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Girls, Girls, Girls Recap

A prostitute named Triana runs down the streets, terrified. She ducks into an alley and breaks her heel, tripping. Getting up, she continues running but her pimp, Raul, blocks her way. He tells Triana that he has to make an example of her for the other girls, and Triana stabs him in the left eye with her broken heel. When she tries to run, a Raul grabs her by the neck, his eyes shining black. He tells Triana that there's plenty more where she came from and breaks her neck.

Sam and Dean are having a steak dinner and Sam is unable to find any possible local cases. Dean finally explain that he just wanted to get a good cheap steak. His phone rings repeatedly and Sam finally checks his message. He discovers that Dean is using a dating app and one girl, Shaylene Johnson, keeps texting Dean with erotic messages. Sam wonders if she's too good to be true, but Dean doesn't see the problem. Shaylene comes in and is just like her photo on the dating app, and Sam realizes that Dean set the whole thing up to meet with her. Dean, smiling pays for their lunch and tells Sam not to wait up for him.

Castiel and Hannah are in their motel room going over the list of remaining rogue angels. As they prepare to track down a pastor performing miracles, Hannah casually removes her clothing to take a shower. Castiel stares at her, surprised, and Hannah wonders if her nudity bothers him. He assures her that it doesn't and goes back to work, and Hannah gets in the shower.

Once they're back in Dean's room, Shaylene tells Dean that they need to talk terms before they proceed with Dean. Dean refuses to pay for sex, but Shaylene says that she doesn't want money. She just wants his soul. If Dean agrees then her handler will come in and have Dean sign the paperwork, and then they can get down to business. Dean realizes that Shaylene doesn't enjoy her work and points out as much.

As Castiel gets the car, Hannah goes to the front desk to pay for their room. Joe, the husband of Caroline--Hannah's host body--approaches Hannah and explains that he tracked her down following her credit card receipts.

Shaylene's handler comes into the hotel room with the paperwork, but Sam steps out and the handler looks up... and realizes that the brothers painted a devil's trap on the ceiling above him. He claims that he's working independently with Shaylene, but she tells the Winchesters that she heard him on the phone talking to his boss. The handler dismisses her as trash, worse than a demon, and Shaylene grabs Dean's demon-killing knife and kills him. Irritated, Sam and Dean point out that Shaylene killed their only lead. However, she goes through the handler's pockets and gives them his business card.

Raul goes to the strip bar that he's using for his business and tells his other handler, Gerald, to beat Catlin because she refuses to put on skimpy clothing. Rowena comes in and asks if she's in the right place, and then calls Raul filth and tosses him a hex bag. Raul stares at it and then starts gagging up his black demon essence. The demon in Gerald blasts out of the body and flows away, and Rowena invites Catlin and her friend Elle to come with her.

Hannah and Joe go back to her room and Joe demands to know why she disappeared without a word a year ago. As Castiel comes in, Hannah tells Joe that he wouldn't understand. Joe assumes that Hannah left him for another man--Castiel--and Hannah plays along, grabbing Castiel's hand. The husband doesn't believe she's that kind of woman, and Hannah gives Castiel a long romantic kiss. As Joe stares in shock, Hannah tells him that she's sorry and then leaves with Castiel.

Sam and Dean go to the strip bar's address on the business card and find Raul dead in a puddle of demon goo. They realize what it is and Sam finds the hex bag... meaning a witch killed Raul.

Rowena takes Catlin and Elle to an expensive restaurant and they eat. The girls wonder why they're there since they don't fit in, just as the head waiter Marty comes in and says that they'll have to leave. Rowena puts a hex bag in Marty's hand and utters an incantation. Soon, Marty is bringing them fine food and wine. The girls wonder how Rowena did it, and she tells them that it's magic.

Gerard occupies a new body and goes to Hell to tell Crowley that someone interfered with their new soul-collecting business. Crowley considers bartering for prostitution tacky rather than evil, but Gerard insists that they couldn't get to Crowley with their new idea because he was distracted. The King of Hell scowls and Gerard quickly switches topics, saying that he only ran so that he could tell Crowley that someone was acting against his minions.

On the road, Sam looks up the demon-killing spell on the Internet and discovers that it's 300 years old. No one has used it since and the only witch who did use it was its creator, Rowena.

Rowena explains how witchcraft works, and how they can be trained as Students by a Natural such as herself. However, she warns Catlin and Elle that she's a rogue, and that the Grand coven threw her out years ago because she practiced extreme magic. They forbid her from practicing magic or taking students, but Rowena promise the girls that they can have anything they want if they study with her. Eager to have some real power, the two girls agree. Marty comes over and then turns red as his brains boil inside of his skull.

Cole interrogates a captured demon using holy water, and the demon realizes that Cole is a noob hunter. He figures that Cole is just torturing him to study how he reacts, but refuses to talk. Cole gets out more holy water and says that the demon will tell him everything that he knows about Dean Winchester.

