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Invincible Recap

Central City is in flames as the Earth Two metahumans overwhelm the police and spread chaos. Joe and Singh are on the streets and Singh takes a hit. As Joe gets Singh into a squad car and tries to get away, the metahumans attack the car. Flash whisks them away before they can break in.

At her office, Iris is writing an article on the "metapocalypse."

At home, Wally watches newscasts about the metahumans and runs out.

Zoom looks down on the city and watches as Flash speeds through the city putting out fires.

Later, Barry meets Iris at STAR Labs and he is sure that they can deal with the metahumans. Cisco takes them to the cortex where Caitlin is there. Henry is checking her and reports that she's malnourished. Caitlyn says that Jay let her go and told her that Barry was dead. She insists that they can't stop Zoom, but Barry says that in the Speed Force he saw that the universe is with them, not Zoom. Once Barry takes Caitlin to get some rest, Cisco asks the others if Barry is being too overconfident. They worry that nothing seems to phase Barry anymore, and Harry figures that someone needs to talk to him.

At Mercury Labs, Tina is meeting with her staff when a metahuman walks up to the building and unleashes a sonic scream. The building starts to collapse, and Tina orders an evacuation.

Cisco checks on Barry and a sleeping Caitlin, and Barry insists that she'll be okay. When he says that they'll bring Zoom down, Cisco gets a vibe of a dead bird outside of a building. When the vibe fades, Cisco tells Barry what he saw. An alarm goes off at Mercury Labs and they realize that it's under attack.

At the building, Tina is knocked unconscious and the floor opens beneath her. Flash arrives, speeds through the wreckage, catches Tina, and gets her safely to the street. They watch as Mercury Labs finishes collapsing, and Tina thanks Flash by his real name. Meanwhile, the metahuman--Black Siren, Laurel Lance--walks away unnoticed.

Back at STAR Labs, Tina introduces herself to Henry. She says that she didn't see who attacked the building, but Mercury Labs has a black box that would have stored the security footage. Tina suggests that she saw Welles running out of her facility months ago, and wonders if he had anything to do with it. Harry comes in and admits that it was him, and Barry offers to catch Tina up.

A couple is walking home when a purse snatcher grabs the woman's purse and runs. Wally cuts the thief off in his car and tackles the man, and the purse snatcher charges up. However, Joe shoots him with a boot and the police officers with him haul the thief away. Wally insists that he's not going to let the metahumans do what they want, and Joe tells him to leave it to the cops and Flash. He wants to show Flash that he was worth being saved. Joe assures his son that he's worth it, but Wally points out that he's the one who avoided his dying mother for weeks and cost Flash his powers. He figures that he has a lot to make up for and that's what he intends to do. With that, Wally walks off.

Harry comes in and finds Caitlin checking Jesse's genetic structure. Jesse says that the dark matter must have affected her somehow, and Harry tells her that they could use Jesse's genius against the metahumans. His daughter agrees, while Caitlin imagines seeing Zoom in the room with them. Harry sees her react and asks if she's all right, and Caitlin assures him that she's fine.

Flash gets the black box and heads out to check with Joe. Henry goes after him and asks if Barry saw the future while he was in the Speed Force. Barry explains that the Speed Force made it so he's not afraid anymore. Henry warns his son that he still has to be careful, and Barry wonders why he's trying to take his confidence from him. He tells Henry that he hasn't been around to know, and then apologizes. Henry says that he's done everything to know who Barry is, and Barry insists that he's fine. An alarm goes off in the cortex as Zoom attacks the CCPD. Henry tells Barry not to do it, but he speeds off.

Barry arrives at the CCPD and finds Jay in his lab. Jay talks about how he watched his mother die in front of him, and realizes that Barry got his speed back. The villain says that Barry can't keep running from one metahuman to the next, and he knows what is holding Barry back. He promises that Barry will see that they're the same person, with the same reason for running. The difference is that Barry wants to be seen as the hero, and asks if gets exhausting. Jay says that it was exhausting playing the hero. A building crumbles in the distance, and Jay says that he's going to beat Barry because he always has to be the hero. While Barry is saving lives, he'll be winning.

Back at STAR Labs, Barry tells the others that they have to take Zoom down before he takes down another building. Harry wonders how they can do it, and Barry says that they take down the metahumans first and take away Zoom's armor. The team warns that it will take weeks to track them all down, but Barry says that they need a way to stop them all at once. Barry suggests that they create vibrational tech keyed to the Earth Two metas. The team goes to work and Barry assures them that they got it.

In the hallway, Cisco gets a vibe of the same building and birds falling out of the sky.

Joe talks to Barry privately and tells him what Wally is going through. Barry warns that Joe may not be able to stop Wally, but Joe figures that Wally considers himself invincible but it won't protect him. He asks Barry to talk to Wally again as Flash, and Barry agrees.

In his workshop, a frustrated Cisco throws his pens at the clear board. He tells Caitlin that he can't come up with a way to make Barry's plan work. Caitlin sees Zoom appear in front of her, but Cisco sees nothing and assures his friend that she's okay. He tries to reassure her, but Caitlin says that she's wrong all the time and can't move forward. Jay took everything from her, and Caitlin doesn't believe she'll be whole again. Cisco hugs her and promise that she will recover.

