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Two-Faced Jack Recap

Doc approaches Nicole's empty police car and finds a bloody handprint by the radio. There's an ace of spades on the windshield, and Doc draws his gun and looks around. He sees a horse nearby and mounts up.

Wynonna wakes up in a hospital bed and calls to Waverly and Doc. Dr. Reggie is there and tells her to lie back, and asks if she remembers anything about the accident. Wynonna doesn't, and Reggie assures her that memory loss is typical after a trauma. He then tells her that she's paralyzed from the waist down due to damage to her spinal column.

Doc runs into the sheriff's station to find Xavier and Neadley tells him to calm down. Xavier comes out and Doc shows him the card and says that the last member of the Seven has Wynonna.

Wynonna complains that she feels hungover, and Reggie implies that she was drunk-driving. She asks about Nicole, and asks him where he went to medical school. Reggie says that he went to Princeton Medical School, and he's pioneering a radical new procedure to increase brain functions and shut down certain areas of emotion. Wynonna secretly cuts off her IV and then says that she knows Princeton doesn't have a medical school. She figures that Reggie is a revenant, and Reggie tells her that a real doctor pushes boundaries. He says that Wynonna has something wrong inside of her, and he'll find it and cut it out. Reggie then smiles and goes to prep the OR. A woman calls from the next bed, and Wynonna discovers that Bethany is there, her throat bandaged.

At the station, Xavier tells Waverly and Doc that he'll call in Fed reinforcements. Doc says that Jack of Knives took Wynonna. He explains that in Dodge City there was a schoolteacher named Sally, and he was sweet on her. She went missing, and Doc and Wyatt tracked her to a limestone cave with three missing prostitutes. Jack had taken their insides out and spread them around their bodies. Jack sent letters to the newspaper boasting of his crimes, and Doc and Wyatt tracked him down. Doc fell behind, sick, and Wyatt brought Jack to justice. Wyatt never spoke of Jack again, and Waverly figures that Wyatt caught and killed him, making him a revenant. Xavier gets out the photo of the Seven, and figure that that Jack was the last of them. He tells Waverly to stay behind because of her broken arm, and then tells Doc that he's helping him

As Xavier and Doc leaves, Neadley tells them that they found Nicole. A motorist found her on the side of the road and she's barely alive. Neadley agrees to let Xavier help as long as he makes sure Jack doesn't hurt anyone else, and tells Doc to move his horse.

A drugged Bethany says that she's been there for a weeks and hasn't had any visitors. Wynonna says that it's not a real hospital and Reggie is a serial killer, and Bethany starts to panic. She tells Bethany that they're leaving and asks her to get a wheelchair. Reggie comes back and Wynonna tells Bethany to run. However, Bethany lies back down, says that she's not brave, and draws the curtain close. Reggie comes in and says that it's time for him to go to work, and takes Bethany out.

In the OR, Bethany wakes up from anesthesia... and discovers that her chest has been cut open. Reggie removes an organ and assures her that she's going to make him feel better. Bethany flatlines and Reggie starts working in her chest cavity as Bethany screams.

Wynonna hears Bethany's screams and tries to force her legs to move.

Bethany dies, and Reggie starts throwing things in a fury. He gets control of himself and insists that he can fix Wynonna.

Xavier wants to question Nicole over Neadley's objections. Nicole agrees and says that the last thing she remembers is a man stepping out on the highway flagging them down. The deputy doesn't remember anything after that until she recalls someone drugging her and carrying her through the woods. Doc asks Nicole what the killer smelled like, and she remembers a sour odor like spoiled fruit and gasoline. Jack kicked her and said that she was the wrong kind, and Xavier figures that Wynonna is exactly what he's looking for. Upset, Waverly runs out crying.

Wynonna hears Reggie screaming and removes the IV, and then manages to get her toes moving. She rolls herself off the bed and pulls herself to a tray of cutting tools.

