monroe and Rosalee. They identify Tony as a Kackenthopt. When Hank mentions Tony's name, Rosalee realizes that it's her Tony. Wu calls Nick and tells the team that Tony downloaded everything on Hank's phone. Hank points out that there was no signs of forced entry at Zuri's, and Nick suggests that she let Tony in. His partner agrees that she could have, and Monroe wonders if Zuri got involved with Hank again for just that reason. Hank figures that they'll have to force Zuri to admit if she's Black Claw.

Renard, Diane, and Rachel watch the news reports as the polls prepare to close. Jeremiah and Bonaparte are with them, and Adalind comes in dressed for the news conference if Renard wins. Bonaparte takes Adalind to get coffee while Diana glares at Rachel. The Black Claw representative tells Adalind that he knows Nick is Diana's father, and tells her not to take whatever happens to Nick personally. He asks where Nick is, and Adalind refuses to tell him.

Nick goes to Zuri's and asks to come in. He looks around nervously and tells her that Hank is getting a safehouse ready for her. Nick tells her that Tony was with Black Claw and that they figure the organization will go after her now that they know she's with Hank. He says that Hank will pick her up in thirty minutes, while he'll be parked outside on guard. Once Nick leaves, Zuri calls Bonaparte and says that Nick and Hank are taking her to a safehouse. Bonaparte tells her to cooperate, and Hank comes in and hears Zuri talking. She insists that she loves Hank and Black Claw threatened her brother, but Hank doesn't believe her. She woges and attacks him, and Hank knocks her out.

Later, Zuri wakes up in an HW interrogation cell. Meisner, Eve, and Trubel are there, and Zuri recites the Black Claw slogan. Meisner leaves Eve to her work, and Eve seals over Zuri's mouth as Trubel warns that it doesn't get better.

Nick and Hank arrive in the base as the reporters announce that Renard has won the election. They show Renard arriving with Rachel and Jeremiah nearby to make his victory speech. Bonaparte, Adalind, Kelly, and Diana are off-stage watching, and Diana glares at Rachel. Renard calls Adalind and the children up, and Adalind reluctantly goes up. As Renard holds Kelly, Nick stares at his son in shock. Meanwhile, Bonaparte receives a call that Zuri has been taken. Black Claw knows where she is, so they know where HW is as well.

Written by Gadfly on May 14, 2016

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