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Home Recap

At the old Winchester home in Lawrence, Kansas, Jenny tucks her daughter Sari into bed. Sari insists that her mother check the closet and make sure there are no monsters there. Jenny blocks the door with a chair and assures Sari that there's nothing there, and then leaves. As the lights flicker, Jenny goes to the basement and starts unpacking from the recent move. She finds a box containing some old photos, including one of the family that used to live there: John and Mary Winchester, and their sons Sam and Dean.

Upstairs, Sari's bedroom starts to shake and an alarm clock falls off the nightstand. The chair in front of the closet slides away on its own and a burst of flames shoot up, shrouding a ghostly figure. When she sees it, Sari screams in terror.

After Sam's premonition of a screaming woman at their old house, Dean reluctantly drives to Lawrence with his brother. He wonders if Sam has psychic powers and Sam admits that he's not sure what is going on. When Sam asks Dean about their mother, Dean refuses to answer and Sam complains that Dean and John are always leaving him out of things. They get to the house and talk to Jenny, claiming they are passing through and wanted to see their old house. Jenny recognizes them from the photo and invites them in. Sari is playing with her baby brother Richie and Sam asks Jenny if they've noticed anything unusual. Jenny says that she's heard mice in the walls and the lights flicker, but figures that they can deal with it. Sari mentions that there's a monster in her closet, insisting that it wasn't a dream like her mother claims.

After driving away, Sam and Dean stop to talk about what happened. Dean thinks everything is fine but Sam isn't convinced and suggests that a poltergeist is involved. He asks what happened twenty years ago in the house and Dean finally explains that he came into Sam's room and saw their mother floating against the ceiling, her body burning. John told Dean to take baby Sam and get out of the house while he tried to rescue Mary, but he failed. Sam figures that it's tied in with the death of his girlfriend Jessica, who died the same way, and wants to investigate and find out who or what is responsible. Dean finally gives in and starts investigating.

First the brothers talk to Willie, a mechanic whose father was friends with John Winchester. Willie says that after Mary's death, John went off the deep end and started believing that a monster killed his wife. He ended up talking with a psychic, Missouri Mosely. The brothers go to see her and discover that the old woman is expecting them. She says that she can see the future and knew they were coming, and invites them in for tea. As they drink, Missouri explains that John talked to her after Mary's death and she checked out the house. She found traces of an evil presence but it was gone by the time she got there and hasn't appeared since. Missouri is convinced that whatever Sari saw isn't what killed Mary. Dean slips away, claiming to use the bathroom, and calls John. All he gets is a voice mail saying that the caller should leave their latitude and longitude if it concerns "11283."

Richie is in the living room alone as Jenny and Sari bring in groceries. A small toy pig comes to life and attracts the baby's attention, and the crib door opens on its own. Richie crawls over to the pig, unaware that on the ironing board above, the hot iron is lifting up into the air. Jenny and Sari are unpacking when they hear the baby cry and run inside.

Sam and Dean get word of what happened and go to the hospital. Richie is okay but Jenny is in a state of shock. The brothers get Missouri and have her inspect the house, and she says that she can sense the lingering presence of the original evil. Missouri tells Sam that it is no longer there, but that it attracted another evil spirit. She also senses another spirit emanating from Sari's closet and tells Sam that there are two spirits in the house. Meanwhile, Dean continues secretly calling John's phone without success. He finally leaves a message saying that he and Sam are in Lawrence and that they need their father's help.

That night, Sam insists that they watch the house, warning Dean that it's not over. Inside, objects in Jenny's second-story bedroom start shaking. In Sari's room, books swirl around the frightened girl and a flaming spirit emerges from the closet. When Jenny tries to rescue her daughter, she discovers that the door is jammed. She runs to the window and yells for help. The Winchesters climb up to help her and Dean gets Jenny out while Sam gets Richie and then goes after Jenny. He breaks down the door and confronts the flaming spirit, but it ignores him and walks downstairs. As Sam goes downstairs, the ghost blocks the exit out. As he hesitates, the chain from a chandelier wraps around his neck and drags him up. Sam lets Sari and Richie go and tells the girl to get her baby brother out of the house. Sari runs outside with Richie and tells Dean what's happening.

Dean runs inside and watches in surprise as the flaming spirit frees Sam by burning through the chain. When Dean starts to shoot the spirit with rock salt, Sam tells him that he knows who it is: Mary Winchester. The flames vanish, revealing that the spirit is their mother. She greets her sons and explains that after she was murdered by the original evil presence, she was trapped in the house and tried to help Jenny and her family against the evil spirit. Mary has been waiting to see her sons and tells Dean that she's proud of him for protecting his brother. The poltergeist spirit emerges from the walls and Mary banishes it with her spirit force. As she starts to fade away, Mary tells her sons that she loves them and that her time on earth is over.

The next day, the ambulance takes Jenny and her family away for treatment for the scrapes and bruises they picked up. Missouri checks the house and tells the brothers that there is no evil presence left in the house. They wonder what happened to Mary's spirit and Missouri admits that she doesn't know. As the brothers leave, Missouri turns to... John Winchester, who has been hiding in the shadows. Missouri can't understand how John can let his sons go on without him, but he says that it's still too soon.

On the road, Sam wonders if Mary's spirit is gone for good. Dean figures that she's gone to a better place and Sam agrees, saying that he has to believe it.

Written by Gadfly on May 22, 2016

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