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To Play the King Recap

Prisoners break out of their cells at the Chatelet and attack the guards. Other prisoners carry a screaming man with them.

Marcheaux and his Red Guard are outside waiting. When the prisoners come through the door, the Red Guard open fire and kill the first wave. They then draw their weapons to engage the next wave hand-to-hand. When his men are overwhelmed, Marcheaux hides behind a cart.

Inside the prisoner, Victor Joubert watches as another prisoner, Borel, stabs a jailor to death. Borel then says that he is their king. He tells Victor to have the prison redecorated because it's not fit for a monarch, and then walks out.

The Musketeers ride up to the Chatelet and find Marcheaux, who says that the prisoners attacked a guard and stole his keys. They start knocking out the prisoners and tell Marcheaux to put his men at the games. As Marcheaux reluctantly does so, Borel emerges and bows to D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan is too busy to deal with him, and Borel strolls away.

Lucien informs Feron that the prisoners can't return until the midday bell. Feron says that his purpose is to play the fawning uncle at the Dauphin's birthday party, and assures Lucien that they will have their war chest and then can move in with Gaston at the head of an army.

Lucien goes to where some of the prisoners are digging through a wall. His lieutenant tells him that they are nearly through to the lower chamber. Lucien then goes to Victor and tells him that he's coming along because it's all about him.

Once the prisoners outside are subdued, Marcheaux suggests that the Musketeers track down the prisoners who escaped. He tells them not to bring them back before midday because it will take time to regain control. Until then, Marcheaux suggests that they keep them at the garrison. Athos has no choice but to agree.

Inside the Chatelet, Lucien tells Victor to get to work. He refuses, figuring that they need him alive, and Lucien threatens Victor's wife Annabelle if he doesn't cooperate.

At the palace, Louis prepares for the Dauphin's birthday. Feron assures his half-brother that it will be the greatest celebration ever, but Anne doesn't see the point of such excess. Word comes that the Dutch ambassador is sending Van Laar in his place, and Feron starts briefly. Louis takes Anne to see the Dauphin's presents, just as Treville arrives. He complains to Feron that his Red Guards aren't dealing with the breakout, and Feron insists that he has to host the party and pay for it. He warns Treville that Louis only cares about his son's birthday and walks away.

The prisoners run through the streets, attacking anyone they come across. They secure the prisoners and help the people.

At the refugee camp, Sylvie meets with her fellow revolutionaries and says that they must speak with one voice so that Louis will hear them. Four of the prisoners run in and take the revolutionaries captive, and demand food.

Athos realizes that the other prisoners are heading for the refugee camp. They find Sylvie's quarters and the prisoner secretly places his knife behind Sylvie. Sylvie pretends she doesn't know them, and Athos says that she had better come with them. He yanks her away and the Musketeers attack the prisoners, Sylvie knocks out one of the intruders from behind, and the Musketeers make short work of the others. Porthos notices their flyers, but Athos says that they had nothing to do with the breakout. The others take prisoners away, and Sylvie asks what will happen to the men. He admits that he doesn't know, and Sylvie thought he was different because he gave away his land and titles. Athos says that he didn't want that life, and Sylvie insists that the prisoners are desperate. He doesn't believe her, and Sylvie warns that Feron locks up the innocent and guilty together. After a moment, Athos walks away.

The prisoners finishing digging and open a tunnel. When Victor insists that he won't help steal Louis' gold reserves, Lucien shows him Annabelle's locket and says his men have prepared the way for him. He then has Barbier take Victor down.

Constance is helping evacuate the residents to safety when Aramis finds her. She tells him that Annabelle is missing and she's blind. They go to find her.

At the palace, Treville meets with Van Laar. Van Laar presents letters explaining that the interest on Louis' loan is overdue. Treville has no idea what he's talking about, and Van Laar explains that Feron brokered the transaction for two million livre.

Inside the reserves, Lucien kills the guards and Barbier brings Victor along. They shove him at the vault door, and Victor says that it took him sixth months to design the lock. He explains that any attempt to pick the lock will deadlock the door, and Lucien gives him until midday to dismantle it. Victor warns that if they try to blow it open, it will bring down the roof. The locksmith says that he'll have to make a new key and tells Lucien to bring him as many keys as he can find. After a moment's consider, Lucien agrees.

As they search, Constance tells Aramis that Victor fell ill and went into debt, and he was thrown into prison as a debtor. They go to the Joubert apartment and find the door open. The furniture is overturned and a neighbor, Rochelle, tells them that men took Annabelle away.

Treville confronts Feron, who says that the loan was a private affair. The governor says that Louis wanted to buy a gift for Anne. Treville offers to take the letters to Louis, and Feron readily agrees.