Doc finds Waverly and hugs her, and Xavier says that the lab report came back. There were traces of ethyl alcohol on Nicole's uniform, and it's a common byproduct of manufacturer drugs. Doc says that back in his day, bootleggers used ethyl to make moonshine. Waverly gets a map of the area and says that that in the 1930s, construction workers found a series of tunnels used during Prohibition to smuggle alcohol. The town sealed them up, but Waverly says that in 1884, Wyatt killed a corrupt saloon owner named James "Whiskey Jim" Byers. James' name appeared in 1925 connected to a rumored liquor run. Doc knows that James runs an illegal fight club in Purgatory.

Doc and Xavier go to the fight club and Doc says that the first rule is that no one brings the law. Whiskey Jim comes over and explains that Doc owes him money. Xavier offers to pay off Doc's debts in return for information, and Whiskey Jim realizes that Xavier is with Black Badge. Whiskey Jim, disgusted, walks away.

Reggie returns to Wynonna and says that she has to ask him some questions about her personal history. He says that it's healthy to have an open and healthy patient-doctor relationship, takes out a pair of pliers, and breaks one of her toes. Wynonna doesn't react, and Doc figures the drugs are still taking effect. He ups her meds and says that he just wants to be understood. Reggie asks what happened after she killed Ward, and Wynonna explains that she received shock therapy. She asks about Peacemaker, and Reggie notices her necklace on the floor. Wynonna claims that Reggie must have snagged it on something when he brought her in, and he insists that he has to fix her up. He says that Bethany won't feel any more pain, and Wynonna agrees to answer his questions if he puts the necklace on her. He starts to and Wynonna prepares to stab him with a hidden scalpel, but then Reggie walks away.

Xavier and Doc go to Whiskey Jim's office and Xavier says that he just wants to know the entrance to the tunnels. He warns that whoever is using them has Bobo's backing, and reminds Doc that he owes him plenty. Doc suggests that they can come to some kind of arrangement, and Whiskey Jack lunges at Xavier. He blocks the blow and draws his knife, and Whiskey Jack says that they have to earn his help in the ring. The ringleader says that the two of them have to fight, and as long as they gave him blood then he'll give them the information.

Reggie returns and discovers that Wynonna is gone.

Xavier warms up and doc half-heartedly follows his example. Whiskey hands Doc a satchel and figures that Bobo wants him alive for something. The satchel has a Black badge file on Doc and notes that his immortality will require extensive testing. Doc figures that Xavier filed the report, and the two men enter the ring. Xavier whispers that they're running out of time and should make it looks real, and Doc punches him for real. They settle down to fighting, and Xavier knocks Doc down as Whiskey Jack laughs.

Reggie checks on the Peacemaker in a whiskey barrel and makes sure that it's secure, and Wynonna grabs him from behind and puts the scalpel to his throat. She figured that Reggie would check on the Peacemaker, and Reggie says that she'll never find Nicole without her. Wynonna offers to send him back to Hell quickly if he cooperates, and then realizes that his neck is bleeding red from the scalpel. Jack of Knives shoves Wynonna way and rams his cane through Reggie's back, and says that he served his purpose.

Doc sand Xavier continue fighting and Doc comes at the agent with a broken bottle. As they fight, Xavier notices the wound on Doc's shoulder, and Doc says that he's surprised it wasn't in his report. Surprised, Xavier looks around and then kicks Doc into the crowd. They shove him back and Xavier asks Doc who told gave him the report. Doc punches him in the groin and they both go down. He tells Xavier that Wynonna will never forgive him if he hands him over to the authorities, and Xavier says that Wynonna is with Jack because of Doc. Xavier starts choking Doc and says that's why Wyatt left him to die, and Doc floors the agent with a punch. Whiskey Jack declares him the winner and says that Doc killed Xavier.

