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House of Sacrifice Recap

Michael finds himself in Mallory wearing farmer's clothing. He hears a choir singing in the church and goes inside, but there's no one inside. The Prophet appears and welcomes Michael back, and Michael recognizes him from the shrine painting. He explains that he brought Michael there because he made a promise in the church to honor his rules. The Prophet knows that Michael didn't truly sacrifice himself, and takes out an Empyrean steel dagger so that Michael can kill himself and keep his word.

In Vega, Noma summons Alex and says that Michael has been in a coma for two hours. They have no idea what has happened to him. Alex goes to the command center and tells Claire that Michael is out of commission, and she explains that rebels have taken the reactor. They figure that David is responsible, and Gates asks why Alex is there. Claire introduces Gates and tells him to fill Alex in. The engineer says that the rebels are sitting in a bomb, and points out that they can't risk opening fire inside the reactor. Alex warns that New Delphi's army is coming and they need the reactor. Gates argues with him, saying that they need to talk the rebels down. Claire agrees with Gates, and gives him an hour to make contact. Gates says that he's got it.

In New Delphi, the angel-possessed Rieden tells Clementine that he feels strange. She says that he's adjusting to being a dyad, and it takes time. Clementine assures him that he saved her as well as himself, just as Pete comes in and takes him to Gabriel.

Gates tells Claire that Ramirez will only speak to Claire. She gets on the line and calls on Ramirez and his people to come out. Gates warns him about the technical issues, but Alex interrupts him and tells the former Archangel Corps soldier and friend that they should work things out. As Ramirez considers his offer, reactor alarms go off. Gates warns that the temperature is spiking because of a core leak and they have two hours before an explosion. Alex warns Ramirez, who figures that they'd be better off if they start over from scratch. He figures that they've already lost to the angels and shoots out the camera. Gates says that he has to get into the complex to stop the meltdown, and Alex offers to take him in.

In the cells, Claire has Anika handcuffed and explains the situation. She's found the radio that Anika used to contact David, and suggests that she bring David in, in return for her life. Claire says that she doesn't care if David comes in dead or alive, and hands Arika the radio.

At the bar, William orders a hamburger and tells his father to relax. He says that God is where he wants him to be, and that the people believe he's the Chosen One. David tells William to talk fast because he's not leaving without him, and warns that Claire will hang them both if she finds them. William says that they're not going anywhere because God chose him to cleanse the world of evil one person at a time. He figures that God brought David to him, and his work begins with him. Meanwhile, Kat watches David. Arika contacts her spy and tells her to kill David.

Rieden warns that the Amphora will wipe out humans and angels alike if it's opened. Gabriel wants Rieden to lead his new army, and says that he wants Michael. He knocks Rieden to the floor, and Rieden grabs a discarded Empyrean steel sword. The eight-balls disarm him, and Gabriel warns that in a dyad one spirit is always dominant. Lyrae was able to contain his human half, and asks how long Rieden will be able to contain his new angelic self. Gabriel then tells his people to let Rieden and Clementine go since he's already won by Rieden becoming an angel.

Claire tells Gates that Arika is their best chance to find David. The engineer says that Arika poisoned him, and explains that he refused to tell Claire because he didn't want Arika blackmailing her. Claire tells Gates that Alex is the Chosen One, and Gates insists that it can't be Alex. She tells Gates to save the human race, and take care of Alex. They share a kiss and Gates leaves.

In the penthouse, Alex tells Noma to take care of Michael. She clutches at her back in pain, and says that sometimes it feels like her wings are being torn off again. Alex tells her that Claire lost the baby and Noma hugs him. He says that he has to go and departs.

In the church, Michael tests the blade as the prophet looks on.

Noma notices that Michael's finger is bleeding.

Michael asks the Prophet while he saved Noma, and the Prophet says that he likes her. When Michael asks why he's protecting Alex, the Prophet refuses to answer and the archangel grabs him. Unimpressed, the Prophet says that they are in Old Testament times again, and says that he spared Mallory even though Michael lied, because Michael is a special case. Michael lets go of him and the Prophet says that he will let the fire go out unless Michael sacrifices himself as promised... and everyone will die, including Laurel.

Alex and a squad of soldiers take Gates to the reactor and break in through a side door.

At the bar, William says that his previous self was a false prophet and Gabriel's puppet. In the desert he atoned and the new William was born. He asks David if he's changed and knows all about how he turned a rebellion into a civil war. David insists that he took William out of the city to save him from Claire, and refuses to leave him again. William asks how many others have suffered at his hands. Meanwhile, Kate moves closer.

The eight-balls lead Rieden and Clementine out, and Rieden tells her to get down. When she does, Rieden attacks the eight-balls and kills them. He tells Clementine that he has to take the Amphora with him, and gives her directions to an abandoned town so she can wait for him.

The soldiers move through the reactor hallways, and Alex says that the people are rebelling because of people like Gates. The rebels spot them and open fire, and Alex drags Gates down when the engineer tries to get them to stop firing. Gates says that he knows a way to surprise them, and warns that the core is already melting. Alex reluctantly follows him.

