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The Queen's Diamonds Recap

Athos and Sylvie run inside and kiss, and the other Musketeers interrupt to tell Athos that they have to go to the Louvre.

At the Louvre, Louis demands to know who would rob the Queen of England. Henrietta, his sister, says that the robber was masked and showed no mercy when he intercepted her carriage. He took her diamonds and rode off, but Henrietta's lady-in-waiting Caroline says that she managed to save Henrietta's ring. The Musketeers arrive and Louis tells them that they have a thief to catch. Henrietta points out that there are only four Musketeers and warns that the thief is no ordinary man.

The next day, the Musketeers go to the garrison and prepare to ride out. They wonder how they're going to find the thief without a clear description, and why Henrietta was traveling without an escort. They prepare to ride to Saint Antoine, where the thief is most likely to try and sell the diamonds. As they ride off, Porthos notices a man watching them. It's the explorer Emile Bonnaire, who the Musketeers encountered before. Furious, the Musketeers ride toward Emile and he tries to run, finally hiding in a wagon of corpses. He recoils in disgust and finds the Musketeers waiting for him.

The Musketeers demand to know where the diamonds are, and threaten to toss Emile off a building unless he talks. Emile points out that the last time they met, they threw him on a Spanish prison ship. He quickly cracks and says that he remembers the diamonds.

Lucien meets with Feron and says that Feron's ship the Cerberus has sunk off Corsica. Feron is furious that Lucien failed to bring him the cargo, and he invested everything he had in it. Lucien realizes that Feron is holding something back, but Feron merely says that he has debts to settle and begs Lucien to help him. Marcheaux comes in and reports that someone has robbed Henrietta.

At the palace, Henrietta complains to the court that London has fallen to Cromwell. She asks Louis to send help, and Caroline says that the Dutch financier Van Laar is on his way. Henrietta wonders what they will do when they have nothing to sell him, and Feron arrives and offers to intervene. Henrietta is less than thrilled, and Louis points out that France is helping England... which is more than England has done to help France against Spain. Henrietta agrees to let Feron meet with Van Laar.

Emile asks for the Musketeers' word that they won't kill him when he tells them what he knows. Once they do, he says that he sold the diamonds. As they drag Emile away, Aramis sees a passing woman, Pauline, and calls to her. The man with her, St. PIerre, gestures Pauline on and after a moment she goes with him. Athos orders Emile to give him the money for the jewels, but he says that his partner has it. When Athos says that the jewels belong to Henrietta, Emile is shocked. As they make him take them to the first of the three buyers, D'Artagnan asks Aramis who Pauline is. Aramis says that he knew her long ago.

As they continue on, Pauline tells St. Pierre that she and Aramis grew up together. She then gives money to an old soldier begging on the street over St. Pierre's objection.

Emile leads the Musketeers into the country and complains that he was in prison for five years. He forgives the Musketeers for their involvement in his imprisonment.

Lucien and Marcheaux take Feron to meet with Van Laar. Feron claims that Henrietta was delayed by the storm, and while they wait Feron will extend the financier the very best hospitality.

Emile takes the Musketeers to the estate of Lady Francoise. He explains that the diamonds were to be a gift for her darling Serena. Athos sends D'Artagnan in to flirt with Francoise, and she introduces the Musketeer to Esmerelda, her youngest daughter. Her other daughters, Christina and Rosalie come in, and Francoise says that Serena is the feisty one. D'Artagnan wonders if there is a fourth daughter and says that he wanted to spend some time with Serena. Francoise slaps him and finally explains who Serena is.

Later, D'Artagnan returns to his friends and explains who Serena is: Francoise's horse. The diamonds have been woven into the horse's tail, and the Musketeers try to restrain it to recover the jewels. Serena is less than cooperative, and Athos finally tells Aramis to shoot the horse. Aramis refuses, and Athos prepares to kill it. D'Artagnan finally says that he can subdue the horse and reminds them that he was a farmer. Athos tells Emile to grab the diamonds. He borrows a sword to cut the tail off and then swishes the sword through the air until Porthos takes slaps Emile and takes it away from him. Porthos throws the diamonds to the nearby peasants, figuring that they'll put it to better use.

