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Absolution Recap

On the alien world, Daisy sits inside of a containment module and works on the circuitry. Rest She tells Coulson that once she hacks the module's control systems, she can pilot them back to Earth. Coulson tells her that it is Earth.

Daisy wakes up from her nightmare and looks around the module where she's confined.

Mack and the strike team are in the Quinjet, and Lincoln gives him the kill switches to their vests. At the controls, Melinda warns that the Quinjet wasn't designed for what they're putting it through.

Jemma visits Daisy and says that she's only there to provide progress updates based on Daisy's intel. Daisy figures that Jemma is the only one who came there because she's the only she didn't hurt. She then says that Hive didn't share information with his followers. Jemma tells Daisy that they located a U.S. missile silo in the pacific, and Daisy warns that Hive and his people will be there before them. the scientist admits that the silo staff went silent five hours ago.

At the silo, James "convinces" the man in charge of the launch codes to fire the missiles. Giyera has set the sensors so if S.H.I.E.L.D. approaches then they'll see them.

The Quinjet emerges from the water and lands in a clearing. Mack tells the team to head for the freight dock on the north side.

Daisy warns that they can't shut down the launch without government kill codes. Jemma merely says that they're aware of the situation.

Talbot asks General Andaz for one missile launch kill code. Andaz insists that the procedures are in place for a reason, and he doesn't have the kill codes in any case. Meanwhile, Fitz duplicates Andaz's voice and face from the transmission. Once he's done, he gives Talbot the thumbs up. Coulson is heading for the building where the codes are kept, and he drives through traffic.

Mack's team enters the silo and Lincoln says that he and Melinda will get to the uplink in time. Elena and Mack head on.

Fitz applies motion sensors to himself and duplicates Andaz, and they contact Undersecretary Walter Thomas. "Andaz" orders Thomas to hand over the kill code, and Talbot says that Coulson is there under his authority to pick up the kill code.

Giyera reports that the launch sequence has begun.

Coulson pulls up to the DoD building and Thomas hands over the case with the kill code.

Melinda and Lincoln access the system and the security feeds. They bring up the CCTV of Hive and the others in the command center.

Coulson pulls over and realizes that the code is a page long. He starts reading off the code to Fitz, who types it in and sends it to the team.

Jemma asks Daisy what Hive meant by "absolution." All Daisy knows is that Hive thinks he's the savior.

The missile launch stops and Giyera is unable to break the override. Hive realizes that S.H.I.E.L.D. is there and tells Holden to bypass the override. When the scientist says that he has no idea how, Hive prepares to kill him and Holden eagerly says that he'll fix it rather than die. Two of the Primitives escort Holden to the missile silo, while Hive tells Giyera that he's going to show S.H.I.E.L.D. his rage for the first time.

Melinda and Lincoln watch as Hive orders his people to bring any S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to him. Lincoln says that Andrew didn't die for nothing, but Melinda isn't reassured. She tells Lincoln to stop, and he notices that there's a camera on them. Melinda goes to secure the warhead and Lincoln wishes her luck.

Mack is in the hallway wiring device into the hallway power lines, Elena complains that he's taking too long. She insists that they have to go and rescue the hostages. She confirms that he'll use the charges, and says that she'd rather die than be anyone's slave. Mack says that the mission is too dangerous for Elena, and gives her the crucifix back. Elena says that it's a symbol of faith, and Mack takes it back.

Coulson returns to the base and Fitz confirms that he's walked Mack through the procedure. The scientist figures that it's out of their hands, but Coulson points out that the field team is fighting every soldier and genius that Hive has ever been. Jemma reports that Daisy is awake and doesn't know what "absolution" means, but Coulson says that they have to keep digging.

In the silo, Holden tries to work out how to bypass the override. The Primitives just stare at him, and Holden asks if they've retained any knowledge from their past. They finally pick up some pipes.

Hive enters the room where Lincoln is hiding and says that he knows Lincoln is there. He boasts that he knew taking Daisy from him would hurt.

Coulson visits Daisy and tells him that Fitz entered the kill code in time. He promises to update Daisy as soon as they get one, and then assures Daisy that she's only a temporary prisoner. Coulson says that no one blames her, but Daisy insists that she deserves all of the blame. She tells him to make the quarantine protocols permanently because she should be locked up, and doesn't think she should have his friendship or his pity. When Coulson says that she was brainwashed, Daisy points out that Grant was as well.

Hive tells Lincoln that he gave Daisy true happiness from belonging, and Lincoln could never offer her that. He offers to give Lincoln the same, and Lincoln steps out and promises that Hive will never see Daisy again. Hive invites him to destroy his current body because it's wearing out, and he'll go into someone else. At that, Lincoln runs off.

Coulson tells Daisy that Hive changed her brain on a fundamental level, and she's going through withdrawal. Daisy says that she wants to feel the pain until she finds Hive and gets revenge, and Coulson tells her that he understands the desire for revenge. All it does is break someone further, and Daisy tells Coulson to put her in the memory machine so she remembers what they need. Coulson says that they pulled the machine out of storage but it's not for her.

Lincoln finds Mack and Elena, and Mack says that they need more time. Hive approaches them and the agents back away. Elena hooks up the device at superspeed, and Lincoln charges it. Hive is caught in an electrical field and the memories of all of his hosts overwhelm him. Elena goes to rescue the hostages, and Lincoln warns Mack that he can't hold the charge much longer. Mack has no choice but to order a retreat.

Giyera and James arrive and see Hive convulsing on the floor. Hive starts reciting words that Grant spoke, and tells them that they have to go. He then channels Will's memories and yells at Jemma to run, and then takes on the persona of Gideon's brother.