Victor works on the key while Lucien waits.

Borel runs into the garrison and sees D'Artagnan, and then turns and runs. D'Artagnan goes after him, while Athos goes to his office and finds Treville waiting for him. He points out that Marcheaux told them not to take the prisoners back to the Chatelet until the midday bell, and Treville tells him about the loan. He figures that Louis won't listen to him on the day of the Dauphin's birthday. Treville has left the letters for Louis to read. When the king does so, Feron will be finished

Feron enters Louis' chambers and takes the loan letter. The Dauphin comes in playing hide-and-seek, and Feron quickly drops the letter. Anne follows her son in and wonders why Feron is there, and he claims that he and the Dauphin were playing. The queen sits down with her son, and Feron tries to get her out by saying that they have too much to do. Anne refuses to leave, and Feron has no choice but to go.

Rochelle takes Constance and Aramis to the building where the men took Annabelle. Constance sends the girl on her way and they hear Annabelle crying inside. Aramis and Constance peer in the window and see Lucien's man Moreau tying Annabelle up. The Musketeer goes to the door, takes the guard hostage, and enters the building. Moreau's two thugs charge forward and Aramis kills the hostage and shoots one of the men. The other one attacks the Musketeer while Moreau slips away. Constance kicks her way through the rotting window slats and unties Annabelle.

Aramis kills his man and Moreau fires at him. The Musketeer takes cover and Moreau runs, locking the door behind him before Aramis can catch up to him. He grabs Annabelle as she tries to climb out the window, and Constance stabs him in the stomach.

D'Artagnan follows Borel to an old church and goes inside. Borel is hiding behind the altar, sobbing, and begs the Musketeer for his help. He insists that "they" are sending assassins to kill him, and offers his dagger to D'Artagnan. D'Artagnan takes it and sees the soldier's tattoo on Borel's wrist. Borel, clearly deranged, insists that he was a brave soldier until the imposter King got into his head. He says that he needs to get to the palace to stop the thieves from stealing his gold on his son's birthday. D'Artagnan invites "his majesty" to come with him, and Borel laughs... and then kicks D'Artagnan. He runs off and the Musketeer goes after him.

Victor is still working and Lucien tells Barbier that they need more time. He sends his lieutenant to tell Feron that they need to delay returning the prisoners until the late bell so that they can make their escape that evening.

Borel runs up to the balcony and apologizes, and begs D'Artagnan not to take him back to the Chatelet. D'Artagnan agrees and Borel orders him to follow him to the palace.

Anne checks with a resting Louis and wonders why he's making such a fuss over the Dauphin's birthday. When she says that she doesn't know him anymore, Louis says that she's the one who has so many secrets. He insists that the Dauphin must remember the day, and Anne asks why. Louis dozes off as Anne admits that she's lonely.

At the palace, Feron is watching Van Laar when Barbier arrives and says that they haven't gotten to the vault yet. He passes on Lucien's message and Feron orders him to go before anyone sees him. The governor then calls Van Laar over and says that they need to talk privately. Once they're alone, Feron points out that Van Laar was supposed to keep their financial dealings secret. Feron says that Treville isn't family and tells Van Laar to recover the letter and leave the palace. Van Laar points out that Feron hasn't responded to him and no interest has been paid, and demands to know what is going on. When the financier demands to speak with Louis, Feron cuts his throat and says that he gave him the chance.

Aramis and Constance take Annabelle home, and she says that the men who took her weren't from the Chatelet. She felt fur on their cuffs and rings on their fingers, and figures that they were using her as leverage against Victor. Annabelle explains that Victor was once the locksmith to Louis, and Aramis realizes that the king's gold reserves are beneath the Chatelet.

D'Artagnan takes Borel to a nunnery so the Sisters can look after him. When D'Artagnan says that Borel will be looked after, Borel tells him that he will make him a comte for his assistance and goes.

After Barbier returns, Victor says that he needs more lead. He asks for Barbier's shot, and Lucien figures that he's stalling. However, he eventually agrees but tells Victor to finish the job.

D'Artagnan returns to the garrison and tells his comrades what he did. Porthos figures that Borel was faking. He tells Brujon that the people at the Siege of Salas were driven insane with hunger, and Borel was among them. Porthos then assures D'Artagnan that he did the right thing. The midday bell rings and the Red Guard arrive to escort the prisoners to the Chatelet. Aramis arrives and tells his comrades that they're stealing the gold from the reserve.

In his office, Feron is gathering his strength when Marcheaux arrives with two courtiers. Feron orders the courtiers away and ushers Marcheaux in, and the captain sees Van Laar's corpse. The governor tells him to dispose of the body, and Marcheaux explains that the prisoners are being returned to the Chatelet. He insists that he received no message to delay the return, and Feron realizes that Lucien will never get out.

