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Beginning of the End - Part One Recap

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Monroe and Rosalee watch as Renard makes his acceptance speech.

At the HW compound, Meisner turns off the TV and Nick says that Renard wanted him to join Black Claw. He warns that Black Claw will work their way into positions of power and slowly take control. Zuri was just trying to get information on Nick so that Black Claw could take out Nick’s allies. Eve comes in and says that she got as much out of Zuri as she could. She assures Hank that Zuri isn’t dead, and passes on that Black Craw recruited Zuri just over five months ago to go after Hank. She gave up Conrad’s name, and Meisner explains that he’s a Black Claw founder. Eve tells Hank that they’re taking Zuri to a secure site. Hank gets a call from dispatch with his address. He and Nick take off.

Monroe looks outside and sees someone in a truck watching their house. He goes out to confront them, ignoring Rosalee’s objections, and the men drive away. Monroe says that it’s their home and he’s not letting Black Claw rule their lives, and Rosalee angrily goes back inside. He wonders if she’s okay, and realizes that she’s running a temperature. Rosalee wrote down the license plate number and suggests that they have Trubel trace it, and Monroe apologizes for overreacting.

Renard, Adalind, and the children return home with Rachel and Conrad. As Adalind takes the children to their room, Diana looks back and sees Renard with Rachel.Once they go upstairs, Conrad tells Renard that they need his new life with Adalind to work. He offers to talk to Adalind, and Renard figures that it doesn’t make a difference whether he agrees or not.

Once Renard and Adalind tuck Diana in and leave, Diana gets a pair of dolls representing her parents and holds them together. Out in the hallway, Adalind starts to walk away but then turns to Renard and they kiss, just as Diana makes the dolls kiss. The couple goes to their room and undress, but then Adalind shoves Renard away, woges, and slaps him. She tells Renard that Diana is manipulating them, and Renard warns her that it’s a position that she can’t as he goes out. From her room, Diana watches them go.

Nick and Hank arrive at Hank’s house and the uni lets them in. Two corpses are on the floor, and Hank has no idea who they are. Nick realizes that they’re the Black Claw agent he killed earlier, and figures that someone is setting Hank up. Detectives Baribeau and Masters are there from the north district and Hank angrily says that he has no idea what the bodies are doing there. Nick confirms that Hank was with him most of the night, and points out the lack of blood which indicates they were killed elsewhere. The detectives have a neighbor who reported gunshots, an argument, and Hank leaving the scene. They read Hank his rights and demand his badge and gun, and Hank turns them over. As they leave, Baribeau tells Nick that he has to leave so that he doesn’t contaminate the crime scene. Outsi9de, Nick calls Wu and tells him to meet him at the precinct.

At HW, Meisner and Eve review the files on Conrad. Trubel shows them Tony’s laptop and all of the photos he has of Nick and his friends. Monroe calls and tells them about the Black Claw men outside his house, and passes on the license plate. Eve runs a trace and confirms that it’s the same address that they got off of the Black Claw operatives in Nevada. They plan to head out and visit them.

Adalind visits Diana and finds the dolls in her daughter’s bed. She says that she and Renard haven’t spent a lot of time together, and warns Diana that she can’t push them together. Diana says that she doesn’t like Rachel because she likes Renard, and Adalind says that she doesn’t have to worry about it. Her daughter asks her to stay with her, and Adalind readily agrees.

At the station, Nick tells Wu about the bodies at Hank’s house. The witness, Nola Miller, has no record and Nick figures that they’ll have to talk to her.

Baribeau and Masters take Hank to a house in the country and draw their guns. When Hank attacks them, Masters woges and chokes him unconscious, and Baribeau finishes the job. They drag him inside and call Black Claw.

Nick and Wu arrive at Nola’s house and Wu covers the back while Nick knocks at the door. There’s no answer, and Wu calls him around to where the back door is open. There’s blood on the kitchen floor, but no signs of Nola. Nick has Wu check the 911 call to see what phone was used, while he looks for the two detectives to have them release Hank since the witness is gone.

Renard and Rachel are in bed at Rachel’s house, and she warns that he can’t stay the night because of his new image. She tells him that they can’t be together so Adalind understands how important family values are to the cause... and tells Renard to get out.

