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Walking After Midnight Recap

In the forest, Doc is sleeping next to his campfire. He’s dreaming of the Stone Witch, when one of the Revenants--John--puts a knife to Doc’s throat. Before he can kill Doc, Wynonna arrives and points out that she killed John once before. He says that blowing him up with a motorcycle didn’t take, and Wynonna sends him to Hell with the Peacemaker. She wonders why Doc is living in the woods, but Doc doesn’t want to discuss it. Wynonna says that she’s on recon and shows Doc a photo of the Seven. She points out that the last one is too blurry to make out, and Doc explains that the revenants are trying to kill him because he’s helping the Heir. He figures that he has his own business to tend to, and refuses to cooperate with Wynonna unless she’s going to make it a more equal partnership.

The next day, the Blacksmith is in her workshop, sitting inside of a circle of salt. She hears someone come in and wakes up, and Constance steps out with two of her men. Constance knows that the Blacksmith--Mattie--has touched Doc and wants to know where he is. She offers to make Mattie young again, but Mattie still refuses. She magically scratches Constance’s face, and Constance says that it’s time for a more violent approach. She takes out a knife and starts magically torturing Mattie.

At the saloon, Wynonna complains to Waverly that Doc hates her. Waverly is more interested in confirming that Wynonna is working with Xavier, and abruptly says that she’s not interested when Wynonna offers to have Xavier run some tests on the skull. She figures that if she hands the skull over to Black Badge then she’ll never see it again. As Wynonna leaves, she ask her sister if she’ll be okay, and Waverly assures her that she’ll be fine.

At the sheriff’s station, Xavier examines the photo and warns Wynonna that someone like Doc doesn’t become immortal by making deals with the good guys. He spots the seventh revenants holding a cane, and Wynonna spots an ace inscribed on the handle. She’s surprised when Xavier suggests that they get Chinese takeout and says that they should make it fun.

Constance continues torturing Mattie, and congratulates her on lasting so long. Mattie insists that she isn’t coming out, and Constance casts a spell to make her choke. The Stone Witch offers Mattie water, and Mattie finally breaks the circle to take some. Satisfied, Constance says that now they can begin. She demands to know who has the skull, and Mattie says that the girl who has it will end Constance. Constance puts a magically heated dagger to Mattie’s face and asks where she can find the girl.

At the homestead, Waverly is decorating for the engagement party she’s throwing her friend Stephanie Jones. She’s looking at the skull when Doc comes in, and he tells her that Bobo is digging up two skeletons and one of them is missing a skull. He admits that he was wrong to refuse Wynonna’s request for help, Waverly’s phone goes off and she tells Doc to go because it’s a girl’s only engagement party. Doc warns her that gunslingers can’t foster friendships with civilians, but Waverly doesn’t believe it. She suggests that he stay nearby in case they need protection, and tells Doc that Wynonna doesn’t want him dead. Doc agrees to sleep in the barn and consider Waverly’s offer, and tells her to hide the skull.

At the station, Wynonna is doing research on the spade design when Xavier calls. He tells her that there’s been a change of plans and he has to go away for a while, and says that he may need her to access his files on short notice. Xavier assures her that she can break the curse on her won, and assures Wynonna that he’s fine. Once he hangs up, he gets into a car with two black-suited agents after they take his gun.

At the homestead, Waverly is putting out cupcakes when Stephanie and Chrissy Neadley arrive. No one else is with them, and they explain that the others were too freaked to come to the “murder house.” Waverly gets them drinks and she figures that it’s best to move on to put the past behind her and move on. They share a toast to moving on and to Stephanie getting engaged again.

At the station, Wynonna spots Nicole at her desk and knocks on her door. She wonders why Nicole isn’t out on a Saturday night, and Nicole says that the sheriff kept her in. Wynonna pours herself a drink and Nicole mentions Waverly’s party, and Waverly wonders what she’s talking about.

Stephanie shows Waverly her own engagement ring, and tells Waverly that they already went shopping for bridesmaids’ dresses. Waverly missed it because she was busy reconnecting with Wynonna and ignoring Champ. Waverly insists that she and Champ are done, and Stephanie points out that guys aren’t lining up to date an Earp. Doc moves by the window bringing firewood, and Stephanie figures Waverly ordered a stripper. Waverly answers the door and ushers Doc in.