The Musketeers ride to the reserves.

Victor finishes the key and Lucien unlocks the vault.

Barbier sees the Red Guard bringing the prisoners in and goes to warn Lucien.

The Musketeers arrive at the reserve and order the guards to stand aside.

Barbier insists that he gave Feron the message, and goes to the upstairs door. He spots the Musketeers arriving, while Lucien aims his gun at Victor. When Victor reminds him that he took his shot, Lucien clubs him down and starts beating him to death. Barbier returns and interrupts Lucien, who tells his men to hide. The Musketeers come in, locking the door behind them, and find Victor unconscious on the floor. Lucien's men charge in while Lucien remains unseen in the shadows. Aramis sees him head for the tunnel back to the Chatelet, and goes after him. Meanwhile, the Musketeers defeat Lucien's men except for Barbier. He runs into the vault and Athos and Porthos run him through.

Lucien removes his cloak and walks out of the Chatelet, barring the door behind him. Meanwhile, Porthos takes Victor to the Chatelet and says that they'll talk to Treville about getting him free. Meanwhile, D'Artagnan insists that everything Borel told him was true. Victor overhears them and warns that he saw Borel kill a man. The Musketeers go to the nunnery and find them dead. D'Artagnan warns Athos that Borel knows about the Dauphin's party.

Borel sneaks into the palace grounds, killing a man and taking his pistol.

The Musketeers arrive with Marcheaux and warn Treville what is happening. He says that they have to find Borel quickly and quietly, and Athos orders Marcheaux to do it. Porthos suggests that Aramis stay behind so he doesn't see Anne or the Dauphin, but Aramis insists that it's his duty. They go inside where Anne is with Treville, worried that the party's excess is sending the wrong message to the people. Aramis and Anne see each other across the room, and Athos sends Aramis with D'Artagnan to search the gardens. He quickly leaves and Anne moves on.

As they search, D'Artagnan worries that he's endangered the Royal Family. Aramis assures him that he couldn't have known, and that what matters is that his intentions were good.

Borel makes his way to Louis' chambers and looks through the correspondence. Angry, he tosses it all in the fire and then dons Louis' wig and accepts the congratulations of his invisible court.

In the throne room, Louis addresses his people and calls upon them to swear their loyalty to the Dauphin... starting with Feron. Feron does so and tries to kneel, but collapses in pain. The Dauphin runs to his uncle, and Feron completes his pledge. Anne, unable to bear the spectacle, quickly walks away.

Aramis and D'Artagnan find Von Laar's corpse and summon Treville. He identifies the financier and they assume that Borel killed him. Marcheaux watches them from the shadows.

Anne lies down in his quarters, and Borel sits down beside her. She wakes up and he says that he's her real husband. Borel insists that there are imposters in the palace, including Louis, and Anne plays along and says that they must find him. She suggests that they search the grounds, and Borel takes her out. However, he soon believes that she is against him.

The Musketeers discover that Anne isn't in her quarters Aramis sees her and Borel in the gardens and they run over. Meanwhile, Borel accuses of being an imposter as well and draws his gun. Aramis yells at him to stop, and swears that Anne is an imposter. He says that Anne is his, and leaps in the way as Borel fires. D'Artagnan moves in, gun drawn, and Borel hails his comte. After a moment, D'Artagnan shoots him dead.

The Musketeers take Anne inside, and Louis demands an explanation. Athos explains what happened, and Louis orders Aramis away from Anne. Anne says that the Musketeers saved her life, and Louis walks out without a word.

Treville finds Feron and points out that the governor's Red Guard once again were ineffective. He figures that Feron is involved and threatens to reveal him, and Feron warns that he will leak the news that Louis is dying to the public. Riots will ensue when the people realize that their Regent is Spanish while they are at war with Spain. If Treville does anything against him, Feron will bring everything he holds dear crashing down. Treville leaves without a word.

Later at the garrison, D'Artagnan talks to Athos and wonders why Treville doesn't tell Louis the truth about Feron. Athos points out that Louis would never believe him without evidence, and Borel destroyed the letter. D'Artagnan points out that he shot a sick and desperate man, and wonders if he's fighting for the wrong side. Athos runs to the refugee camp and finds Sylvie, and they kiss.

Lucien meets with Feron, who insists that he didn't ruin their plans. He blames the Musketeers, and says that Lucien still needs him because Gaston will not deal with Lucien alone. Lucien promises that the Musketeers won't stand in his way again and leaves... while Treville secretly watches them.

Written by Gadfly on May 20, 2016

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