As Castiel stops at a convenience store to refill the car, he tells Hannah that they need to talk about what happened. She insists that she didn't have a choice and she needed to convince Joe that she was in love with another man. Hannah wonders why it feels so bad, and Castiel assures her that she did the right thing. By giving Joe a reason to make sense of his loss, now he can move forward with his life. Their taking human bodies is necessary for their mission, and Castiel had to possess his host body Jimmy Novak twice. Castiel finishes pumping the gas and when he turns back, he discovers that Hannah has walked away.

Sam and Dean trace the two girls from Raul's business to the restaurant. Dean talks to one of the busboys, who describes Rowena. Outside, Dean brings Sam up to speed and Sam says that he contacted a Hunter who has been following a trail of men impaled on the ceilings of high-end hotel rooms. In each case the men actually died of boiled brains. Sam suggests that they check out the five-star hotels in the area, figuring that Rowena will stick to her pattern.

Castiel finds Hannah nearby on a bridge over a stream, and she says that she's done with their mission. She tells Castiel that she's felt human passions and hungers, and can feel Caroline inside of her screaming for her life back. The angel doesn't want Caroline's feelings or feels that they're right to steal them from her, and decides that it's time to return to Heaven. Hannah kisses Castiel gently on the check and says goodbye, and then her essence drifts out of Caroline's body. Caroline remembers everything that happened to her, including who Castiel is, and looks at her newly recovered body in surprise.

Rowena takes Elle and Catlin back to her hotel room and teaches them their first spell. There's a knock at the door and Rowena looks through the peephole to confirm that it's the manager, there to collect on her unpaid bill. However, when she opens the door, the manager's body falls over and the two demons that killed the man grab Rowena, tie and gag her. They drag her off with Elle and Catlin, promising that she'll pay for killing one of Crowley's demons. Sam and Dean confront them and kill one demon, and Elle and Catlin free Rowena while Sam fights the second demon. Dean finishes it off and they turn to Rowena, who casts a spell on Elle. Elle turns into a snarling fury and attacks Sam, and Dean goes after Rowena and Catlin as they take advantage of the distraction to run away.

In the alleyway behind the hotel, Rowena tells Catlin that they need a decoy, but that Catlin is stronger than Elle and she's the only one who deserves her training. Catlin punches her and runs off, and Dean arrives and puts a gun to the witch's head before she can kill Catlin. She turns around and smiles as she realizes that Cole is there with a gun to Dean's head. Cole tells Dean to drop his gun, and he reluctantly does so. Rowena strolls off and Dean tells Cole that he's not the same person who fought him a few weeks ago. Cole says that he knows all about demons now and throws holy water on Dean, but nothing happens. Surprised, Cole asks if Dean was a demon when he murdered Cole's father Ed. Dean says that he wasn't and Cole figures that he's still a monster and attacks him.

Sam manages to lock Elle in a linen closet and holds the door shut as she tries to break through. Fighting to keep her contained, Sam yells at her to fight Rowena's spell.

The two men fight in the alley and Dean manages to throw Cole through a windshield. He then grabs his gun and orders Cole to freeze.

Sam prepares to shoot Elle as she breaks through the door. However, the pounding stops. Sam opens the door and discovers that Elle is dead, burned out by Rowena's spell.

Dean asks Cole to give him five minutes to explain what happened. Much to Cole's surprise, Dean then gives him his gun and then explain that Cole's father Ed was a monster who ate human livers. He doesn't know what kind of monster Ed was, but figured it was only a matter of time until he killed and ate Cole or his mother. Cole doesn't believe it, but Dean insists that the Ed that Cole knew was already gone before he killed him. Sam arrives but Dean tells him to put his gun down. Cole wonders how he can believe Dean, and Dean says that he understands. They both have stories that they use to keep them going, and Dean's story has taken him to some dark places. He knows that he's going to die in the end, and wonders if Cole will be the one to kill him. Sam reminds Cole that he has a family and they're waiting for him. After a moment, Cole gives Dean his gun back.

Castiel returns Caroline to her home. She hesitantly knocks at the door and Joe answers it. They stare at each other for a moment and then embrace. Once they go in, Castiel starts doing an Internet search on Jimmy Novak, his host body.

Cole drives back to his family and Dean tells Sam that Rowena escaped. When Sam wonders about what Dean said, Dean says that he just told Cole what he needed to hear and walks away.

Gerald tells Crowley that the alpha team of demons died but that their backup team captured Rowena as she tried to escape. Furious, Crowley refuses to congratulate him, pointing out that Gerald was just rectifying the mistake he made earlier. Crowley then goes into Rowena's cell where she's chained to the ceiling. The witch dismissively calls Crowley "wee," and tells him to finish her off. Staring at her in shock, Crowley mutters, "Mother."

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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