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The Prisoner Recap

Shreveport, Louisiana

Jake and his buddies at college go over to taunt Cyrus Styne as he leaves Styne Hall, a donation from the family. Cyrus refuses to back down from Jake and taunts him back, and Jake finally knocks Cyrus to the ground. Elli arrives in his car and asks if there's a problem, and Cyrus tells his cousin that everything is fine and they leave.

Later, Jake leaves the convenience store with a Slurpee and spots Eli's car following him. He ducks into an alleyway only to find Eli waiting for him. Jake insists that he's got no problem with Eli, but Eli says that Jake laid hands on a Styne. Another man comes up and puts a bag over Jake's head, smothering him unconscious.

Dean and Sam make a pyre for Charlie in the forest and then watch as her body burns. Sam starts to apologize but Dean tells him that he doesn't have the right to apologize because he's the one who got Charlie killed. Furious, Dean says that he told them not to try and find a cure for him, and now Charlie is dead because of what Sam did. Sam says that if he lets the Mark's influence continue then eventually Dean won't be Dean any more. He refuses to lose his older brother, but Dean says that it should be Sam on the pyre, not Charlie. He orders Sam to stop trying to find a cure, and then says that he's going to find everyone responsible for Charlie's death and tear out their hearts. Dean wonders if that's Dean talking or the Mark, and Dean says that it doesn't matter.

Cyrus is in his room playing a MMORPG and talking to his online friend. He says that he's going to move to LA whether his family wants him to or not, but he's not going to tell them. Eli comes in and says that Cy's father Monroe wants to see him.

In the surgical theater, Eldon tells Monroe that he failed to get the Book. Monroe warns that he lost his arm and he's tempted to take him apart, but Eldon hastily explains that he found a treasure trove of mystical items when the Winchesters took him to the bunker. Monroe agrees to let him take a team to the bunker and recover the items. Eli brings Cyrus in and Monroe pulls a blanket off of the "patient" on the table. It's Jake, and Monroe tells Cyrus that men like Jake are only good for spare parts. He then tells his son that he's going to cut Jake up for the first time and prove himself. Cyrus refuses and his father says that it's his legacy and Cyrus has to accept it. Either Cyrus cuts Jake up, or Monroe will do it... and Cyrus will be next. He put a scalpel in Cyrus' hand and directs it to Jake's chest. When Cyrus tries to look away as the blade cuts into his tormentor's chest, Monroe forces him to look.

Dean calls a hunter, Rudy, and has him check the security footage at the motel where Charlie tied. Rudy finds Eldon's car and confirms that it's registered to Eldon in Shreveport, but there's no address given. Rudy asks Dean why Sam isn't doing the research, and Dean tells him that Sam is busy.

At the church, Rowena admires Castiel and admits that he's unique: an angel who wants to be human. Sam arrives and tells Castiel in private that Charlie is dead. He warns the angel that Dean is going after the Stynes, and reveals that he low-jacked the Impala. As Sam checks his e-mail, he finds the file that Charlie sent him before her death. He shows it Rowena, who is impressed that Charlie managed to solve the codex. She tells Sam that now she can cure the Mark. Sam tells Castiel to find Dean and make sure that he doesn't go too far, and Castiel reluctantly agrees. Once the angel leaves, Sam tells Rowena to finish the work. However, she refuses... unless he kills Crowley first.

Cyrus stares at Jake's bloody corpse and Monroe congratulates him on his first kill. Eldon tries out Jake's new arm that is his replacement, and Cyrus asks if he can leave. However, Eldon tells him that he's coming with him to the bunker.

When Dean drives into Shreveport, a sheriff and his deputy immediately pull him over. The sheriff orders Dean out of the car and the deputy breaks both blinkers. When Dean tries to fight, the sheriff arrests him for resisting arrest.

Crowley is eating at a diner and getting ready to offer the short-order cook a deal. However, he gets a call from Dean asking for his help. The phone goes dead and then Crowley gets an address from Dean and a request to meet.

At the police station, the deputy tells Dean that "they" said that Dean was a pro. Dean knocks the deputy's pencil cup off the desk and when the man kneels to get it, Dean grabs him, takes his keys, and knocks him out. Once he takes the deputy's gun, Dean confronts the sheriff, who is on the phone to Monroe. He beats the sheriff and forces him to explain that Monroe told him to arrest Dean when he arrived in town. The sheriff warns Dean that the Stynes control the city like gods, and Dean assures him that he's killed gods before.