The Primitives use the pipes to pry open the panel, and Melinda runs in and orders them down at gunpoint. Another Primitive attacks her, and she fights off the creatures as they attack her. Meanwhile, Holden spots Melinda's discarded gun.

Elena gets to the room where the silo personnel are locked up and takes out the Primitive guarding them.

Hive channels Grant talking to Daisy. Giyera tries to get through to Hive, who says that he needs a connection and to get it they need to disconnect. He then tells his people that they need to disconnect the warhead for absolution. Giyera understands and heads out, and James follows him. Meanwhile, Hive relives Grant's memories of trapping Fitzsimmons beneath the ocean and walks off.

Melinda takes out two of the Primitives, and Holden shoots the third one dead. He begs Melinda to take him with her, just as Giyera levitates the warhead from the missile. Melinda tells Holden that they have to move and they run outside to join the others. They head for the Quinjet, but Hive comes out and demands to know what they did to him. At superspeed, Elena drops a homing device at Hive's feet, and a gel matrix chamber drops down and fills, immobilizing him.

Later, Daisy hears the team arriving. Coulson boards the Quinjet and the team shows him the immobilized Hive. Talbot meets with Coulson and concedes that he was right. Coulson warns that the warhead is still in play, and Talbot tells him to find someone to reverse the process that turned the humans into Primitives. Melinda brings Holden in and tells them to start with him, and Holden insists that he was forced to develop the formula. He says that the process is irreversible, and Talbot tells him to reverse the procedure or they'll expose Holden to the same process. As they go, Fitzsimmons step out.

Coulson tells the others that Fitzsimmons are working with Holden to create a cure. However, it's a long shot and Coulson figures that they have to find Hive's base. Mack says that they've sealed off the base for when Hive's people come looking for him. Coulson congratulates Lincoln on his performance, and says that he'd make a great agent. Lincoln admits that he doesn't want to be an agent, and he's not a hero like the others. Once they've stopped Hive, he's done with it. Mack wonders what he's going to do, and Lincoln figures that he'll see the world. Coulson wonders what he plans to do about Daisy, and Lincoln says that he has nothing she wants or needs. Mack wonders if anyone is going to tell Daisy what happened, and Coulson says that they need to stick to the security protocols. Angry, Mack walks off, leaving the crucifix behind.

Mack enters the containment module and tells Daisy that they capture Hive. Daisy thanks him and says that he should be there, and Mack assures her that she's his partner. When she says that they're not partners anymore, Mack forgives her for what she did to him. He hugs her despite her efforts to fight him off, and Daisy breaks into tears.

Fitzsimmons continue trying to create a cure, and Fitz doesn't hold out much hope of finding a cure. He realizes that Jemma is browsing something and comes over to look. Jemma is booking a trip for two, and Fitz points out that she's not very romantic. She figures that they've had enough tragedy and a little fun wouldn't kill them, and promises to take Fitz snorkeling. An alert goes off and Fitz goes to inspect the gel matrix chamber before they bring Hive into the base. As he goes, Fitz picks up the discarded crucifix and pockets it so he can give it to Elena when he finds her.

Daisy asks Mack what it was like coming face-to-face with the Devil. Mack doesn't think that Hive is the Devil, and Daisy explains that Hive steals his host body's memories when he takes it over. She says that the worst thing about Hive is that he makes people love him when they hurt the people they care about. Daisy insists that Hive can't be contained and has to be destroyed, and Mack tells her that the Devil can fill a person with so much anger that it consumes them. The person has to make a choice to let the darkness or give the light the chance to vanquish the darkness. Mack says that Coulson is sealing off the base and they're safe.

Fitz checks the gel matrix with O'Brien and another agent, and confirms that it's secure. The hangar door is still open, and O'Brien says that the parts were delayed. He goes over to a check a create that arrived.

Giyera and James are in a truck with the warhead, and James triggers a detonation.

Fitz spots an invoice noting that the crate came from Absolution, Montana. As he shouts a warning to O'Brien, the crate explodes. The pathogen pours out, infecting the agent and transforming him into a Primitive... who charges at the others.

Alarms go off throughout the base, and Coulson tells Jemma that there was an explosion in the hangar.

The Primitive grabs O'Brien and drags him into the pathogen cloud. Fitz is unable to get the interior hangar door open due to the lockdown. Coulson calls him over the intercom as more agents arrive. The two Primitives grab two of them and drag them into the mist, and Fitz tells the two survivors that there's nothing he can do for them. The agents open fire while Fitz tells the team to cut off the motion sensors and bypass the servers. The Primitives shrug off the bullets, and Jemma confirms that there's a compiler theory she can use. She goes to work from memory and overrides the doors. The Primitives grab the two agents and Fitz smashes the Primitives with a fire extinguisher and gets one of the agents into the airlock as the hangar door closes.

When the Primitives realize that they can't get through the door, they go to the gel matrix and free Hive. Coulson, watching, says that they have to cut their losses.

Mack and Daisy watch on the module screen as Hive emerges from the module. Daisy warns Mack that he told Hive everything... including the plans to the Zephyr and the fact that it has a high-altitude delivery system. Mack goes to warn the others, while Daisy opens the door and accesses the module elevator controls.

Hive concentrates and tries to remember how to fly the Zephyr. The module rises up into the hangar and Daisy emerges to confront Hive. She asks Hive if he knows what she did to him, and Hive says that he remembers. He knows that she's in pain, and Daisy steps forward... and kneels. She begs Hive to take him back, and Hive struggles to remember her name. He finally does so and touches her face, but then pulls away. Hive says that he can't take her back because Lash made Daisy impervious. Daisy screams in fury, unleashing her powers on Hive.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2016

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