At the station, Wynonna and Nicole get drunk together and complain that Waverly didn’t invite either one of them to the engagement party. Wynonna wonder if she holds Waverly too close, and Nicole figures that Waverly is just starting to figure out what she wants. Impressed, Wynonna figures that Waverly should be hanging out with Nicole, and Nicole agrees. After she notices a picture of Joyce Arbour, the most recent of three women that were victims of a serial killer. When Nicole mentions that each victim was lacerated multiples times, Wynonna asks to see the body.

At the homestead, the girls are playing poker with Doc. Chrissy suggests that they play strip poker, and Waverly reminds her that she’s engaged. They discuss tells and Waverly says that she knows Doc’s tell. He bets on it and reveals that he knows everyone’s hands. Something moves outside and Doc peers out the window. He sees the barn door open and says that he’ll see to it. After a moment, Waverly looks out the window and then goes after him.

In the barn, a badly injured Mattie staggers out of the shadows and tells Doc that “she” is coming. She says that she’s dying and tells Doc that Waverly has Constance’s boy. Doc realizes that Mattie is talking about the skull. If Constance united what is scattered, Constance will set the revenants free from the Ghost River Triangle. Doc says that he can handle Constance, but Mattie says that Constance will kill Waverly on the Witching Hour. Doc insists that he wants Constance dead, and Mattie agrees to tell him once he gives his word that he’ll help Waverly get away. Without hesitation, Doc gives his word. She tells him to collect her hair and blood.He then dips gallows silk in it, binding her. However, Constance is only during the Reckoning: the time following the Witching Hour. With that, Mattie dies and Doc closes her eyes.

Waverly approaches the barn, calling Doc’s name. He quickly comes out and says that the wind blew the door open, and takes Waverly back inside.

Nicole takes Wynonna to the morgue to see Joyce’s body. Wynonna realizes that Joyce looks a bit like her. Dr. Reggie comes in, startling them. He introduces himself and says that someone cut out Joyce’s organs while she was still alive. However, the killer drugged Joyce and hooked her up to an IV. The wounds were cauterized as they were made... like hellfire hot.

Outside the homestead, Doc remembers his promise to Mattie. And then goes back to the barn.

Wynonna figures that the killer was looking at something, and points out a welt on Joyce’s neck in the shape of a spade. They hear something moving in the station and the cooler light comes on. Reggie confirms that it has a rear exit, and they go to investigate. Wynonna and Reggie go into the morgue, and the door slams shut behind them. Reggie figures that it’s a prank, and they go out. When they go back, they discover that someo0ne has stuffed an Ace of Spades into Joyce’s mouth. Nicole comes back and says that the cooler door was locked... and realizes that Wynonna’s nose is bleeding.

Doc tells Mattie’s corpse that the best way to protect Waverly is to kill Constance. He checks his watch and realizes that there’s ten minutes until midnight.

Stephanie asks what is upstairs, and Waverly anxiously says that they don’t go up there. As Stephanie goes out to get a cigarette from Doc, a deliveryman arrives. He insists that he’s not a stripper, but Stephanie and Chrissy start dancing with him and Waverly tells him to show them what he’s got. As the deliveryman strips, he glances at the axe and Waverly notices him.

The clock strikes midnight and Doc figures that he’s waited long enough. He looks outside and sees Constance arrives, and prepares to shoot her. Constance telekinetically pulls her bodyguard in front of him, taking the shots for her.

As Waverly hears the shots, the deliveryman grabs her by the throat. He demands to know where the skull is. Doc arrives and Waverly jams a pair of scissors into her attacker’s skull. They realize that Chrissy has disappeared.

At the Black Badge base, Xavier meets with Agent Lucado. She points that they gave Xavier three months to prove a demon conspiracy, and he’s turned up nothing. Lucado has seen nothing, and says that she’ll return later with Xavier’s new orders and deployment. Xavier says that he has human remains mummified by revenant saliva, but Lucado isn’t convinced and leaves.

Wynonna goes to the kitchen and Nicole follows her. She wonders if someone is toying with Wynonna, and points out that Wynonna has been getting all the strange cases. Wynonna suggests that Nicole doubled back and put the card in the corpse’s mouth, but Nicole doesn’t believe it.

Constance creates a symbol of power around her in the snow and starts casting a spell.

Waverly asks what Doc was shooting at, and he explains that Constance is the woman outside and the Stone Witch who made immortal. Stephanie tries to get reception without success. She takes in Doc’s explanation and figures that he’s nuts, and Wynonna seals the doors with salt.