Flash finds Wally in a car listening to a police scanner. When Wally says that he wants to help, Flash advises him to leave it to the police. Wally points out that Flash didn't, and it's up to everyone in the city to protect it. Cisco calls to warn Flash of a major meta alert, and Flash speeds off. Wally, having overheard Flash's end of the conversation speeds there.

Black Siren is standing in the street and Flash arrives... and realizes that he's facing the Earth Two Laurel Lance. She says that Laurel is dead, and Caitlin and the others listen in. Caitlin tells Harry that Cisco loved Laurel. Meanwhile, Black Siren explains that she took down Mercury Labs because she likes to watch things crumble, and blasts Flash. She moves in on the superhero and punches him, easily knocking down the stunned hero. Wally slams into Black Siren and then tells Flash to get in, and he speeds off before the meta can recover. As they drive away, Flash thanks Wally and then speeds off.

At STAR Labs, Caitlin tends to Barry's injuries. Barry has told the team what happened, and Joe is angry that Wally did the opposite of what he wanted. His foster son says that Wally is a determine kid, but Joe doesn't want to see the day when Wally isn't lucky. Barry assures him that it's not a matter of luck, and Iris warns him that he's not invincible. She says that a little fear can be a healthy thing, and it's something both Barry and Wally need to realize.

Black Siren tells Jay that she met Flash. He knows that she didn't kill him, and Black Siren points out that she's the only one of his lieutenants still standing. Jay tells her to knock down a few more buildings so that it seems random. Flash and his team won't realize what he's up to until it's too late, and merely says that he's up to no good.

In the breach room, Cisco administers dimensional shock therapy to Harry as a test. He tells the team that they found out that all Earth Two people vibrate at a higher frequency. Cisco checked with Hartley, who suggested that they create a dimensional tuning force. If Flash runs around the city fast enough to create a refracting field, the device will send out a recursive wave that will disrupt any Earth Two resident's nervous system. Joe wonders how they'll protect Harry and Jesse, and Harry shows them the headphones that they've created. A metahuman app shows an attack on a high-rise development, and Harry tells Barry to generate the refracting field. Barry worries about the people in the high-rise, and Cisco says that he has an idea.

Black Siren approaches the building, and Caitlin calls out to her. The villainess goes to investigate and finds Cisco and Caitlin dresses as Reverb and Killer Frost. Black Siren mistakes them for the real thing, and Cisco says that they want Zoom to believe they're still dead. He says that Black Siren isn't ready and they start to walk away, and Black siren figures that they plan to take over Zoom. Cisco says that they could all be gods rather than serve Zoom.

At STAR Labs, Harry tells the team that the device is ready. Flash speeds off to generate the refracting field.

Black Siren asks what their plan is, and Cisco says that they combine their powers and ambush Zoom at the CCPD. However, Black Siren tosses Cisco a piece of pipe. He catches it with his right hand, and Black Siren says that the Earth Two doppelgangers are mirror images. Caitlin realizes that Reverb was left-handed, and they run.

Flash continues running.

Cisco and Caitlin come to a dead end, and Cisco gestures at her. A blast of reverb energy knocks her down, but he can't summon a second blast.

Flash reaches the critical mass, and Harry activates the device. Across the city, the Earth Two metas collapse. At the CCPD, Zoom and the other metas moan in pain.

Jesse complains about the pain, and Harry gives her his protective headphones.

Zoom opens a breach and speeds back to Earth Two.

Harry collapses, and Henry assures Jesse that her father will be okay. Joe calls Flash and tells him to bring all of the metas in.

Late, the team locks the metas away in the pipeline. Caitlin tells Barry and Cisco that for the first time, she felt all right when she was out on the streets fighting the metas.

At the CCPD, Joe says that the metas are all secured. Flash arrives and says that the metas told him that Zoom made his way back to Earth two. Singh thanks Flash, who says that they're all part of the same team. When the captain wonders where Barry is, Flash speeds off and Barry runs in. Singh tells him that he has a hundred meta criminal cases to go through. Once Barry and Joe are alone, Barry says that Wally has Joe's desire to help people. He's not going to stop Wally from being the hero he will eventually become, and doesn't think Joe should, either. After a moment, Joe reluctantly agrees.

That night, Barry and Henry arrive at the West home and find everyone there for dinner. Iris figured that they should celebrate Henry coming back to Central City. Henry chats with Tina, and Barry figures that Henry is glad that Iris invited her. He suggests that the two of them give their relationship a chance, and Iris agrees. Jesse asks Wally if he saved Flash's life, and Joe says that he did good. He then offers a toast to family. Cisco gets another vibe of dead birds, and people running in terror. He looks up and realizes that he's on Earth Two, and the city is splitting in half. When the vibe ends, Cisco tells them that he saw the end of the world. Zoom speeds in and grabs Henry, and tells Flash that their story continues. He speeds off and Barry speeds after him... right in front of Wally.

Zoom runs to the old Allen house and Flash arrives to find Jay holding Henry by the neck. He insists that the two of them are the same, and says that he's going to have to make Barry believe him. Henry tells his son that Barry has made him the happiest father alive, and Jay kills him.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2016

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