The next day, Nick goes to the north district and asks to see the detectives. The desk sergeant wonders what Nick’s problem is, and Nick tells him what happened. He says that Hank isn’t there, and they woge and tell Nick that things are changing now that they have a new mayor. Nick leaves rather than fight.

Masters and Baribeau wait, and Baribeau wants to kill Hank and leave. He insists that something doesn’t feel right, and Masters tells him to call their superior.

Conrad talks to Adalind, who says that Renard isn’t his choice. He takes her hands and squeezes, and woges into his Zauberbiest form. He petrifies her and asks if that’s how she wants her children to see her. After a moment, Conrad drops the spell and shows her a wedding ring. He telekinetically slips it onto her finger and tells her not to take it off. Or her children will suffer. Adalind has no choice but to agree.

At the station, Wu tells Nick that no 911 call was made on Hank’s street. Nick tells him that the north precinct’s officers are Wesen, and there’s no paperwork on Hank’s arrest. They figure that Tony knows something and they go to get someone who Tony knows has a real reason to kill him. Nick goes to the spice shop and explains that they need Monroe to threaten Tony and get the information from him. However, the Grimm wants Rosalee to go in first and identify tony to make it look more convincing. The couple is glad to help.

At the interrogation room, Nick and Wu confront Tony and explain that two detectives took Hank. Tony claims he doesn’t know where Hank is, and they bring Rosalee in. She confirms that Tony attacked her, and tries to attack him when he taunts her. Tony doesn’t crack, and Nick escorts Monroe in. Everyone else walks out, and Monroe woges and lunges at Tony. A minute later, Monroe comes out and gives them the address., and leaves with Rosalee.

Renard arrives and everyone applauds, and Nick glares at the captain. Nick tells Wu to keep an eye on Renard and heads to HW for help.

At the compound, Nick gives the others the address, and they confirm it’s the same address the license plate belongs to. Meisner agrees to let Nick take Eve and Trubel with him, and they head out to the house.

As night falls, Masters says that Hank will never understand because he isn’t Wesen. Baribeau starts to beat him, but Masters orders him to back off. Meanwhile, Nick and the women coast to a stop nearby and go in on foot.

Baribeau worries that Conrad isn’t coming, and Masters suggests that Nick might switch sides once he realizes who is going to win. Nick charges in and attacks Baribeau, while Trubel slits Masters’ throat. As Baribeau woges, Eve telekinetically yanks him through the door. They find Nora in the tub, dead, and eve figures that they’re in the wrong place.

Black Claw soldiers attack HW and kill everyone in the command center. In his quarters, Meisner takes several of them out and goes to the command center. As he takes in the devastation, his phone rings. Renard comes in and tells him to take the call. It’s Eve, and Meisner says that he’s with Renard and the captain plans to kill him. Once Meisner hang sup, Renard says that it doesn’t have to end there. He offers to make an exception for the human Meisner, but Conrad comes in and telekinetically chokes Meisner. When Renard tries to intervene, Conrad tells him to stay out of it. Conrad continues torturing Meisner, and Renard finally shoots the HW operative dead to stop his suffering. Glaring at Renard, Conrad says that he’s compassionate... and it’s dangerous for all of them.

Diana hears Rachel and Conrad talking. The girl listens as Conrad tells Rachel to spend more time with Diana.

Nick and the others return to the compound and find it in ruins. Eve figures that Black Claw used Zuri to find the compound, and they got her out of the way because they were afraid of her power. They find Meisner and realize that Renard killed him, and Trubel points out that they’re the only ones left to fight Black Claw. Nick tells them to gather what they need and meet him at the bunker.

Rachel goes to bed and then sees Diana in her room. Diana tells her to leave them alone, and telekinetically constricts the sheets around Rachel. The girl then brings Adalind in and shows her Rachel, suffocating on her bed, and says that she won’t take Renard away... and Adalind wakes up from the nightmare that Diana was sending her.

Nick and Hank go to the station and see Renard talking to a reporter. As Wu comes over, Nick watches Renard go into his office and Hank tells him not to. Despite that, Nick storms into Renard’s office and says that a coward shot Meisner dead. He then locks the office door and attacks Renard. Renard woges and throws Nick through the window, then reverts back to human form as the officers separate them. The captain tells the officers to arrest Nick, and they take him away. When Wu tries to interfere, Hank warns the sergeant that they can’t help Nick and they’ll get arrested as well.

Written by Gadfly on May 21, 2016

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