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Ask Jeeves Recap

New Canaan, Connecticut

At the home of the recently departed Bunny LaCroix, the butler--Phillip--gives instructions to the maids, Colette and Olivia. In 24 hours Bunny's relatives will arrive for the funeral and the reading of the will, and the butler wants everything in tip-top shape. He assigns Colette to select Bunny's wardrobe while Olivia cleans the lavatories. When Olivia objects, Phillip reminds her that she's the new hire.

As Colette goes through Bunny's closet, she finds a pearl necklace and tries it on. As she admires herself in the mirror, she hears a door open and the bedroom and goes to investigate. She's shocked when Bunny approaches her and backs away. Bunny snatches the necklace from Colette's neck, and the maid falls back over the balcony and down onto a glass table, breaking her neck. Phillip arrives and, looking up, sees Bunny. He demands to know what she's done but Bunny walks away and the butler contemplates Colette's body.

Sam comes out of the motel room with coffee and finds Dean working on the Impala. When Sam says that he hasn't found a case, Dean tells his brother that he's found one of Bobby's old cell phones. There's a message on it informing Bobby that he has been named the beneficiary in Bunny LaCroix's will, and an invitation to come to the reading of the will in New Canaan.

When the Winchesters arrive, Olivia answers the door and they explain why they're there. The maid ushers them in, explaining that the funeral has ended and the family has gathered in the study. When the brothers go inside, Heddy admires Sam and then introduces herself as Bunny's cousin. Her sister Beverly is also present, as is Bunny's younger brother Stanton and his wife, Amber. The final family member is Dash, Bunny's great nephew. Sam explains why they're there and Beverly says that the lawyer will read the will the next day. Amber wonders where Colette is and Phillip tells the family that the maid was so distraught about Bunny's death that she went to a clown college in Sarasota to find herself.

Phillip talks to the Winchesters privately and says that he's doing them a favor by getting them away from the family. The butler says that they're all money-grubbing leeches who lost their money in the recession, and are there to see how much that Bunny left them. The attorney agreed to let Phillip give the Winchesters what Bobby was due and hands them an envelope. When the Winchesters ask how Bobby knew Bunny, Phillip says that he doesn't know. Once he leaves, Sam and Dean find a jewel-encrusted gold pendant in the envelope. They take it to a pawnbroker and he tells them that it's a fake. However, he finds a concealed key inside of the pendant.

That night, Stanton and Amber are in their room arguing about how Stanton believes Amber is cheating on him. She points out that Stanton is just like Lance, Bunny's husband, who was always accusing Bunny of cheating on him. Amber goes into the bedroom and Stanton complains about Bunny and Lance. He hears someone calling his name and goes out into the hallway to investigate. Much to his surprise, Lance steps out... and decapitates him with an ax. Amber comes out just in time to see the murder and screams.

When the Winchesters return, Phillip is surprised to see them, having assumed that they left. Detective Howard with the New Canaan PD confirms that the brothers were in the house earlier and then informs them that Stanton was murdered earlier and he's detaining everyone that is a possible suspect for questioning. They go to the study and find Heddy accusing Amber of killing Stanton because she wanted a divorce and couldn't get out of the pre-nup. When Heddy says that Amber is claiming that Lance murdered Stanton, the Winchesters figure that a ghost is the killer. With their equipment locked up in the trunk of the Impala where they can't get it, Sam stays to watch the family while Dean checks for cold spots.

Sam approaches Dash and wonders why they're not upset at losing a second family member, and Dash admits that they don't like each other. When Sam wonders why Dash is so sure that Amber didn't kill Stanton, the young man says that Amber isn't capable of murder.

Dean checks out where Stanton was decapitated and notices a bookshelf on the wall. One of the books has a symbol that matches the cross shape of the pendant. Pulling on the book opens a secret door with a keyhole matching the key on the pendant.

Dash explains that Bunny became a recluse after Lance died, and that he was a real bastard. Detective Howard calls Dash outside for questioning.

Dean opens the hidden door and finds a stairway leading up to the attic. When he goes up, he finds Colette's corpse wrapped up in a carpet. Olivia comes up and says that Phillip locked her up there because she wouldn't lie to Howard about the fact that Bunny killed Colette and then the butler hid the maid's body.

