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We Happy Few Recap

In the bunker, Lucifer makes it clear he isn't interested in bonding with Chuck. As Dean and Sam come in, Lucifer tries to destroy them and finds that Chuck has suppressed his powers. Sam suggests that they focus on Amara, and Lucifer wonders if Chuck is going to say it. When Chuck doesn't say anything, Lucifer walks off in disgust.

Later, Lucifer is in his room playing loud music. Sam and Dean knock on his door and say that he's going to have to come out and talk to his father. Lucifer finally yells that if Chuck has something to say to him, he can come and say it himself. Irritated, the Winchesters walk away.

Crowley tells the demons that they can take back the throne of Hell since Lucifer is gone. One demon snickers, and Crowley says that he'll need their help recruiting others. The demon laughs and another one says that Crowley always promises a return of Hell to its previous glory but he never comes through. The two demons rattle off Crowley's recent failures, and figure that there's no point in taking Hell back because the world is ending. As they go, the demon asks if Crowley has a plan to defeat the Darkness. Crowley wonders why they came, and the demon says that they only came to see the monkey dance one last time.

Chuck tells Sam and Dean that he can't give Lucifer an apology because he's no sorry. He figures that they should give Lucifer a little time to cool off, and Dean points out that they don’t have much time.

In Grand Isle, Louisiana, a woman named Clea is reading her Tarot cards. She senses Rowena outside and invites her in. Rowena points out that they're not on the best terms, and Clea draws a gun on her and asks what she wants. When Rowena says that she needs a second for a spell, Clea reminds her that she killed everyone else that could help her. She points out her Tarot spread, which shows the world ending, and wonders why Rowena cares. Rowena says that she's working a spell for the Book of the Damned and it will buy them a few centuries before the world ends. Clea realizes that she's scared, and Rowena says that she saw the end of magic when she met with Amara. After a moment, Clea agrees to help if Rowena sends her back to Greek Antiquity.

Sam and Dean manage to bring Lucifer and Chuck together, and Lucifer says that he's owed an explanation. Dean suggests that they describe their feelings, and Chuck says that he's sorry that Lucifer feels that he betrayed him. He insists that Lucifer gave him no choice, and Sam suggests that Chuck acts a little less Lordly. Chuck insists that he had to lock up Amara to save the world, and did the same when the Mark corrupted Lucifer. Lucifer says that Chuck gave him the Mark to help lock Amara up, and it changed him... and Chuck knew it. Chuck says that the Mark made Lucifer more of what he already was, but Lucifer insists that he was his son and should have been treated better. Lucifer then says that Chuck sucked at being a dad.

Chuck asks if he could kept humankind safe if Lucifer was free, and asks Lucifer what he would have done about himself. Lucifer insists that isn't the point, and Sam agrees with Lucifer. He explains that sometimes apologies are just about apologizing, and Dean points out that apologies don’t have to be sincere. Irritated, Chuck teleports them upstairs and asks Lucifer what he would have done. Lucifer says that it doesn't matter because Chuck forsook him. Chuck admits that he did and that Lucifer was his favorite. He gave him the Mark because he loved him the most and thought he could bear it. When Chuck saw that he was wrong, he hated himself and punished Lucifer. He says that he's sorry. They then join Sam and Dean and say that they're good. Chuck says that they're going to trap Amara again, but he's not going to kill her because she had to be there as a balance to him. However, Chuck points out that just the two of them will lose. Michael is in no condition to fight and it's outside his power to bring back Gabriel and Raphael back in time. Sam wonders what Chuck needs to win, and Chucks asks what he's got.

The team reviews what they have, and Dean suggests that they recruit Crowley. Soon, Dean finds Crowley on his throne and explains that God sent him. He tosses Crowley's drink away and says that he has to sober up, and explains that they need his help.

Lucifer goes to Heaven but the angels loathe him. He takes lets Castiel speak. However, the angels don't see any difference between Lucifer and Castiel.

Rowena and Clea are preparing their spell when Sam arrives. When Rowena threatens to turn him into a moose, Clea warns her that Sam has some potent protection. They witches agree to listen, and Sam says that they need Rowena.

Chuck tells the Winchesters that he can't make an effective soldier by force.

Sam tells the witches that they're going to play the God card. Rowena doesn't believe that God is back, but Clea isn't so sure. She's interested, figuring she can serve magic and God.

