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There's No Place Like Home Recap

In Topeka, KS, district attorney Peter Harper runs out of his home. He gets out on the lawn and trips on a hose, but looks up and discovers that he has lost his pursuer. Relieved, he starts to get up... and Charlie Bradbury steps out of the shadows. Harper insists that he doesn't know anything, and Charlie says that she knows. However, she's going to torture him anyway.

At the bunker, Dean brings Sam egg-white omelets and explains that he's giving up all of his bad habits so he can restrain the Mark of Cain's influence. As they check the ore, Sam finds an video on the Internet showing Charlie torturing Harper on his front lawn. Charlie doesn't answer her phone, and Sam confirms that Charlie attacked and tortured a court stenographer in Topeka the night before. Dean suggests that Charlie might be on a hunt and they decide to investigate. As Dean goes to his room to get his knife, his hand shakes and he manages to get it under control.

In Topeka, the brothers pose as FBI agents and talk to Harper. He explains that Charlie was questioning him about a drunk-driving accident that left one parent dead and another one brain-dead, and their 12-year-old girl an orphan. The Winchesters realize that he's talking about Charlie, and Harper explains that the case against the driver never went to trial and someone sealed the books. The arresting officer passed away and there's no longer any record of the case. Harper gives them the file on DNA, claiming that it's all he knows, but Sam tells him that they already spoke to the stenographer and she told them that Charlie forced her to give up a name. When Harper refuses to say who he gave up to Charlie, Dean grabs him and angrily yells at him to talk. The DA breaks and says that he found out who it was who sent him money to drop his investigation. When he hesitates, Dean threatens to torture him and Harper says that the briber was councilwoman Barbara Cordry.

That night as the brothers drive to Barbara's home, Sam reviews Charlie's file while Dean figures that their friend is going after the person who left her an orphan. He insists that they have to stop her before she does something that she can't live with.

The next morning, the brothers talk to Barbara, who denies knowing anything about any payoffs to Harper. The Winchesters park across the street, figuring that Charlie will show up eventually. Dean figures that Charlie is a good kid but messed up... just as they hear Barbara scream. They run inside and find Charlie with a knife to Barbara's throat. She tells the brothers that she wants answers, and only says that when she was in Oz, she had an adventure. Charlie figures that the Winchesters won't hurt her and says that Sam is responsible for dragging Dean down. When Dean tries to get through to her, Charlie shoves Barbara away and runs for the door. While Sam checks on Barbara, Dean goes after Charlie and tackles her. She chokes him until he's barely conscious, then kicks him in the face and leaves. Sam arrives in time to help Dean up, and they see Charlie drive away. Dean is furious to discover that Charlie slashed the Impala's tires to cover her escape. As Sam comes out, the brothers are shocked to see Charlie drive up in a different car and says that they have to catch out.

Charlie and the Winchesters go to a bar, and Charlie explains that she was split into two people, one good, one bad. When she traveled to Oz, she and Dorothy led the resistance forces against the Emerald City. To defeat them, Charlie had to have the Wizard of Oz unleash her true darkness. Her two selves are connected physically, and Good Charlie admits that being good is really annoying as she sips a non-alcoholic drink. Dark Charlie defeated the enemy, torturing and killing, and Good Charlie didn't want any part of her. When she rejected her dark half, Dark Charlie decided to convince her by going after the drunk driver who orphaned them.

Dean tries to reassure Good Charlie that it isn't her fault, but she admits that it's some part of herself who is responsible. Dark Charlie broke the key that opens the door to Oz, so there's no way back to have the Wizard undo the spell. When he spoke with Barbara after rescuing her, Sam confirmed that the councilwoman gave Dark Charlie bank statements tying Barbara to the person who paid her off. They figure that Dark Charlie will go after that person. While Dean goes to get more drinks, Sam asks Good Charlie to hack into the councilwoman's bank accounts. She refuses--because she's good--and Sam asks her to guide him in doing it.

At the bar, Dean stares hungrily at the bottles of alcohol and tries to control himself. He then goes back to the table, where Sam has confirmed that all of the money leads to Russell Wellington, a real estate mogul. Russell reported his car stolen the week of the accident, and afterward he went on sabbatical for two weeks and returned with a broken ankle. Dean notices Good Charlie staring wistfully at Russell's photo, so he closes the laptop and says that they're done. Good Charlie agrees to let the Winchesters handle it, and Dean heads for Russell's office while Sam takes Good Charlie back to the bunker and check the lore for a way to restore the broken key. As they leave, Sam reminds Dean that they have to protect Dark Charlie from herself and Dean reluctantly agrees.

Later, Dean waits for Russell outside of his office building and listens to a meditation tape. It doesn't go well. Russell arrives and goes inside, and Dean goes to the front desk and makes an appointment to meet with him.

At the bunker, Sam finds the Men of Letters incident report on the original trip to Oz. One of their agents, Clive Dillon, went to Oz but was trapped there when he left the key behind. Baum later found the key and rescued Clive, and Clive went into retirement somewhere secret. Good Charlie begins searching to find out Clive's address.

Dean is finally the last person left and the receptionist escorts him to Russell's office. When Russell wonders why Dean is there, Dean begins describing his ideal home.