Sylvie meets with a large group of anti-monarchists and says that they all deserve liberty and equality. Lucien watches from the shadows, and meets with Sylvie afterward. He gives her money for her cause but she refuses. Lucien says that he was like her: dragged from place to a child with nothing but darkness ahead and chaos behind. He points out that Sylvie fought with the Musketeers at the tavern, but now they're chasing down the diamonds while Sylvie and her friends starve. Sylvie refuses the money again and walks away.

The Musketeers and Emile ride back to the garrison, and D'Artagnan tells Constance to take some of the diamond to Treville. He assures his wife that there are more to come and promises that she'll have one someday. Emile tries to flirt with her until Constance knees him in the groin on behalf of the woman he robbed. Undeterred, the explorer asks if there's anything to eat but Porthos reminds him that they have to find the other two buyers.

Pauline enters the garrison and asks to speak with Aramis. Athos tells him to do what he has to and rides off with Porthos and D'Artagnan. Aramis and Pauline hug and Pauline says that she needs him.

At the palace, Treville brings Henrietta the first third of her recovered diamonds. She warns that it's enough to finance the war and asks Louis for the rest. He says that the money is for the Dauphin and tells her to have faith, and Treville assures Henrietta that Feron can keep Van Laar distracted.

Feron takes Van Laar to a brothel and leaves him with a woman. He then tells Marcheaux to keep Van Laar distracted and make sure there are no interruptions.

In the garrison mess room, Pauline talks about her new life as a lady, engaged to St. PIerre. Aramis realizes that something is wrong, just as Constance comes in. He assures Pauline that Constance can be trusted, and Pauline explains that she's being blackmailed. The blackmailer has learned that Pauline was raised in a brothel, and is threatening to tell St. Pierre. Aramis grew up there as well until his father took him away, and admits that his mother was a prostitute as well. Pauline warns that St. PIerre won't be so understanding, and Constance assures her that Aramis will help her.

Feron offers Van Laar some opium, and Marcheaux says that there is still no news of Henrietta's arrival. The Marquis then asks if Van Laar would make Louis a private loan to buy a necklace for Anne. Van Laar agrees but warns that the interest rate will be high.

Emilie takes the remaining Musketeers to see Dube, and warns that the man has a short temper. They insist on going in with Emile, and he gives them a code phrase in case he senses something is wrong. Emile goes in front and they figure he'll try to run.

Inside, a group of thugs take Emile to Dube. Dube is looking at the diamonds, and Emile says that the Musketeers are there to take back the diamonds. The buyer thanks him, leads him to the window, and calls to the Musketeers that he'll give them what is rightfully theirs. Dube then stabs Emile in the back and shoves him out the second-story window, and Dube's thugs open fire. The Musketeers shoot back and duck inside, and attack the thugs.

Dube is counting his diamonds and hears the fighting below as D'Artagnan comes in. Four men emerge from the shadows, and D'Artagnan attacks them. He takes out three of them and grabs the fourth, and Dube aims a gun at D'Artagnan's head. However, Emile shoots Dube through the window, killing him. The Musketeers drag Emile in and Porthos stitches up his wound. Desperate, Emile explains that he leaped off the ship and has been in England for five years avoiding lice. He sees the needle and faints.

Later, Athos meets with Sylvie and she invites him to a meeting of the anti-monarchists. He warns that it wouldn't be appropriate and invites her to have some wine with him. Athos says that he's chasing a thief to get the diamonds, but Sylvie points out that there are people starving in the streets. She wonders if Athos wants to understand her, and he admits that perhaps he doesn't. After a moment, Sylvie walks away.

The next day, Aramis escorts Pauline to St. Pierre's estate. He greets his fiancée and Aramis explains that they grew up together. Pauline says that Aramis will walk her down the aisle for her wedding, just as a peasant girl runs out with some stolen food from the wedding feast. St. Pierre prepares to beat her, and Pauline gasps in shock. After a moment, St. Pierre tells his majordomo Corelle to feed the girl. Pauline kisses St. Pierre's hand in gratitude, while Aramis takes the whole thing in.

