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Ascension Recap

Mack, Lincoln, and Elena head for the hangar. Coulson meets them and warns that they have 20 infected agents within the base. The walls shake and the team realizes that Daisy is responsible.

Daisy blasts Hive back and he realizes that they're done talking.

Fitz reports that there's been a malfunction in Daisy's containment module. They figure she found a way up, and Coulson sends Melinda and Fitz to take a look. Holden complains that the Primitives are disappointing, and says that they have superhuman strength but poor eyesight. They have memories of their previous talents, and Mack wonders how long the transformed S.H.I.E.L.D. agents will take to get out. The team hears something beneath the floor and realizes that the Primitives are in the vents. Coulson and Lincoln go to protect the nerve center while Jemma secures the lab.

Melinda and Fitz confirm that Daisy took the module into the plane to stop Hive. They look for some rope to climb up.

Daisy blasts Hive back but he resists her seismic powers. She attacks him hand-to-hand, using her seismic powers as well, and Hive warns that killing him won't make the pain go away. Daisy drives the knife into his chest repeatedly, but he's unaffected. Hive is disappointed that Daisy won't feel his touch, and looks up as Giyera and James fly in with the warhead. When Daisy turns to watch it, Hive knocks her out.

James and Giyera disembark and says that S.H.I.E.L.D. agents sent them the base coordinates. As Giyera goes to load the warhead in, Hive says that they'll use Daisy as leverage to keep S.H.I.E.L.D. from blasting the Zephyr out of the sky. Most of the Primitives will stay behind to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D..

Holden catches up to Coulson and Lincoln.

Mack and Melinda get to the armory only to discover that the Primitives have already acquired the guns. One of them steps out and shoots Mack, but Elena superspeeds in front of him and the bullets hit her instead.

Coulson and Lincoln reach the nerve center and find the Primitives shutting down the power.

Hive goes to the Zephyr cockpit and realizes that he can fly it using his memories of Grant and Will.

Coulson and the others find Mack carrying the wounded Elena. They get into the workshop and close the door just as the Primitives arrive.

Jemma is forced to hide in the furnace room.

Hive takes the Zephyr up and then transitions it to vertical flight. They ascend to 100,000 feet, and Hive says that they'll detonate the warhead at the optimal height to cover most of Europe. James wonders how they'll connect to the new Inhumans, and Hive says that they'll drop in the containment module to safety.

Melinda and Lincoln hide in the cargo compartments below the Zephyr's main deck.

Giyera finishes setting the timer.

The team tries to stabilize, and Lincoln Elena realizes that she's bleeding out too fast because of her accelerated metabolism. He needs a drug that is in the lab, but they can't reach it due to the Primitives. Coulson tells them to find something in the room to stop the bleeding, and Holden finds a blowtorch. He warns that it's their only chance, and Lincoln grabs the blowtorch. Elena wakes up and tells them to have Mack does it, and Mack reluctantly goes to work as Elena screams in pain.

The Primitives break into the lab, but are unable to see Jemma. They hear Elena screaming and go to investigate. The furnace is going and Jemma realizes the heat shielded her from the Primitives. She turns up the furnace even higher.

Once they stabilize Elena, Holden finds Fitz's collection of Coulson's artificial hands. The Primitives stop pounding on the door, and the team realize that they're looking for another way in.

Melinda and Fitz emerge from the cargo hold and knock out the Primitive guarding Daisy. Daisy tells them to leave her in there because she's a liability, and Fitz goes to find some weapons.

In the workshop, the team realizes that the heat is rising. Holden works out that Jemma worked out that the Primitives see in infrared, and opens the door. He steps out and a Primitive in the hallway hears him, but is unable to see him. Coulson and the others follow him.

Daisy tells Melinda that Hive beat her even with her powers, and Melinda says that she's the one who made Daisy an agent. She points out that Andrew saved Daisy for a reason, and says that now Daisy has the chance to balance the scales for all the bad things she did. Giyera knocks Melinda out and summons a gun to his hand, and aims it at Fitz. Fitz says that he has a weapon on the plane designed to kill Giyera, and if Giyera kills him then he won't know what it is. Daisy tries to get through to Giyera, and Giyera says that he swept the plane and found nothing. He orders Fitz to show him, and Fitz points out that Giyera was a murderous wank before Hive took control of him. The scientist shoots Giyera dead and releases Daisy.

Daisy and Fitz get Melinda to the next compartment after disabling the containment module so that Hive can't escape. Fitz warns that Daisy is going through withdrawal, and the air's getting thin because the Zephyr isn't designed for high altitudes. As he gives Daisy his jacket, Melinda admits that they don't have a plan.

At the base, the team get to Coulson's office. Jemma is already there and she says that Melinda and Fitz are aboard the Zephyr. She warns that there's no way out, but Coulson says that he has a way and activates a remote Quinjet via his artificial hand. He tells the team that he's going to intercept the Zephyr on his own because it's on him to deal with the situation he caused by bringing Hive to Earth.

Hive sets the coordinates as his mind clears, and James asks if they could tweak the formula in the future. His leader ignores him and says that the coordinates are done. A Primitive drags in Giyera's corpse and Hive tells James to find their stowaways. The Quinjet docks with the zephyr, and Hive goes to greet it.