The corpses of Mattie and the bodyguard open their eyes.

Stephanie figures that Waverly is a freak, and Waverly finally loses it. She blows up at Stephanie, says that it’s all true, Stephanie’s engagement ring is cubic zirconium, and takes a swig of Doc’s whiskey. The deliveryman comes in and Doc shoots him without effect. Once they realize the deliveryman is an animated corpse, Doc has Waverly open the door and he shoots the deliveryman again, knocking him out the door. Once Waverly slams the door shut, she realizes that Constance is trying to resurrect her sons. She refuses to tell Doc where the skull is because she’s the keeper.

Stephanie has enough and runs outside. The reanimated bodyguard grabs her and breaks her neck, and Mattie and the deliveryman join her. Constance reanimated Stephanie as well, and Doc and Waverly retreat into the homestead.

Wynonna leaves a message for Xavier and says that the last of the Sven is toying with him. Lucado is listening to Xavier’s phone and watching Xavier. Waverly calls Wynonna and tells her what’s going on.

Once Waverly tells Doc that Wynonna is on the way, she suggests that they stop the zombies by killing Constance. As she starts to ask why Constance made Doc immortal and threw him down a well, but the zombies start breaking in. Waverly goes upstairs to get some coyote traps and throw them down. Upstairs, Waverly goes to Willa’s old room despite the fact that Ward said to never go in there. She finds Chrissy hiding in the closet, and Waverly explains where they are. Waverly says that Wynonna is on her way and she’s the best chance that they have.

As Waverly grabs a tool kit and starts unscrewing an air vent, Chrissy talks about how she’s always trusted Waverly. Waverly gets the air vent out and removes the box with the skull, as Chrissy says that Willa would be proud of her little sister. Waverly says that Constance is just another bully and takes out the skull.

As the zombies break in, Doc turns when Chrissy comes down the stairs holding the empty box. She says that Waverly is sorry that she lied and then left out the window, and Doc asks what was in the box.

Waverly approaches Constance holding the skull, which protects her from the zombies now that it’s bound to her. Constance points out that Waverly’s friends have no such protection, and the zombies turn back to the house. Waverly asks why Constance hates Doc, and the Stone Witch says that Doc was beloved of Wyatt. Wyatt slaughtered her sons, and her boys didn’t resurrect as revenants because they were something more. She says that there’s an evil in the world far greater than the revenants, and it’s coming. Waverly figures that they’ll stop it because they’re heroes, and tells Constance to come and get the skull. With that, she smashes that against the barn wall.

Constance screams in fury and telekinetically slams Waverly against the wall. As she prepares to kill Waverly, Wynonna shoots the dagger out of her hands. Doc comes out and says that Constance is hers, and shoots her. The bullet wounds Constance, much to her surprise and the zombies droop. Constance gets in her car and drives off, and Doc tells Wynonna that it was his greatest chance to take the Stone Witch down. He tells her to see to Waverly, and Wynonna helps Waverly up. She says that Waverly was stupid but brave and hugs her.

Later, Wynonna is eating leftovers from the party when Doc comes in. She’s realized that Doc used her as bait, and Doc insists that Constance is all that he wants in the world. However, Waverly doesn’t hate Doc because she figures that he just acted according to his nature. She tells him to tell Wynonna the same thing, and figures that he loves her. Doc denies it, but Waverly figures that Doc’s tell at poker is that he lies all the time. Disgusted, she walks away.

The next day, Chrissy is giving a statement to Nicole at the homestead. Wynonna comes out and Nicole tells her that the stripper attacked them and Waverly killed her. When the deputy wonders what’s going on, Wynonna offers to have breakfast with her and tell her everything. When Nicole wonders if Xavier is okay with that, Wynonna points out that Xavier isn’t there.

At the Black Badge base, Lucado rejoins Xavier and tells him that she’s shutting down his division and “dealing” with his recruits. He tells her that he has something bigger than demons or revenants, never before documented, and Lucado says that she’s listening.

Doc goes to where Constance was standing and collects some of her blood where he wounded her. As he does, he clutches at his chest and realizes that he’s bleeding from the same spot where he shot Constance. Doc hears music playing and goes to investigate, and Nicole’s empty police car rolls by, blood on the door handles. Frightened, Doc yells for Wynonna.

Written by Gadfly on May 15, 2016

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