Back at the garrison, Constance wakes Emile up. Porthos points out that they only have one more diamond to find and need Emile awake to tell them where it is. Constance reluctantly jams a finger into Emile's wound, and Porthos asks where they can find the diamond.

Aramis approaches Corelle in the stable and says that he thought it would be more difficult finding the blackmailer. Corelle insists that he's protecting St. Pierre and most people will not understand that Pauline's past life is in the past. Aramis tells him to let him deal with it, and Corelle tells him to protect Pauline.

Constance checks on the manacled Emile, who shows her a locket with a picture of his first wife, Maria. He says that she is his charm, and claims that he's been an apothecary and a gardener. He fell in love and promised that he would keep her safe, and figures that Constance is just as smitten with D'Artagnan. Unimpressed, Constance walks out and Emile tugs at the chains in frustration... and one of them breaks free of the wall.

Pauline finds Aramis outside and gives him a flower. She talks about what the other prostitutes would think of her, and assures Aramis that his mother gave him up so that he'd have a better life. Aramis says that he should have taken Pauline with him, and his father never told him that his mother died until years late. He says that Pauline should tell St. Pierre the truth rather then build a wall of lies. Before Pauline can respond, St. Pierre comes out and asks Pauline to come over. He says that he has a wedding gift for her and leads her inside. Meanwhile, Athos, Porthos, and D'Artagnan ride up.

Inside, St. Pierre gives Pauline her wedding ring, with a diamond setting. The Musketeers come in and tell St. Pierre to hand over the diamond. St. Pierre refuses to hand it over and grabs his sword, and Aramis tries to intervene. Athos draws his gun and tells Aramis to get out of the way, and Porthos walks out while Athos repeats his order. Pauline removes the ring and hands it over, and then storms out. Aramis goes after her, while Athos and D'Artagnan join Porthos outside. Athos and Porthos admit that Aramis is their penance and leave.

Pauline goes to the stable and asks for Corelle's word that he won't stop the wedding. He refuses and tells Pauline that she has to leave, saying that she will do it if she truly loves St. Pierre. Pauline grabs a knife and stabs Corelle in the back, and says that she does love St. Pierre. She then goes to Aramis, who sees the blood on her dress and realizes what she's done. Pauline says that it's nothing and insists that she's different, and needs her new life so much. St. Pierre comes out and Pauline begs him to marry her, but he just stares at her and she falls to her knees, crying.

Constance discovers that Emile has escaped. As the cadets search the garrison, Emile slips out and heads for the gate, just as the Musketeers return. They take him to Louis and Anne, and return the diamond to Louis. Henrietta recognizes Emile as her gardener and orders his execution, and he offers to double her money. Carolina suggests that her lady listen, and points out that Emile has the money from the sales. Henrietta can sell them again, doubling her money. Henrietta refuses to hear of it, but Louis points out that he'd like his sister to win her war. She concedes the point and demands to see Emile's partner holding the money.

Emile glances over at Caroline and says that he can't, and Caroline goes to him. The explorer says that it was his plan to make a better life for his wife, and invites Henrietta to hang him twice over if only she will spare Caroline. He points out that Caroline saved Henrietta's favorite ring, and Louis tells the Musketeers to take Emile and recover the money. When Henrietta objects, Louis tells her not to let her anger overcome her good sense. Emile petitions Henrietta for immunity from prosecution in return for the ring, and Henrietta agrees in return for his never returning to England again.

Following Emile's directions, the Musketeers go to the mass grave and recover the money from where Emile hid it on a corpse earlier. Caroline wonders if the Musketeers will kill them, and Aramis takes out a gun and asks if they're doing it. D'Artagnan points out that Emile saved his life, and the Musketeers finally agree to let the couple go. Emile and Caroline quickly run off.

Lucien returns to Feron, who is looking at the loan papers that he arranged with Van Laar. Feron says that he has resolved his problem without Lucien's help, and Lucien demands answers. His employer finally says that Louis is dying and he needs the money to raise an army and bring Gaston and his allies to heel. He then begins discussing his plans with Lucien.

Written by Gadfly on May 17, 2016

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