The angels want to hear from Chuck directly, and refuse to give Castiel their support. Castiel says that Lucifer is burning through his vessel, but it's been worth it because Castiel and Chuck will defeat Amara. He says that the angels can play a part in the fight as well.

Clea points out that Rowena only has a plan to escape, but they can fight and win. She offers to recruit other witches. When Rowena insists that they don't stand a chance, Clea shows her a Tarot card that is now showing the Sun.

Crowley admits that he wanted to go out with the crown on his head, and Dean figures that's why the demons said no. he tells Crowley that Crowley can watch the world die, or he can fight. Intrigued, Crowley asks what the plan is.

Sam says that all of their forces weaken Amara. Then Chuck can finish her off. Dean still wants to kill Amara, and Lucifer figures that Dean is in love with Amara. He suggests that Dean open up, and Dean says that he tried to kill Amara but it didn't work. Chuck suggests that maybe Dean didn't want to kill her, and Sam figures that Dean wants God to kill Amara because he can't. Sam points out that for once they can do things Chuck's way.

The various factions figure that it's suicide, but they all agree to help.

Amara tortures Redfield, who refuses to tell her where Chuck is. She says that he won't have to tell he and swallows his soul, and realizes that Chuck is in Kansas.

Later, Amara teleports into the bunker past the wards. There's no one in the central room, and Amara looks around.

At the factory, the team meets with Crowley and Rowena. Lucifer flirts with Rowena, and Chuck teleports in to greet his children. Rowena immediately starts sucking up, and Chuck admits that she and Crowley are his guilty pleasures. He then says that he's warded against Amara for now. When he drops the wards, Amara will come for him and they'll attack her. Rowena and Crowley start arguing over who should strike force. Dean worries what will happen to Castiel, and Lucifer assures him that Castiel is with the plan. Chuck says that he'll take the Mark from Amara and give it to Sam, and he'll use it to seal her away. Sam agrees, and Dean is surprised to learn that they planned it behind his back. He figures that he should bear the Mark, but Chuck says that he's tainted and Sam volunteered.

Dean talks to Sam privately and wonders what happens when the Mark turns him psycho. Sam tells his brother to lock him up and throw away the key. He figures that it's time to do the smart thing, and Dean will do his part by leading the army. Dean finally says that he agrees.

As Amara searches dean's room, an astrally-projecting Rowena contacts her and says that she's with Chuck. Rowena steps outside and finds Amara waiting. She says that Chuck is inside and asks if they're deal still holds, but Amara knows that Rowena betrayed her. She doesn't care, because all she wants is a one-on-one with her brother. Amar wonders how she should repay Rowena, and Rowena blasts her. The magic has no effect, and all of the other witches strike through Rowena. Amara staggers but then blasts Rowena back and the backlash kills Clea and the others.

The angels prepare to smite Amara, who invites them to do their worse. A blast of heavenly light slams down into her, and then the demons strike in their spirit forms. Crowley goes out to join them and slams Amara to the ground. Amara staggers into the building and finds Chuck waiting. She complains that he cheated again... and Lucifer stabs her with a sword. As he prepares to deliver the death blow, Chuck tells him to stop and then apologizes to Amara for everything. Amara says that apologies mean nothing to her after millions of years of imprisonment. She asks what her crime was, and Chuck insists that the world needed to be born and she didn't give him a choice.

Amara says that the real reason Chuck banished her was because he couldn't stand having an equal. She tells Chuck that he created the archangels to make him Lord, and he wanted to be big. Chuck admits that it was true, but says that it isn't the whole truth. He talks about the glory in creation that is greater than his ego, and it didn't come from him. Chuck is sure that Amara has felt it as well, and looks over at Dean. Shocked, Amara says that she loved Chuck and it didn't have to come to where they're at.

When Amara concedes that he's won, she tells Chuck to kill her. Sam moans in pain as the Mark appears on him and Amara. She levitates Chuck into the air and says that it will never happen again. When Lucifer tries to stop her, Amara casts Lucifer out of Castiel's body and knocks Dean away. The Mark disappears and Amara asks why she should change when God won't. The Darkness spreads from Amara, and Dean begs her to stop. Undeterred, the Darkness takes Chuck and he falls to the floor, dead.

The next morning, Amara tells the Winchesters that Chuck is dying.

Outside, Rowena gets to her feet and looks at the devastation.

Amara says that Chuck will have to watch everything that he created turn to ash.

Written by Gadfly on May 19, 2016

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