Daisy and the others hear the Quinjet dock, and Melinda says that they need to get to the docking station. When Daisy finds the crucifix in Fitz's jacket pocket and remembers it from her vision of her death, she tells her teammates that she knows what happens next.

Hive reaches the docking station and finds Coulson alive. Coulson says that he's prepared to die, and Hive warns that blowing up the Zephyr won't stop the release of the formula. However, Coulson figures that they won't be under Hive's influence. When he blames himself for killing Grant and unleashing Hive, Hive says that he was fated to crusade for all Inhumans. Coulson admits that he set out to protect Inhumans, and Hive realizes that Coulson his hiding something. He figures that he can take Coulson's body and transforms to his base self. As Hive approaches Coulson, he explains that he'll take Coulson's body and then tell the others that he finally defeated Alveus. He says that the two of them are both commanders leading soldiers, and Coulson points out that Hive's followers have no choice. However, he knew that his team wouldn't listen.

Mack, Elena, and Lincoln board the Zephyr from the Quinjet.

Coulson says that he's the distraction. Alveus tries to grab him and realizes that "Coulson" is a hologram. Furious, the Inhuman disables the hologram projector.

Coulson warns the others that Alveus will be coming soon, and they head for the cargo bay. James grabs Lincoln and attacks him, and Lincoln shocks him. Melinda and the others arrive and Melinda punches James unconscious. As Daisy sees Lincoln, they realize that James energized the gun on Lincoln's belt. It explodes, and Jemma treats the wound as best she can. Daisy apologizes to Lincoln for turning against him, and he says that he doesn't blame her. She wonders if she ruined their relationship, and Lincoln says that they need to work on themselves before they can fix their relationship. He tells Daisy that he knows why she went after Hive, because he knows what it's like to go through an addiction.

The team tries to work out what to do next, and Coulson says that he has one idea.

Lincoln tells Daisy that Coulson will need her help. Daisy knows what Coulson is planning. Meanwhile, Coulson says that he'll set the Quinjet to fly into outer space. If they put the warhead on the Quinjet, then when it blows up it will dissipate harmlessly in outer space. Lincoln notices the crucifix Daisy is wearing and remembers what she said about her vision. Daisy says that she'll only board the Quinjet if she has to, but Lincoln figures that she plans to kill herself because she can't live with what she's done. He begs her to promise not to atone for her sins.

Coulson says that they have to decide who will board the Quinjet, and who will hold off Hive and the Primitives. They realize that Daisy is gone, and Lincoln says that he couldn't stop her. The Primitives drop down and the team attacks them.

Daisy runs to the warhead.

Hive arrives and the team takes out the remaining Primitives. They realize that Hive has left and is going for daisy.

Daisy uses her powers to move the warhead onto the Quinjet. She's unaware that Hive has come in behind her, until he announces himself. Daisy says that Lash saved her so that she could end it, and Hive reminds her that they were going to end wars and bring peace. She figures that Hive wants absolute power, and Daisy says that the coordinates are set and the Quinjet is heading for outer space. Hive points out that he has Grant's memories and can override the control, and Daisy sees blood on the floor. Lincoln speaks up from the cockpit and says that he shorted the manual controls, and then blasts Daisy off of the Quinjet and launches the vessel. It shoots straight up, pinning Hive against the rear wall.

Running to the comm panel, Daisy calls Lincoln. He says that he's fulfilling his purpose, and he did it so that Daisy wouldn't sacrifice herself.Crying, Daisy says that she can't take it if he dies. They both say that they have too much to say and didn't have the time, and Lincoln starts to say that he loves her. The connection goes dead and the Quinjet reaches outer space. Lincoln turns to Hive and says that there's no way to turn the Quinjet around. Hive says that now he will experience the one thing that has eluded him: death.

The others arrive in the comm center and Daisy begs Coulson to turn the Quinjet back. He says that the remote access is offline, and says that Lincoln wouldn't want them to bring it back. Daisy says that Lincoln is paying for her mistake, and Coulson tells her that he's paying for all of their mistakes.

Lincoln and Hive drift in the cabin and admire the view of Earth below. Hive says that he only wanted to make it better, and to feel a connection. He figures that Lincoln already feels a connection to humanity, to make such a sacrifice. Lincoln says that they're only human and lets the crucifix drift away. The warhead explodes and the fireball consumes the Quinjet.

Six Months Later

Coulson is in an apartment with clippings of mysterious quakes across the country at banks. Mack comes in and Coulson says that he'll eat after the meet. On the street below, a hooded Daisy meets with Polly Hinton and her daughter. Polly thanks Daisy for the money she gave them to relocate, and Daisy gives the girl a robin that Charles carved. In the apartment, Coulson sees the robin and realizes that Daisy is there. He orders his agents in.

Daisy tells Polly that she has a friend with a practice nearby, and wanted to introduce Polly to him. When Polly says that she's too kind, Daisy says that she's keeping a promise and walks away just as Coulson and his agents pull up. They run after Daisy, who uses her powers to blast herself up to the rooftop and make her escape. Coulson and the others arrive, and Mack wonders where they'll be assigned now that they've lost Daisy.

Holden returns to his office and checks with his AI, Aida. It says that Fitz had to decline Holden's invitation because he's preparing a surprise for Jemma. Holden is satisfied that his name has been cleared, and tells Aida that today is her birthday. He turns on a chamber, revealing a female figure inside, and says that it's her birthday.

Written by Gadfly on May 18, 2016

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