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Angel Heart Recap

Amelia Novak come downstairs when Jimmy comes in and calls to her. She realizes that it's her husband and hugs him, and then stares at her arm in horror as she bleeds a black liquid. Jimmy doesn't see it and asks her about Claire. Amelia tries to wake up but an angel, Tamiel, calms her down and puts her back to sleep. He then cuts her arm and breathes in the essence that leaks from it, as Amelia starts going through the same nightmare again.

Claire goes to a bar in Tulsa and pays the bartender to direct her to a Ronnie Cartwright. She sits down across from the man and shows him a photo of Amelia, and says that she got his name from her mother's diary. Ronnie insists that he's never seen Amelia before and walks out. Claire follows him and Ronnie mentions Amelia's last name, even though Claire never gave it. When she tries to grab the man, Ronnie shoves her back and Claire hits her head on a dumpster. He stares at her unconscious body for a moment, and then calls 911 before running off.

The next day, Castiel calls the Winchesters for help. They meet him at the hospital and Castiel explains that the police found his emergency contact number on Claire when they brought her in. He figures that Sam and Dean can help him with Claire because they were both troubled teens. They visit Claire and Claire tells them to get out, but Sam insists that they need to know what happened. She finally tells them that she was trying to find Amelia so she could confront her mother with the knowledge that she abandoned her daughter and ruined Claire's life. Amelia sent her a postcard from a motel in Tulsa two years ago, and that her mother contacted Ronnie because she was trying to find Castiel.

Castiel and the brothers go outside, and Castiel blames himself for what happened to Amelia and Claire. Dean half-jokingly says that he just wants something to punch, and then suggests that they track down Ronnie at the bar. They go back to the room to tell Claire, only to discover that she's slipped out. Sam heads to the motel while Dean and Castiel check out the bar.

As Dean drives to the bar, he warns Castiel that he should stay away from Claire. All the angel is doing is reminding Claire of how she lost her father. Castiel still believes that he's responsible for what happened, and Dean suggests that Claire might be better off on her own. They arrive at the bar and find Ronnie, and Dean slams his head into the table repeatedly until Ronnie tells them that he took Amelia to a faith healer, Peter Holloway. He was blind and Holloway cured him, and demanded that Ronnie provided him with new candidates. Holloway cured some of them, but Ronnie saw him cut up others. Disgusted, Ronnie quit and he claims that he hasn't seen Holloway since then. Satisfied, Dean and Castiel leave, and Ronnie calls Holloway.

Claire goes to her motel room and finds Sam waiting for her. He wonders how she got Amelia's diary, and Claire explains that the hotel manager sent it to her after Amelia disappeared. She asks Sam if he got along with his mother, and he tries to explain how she died when he was a baby but they met later. Claire believes that Amelia abandoned her, but Sam finds a letter from Amelia promising that they would meet soon and isn't so sure. He offers to show Claire how to hack the credit card records so that she can trace Amelia's expenditures, and Claire agrees.

Ronnie goes to the alley outside the bar and gets a call from Tamiel. However, he's startled when Tamiel appears right behind him and undoes his healing. As Ronnie staggers off, blind, Tamiel impales him from behind with his sword.

At the motel, Claire quickly picks up on the basics and asks Sam why he and his brother hunt monsters. He says that they do it to make a difference, just as Castiel and Dean arrive. They compare notes and Sam looks up Holloway, while Castiel awkwardly gives Claire a stuffed animal for her birthday. Sam gets a hit from the local police about Ronnie's murder and tells the others. Claire assumes that Dean killed him, given how he reacted when she set him up the last time. Dean denies it and Castiel points out that he did slam Ronnie's head into the table. He and Claire insist on going back to the bar with Dean and he agrees. As they go, Castiel hangs back and warns Sam that Dean is getting worse.

At the bar's alley, Dean introduce himself as a FBI agent to Sheriff Coltrane. She wonders who Claire is and he claims that she's his daughter. They examine the body and discover odd marks around the point of penetration. Coltrane tells Dean that they checked Ronnie's phone and discover that he called the same number twice, but the number was a burner phone. The sheriff leaves and Castiel checks the marks and admits that he doesn't know what made them.