Noma tends to Michael as best she can.

In the church, the Prophet tells Michael that the Chosen One will find his way without the archangel. Michael tells the Prophet offers a game of Texas Hold 'em, betting his life. The Prophet says that he already has it, but Michael warns that his body will continue for millennia. The Prophet smiles and agrees.

William tells David that he has to face what he's done. David says that he'll repent once they leave the city, but William figures that he hasn't changed. His father says that he may not have been exiled to the desert, but Vega has changed him. Kat comes over and opens fire, and the customers grab her before she can hit David. William tells her not to come back, and David grabs a fork and stabs her. He then asks William if they can go.

The Prophet promises that he won't cheat, and Michael deals the cards. As the Prophet draws an ace, Michael asks him what he wants with Alex. His opponent insists that all he wants is rule and order, and Michael realizes that the voice that spoke with Laurel is the same one that permitted the Prophet to play him. He asks who the Prophet represents, but the Prophet asks about Alex. Michael says that Alex is the last pure heart, but the Prophet warns that no human is pure. The Prophet smiles and tells him to deal, and Michael draws two kings... to the Prophet's two aces.

Noma tries to wake Michael and winces in pain again.

Alex shoots his way into the control room and Gates goes to work. As he warns Alex that they have a problem, Ramirez bursts in and asks which of them wants to die first. Alex drops his gun and then says there's one thing he wants to do. He punches Gates, who comes at him. The two men fight, and Alex whispers to Gates to knock him near his gun. The engineer does so, and Alex shoots Ramirez dead.

Rieden returns to the marketplace and gets the Amphora, and Gabriel and his eight-balls arrive. Gabriel has Clementine at swordpoint, and Gabriel says that Rieden had something that Julian didn't: his love for Clementine. The archangel figures that once he kills Clementine, there will be nothing left for Rieden's human spirit to live for. Gabriel cuts Clementine's throat and Rieden runs to her, sobbing. The archangel tells him that the war is over and he needs Rieden to be his soldier. The angel takes control and tosses away Clementine's body, and identifies himself as Duma... a soldier of Gabriel

Williams' followers take Kat's corpse away, and David says that they have to leave. The bartender gives William a warning written on a coaster to get some place safer, but William refuses to abandon his friends. David admits that he abandoned William twice and doesn't want to do it again. He begs his son to come with him and offers his hand, and William tells him goodbye. They hug and David breaks into tears, and then walks out. Outside, the soldiers are waiting. Claire steps out and says that they've taken back the reactor and it's over. David tells her that her father would be proud as the soldiers lead him off.

Inside the bar, William finishes his drink and tells the bartender he's going to watch David die. Once he leaves, the bartender checks the coaster and discovers that it has a message warning that the soldiers are outside.

In the reactor control room, Gates warns that there's ten minutes to core breach. The computer was damaged and the only way he can lower the rods is to do so manually in the containment room. Gates tells Alex to stay there and monitor the systems, and do what he says. The engineer goes inside and Gates tells him that he can't survive the radiation. He's dead already and there's no point in both of them dying. Gates has locked the door, and tells Alex that there can only be one martyr. He starts to insert the rods, saying that it's been his job to keep the power on in Vega. As he works, Gates warns that the rods won't last much longer. The people of Vega need a new home, and Alex has to take them there. Alex promises that he will.

With one card left for Michael, the Prophet offers to let him fold. He'll spare Michael's life, but Mallory will bun. Michael refuses, saying that he has faith that his destiny lies with the chosen one. He flips over the last card, revealing a king. The Prophet grabs his arm and energy travels from Michael to Prophet. Michael realizes that it isn't over, and the Prophet says that it will end when the archangel brings the Chosen One to him.

In the penthouse, Michael wakes up, talks about the stars, and says that he needs to see Alex.

Alex calls Claire, and Gates tells her that he wanted to hear her voice one last time. He tells her what is happening as the countdown reaches four minutes. Claire tells him to think of another way, but Gates says that there's no way back to her. After a moment, Claire tells Gates about herself , knowing it will be her last chance. Gates say that he hopes he's wrong about Alex, because Vega needs a reason to keep going... just like he needed Claire. Getting to his feet, Gates thanks Claire and pushes in the last rod. He then collapses as the core temperatures go down. Crying, Claire throws the radio on the floor.

Later, Alex visits Claire and gives her a card with her name on it that Claire wanted her to have. She thanks Alex for being there with him, and for coming home. Alex walks out, and Claire gives an announcement about how they have been divided for years.

The soldiers take David out of his cell next to Arika's, leading him to his execution. When he says that she'll be next, Arika says that may not be the case.

Gabriel lands on a building outside of Vega, holding the Amphora..

Claire warns that their real enemies are outside of the city walls. She then abolishes the V system.

Rieden goes to the eight-ball army beneath New Delphi.

Michael goes to Alex and tells him that the constellation in Alex's markings show that it's the Morning Star. It refers to Lucifer, the Son of Morning.

Gabriel drops the Amphora into the ground near the walls, and black essence pours from it.

Written by Gadfly on Sep 14, 2015

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