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Halt & Catch Fire Recap

Spencer, Iowa

Billy Bass is out in his older brother's truck, driving with his girlfriend Janet Novoselic. They decide to go for tacos and Billy asks the navigational app, Trini, for directions. Following the directions, Billy ends up at a construction barricade in front of a bridge closed for repairs. Janet complains that the temperature has suddenly dropped as their breaths condense in the air. Billy wonders what is going on, and Trini tells him to keep going. It then gets angry, yelling at Janet to get out of the truck. She does but when Billy tries to follow her, the door locks lock on their own and the accelerator goes down. Billy is unable to stop the truck as it plows through the barricade and off the end of the bridge.

At the bunker, Sam tells Dean that Castiel is in Illinois tracking down Cain. Dean points out that Cain probably doesn't know how to remove the Mark, but his brother insists that there's still a chance. Despite that, Dean finds a reference to Billy's death. In the article, Janet claims that the truck was possessed.

The Winchesters drive to Spencer and find Janet at the local college. She tells them what happened and insists that the truck killed Billy. Janet mentions that Billy and his brother Joey used to fight, and Joey died in Afghanistan. They couldn't bring the body back, and Billy drove his truck in his brother's honor. That night, Sam and Dean break into the wrecking yard and salt and burn the truck, figuring that Joey's ghost is responsible for Billy's death.

Delilah Marian is studying in her room at a sorority house. She finally goes to the library, and her roommate Julie checks her Facebook page. She gets a chat request from PrincessElsa8 on Instachat and takes it. However, the new contact calls Julie a liar and sends the number 810, and says that Julie will pay. Julie shuts down the chat window, but it comes back on its own. Desperate, Julie tries to shut down the computer but it keeps rebooting, printing out the numbers 810. Even when Julie pulls the power cord, the computer stays on. The temperature in the room drops and the door locks on its own. As Julie tries to get it open, the power cord wraps itself around her throat, choking her to death.

The next day, the Winchesters hear about the new death and go to the sorority house. The investigating detective, Petranzyk, tells them that Delilah returned from her all-nighter at the library and found Julie dead. The door was locked from the inside and there's no sign of forced entry. Once the brothers are alone, Dean confirms that the computer is emitting high levels of EMF. Sam takes Julie's laptop and the brothers then talk to Delilah. She claims not to know Billy but says that he was the President of Sigma Delta Theta, the biggest fraternity on campus. Delilah tells the Winchesters that Julie didn't have any enemies. Dean figures that she's holding something back but Delilah insists that she's told them everything she knows.

At the campus cafeteria, Sam checks Julie's laptop while Dean stuffs his face. Sam finds the Instachat and the reference to 810, but he can't find any other reference to the number in Julie's files. Checking the Internet, Sam confirms that there are three 810 addresses in Spencer and they go to check them out. As they arrive at one house, Sam discovers that PrincesssElsa8 is a third-grader who was asleep when Julie died. They figure that the killer hacked her account, and notice a woman leaving the house at 810. They follow her to a power pole where flowers are piled up, and approach her as she starts picking them up. When they introduce themselves, the woman says that name is Corey Silver, and her husband Andrew died in a car accident at the pole nine months ago. She hasn't seen any strange phenomena, and her description of the woman who leaves the flowers matches Delilah.

When the Winchesters return to the campus, Dean leaves a message for Delilah while Sam does some research on Andrew's death. He discovers that Andrew was killed on impact when his car burst into flames... and his body was cremated. With nowhere to anchor his body, they wonder how Andrew has come back as ghost.

That night, Delilah goes to see a friend, Kyle, at his dorm room. She says that the authorities know what happened and will come after them, and suggests that they confess. Kyle refuses and warns her to keep her mouth shut. Once Delilah leaves, Kyle receives a text message from a girl via his dating app. There's a knock at his door, but when he looks out, no one is there. Kyle goes back in his room and the door slams shut on its own. A man calls him and asks him what time it is. Kyle looks at the stereo clock and realizes that it's 8:10. The speakers get louder and louder, and Kyle can't get the door open. The vibrations finally liquefy Kyle's brain, killing him.

The Winchesters catch the police call on the new death and talks with Delilah in her room. They tell her that he died at 8:10 and ask her for the truth. Delilah finally tells them that she, Billy, Kyle, and Julie were all friends and were out driving. They were texting and weren't paying attention, and Billy swerved to avoid Andrew's car. Andrew lost control and went into the power pole, and a power cable fell on the car and set it on fire. Billy told the others that he had a suspended license and couldn't be caught, and Julie and Kyle agreed to never speak about it, overriding Delilah's objections.

Delilah blames herself and figures that she and the others are being punished. The brothers explain that Andrew has come back from the grave as a ghost and put her in a salt circle, and try to work out how Andrew has survived as a ghost. Sam goes to check out the crash site, while Dean stays to guard Delilah. Crying, she admits that she's miserable with guilt over Andrew's death.

At the crash site, Sam discovers that the wires that fell on Andrew's car ran from a wifi tower.

Dean tells Delilah that he's made plenty of mistakes himself, and he deals with them by doing what he can and asking for forgiveness. Sam calls to tell Dean that Andrew's spirit entered the Internet via the wifi, and they can't shut down the Internet. As they talk, Sam gets an idea and says that he'll call Dean back. The temperature in the room drops suddenly and Andrew's scarred face appears on all of the screens in the room. Dean uses an iron crossbow to smash everything computer-related, including their cellphones.

Sam goes to Corey's house and asks her for help. She isn't surprised to learn that it involves Andrew and invites Sam in.

Delilah confirms that there's no wifi reception in the sorority basement and Dean leads her down. Every monitor they pass has Andrew's face on it. They reach the basement safely and Dean seals the door and window with salt.

Corey admits that Andrew has been contacting her via wifi since the accident, convincing her that he was who he claimed. She realized that she was talking to her husband's ghost but was too happy to be reunited with him to care. Andrew soon started acting strange, focusing on revenge, and disappeared for extended periods. Corey figures that her husband killed the three college students, but she didn't want to face the truth. She figured that if she did try to stop Andrew, she might lose him forever.

In the basement, Dean and Delilah hear a tablet activate and Dean finds it in a sofa couch. Andrew uses it to materialize in the room, slamming Dean back. As Delilah tries to apologize, Dean uses his crowbar to dissipate Andrew momentarily. They discover that the door is locked, and Dean calls to Andrew, warning him that his anger will soon consume him. The ghost's only chance for peace is to move on. As he talks, Dean calls Sam. However, Andrew slams Dean through a closet door and then grabs him by the throat. Delilah holds up the phone and Corey talks to Andrew pleading with him that it's time for both of them to let go. The ghost releases Dean and then disappears.

The next day, Sam and Dean drive Delilah to Corey's house. She assures the brothers that she wants to talk to the widow of the man she helped kill, and Corey invites her in. Sam figures that Andrew isn't the only one who has chosen peace, and Dean explains that his peace is helping people and working cases. He's finished trying to find a way to remove the Mark, and Sam wonders if he's giving up. Dean tells him that he's going to call the shots and go down swinging, and the Winchesters drive off.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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