Later, Whiskey Jim and Doc toss Xavier's corpse in the dumpster. Whiskey Jack advises Doc to lie low when Black Badge comes looking for Xavier, and Doc draws his gun and demands the tunnel location. As he writes down the location, Whiskey Jim says that Bobo has friends in high places. He gives Doc' Xavier's car keys and watches him go.

Jack prepare to "operate" on Wynonna, who figures that he needed a human to handle Peacemaker. The revenant cuts off Reggie's hand and tosses it in the garbage.

Doc gets into Xavier's car and works out how to drive it. Xavier knocks on the door and gets in, and tells Doc to never touch his stuff.

Wynonna confirms that she's strapped to the table, and Jack notes that her nose is bleeding. He says that Wyatt's nose bled like that when he first met her, and the two of them are so alike. Wynonna works with a team because she has to but prefers to hunt alone. He draws cut marks on her stomach and admits that he's never really been a doctor but he likes to cut people open. Wynonna figures that every woman who ever met Jack rejected him, and he just chuckles and says that he loves women. He promises to keep Wynonna alive long enough for her to look at her own organs.

When the two men arrive at the location, Xavier explains that his military training included learning how to lower his body functions to make the enemy think they're dead. He insists that Doc's body is a treasure trove for science, and Doc says that he would shoot him if Wynonna wasn't in danger. Xavier points out that Doc would be in Black Badge custody if Wynonna wasn't in danger, and they both agree to resolve matters between them once Wynonna is safe.

Jack assures Wynonna that she's not going to survive the procedure and prepares to operate with his claws. Wynonna asks why Bobo sent the Seven when he could have killed Ward himself, and Jack reminds her that Waverly was the one who killed Ward. He says that he liked Ward because he had wits, and in order to survive he made alliances with Bobo. Wynonna doesn't believe it, but Jack assures her that Ward and Bobo were close friends.

As Jack prepares to remove Wynonna's heart, Doc arrives and shoots him in the head. Jack cuts off his gun barrel with his claws, and Doc draws the Stone Witch's knife. While Xavier secretly frees Wynonna, Jack knocks the knife out of Doc's hand and summons his cane and draws the sword inside. As he and Doc fight, Wynonna tells Xavier where the Peacemaker is. Wynonna then stabs Jack in the back with the knife and he slips away.

Xavier returns with the Peacemaker and she leaves to find Jack. Xavier and Doc draw their guns on each other. After a moment, Xavier holsters his gun and invites Doc to shoot. He points out that Black Badge has satellites and drones, and Doc concedes that Xavier isn't a villain. He asks why Xavier betrayed him, and Xavier says that it was Doc or Wynonna. After a moment, Doc lowers his gun and tell Xavier to do what he does best: fight.

Wynonna follows Jack's blood trail and easily finds him. She yanks out the knife and prepares to shoot him, and Jack warns that once he's dead, she'll have to deal with Bobo and he's far worse. He figures that Wynonna is broken just like him, laughs, and says that he wishes he could stay and see all the blood that will come next. She tells him to make his peace, and Jack tells her to savor the kill. He says that she succeeded when Scotland Yard failed, Wynonna says that she prefers to hunt alone and sends Jack back to Hell.

Xavier and Doc find Wynonna as she tosses the Peacemaker on the floor. Later, she meets with Waverly and says that they have to know when to let it go, and burns the photo of the Seven. Waverly wonders what they do know, and Wynonna walks away without a word.

Xavier meets with Lucado and gives her a report that Wynonna dispatched possibly the greatest serial killer in history. He concedes that there's no way to prove it without a body, and asks for her delivery. Xavier says that he's dismissing his report and Doc is nothing but a con artist, and the real Doc Holliday is dead. However, he opens the back of his van and shows her Whiskey Jack. He assures her that he will test the limits of his mind and body, sure that he can't die permanently.

As Xavier takes Whiskey Jim to a remote location to interrogate him, he says that there's a mole in his organization… and Whiskey Jim is going to help him find it.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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