When the trio returns to the motel, Dean figures that Ronnie called to warn Holloway that they were onto him. Sam has checked the property records and learned that Holloway owns a farmhouse outside of town. He's also checked Amelia's credit cards and discovers that she bought food at a number of convenience stores around the farmhouse. Claire wants to go there and find her mother, but Castiel refuses to let her go for fear that it's a trap. He refuses to take Dean with him, and Sam agrees, pointing out that they're trying to keep the Mark in check. Dean has no choice but to agree, and Castiel leaves with Sam. Claire asks Dean for a beer and he refuses, but then decides that he's had enough and takes Claire out.

As they drive to the farmhouse, Castiel asks Sam for his advice about handling Claire. Sam says that he shouldn't abandon Claire because she's family, and tells Castiel that going it alone is no way to live.

Dean takes Claire to a miniature golf course and they shoot holes and compare movie references. Claire asks Dean why he hunts, and he says that they just try to help people. He apologizes for what happened to Jimmy, but assures Claire that because of her father's sacrifice, Castiel saved the world. They reach the last hole and Claire drops first her ball and then her putter into the end hole. Dean notices the putter head bumping up against the ground and tells Claire that she's a genius, and takes her back to the motel. Once they get back, Dean explains that the hilt of a sword would have left the marks, and he looks up the weapon on the Internet.

Sam and Castiel split up to search the house and the barn, respectively.

Claire finds a reference in the lore to the Grigori, the Watcher Angels who use the angel swords. She tells Dean that the Grigori help some people and hurt others.

In the house, Tamiel secretly watches Sam as he searches the house. Meanwhile, Castiel checks the barn and finds a back room with several victims asleep on the beds. One of them is Amelia, and when he wakes her up she screams at him that he's not her husband.

At the motel, Dean tries to call Sam... just as Tamiel knocks Sam unconscious. Dean gives Claire a gun and tells her that they're going to the farm.

Castiel discovers that he can't heal Amelia's wounds. She explains what she's been going through and asks where Jimmy is. Castiel admits that Jimmy is dead and in Heaven, and admits that he failed to protect her family. However, he assures Amelia that Claire is fine and has grown to become a strong-willed woman. Amelia says that she shouldn't have left her daughter and breaks into tears.

Sam wakes up, handcuffed to a chair, and Tamiel tells him that he's used several human identities over the centuries. Sam pries a nail out of the chair and starts picking his handcuffs, while Tamiel tells him that the Grigori have fed on humans for millennia, ever since God sent them to Earth. With proper care, a human's dreams can provide a Grigori with sustenance for decades. Tamiel says that he's been hiding from the "failures," the angels that came after the Grigori. Sam insults him and Tamiel draws his sword on him and angrily says that there were once hundreds of Grigori on Earth, sent by God to protect humanity.

Dean and Claire approach the farm and Dean gives the teenager advice on how to shoot to kill.

As Castiel explains to Amelia that she's been kept there for two years, Dean and Claire come in. Claire hugs her mother and Dean tells the girl to stay there while he and Castiel find Sam. as they go, Claire thanks both of them for what they've done. Inside the house, Dean and Castiel discover that Sam has freed himself. Castiel insists that the Grigori are abominations and demands to know where he can find Tamiel, and they start searching for the Grigori.

As Claire helps Amelia out of the barn, Tamiel confronts them and warns that there's no fixing Amelia. Claire shoots the Grigori repeatedly but the angel shrugs off the wounds and prepares to kill her. Amelia leaps in the way, and Tamiel stabs her instead. Castiel and the Winchesters arrive, but Tamiel is powerful enough to hold all three of them off, even Dean with the Mark. As Tamiel prepares to kill Castiel, Claire runs him through with his discarded sword, and then holds the body of her mother and begs her for forgiveness.

In Heaven, Jimmy greets Amelia. They hug and Amelia assures her husband that their daughter is a beautiful woman now.

The next day at the motel, Sam tells Claire that Jody will let her stay as long as Claire wants until she's ready to move on. Before they go, Dean gives Claire a DVD and a book on exorcisms. Claire says that she has no plans to start hunting, but Dean saw her put an angel blade in her bag earlier and knows better. He adds the book to Claire's bag and Claire apologizes for setting him up the last time that they met. Dean tells her to forget it and admits that he's going to keep fighting until he has nothing left to fight with. Claire asks Dean to watch over Castiel, and Dean tells her to call if she ever needs any help.

As the taxi arrives, Castiel tells Claire that he'll always be there for her. They hug and Claire leaves in the taxi. As they watch her go, Sam assures Castiel that Claire and Castiel will both be all right.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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