Once Good Charlie finds Clive's address, they head out to speak with the man.

Russell finally realizes that Dean is stalling and tries to call security. Dean stops him and says that he's there to save his life, and describes how Russell orphaned Charlie. The lights go out and Dean tells Russell to stay there while he checks things out. Dark Charlie is outside in the lobby, holding a knife, and apologizes to Dean for attacking him earlier. She says that she lost control and just wants to make Russell understand what he did to her and her family. Dark Charlie offers Dean the knife and says that she and Dean can hand Russell over to the cops once she's talked to him. Convinced, Dean takes the knife and lets Charlie into the office.

Russell, sobbing with guilt, tells Dark Charlie that he's sorry for what he did. He admits that he deliberately covered up his involvement and he'll pay for it... and Dark Charlie glances back through the door at Dean and tells Russell that she forgives him. She slams the door shut and locks it, and then draws her backup knife and kills Russell. By the time Dean breaks down the door, all he finds is an open window and Russell's corpse.

Dean goes back to the bar and calls Sam, telling him what happened. Sam says that they're heading for Junction City to find Clive, and Dean looks down at the drink he ordered. The bartender, Tamara, asks if he's going to finish it, and Dean tells her that he's pacing himself. Once she leaves, Dark Charlie sits down next to Dean and tells him that he's lying to himself. She figures that he knew she would kill Russell but let him do it anyway because he was the monster, not her. Dark Charlie figures that there's something off about Dean, and says that he knows she's right.

Sam and Good Charlie arrive at Clive's address. He denies knowing anything about Oz, but they soon make it clear they know all about it and him.

Dean tells Dark Charlie that Sam and Good Charlie are going to see Clive--in Grantville—and will take Dark Charlie back where she belongs. Dark Charlie, unimpressed, says that she's going to hit on Tamara and follows the bartender into the back room. As Dean starts to drink, Tamara comes back alone. Dean asks what happened to his friend and Tamara says that she went out the back door. When he runs outside, Dean discovers that Dark Charlie has stolen the Impala. He calls Sam and warns him that Dark Charlie is on the way. However, since he gave her the wrong town, he figures that they have a little time. Dean then jacks a car and takes off for Junction City.

Clive tells Sam and Good Charlie that the key can only be repaired with metal from Oz. He remains vague about how he got to Oz in the first place, and Good Charlie realizes that he's lying. Clive finally says that a coven of witches cast the same spell on him that the Wizard used on Charlie, and his dark half was unleashed. Dark Clive slaughtered the coven for revenge, and then became the Wizard of Oz. Good Charlie realizes that Dorothy is in danger as long as the Wizard is with her, and Clive admits that there is one way to bring the Wizard back to their world. He takes out a revolver and explains that if he is mortally wounded then the Wizard will have to come back to save him, or die as well.

Dean pulls up to the house just as Clive shoots himself. Dark Charlie arrives and says that she followed him, figuring that he tried to trick her. Dean warns that he'll put her down if she goes inside, and Dark Charlie smiles and says that's the Dean she loves.

Inside the house, the Wizard arrives through a portal and removes his mask. He's a younger version of Clive, and is furious when he realizes that Clive shot himself. Sam goes for his gun but the Wizard easily restrains him... and Good Charlie moans in pain as her lip starts bleeding.

Outside, Dean punches Dark Charlie in the lip. They fight, both going full out, and Dark Charlie tells Dean to let it all out.

As Good Charlie feels each of Dean's punches, Sam begs the Wizard to let her go to his friend. The Wizard refuses and telekinetically chokes Sam. Meanwhile, the dying Clive catches Good Charlie's attention and gestures at his revolver.

Dean manages to grab Dark Charlie's arm and breaks it.

Despite the pain of a broken arm, Good Charlie manages to pick up the gun. He tells her that both sides of him forgive her, and she shoots. A moment later, the Wizard collapses with a bullet wound to the head.

Dean finally knocks Dark Charlie out but continues beating her. Sam takes the Wizard's magical keys and runs outside, and manages to get Dean to stop. As Dean stares at the bloody, beaten Dark Charlie in shock, Sam carries Good Charlie to her counterpart's side. Dark Charlie, barely conscious, realizes what her counterpart has done and says that the magic was in her all along. Sam uses the keys, reuniting the two halves of Charlie's spirit. He then comforts her while Dean stares at his bloody hands.

Two days later, Sam calls Castiel and says that they need to find something before Dean loses control. Charlie comes in and says that she's done enough resting, and Sam says that he's found a tome, the Book of the Damned, that might hold a way to remove the Mark. It's in Tuscany and Charlie offers to get it now that she has no way back to Oz. Sam wonders about Dark Charlie, and Charlie says that she's quiet... for now.

Charlie tells Dean that they'll find a way to remove the Mark. When Dean reminds her that it took Cain centuries to master it, Charlie assures him that he's a Winchester and he'll do it sooner. Dean apologizes for what he did and hugs her, and Charlie tells him to prove it. She leaves and Sam asks Dean if he's good. Dean admits that he isn't despite his efforts, and Sam tells him that they can do it... together, just like Charlie said.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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