Crowley goes to the abandoned building and looks around, and Sam shoots him in the chest with a devil's trap bullet. When Crowley wonders what he's doing, Sam demonstrates how he faked Dean's call and then puts a hex bag on Crowley. Crowley clutches at his chest in pain and collapses, and then tells Crowley what Rowena said: that she should have taken the three pigs.

That night, Den sneaks onto the grounds of the Styne manor and kills the guards outside. When he enters the lobby, Monroe is waiting with a half-dozen armed men. Monroe welcomes him and Eli smothers dean unconscious.

As he coughs up blood, Crowley warns Sam that Rowena will eventually betray him, and that he's been trying to change Hell in the hopes that he would feel something. Furious, Sam tells him that he's never forgotten all of the people that Crowley have killed, including some that he loved. When he says that Crowley is a monster, Crowley agrees... and pulls the bullet out of his chest. Standing, he blasts Sam back and burns the hex bag with a gesture, and says that it would have killed any normal demon. Sam tries to reach his angel-killing dagger, but Crowley kicks it away and thanks Sam for reminding him that he's a monster. He says that he could kill Sam but he won't because he wants him to give Rowena a message. She had her chance to walk away but she didn't, and now she'll never see him coming.

Dean wakes up strapped to a table in the surgical theater and Monroe congratulates him on getting as far as he did. Unimpressed, Dean warns the man that if he kills him then the Mark will bring him back to life as a demon. If they spare him then he'll still kill them, but at least he'll be human and maybe he'll spare some of them. Monroe figures that they're better off with a victim who can never die, and has his assistant gag Dean. As Monroe prepares to start cutting into Dean, Dean breaks free of the strap, kills the assistant and the nurse, and then grabs Monroe as he tries to escape. Monroe warns that his family will kill everything and everyone that Dean loves, but Dean breaks his neck and then goes looking for the other Stynes.

Eldon, Cyrus, and another man, Roscoe, enter the bunker. They look around and Eldon tells them to grab everything that's useful to the family and burn the rest.

Sam calls Rowena and tells her what happened. He wonders how he can kill Crowley and Rowena tells him to figure out a way before hanging up. Castiel calls Sam and tells him that Dean was there and killed everyone. When Sam prepares to go there, Castiel tells him that the GPS tracker shows that Dean is heading home.

As Cyrus searches the bunker, he finds a photo of Sam and Dean with Bobby. Eldon comes in with a box of Dean's belongings and throws it on the pile of discarded books. Cyrus tells him that they don't have to burn everything, but Eldon says that he knows, but they get to. He sprinkles gasoline on the pile but before he can light it, Roscoe staggers in with Dean's knife in his back.

Roscoe goes down, dead, and Dean walks in. Eldon taunts him, saying that Charlie got what she deserved, and offers to describe what he did to her. Dean tells him to shut up and Eldon warns him that he has some new upgrades. As he removes his jacket, Dean tells him that the other Stynes are dead and then shoots Eldon in the head, killing him instantly.

As Cyrus stares in shock, Dean prepares to kill him. Cyrus speaks up, insisting that he hates his family and he's not like his relatives. Dean tells him that he has bad blood and bad blood always wins, and prepares to shoot him. Cyrus begs Dean not to do it, saying that he doesn't have to do it. Dean says that he does and puts a bullet in his brain. Castiel arrives a few seconds later and asks Dean what he's done.

Sam drives to the bunker.

Dean tells Castiel to leave while he can. When Castiel insists that he's a friend, Dean asks if he screws over all of his friends. He says that he's good and starts to leave, but Castiel grabs his arm and says that he won't stand by and watch Dean kill the world, years, or decades or centuries later when he's the only one left to watch. Dean insists that the Mark isn't changing him, but the angel says that the Dean he knew wouldn't have killed Cyrus. Shrugging, Dean says that Dean was a dick and tries to leave. When Castiel holds on, Dean beats him down and prepares to kill him with his angel-killing knife. The angel, bleeding, asks him to stop. After a moment, Dean slams the knife down into a book by Castiel's head, and tells him to stay away with him and keep Sam away as well. With that, Dean walks out of the bunker.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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