Sam is in the study playing cards with Beverly and Heddy when Dean returns and calls Sam to the side. He explains that they're dealing with killer ghosts and figures that Phillip knows more than he's saying. They slip away to search for Phillip, and Sam runs into a drunken Beverly by her bedroom door. She invites Sam to come in and spend some time with her and he accepts... and quickly leaves once her back is turned.

Dean enters the servants' quarters and finds Phillip there, calmly adjusting his suit. He admits that everything that he's done looks peculiar and offers to explain... unaware that Sam has found the real Phillip's body in the kitchen, stabbed to death. He texts Dean to warn him. Realizing that Dean is on to him, the imposter slams Dean into the wall and runs off. Dean recovers and goes after him, and finds a pile of skin lying in Phillip's suit on the floor. He calls Sam back and tells his brother that they're dealing with a shapeshifter. He meets Sam in the kitchen just as Olivia comes in and sees Phillip's body. They have her bring out the silverware and use the butter knives to each other and Olivia to make sure that they're not shapeshifters.

Ion the living room, Heddy and Beverly are checking the Internet for a husband for Beverly when Sam comes in. He awkwardly tries to seduce Beverly and when Heddy complains, invites her to sit next to him on the other side. As he hugs the two women, Sam uses the butter knife up his sleeve to test them and determine if one of them is a shapeshifter.

As Dean searches for the shapeshifter, he hears someone inside of the closet in the game room. He yanks the door open and finds Dash and Amber kissing. They insist that they didn't kill Stanton, and Dean touches them with the silver to confirm that they're not shapeshifters. He then takes the couple to the living room and a relieved Sam gets out from between the two much older women. The Winchesters compare notes and realize that there's only one person left that they haven't tested. Before they can find the police detective, Olivia screams and everyone goes to investigate. She's found Howard, drowned in the toilet. Heddy accuses Amber of killing Howard because he would have found out she murdered Stanton. Dash alibis Amber and accuses Heddy and Beverly of committing all of the murders. When the Winchesters intervene, Dash points out that they don't know who they are and no one died until they showed up. He grabs Howard's gun and locks Sam and Dean in the security office. Dean tries to jimmy the lock with a butter knife and discovers that it's stainless steel, meaning everyone is still a suspect.

The LaCroix family gathers in the living room and Dash figures that the Winchesters wanted the inheritance. Oliver comes in and tells them that they're wrong about everything... and picks up Howard's gun and says that she's the killer. Sam is watching the family on the security camera and sees what happens, In the living room, Olivia explains that she is Bunny's devoted daughter and has been hiding in the attic her entire time. Bunny hid her in the attic rather than reveal her secret daughter. When Bunny died, Phillip took pity on her and set her free. She caught Colette stealing her mother's necklace and tried to scare her, and she fell over the balcony by accident. Now that she's free, she plans to get revenge on all of them because of their greed. She killed Phillip when he tried to lock her back up, but Dean unwittingly set he free.

In the office, the Winchesters find the gun safe and Sam uses a pistol to shoot the lock out. The family hears the gunshot and panics, and Olivia shoots at Sam when he comes after him. She then runs into the kitchen and Sam chases her, but she pins him down with gunfire. As she waits for a clear shot, Olivia says that killing Sam and Dean is the next best thing to killing Bobby. Bobby killed her father and wanted to kill his daughter. Bunny convinced Bobby to let her lock Olivia up instead, and she let Lance believe that Olivia was his child. Bobby also promised to take care of Olivia if Bunny died, and Olivia wants him dead because he left her locked up for her entire life.

Sam tries to convince Olivia to surrender, telling her that being a monster is a choice. Olivia said that the choice was made for her a long time ago, and realizes that Sam doesn't have any silver bullets. As she moves in for the kill, Dean shoots her down. Once she's dead, Dean continues pumping bullets into her body.

Later, the family calls the police and leaves the manor. Dash apologizes to the Winchesters for misjudging them, and says that the lawyer has informed him that everything but the pendant was left to Olivia. Dean gives Dash the pendant and tells him to forget that they were ever there, and the brothers drive off.

As the brothers leave, Sam finally asks Dean why he kept firing. Dean claims that it was his first kill since he regained his humanity and just wanted to make sure it done right. Sam isn't so sure and suspects that the Mark is influencing Dean, but Dean turns up the radio and ignores him.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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