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Dark Dynasty Recap

In Omaha, a college student named Eileen goes to a medical office for a study and presents her medical records. The doctor checks her records and then examines her eyes and starts to kiss her. Eileen backs away, assuming that the doctor is sexually harassing her, but the doctor cuts her throat. He then sits her in a chair and scoops out Eileen's eyes. The janitor hears Eileen scream and comes to investigate. When he opens the door, the doctor leaps out the third-story window.

Sam goes back to the church to meet with Rowena, and she admits that she hasn't been able to decipher the Book. She explains that Nydia encoded her Codex, and Sam figures that they need someone who can work out the cipher. He warns Rowena that Dean is getting worst and time is running out, and tells Rowena to finish the job.

In Shreveport, LA, Monroe Styne meets with the male members of his clan. He chastises the doctor--Eldon Styne--for endangering the family's secrecy by letting his sexual attraction for Eileen get in the way of his "harvesting." Eldon says that he's had trouble controlling himself since Jacob dies, but Monroe refuses to hear his excuse and warns that Eldon will be cast down if he doesn't make amends by cleaning up the mess in Omaha, finding the Book, and killing the Winchesters. Eldon promises to do it and steps outside with the other men. One cousin, Eli, stays behind and asks Monroe if they should trust Eldon. Monroe warns Eli that he's failed to find Charlie and advises him to support Eldon in his efforts to find the Book. Outside, Eldon listens to their conversation.

When Sam returns to the bunker, Dean questions him on where he is and Sam claims that he's just been out. Dean then says that he's been researching the Styne family, and they just appeared on the scene 200 years ago with no previous records. While looking for the Stynes, he spotted Eileen's murder and shows Sam the newspaper article on how the janitor saw the killer leap three stories without harm. Dean suggests that they check it out and Sam clearly agrees.

Instead of going to bed, Sam calls Charlie and then meets her on the road. He tells her that he has a job for her but they won't be working in the bunker, and finally tells her that Dean is getting worst. Sam admits that he didn't burn the Book and then hid it from Dean, and needs Charlie to help decipher the Codex. She's even less thrilled to hear that she'll be working with Rowena, but Sam convinces her by saying it's their last chance to save Dean.

Sam takes Charlie to the church and introduces her to Rowena. Castiel arrives and Sam tells Carlie and Rowena that the angel will referee the two of them. When Rowena says that Dean doesn't know, Castiel warns that it's a bad idea and they should be honest with him. Sam says that Dean has given up and that decoding the Book may be a bad choice, but it's the only one they've got. Castiel and Charlie reluctantly agree to work with Rowena.

In Hell, Crowley is throwing darts into a demon victim when two of his minions arrive and tell him that Rowena has disappeared. Crowley kills one of them and tells the other minion to find Rowena.

Sam and Dean go to the office and the manager tells them what happened. When they check the security footage, Sam spots the Styne tattoo on Eldon's wrist. Charlie texts Sam and he ignores it while Dean is there, claiming that it's a telemarketer. Once they leave, Eldon arrives and demands to know what the manager has been saying. The man insists that he didn't give anything away, but Eldon guts him.

At the church, Rowena continues complaining about Charlie's lack of experience. Castiel returns with snacks and Charlie has Rowena describe Agnes, the nun who transcribed the Book. The witch says that the nun was a lot like her and Charlie: they were all outcasts with tragic childhoods and imagination. Rowena warns Charlie that that she's foolish to trust the Winchesters, and warns her that her loyalty to the brothers will be her undoing.

As the brothers drive back, Dean tells Sam that he's glad that the Stynes can't get the Book because they burned it. He's happy that he has a murder to focus on... and doesn't notice Eldon behind them, following the Impala.

Castiel calls Sam again when Charlie and Rowena keep arguing. Dean picks up Sam's phone because his brother is upstairs, and Castiel insists that he was just checking in. Sam comes downstairs and quickly takes the phone, and Dean asks him if he knows what Castiel is up to. When Sam claims that he doesn't, Dean looks at him suspiciously and goes to get pizza.

In Hell, Crowley questions Olivette in her hamster cage, trying to find something to use against his mother. She gives him the name of Rowena's demon lover, and Crowley sends one of his minions to find him.

As Dean leaves the pizza place, Eldon and one of his family members attack him. Dean takes out one of them with several shots, and then manages to get the drop on Eldon.

Charlie warns Castiel that she has a feeling that something bad is going to happen with Rowena. He asks Castiel to let her go for a couple of hours.

Dean takes Eldon back to the bunker and chains him up, and he and Sam interrogate their prisoner. Eldon admits that he killed Eileen and notices the Mark on Dean's arms. He warns the Winchesters that the Stynes are spread out all over the world, and they are powerful even without the Book. With it they're invincible, and they lost it 80 years ago. As Eldon boasts of how his family spreads chaos and desperation and makes a profit, Sam gets another call from Castiel. He tries to ignore it but finally goes out into the hallway. Meanwhile, Dean asks Eldon why he wanted Eileen's eyes. Eldon explains that he was harvesting her, and that his family typically doesn't leave a body behind to be discovered. His family specialized in bioengineering, and opens his shirt to reveal a scar on his chest. Eldon says that he's had a second heart surgically implanted and several other improvements... and that his family's last name was originally Frankenstein.

Castiel tells Sam that he has a situation and Charlie wants some time alone. Sam tells him not to let Charlie go off, and to not leave Rowena on her own.

Eldon explains that Mary Shelley stumbled across the Frankenstein castle and discovered their secret, and then published her book to expose them. He points out that no one believed Shelley was telling the truth, and they won't believe Dean if he goes public. Dean prepares to torture Eldon for his family's location, but Eldon shrugs and says that his family will replace him. He offers to talk in return for the Book. When Dean says that they destroyed the Book, Eldon tells him that it's magically warded and impossible to destroy.

Sam tells Castiel to handle the women and hangs up. Dean is waiting for him and asks what is going on. Before he can pursue the matter, they hear a sound from the interrogation cell. The brothers go to investigate and discover that Eldon freed himself… by ripping off his arm.

At the church, Castiel leads Rowena to a storage room and says that Charlie needs some time alone. Rowena tells him that Charlie is out of her league, and she'll soon learn that children always betray their parents. Castiel asks about her children and Rowena admits that Crowley is her son. He sympathizes and then goes back, and realizes that Charlie has escaped.

Eldon gets back to the city and Eli calls to tell him that he's found Charlie at a motel. He offers to bring her in, but Eldon says that he'll handle it and heads for the motel.

Dean follows Eldon's blood trail until he loses it, and then returns to the bunker. He says that it would be bad if the Stynes got the Book, and then tells Sam what Eldon said about it being indestructible. Before Sam can come up with a story, his cellphone ring. Dean orders him to answer it. When Sam does so, Castiel tells him that Charlie is gone.

Eldon arrives at the motel and tells Eli to let him handle it. He starts pounding on the door and Charlie hides in the bathroom, taking her laptop with her.

Dean realizes that Charlie is involved and is furious that Sam has endangered her. Charlie calls and tells Sam where she is and that someone is after her. The brothers tell Charlie to give her notes to the Stynes, but she emails the file instead. Eldon breaks in and smashes the laptop, just as Eldon enters the motel room.

As the Winchesters drive to the motel, Dean accuses Sam of going behind his back to find a cure.

Eldon tells Charlie to give him back what belongs to his family. Charlie draws her knife and prepares to fight, and Eldon smiles in satisfaction.

When the Winchesters get to the motel a few minutes later, they go in, guns drawn. The place is torn up from a fight, and they find Charlie dead in the bathtub.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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